In Need of a Man Pt. 03In Need of a Man Pt. 03


Sunday morning, Earl, Kevin and I shared a breakfast together. Earl was unusually attentive to me, and kept checking Kevin and me out. It was like he was trying to catch a sneaky look or something between the two of us. Kevin noticed as well and we were careful not to do anything in front of him. I think it was driving my husband crazy.

By the end of the day, Earl appeared to look disappointed, and retreated to his computer for the evening. I invited Kevin to the sofa to watch TV. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over the two of us, and soon I was fondling my son’s fuck wand. He had a hand down my panties, his middle finger coated in my gooey goodness.

It wasn’t much later that I heard the computer room door open and Earl sauntered into the family room, and eyed us snuggling.

“Well, you two look comfortable there,” he said, eyes peering at the blanket for signs of us playing beneath.

“You know,” I offered, “Just watching a movie. It is always a bit cool down here, and it is nice to snuggle. Isn’t it Kev?”

Kevin’s head was nuzzled against my left boob, and he rolled his head a bit, and said, “Yeah, Mom is a great cuddler.”

“Mind if I watch for a bit?”

“Sure,” I replied, “It’s only ten minutes in, but it IS a romance movie.” I was pretty sure Earl wanted me to think that he meant that he was staying to watch the movie, but when he sat in his easy chair, I found his eyes as much on the two of us under the blanket as they were the TV. Kevin and I played along, not moving at all, his precum drooling down my fingers, and my honey pot drenching Kevin’s hand.

After about 10 minutes of getting no visual stimulation, Earl got up and said, “This movie isn’t doing much for me, I’m going back to the computer.”

Once he left, Kevin and I took the opportunity to slip his jeans and my leggings to our ankles. We began to masturbate one another to completion beneath the blanket, as Earl sat one room away, watching porn. It was very erotic to play these sneaky games, and that Earl clearly wanted to see more of his son seducing his always-horny wife.

Kevin’s skillful fingers brought me to climax first. When I got my son to the edge of his orgasm, I pulled back the blanket and tugged on my boy’s thick dick. “Give me your cum,” I whispered, spreading my thighs wide, offering my pussy for his gooey load. Kevin knelt between my thighs, his now beet-red cock head pointed directly at my kitty. On my last few strokes, I swiped his cock head between my pussy lips, soaking it with my cum.

Kevin began to grunt softly as I milked him, shooting wads of semen all over my pussy, belly and thighs, and making a milky mess of my entire vulva. While I stared at the İstanbul Escort decadent scene, I imagined what would happen if Earl walked in right then.

I envisioned my husband naked, trousers around his ankles, a thumb and two fingers madly jacking himself off to the sight of his long held fantasy. I imagined Earl losing control, witnessing his own son marking me as his own, and helplessly ejaculating all over the carpet next to us.

All the while, my eyes peered at how my son was shrinking from his impressive girth. And even as it ebbed, I wanted it – in my hand, my mouth, and my pussy. Kevin sat back on his haunches, breathing more normally. His thick, virile sperm trickled its way down from my belly, my trimmed curls slathered in it.

I slipped my leggings and panties off, and used my panties to clean up, then slid them beneath a cushion to be retrieved later. I pulled my leggings back on, while Kevin zipped up his jeans. We held each other beneath the warm blanket for another ten or fifteen minutes.

“It’s time for bed,” I whispered, kissing Kevin’s cheek. He pulled back the blanket and stood up, reaching a hand to help me to my feet.

We kissed a gentle kiss, and then Kevin said softly, “I love you, Mom.” My hand combed through his wonderful curls, as he turned to leave.

“Love you too, Kev,” I whispered. He was halfway up the stairs when I called out to Earl that the movie was over, and Kevin and I were going to bed. I realized how that sounded as I spoke, and smiled at the irony. Earl called back that he would be right up.

I was lying in bed a few minutes later, browsing through Facebook on my tablet, when Earl came into the room and got undressed. He shuffled in beside me, lying on his left side, propped up on one elbow and asked, “Did you two enjoy the movie?” I saw that he was already hard. As I was about to answer, his right hand rested on the mattress, next to my hip.

I turned my head and said, “Yes. It was nice. Your son definitely knows how to keep his mother warm.” His throat gulped at my innuendo, and his hand moved to my belly, over my nightie.

“I know how to cuddle too. And more if you like,” smiling all the while. His hand began slowly moving across my belly when he added quietly, “I guess I’ve been a little distant.” I set the tablet on the night table and lay still, wanting to see where Earl was going with this. I got my answer quickly enough, when his hand went right down to my pussy. No foreplay at all. No surprise.

Earl hurriedly found the hem of my nightie and drew it up so he could play with my pussy. I realized that he was trying to figure out if someone Kadıköy Escort else had already been there before him. Earl said, “You are already a little wet,” while his fingers combed through my matted pubes.

His fingers entered me, not for my pleasure, but to see if a sticky mess welcomed him, and I sensed a bit of disappointment. I said in a low voice, “Are you going to just finger me all night, or are you going to eat me?” I reached down and found his hardness, and figured that if Earl wanted to find out for himself, then he should get to work right away.

Earl pulled the covers off me and lowered his head to my moist puss, leaving me to play with his cock. I fondled him, thumbing the already dripping pee slit, much to his delight, and gently manipulated his frenulum. My husband’s tongue licked its way through my nest of sodden pubes, and I wondered how he couldn’t detect Kevin’s saltiness within it. I parted my legs wide and felt Earl’s cheeks pressing into my thighs, ignoring my burgeoning clitoris. Instead he continued lapping at my juices.

It was at this point that I noticed a shadow beneath the bedroom door. Kevin was outside our door, listening to his parents having sex; finding out first hand about his father’s sexual fantasy. And I felt my juices begin to flow more readily, imagining my son with his thick, erect dick in his hand, hearing his father slurping away at my drenched pubes, on the other side of the door. Earl’s tongue licked the entire length of my slit, and my other hand pushed the back of his head into my groin. He drew back and said in a soft voice, “Do you like that, Mommy?” and licked up higher until he found my erect nubbin.

My outward moan followed with, “Oh, yes, baby. Mommy loves that. Eat Mommy’s wet cunt.”

My husband became almost frenzied, his tongue servicing my entire vulva. Then, I became bolder. “That’s it. Clean me up!” It was a line that I recalled hearing in a number of those videos on Earl’s cuckold websites, where the willing cuck pleases his wife orally, after the bull has inseminated her.

Earl became almost insatiable; lapping my clit while my hand gently stroked his stiff, pudgy shaft. Two fingers entered me, drawing my juices out to where his tongue could have its share. My orgasm arrived quickly, and I shuddered, my hips thrusting into Earl’s glistening face. I groaned out loud while my body quivered. “Fuuuuuuuck,” I called out, relieving pressure on the back of Earl’s head.

When the tension of my climax ebbed, I began to earnestly jerk Earl’s cock. I whispered, “Do you want to cum in Mommy’s mouth, baby? You know how much I love sucking your little Kartal Escort cock.” Earl abruptly rolled one knee over my chest and set his cock near my face. I guided him into my warm, wet mouth, happy at having my second orgasm of the evening.

Earl lowered his barely five inches of hardness into my mouth and I sucked it like we were in the back seat of his father’s Ford, way back in high school. I used one hand to grasp his ball sack so it would stop slapping my face each time his sausage plunged as deep as he was able, into my welcoming mouth. Earl’s involuntary hip thrusts told me he was close, and then he said, “Is this how you do it with him?”

Without letting up any suction at all on Earl’s spear-shaped cock head, I moaned, “Mmmhhmmmmm.” and that set my husband off. A blast of semen filled my mouth, and I swallowed and sucked, swallowed and sucked, eagerly milking his load from him, until Earl could take no more. He lifted off me and rolled onto his back, his head still near my feet.

I swiped away a few dribbles of cum from my chin and the corner of my mouth, and tasted them from my fingertips. “Wow!” I said, in a low voice. “That was pretty intense.”

“Yeah,” said Earl, in a sentence broken up as he took in a few breaths to recover, “Fucking hot… you were… so… fucking wet.”

I suggested, “Come up here, baby.” Earl moved around and nestled in beside me. As his face neared mine, I pursed my lips for a kiss. Our lips met and we smooched for a long while, until I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue between my husband’s lips. Earl hesitated and then allowed my entry, my salty saliva delivering to him a taste of his own cum. His tongue slowly entwined my own and we shared the flavor of our debauchery.

When our kiss ended, Earl got up and announced, “I have to pee,” and padded his way to our en suite bathroom. When I heard him tinkling, I wanted to send a text to Kevin, telling him that I think his father is ready to take this to the next level. But I was afraid that if Kevin had his phone with him, it might chime right there, outside our door.

Earl came back a minute later and crawled in beside me, offering a peck on the cheek. “Thanks, Mags. That was hot,” and rolled onto his side facing away from me.

“It really was,” I said, patting his hip through the covers. “Goodnight Earl. I love you,” I said. “I’m just going to read for a bit.” The shadow was gone from our door as I opened my tablet. I texted Kevin soon after. Our conversation went like this:

ME: Was that you at our door, just now?

KEVIN: OMG, I couldn’t believe that!

ME: You’re very naughty! lol

KEVIN: Well, at least everyone got what they wanted!

ME: I know. But I think it just leaves me wanting you more…

KEVIN: Me too. 😉

ME: Go to sleep. Having two men in my life is exhausting, lol

I turned off my tablet, and laid there in the dark, my mind racing through illicit scenarios that would satisfy all of our dark fantasies. Life in this household will never be the same.

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