Impress MeImpress Me


It’s that time of the year again. The start of a new year, when companies customarily begin the brutal process of selecting employees for promotion. Of course, as regional manager, that means…

There’s a knock on the door. Speak of the devil.

There was never a shortage of women who wanted to get on the high road to success, and in particular women who were willing to pay the price it took to get what they wanted. All you had to do was sit back and receive the generous offers they had to give.

“Enter.” He leaned back in his plush executive leather chair, arms positioned behind the arm rest and left leg propped up resting on your right. The frosted glass door swung open with a swish of air movement, and the pretty head of a blondie popped itself through the opening nervously.

“Sir? I-I don’t have an appointment, but I was hoping you’d be alright with seeing me anyways… May I come in?” Her voice was high-pitched, just short of shrill. Her hair was wavy, well-defined S-shaped waves along its length, with a bright shade of blonde practically glowing in the room’s white lighting. Her face was well evenly made-up; long eye-lashes, glittering eye shadows, thin eyeliner, and her deliciously succulent full cupid lips layered with a wine shade of lipstick. A desirable woman in his eyes.

“Permission granted. Come in.” He nodded slowly, sitting up in his seat and making a show out of himself straightening his suit. He ran his right hand through his hair, coaxing it back into a less ruly state, before leaning forward onto his desk, his arms propping his head up with his elbows supporting the weight against his desk. He offered a gentle smile as she proceeded to gingerly enter the room fully and close the door behind her.

She had a lovely hourglass figure; an ample chest, slender torso and curvy hips. No doubt she had a nice plump ass as an added bonus. She was wearing a white formal blouse, with the very last button left undisturbed and a teasing preview of her sexy chest. A tight black leather pencil skirt held her legs close together all the way down to her knees, said legs having a beautiful stance to them owing to the 6 inch black stilettos her feet found themselves tucked inside.

He let his eyes linger on her for an extra moment or two. She was incredibly easy on the eyes, and already he could feel a boner slowly growing under his desk. Not yet, he told himself. A good poker player never shows his cards till the opportune moment.

“So…” He interlaced his fingers with one another beneath his head, thumbs sticking out towards himself to continue propping up his head by the chin. He made eye contact, staring deep into her eyes. He wanted her to feel as uncomfortable as possible, feed that desperation to get a ticket to her next promotion, make her as eager to please as possible. “What can I do for you Miss…”

“Serena. Elaine Serena. I-I was umm wondering… well I heard that you are a very uhm… open-minded and liberal man, and I was wondering if there was some way I could convince you that uhm..” Her fingers anxiously stroked her beautifully painted pink french nails, and her gaze dropped to the floor.

For a second, he allowed himself to smirk. Priceless moments. “Go on.” He kept his voice level and emotionless, rus escort eyes soaking in every small micro-expression her face and body released.

Elaine bit her lower lip, closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, before continuing. “I would like to have the opportunity to convince you of my… abilities as a woman, that I would be a person deserving of a promotion, regardless of what my superiors may say during the promotion review period.”

“When you say ‘abilities, do you mean… abilities in bestowing sexual pleasure upon a man?” She blushed at the use of his words. A smirk found itself to his face once more.

“I-I uhm… yes. Yes I do sir. Will you give me the privilege?” She looked up finally, making eye contact with him. Her emerald eyes were beautiful, alluring almost. He nodded.

“Get on your knees.” His demand was sudden and random, and it threw her off for a moment. She didn’t skip a beat, though. She sat in a submissive kneel position before his desk, head bowed low and her hands resting on her thighs.

On to the good parts, finally. He leaned back in his chair and rotated to face right, his body parallel to his desk. His hands relaxed upon his armrests. His gaze was still fixed on her, though. “Convince me, then.” He shifted in his seat, and adjusted his legs and pelvis to stick themselves out in front of him. Time for the show to begin.

Elaine hesitated for a moment, her eyes staring blankly at him. It was a sudden and rather vague request. It was only for a moment, though. She swiftly made a move. Her hands slid up to her chest, and her fingers closed in the buttons of her blouse. They came off with graceful ease, and within seconds the blouse was off. Her skirt was shimmied off soon after. There she was, a slender supermodel of a woman in a naked in a set of black lace lingerie, with flower patterns decorating her private parts and alluring black straps criss-crossing below her bust. (Photo below)

She turned to her left and leaned forward to get on all fours, proceeding to slowly crawl her way around the desk that separated them. Her knees and hands brushed against the carpet floor, no doubt beginning to burn from the friction. If they were though, it didn’t show on her.

When she finally reached him, she wasted no time. She switched to an elevated knelt state, and her hands shot forth to grab his trousers by the waist band, expertly sliding over to his belt and unbuckling it within seconds. The young woman then gave his waistband a hard yank towards her, pulling them down to his knees. She took a step forward with her knees to close the remaining gap between them, leaning in to begin her assault. Her breasts pressed against his knees, and her pretty blonde hair tickled his thigh’s skin. He leaned back and closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began soaking in the experience.

Her face got in close with his penis. She purred and inched forward to brush her face against the thick girth, moaning sexily as stroked her luscious cheeks against the growing boner. She stuck out her tongue and licked it along its length, from balls to tip, leaving a distinctive trail of saliva in her wake. Her face brushed against his cock once again. He could feel her eyebrows, sincan escort her eyes, her nose, her mouth, cheeks and chin each take their turn to offer their affection to him. She opened her mouth and sucked along its length horizontally, like a little bitch enjoying a new tasty new bone.

Long, elegant fingers moved into action to give his balls some love as well. He felt them gently wrapping around both knackers, slowly and purposefully pressing lightly into them and pulling on them, sending shocks of sensation rolling across his body. Every now and then an index finger would teasingly lift one testicle up and down, and he could feel the grin on the face making love to his cock as he let off a moan in response. Heavenly.

She pulled away, but not for long. After a very brief pause, he felt two soft pillows swallow his cock between their warmth. He opened his eyes to take in the sight. She had leaned in once more, her hands grasping her breasts as they slid his girth between them, squeezing and stroking her titties’ supple meat against him. She pulled them down through his length to rest upon his balls, while she lowered her head in. Her tongue stuck out and she began licking at his tip like it was an irresistible ice cream, while her breasts wriggled and jiggled around his thick bitchmaker, every now and again ‘accidentally’ bumping into his testicles, sending occasional waves of added pleasure rolling across his body. She loved letting her tongue linger upon his tip, the tip of her tongue teasing it with lustful circles drawn around it, each circle completed with a quick barrage of licks onto the sensitive opening of his cock’s tip.

She read him like a book. She knew she was making good progress, and was readying for her finale.

She pulled away, letting the saliva on his cock air for a moment or two. It was beginning to feel cold already in the air-conditioned room, especially without her warming it up. She licked her lips, making eye contact with him. “Convinced so far, sir?” She smirked. She had him right where she wanted him.

He took a deep breath, and grinned. “I am, but we both know how this has to end, don’t we?” She was well on her way to her little victory, but he wasn’t about to give her an inch before they were at the finish line.

“With pleasure, sir.” Her right hand reached over and grabbed his cock in one vicious strike. It gripped him firmly, squeezing gently and stroking its skin with her thumb. She felt it throbbing in her hand. It was hungry for her, and she was about to feed the beast. It stood at about a foot tall, thick and veiny, and was not even fully erect yet.

She pulled away and dipped the hand underneath her thong. Her hand bulged out from the fabric as she stroked her sobbing pussy with that dirty hand of hers, letting her juices flow freely onto it. When she was satisfied with the amount of liquid she had coaxed onto her fingers, she pulled it out and got back to business, her wet fingers wrapping around his length. She pulled upwards, hard. Her lubed hand slid up its length and shot back down just as quickly. He could feel her hand squeezing him hard, her upward yank slapping him with a shock of hunger, and her downward stroke kissing him with lulling sıhhiye escort pleasure.

He gripped at his armrests, inhaling sharply as she sped up her assault. She was hitting him hard and fast, smutty dirty wet noises filling his ears as her slick hands pumped up and down his rock hard boner. He could feel the hunger within her, that desperate calling for his seed.

She pulled her hand away, and it was immediately replaced by her mouth. She opened wide and devoured half its length in one mouthful. She bounced her head up and down, her slutty vacuum pulling and sucking him hard. Her hair was a blonde flurry of a storm as it was tossed up and down with her rapid movements. After a good long salvo of oral loving, she took a long dive into him. All of him. She shoved his full length into her mouth, opening up wide as she consumed and consumed, right until her bottom lip was just barely touching his balls.

His eyes soaked in the sight of the otherwise elegant lady deepthroating him. Her voluptuous full lips firmly clung to her tasty meal, her cheeks blushed red and her eyes were staring into his, eyes that burned with appetite and confidence. She was getting his cum, and she knew it. Her throat convulsed as she began gagging. She held herself there for a good 5 seconds, spitting and choking on his hefty meat before pulling out, leaving his cock drenched with spit. Saliva slid from her lips to her chin, and dripped to the ground. He breathed a breathy sigh as the short respite descended. There was significant precum leaking from his tip. She looked upon it, and licked her lips. They both knew it was time.

She grabbed his cock with her right hand and gave it a few good strokes, before covering his tip with her lips and giving it a final erotic suck. He rolled his head back and groaned. A wave of ecstasy overtook him, and he surrendered to it, released it all. He filled her mouth up to the brim with his thick seed, but he wasn’t done.

Before she could pull away and call it a day, he straightened up and grabbed her head with two thick hands in one sudden motion. He forcefully pulled her head out and slapped her face with his exploding fountain of semen. A thick white jet of cum shot all over her face, layering it with his seed. He still wasn’t done. He shoved his hands into her hair and grabbed a fistful of stands, and thrust his cock into it. He then unloaded the rest of his testicles into her otherwise pristine blonde hair, dirtying and ruining it with the fruit of his delight.

Finally, when he was done, he threw her cum-covered body to the ground, and enjoyed the view. Black streaks of makeup ran down her cheeks and nose as the cum made a mess out of her. Her hair sobbed with semen, now a blend of blonde and white.

“Take your things, and go back to your desk. You’ll get your promotion.” He stood up, pulled up his trousers and neatened himself back up, while she slowly got back on her high heeled feet, looked to him for a moment, before turning to leave for the door. He slapped her ass on her way out. Her lovely ass had a nice sound to it, and jiggled beautifully in her lingerie. She bent over to collect her clothes on the floor, and walked out the door, covered in sex. He smirked and sat back down, savouring the last glimpses of that killer figure.

He sat back down and reclined in his chair, closed his eyes and relaxed. He sighed.

And today’s just day one.

Hope you enjoyed my little story! I always LOVE feedback; both criticism and praises alike are welcome! I also take commissions, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested!

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