Impregnating Alice Ch. 09Impregnating Alice Ch. 09


The first week of the third month Gabe came to the estate with a smile on his face. He held a lab report.

At Boboli’s call, everyone – except Roelf, who wasn’t there – gathered in the living room. Alice was all smiles — she felt a telltale glow — and was dressed for the occasion in a little blue dress, which more demure than anything she usually wore, not that she had been wearing much of anything for three months. She sat in a chair in the center of the room, demure, with her legs crossed at the ankle.

“Well,” Gabe started, laughing, “I’m sure you can guess the good news.”

Bobili squealed and clapped her hands as she turned to Alice. “Congratulations honey — you’re preggers!”

Curt was greatly relieved and it showed. He hugged Boboli and squeezed her boob.

Alice beamed.

Alice accepted their kisses and hugs. “Now we move on to the next phase of the project. I’ve got a muffin in the oven and we can’t take any chances. Gabe, what changes do we need to make in the sexual relations department?”

He misunderstood her for a moment, thinking that she was talking about the two of them. He wanted to tell her that that depended on Roelf. “I guess you guys aren’t going to want to stop this arrangement cold,” Alice explained. “I’m still good for a couple, three times a day but I need to taper off a bit. My cunny has been sore for three weeks. But what should we be doing to protect our future heir in here?” She pointed to her own womb.

Gabe shrugged. “Not much for a while. No rough stuff. But normal sex isn’t dangerous during pregnancy. When you get big, maybe we’ll have to think of different positions because it can be uncomfortable on your back.” Everyone was very relieved. By now regular sex with Alice had become an addiction for each of them.

They stopped the shift schedule, in favor of a more flexible arrangement. For several weeks, Alice felt herself getting more and more horny but in xnxx a different way, warm and mellow. Now she wanted to fuck just because it made her feel good, not to get knocked up. Her hormones were giving her a a new and very different type of sex experience. She wanted to take full advantage of the experience while it lasted.

After that, Alice did it with whomever she wanted whenever she wanted, usually three or four times a day. Alice got more oral with them and they got more oral with her, since there was no longer a need to concentrate on penetration and dropping a load in her cunt. She could have sex any way she wanted, within reason. Alice even went back to one or two of the swingers’ parties, with the guards and Roelf keeping quiet about it. Each time, she got it on a couple of times and then switched to oral couplings with girls; that was good for her, too. She was so horny she refused to go home from one orgy and it was an hour later that they finally talked her into leaving for her health.

Roelf still came over when he could, but things were getting busier and busier at the company. Mr. Numbnuts was relying on him more and more to handle his business and to protect his wife. He was concerned about kidnapers and scam artists and terrorists and industrial espionage. Roelf spent more and more time at the office and protecting Mr. Numbnuts’ wife and less and less time in Alice’s bed. Gabe noticed this and felt, to his surprise, a sense of relief that Roelf was fading out of the picture. Where did that feeling come from, he wondered. He thought — it’s not like Alice and I have a claim on each other.

Since there was no further need to conserve sperm for Alice, Bobili got laid a lot more, too. The guards loved her anus.

Within a couple of months, Roelf didn’t come by much anymore because Mr. Numbnuts was going crazy with orders and new directives, figuring that he didn’t have much time left. He was getting paranoid, brazzers it seemed.

So things went for many weeks. Alice’s pregnancy unfolded without a problem. A little bit of morning sickness passed after a while. Her tummy got a little rounder. She put on a little weight. Her lovers noticed that she went into bliss more easily and was even hornier than usual. She was playful and seemed happy. After a while she didn’t seem to want to sneak out of the estate even when she could. She took up knitting. She hummed to herself. Sometimes it seemed like she was high on hormones.

Everyone said she looked really good. There were other changes over time, too. Her lovers noticed that she seemed to get wetter faster. Her cunt seemed softer, somehow. She seemed to orgasm deeper than ever the first time she came in the day. Her multiple orgasms lasted a little longer. She spent hours sucking cock. After a few months, it seemed like an obsession with her to taste jism every day at least, several times a day if she could. She became very oral for about three weeks and then that seemed to stop. For a while afterward, she was masturbating two or three times a day on top of the sex, in front of her friends.

Later still, her belly started to swell. She glowed and her peaches complexion got a little rosier. It started to be uncomfortable for her to lie flat, so she started experimenting with new positions, like sitting on the cock with the guy in a chair, or leaning over the arm of the couch. She let Manuel take her in the ass again, then let him as often as he liked, sometimes twice a day. It was very tight but somehow satisfying to her. This went on for several weeks even though her ass was often sore, but then that phase ended, too, and Manuel went back to relying on Boboli.

By the eighth month, month eleven of her deal, Alice was starting to want to get it over with. She had enjoyed her time in the land of the knocked up sikiş izle but now her sides were aching and her belly was really big, at least to her. (Gabe told her she was perfectly normal for her time.) Her areola were much darker now, almost purple. Her breasts were sore all the time. Her ankles got swollen. The sex dropped off because of her discomfort. By the ninth month, she was counting the days off until the big day. She couldn’t wait, it seemed, until the baby dropped.

There was one thing at the end Alice did enjoy, though. She started lactating. Oozing just a bit at first and then flowing like a faucet when she pinched herself, her tits made milk. She loved the way her tits felt and let the guys suck on them as long as they wanted, sometimes for an hour or more. She got a dreamy, blissful expression on her face and sometimes it seemed like that moved her more than orgasm. Sometimes at night Bobili would cuddle up to her and suckle on Alice while fondling Alice’s cunt. Alice got some of her hardest comes that way. The few times at the end she let herself get penetrated, she always wanted on top and she bent over to let her lovers suckle her tits while they fucked her.

But all things come to an end, it seems, and so did her deeply personal sexual adventure through pregnancy. It had been exciting and rewarding to her but the nine months were almost up, She had gone through the experience, she now knew what it was like, and it was time for thelast of it. She had to give birth.

Gabe and Bobili had arranged for a private staff — namely, the two of them — in a private room in a secluded wing of a private hospital, a room usually usually reserved for celebrities. Some preparation, done very quietly but involving a lot of money, ensured no peeping staff, no detailed administrative records, no insurance forms. Alice went in a few days early, just to be on the safe side.

In a nicely furnished “birthing room” that looked like a living room with a bed, Alice was sitting with the friends that had stuck with her through all this. She felt something. Over the next several hours she felt more and more that this was going to be the day.

It was.

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