Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 03Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 03


Chapter III – Sylvia’s Friday

At 7:00 the next morning I pounded on the bedroom door. I heard Sylvia answer fuzzily.

“Get up sleepyhead! Breakfast in thirty minutes – ready or not!”

She was ready in twenty nine minutes. We went to the cafe in the lobby for bacon and eggs. At 8:30 I bundled her in to a taxi and we went across town to a huge shopping mall. I took her straight to Victoria’s Secrets.

It was early and one of the sales girls was not busy. I took Sylvia over to her and said, “My wife needs new underwear. She needs at least five matching sets of lingerie, at least one garter belt, stockings to go with it, and perhaps a bustier. Now, colours for the lingerie… ” I walked over to a rack with a number of panty and bra sets. “Black, yes, one definitely black, red, white – and this peach is nice. That leaves one more for you to pick! Oh, some night wear might be useful too.”

The sales girl asked Sylvia her size. Sylvia blushed and mumbled a response. The girl looked puzzled.

“Make sure it fits properly!” I said to the girl. “Not too loose, not too tight! Try everything on!”

The girl picked out a couple of sets and handed them to Sylvia. “Take these into that change room and try them on. I will get a couple more and we can see how they fit.”

Sylvia started for the change room. She was blushing furiously. I grabbed the sales girl’s arm and whispered intently in her ear, “Make sure she wears the new clothes out. There is a tip for you if you can put her old bra and panties in the garbage!”

An hour later we left the store. Sylvia was still blushing. I had a large shopping bag in my hand and had seen the sales girl drop two items of clothing in the garbage.

Next we went to a selection of clothing stores. I gave Sylvia a shopping list. Three skirts no longer than knee length, 3 blouses with buttons up the front, one cocktail dress – again with buttons – and one evening gown. As well as the necessary accessories. Along the way her old sweatshirt ended up in the garbage as did her old baggy jeans. The transformation was amazing. Sylvia had been hiding a delightful pair of breasts that looked to be a B cup and a form that had curves in all the right places. The blouse she was wearing was tight enough to highlight those curves, and the skirt displayed her calves to great effect.

I was beginning to look like a pack horse with all the bags I was dragging.

Shoes were the final stop. Three pair, ones for walking, ones for lounging, and ones with heels to match the ball gown. I carefully picked a store where a young man was stacking boxes on a table. I told Sylvia what to get and sent her in by herself. I stood outside and watched through the window.

The young man accosted her as she entered. After a short discussion and some discussion of the shoes on display, he went off to get a measuring tool. It was fun to watch. The young fellow knelt at her feet and measured one foot. Sylvia was trying very hard to maintain her dignity, but with a skirt izmit rus escort she wasn’t used to, her knees kept parting. He would look up at her occasionally and say something, then bend down to measure again. Finally he got up and went off to get some shoes.

I smiled through the window at her and she blushed again.

The young man returned with a stack of boxes. He carefully tried a number of pairs. Occasionally he would glance up at Sylvia’s skirt. They had set aside two pair and were trying on a third with heels when Sylvia looked up at me, took a deep breath and smiled as she opened her knees before reaching down to feel how the shoe fit. The young man was caught like a deer in the headlights, looking up her skirt. Eventually she stood and took the third pair.

I entered the store and took out my credit card to pay for the shoes. Sylvia was still blushing and the young man was stammering and looking everywhere but at me as he rang up the sale.

We went for lunch in small cafe in the mall. Sylvia was quite excited about all her new clothing and the whole shopping experience. She blushed as she told me how the sales girl at Victoria’s Secrets had held her breasts to test the fit of the bras. She blushed again as I told her that the shoe store clerk was probably hiding in a washroom masturbating at the sight of her new panties.

“I don’t know what came over me,” she said, “he was trying so hard to look that I just had to show him.”

“And you did. Now, do me a small favour?”

“What?” she said timidly.

“Undo the top two buttons on your blouse.”

“I ca…” she started, “I shouldn’t…” She looked down at herself for a moment and then reached her hands up to her neck and undid the two buttons.

I reached over and dropped a small jewellery box in front of her. “A present.”

She reached down and took the box in her long fingers. She flicked it open and looked inside. It was a small carved piece of jade on the end of a silver chain. The carving was a snarling bear.

“Oh, she said, it is beautiful! Can I put it on?”


It hung just below the neck line of her blouse, out of sight. She looked down at it and then looked up at me. Without a word, she reached up and undid one more button. Now it hung in plain view at the top of the curved valley between her breasts.

“Right!” I said, “It is just about 1:00 and time for your next appointment.”

We took the bags out to the taxi stand and hailed a cab. It took us downtown to the building I wanted. I told the cabbie to hold on and then took Sylvia into the beauty salon. At the main desk I asked for the manager, Alicia. I had talked to her earlier in the week when I had made the appointment.

“Alicia, this is Sylvia. You know what I want, when should I return?”

Alicia looked over Sylvia from head to toe. “Um hum. You have given me something to work with. Come back at 4:00. She will be ready then.” She whisked Sylvia off down the hall muttering, “First we cut izmit escort the hair, then we do a facial, don’t worry dear, he won’t know you when he returns.”

I got back into the cab and went back to the hotel where I contacted the head bellman for some information I needed for Saturday. Then I went shopping.

At 4:00 I was back at Alicia’s Beauty Emporium. I glanced at the beautiful young lady siting in the waiting area and went up to the main desk. “Where is Sylvia…”

The words died in my throat and I turned. The beautiful young lady was Sylvia. What a difference! Her hair was out of her face and cut short. I could actually see both her eyes sparkling above her million dollar smile. She was laughing at my surprise. “Wow! What happened to that plain, timid little Sylvia I left here three hours ago?”

“A hairstyle, a manicure,” she held out her hands, “a pedicure, a facal, some hair removal,” she blushed, “a massage, and lots of tender treatment!” She twirled quickly, her skirt flaring out from her long lean legs. “A new me!” She laughed. “Oh, and I picked up a few things from the shelves…”

I paid the bill and we returned to the hotel. She chatted happily about each of the procedures that she had experienced. I noticed that she left out the hair removal.

“When we go in through the lobby,” I whispered, “I want you to look at all the men we pass. See what they are looking at.” She took my arm with hers and hugged it tightly to her side.

We sauntered through the lobby to the bank of elevators. Once we were on our way up, Sylvia giggled, “They were watching me. All of them. Even the man reading the paper and the man with the lovely girl on his arm that went out.”

“Yup. They were all jealous of me for having the most beautiful girl in the hotel on my arm.”

“No.” She shook her head. “Never.”

“Yup. Trust me.” I put the card into the room lock and opened the door. “Now, put on that cocktail dress and we will go for drinks, dinner and dancing. Take your time. We don’t have to be there until 6:00.” I threw my jacket over a chair.

Sylvia was still standing just inside the door. “Really? Me?”

I smiled at her. “Yes, really. Now go change.”

She slowly walked to her bedroom. “Really?”

I didn’t think I needed to reply.

Just before 6:00 she came back into the main room dressed in the pale yellow cocktail dress she had purchased that morning. It had buttons that went through loops all the way down the front from neck to hem. It was high at the neck, no collar, sleeveless and the bodice was form fitted. The dress was made from a soft material that hung from her hips down to just above her knees. There was enough fulness in the skirt so that it would flare delightfully as she twirled while dancing.

“I am stunned,” I said, “what happened to Sylvia?” I held up her shawl and dropped it around her shoulders.

We took a taxi over to Alfredo’s Supper Club. I gave my name to the Maitre d’ and he took us directly to our table by a window. We kocaeli escort ordered cocktails and settled in to enjoy the evening. I ordered champagne with dinner. It seemed every course included alcohol. The game hen had a wine sauce. The fresh fruit dessert was in white wine. We finished with a liqueur and then I asked Sylvia to dance. I also had to ask her if I could touch her while dancing. Of course she agreed.

We danced for an hour and then went back to the table. We ordered another cocktail to ease our thirst. Sylvia had a glass of water with hers so she wouldn’t drink it too fast.

“So, Sylvia, how has your day been?”

“Fantastic! Everything has been great!”

“Ahh… wonderful. How about a little dare?”

“What kind of a dare?” she asked suspiciously.

“I dare you to go to the ladies room, take off your panties and bring them to me, here at the table.”

She blushed bright red. “I couldn’t…”

I raised one eyebrow, “Aren’t you as brave as your bear? Speaking of which… I can’t see him!” I smiled at her.

“I do have to use the ladies room,” she said, standing and preparing to walk across the room.

“Look around,” I whispered.

I could see her head turning as she walked away.

A few minutes later she returned. Little things can make such a difference. There was a subtle sway to hips now and her dress was open down the front. I could see the green bear swaying across the white skin of her chest with each step she took. Her gaze roamed the room and fixed for a moment on a man sitting with a lady. He obviously stopped what he was saying when she smiled at him. The lady with him spoke sharply and looked daggers at Sylvia.

Sylvia sat decorously across from me. She was breathing fast and her eyes were alive with excitement. “That was exciting! Did you see that man I smiled at?”

“Yes, I saw, did you see how his lady friend reacted?”

“No, what did she do?”

“If looks could kill?”

At that moment a young, suave looking man oozed up to the table. “Would the lady like to dance?”

“No, she would not,” I said belligerently. He shrugged and walked away.

Sylvia gave me a strange look and took a sip of her drink.

I took a sip of my drink. “Now perhaps the lady would like to dance?” I said, rising to my feet. She took my hand and followed me to the dance floor. When I took her in my arms, ready to waltz, she slid her hand in the pocket of my jacket. She flushed when I looked at her but we continued to catch up with the music.

When we sat down again, after several more dances, I felt her panties in my pocket.

It was midnight when I suggested we return to the hotel. “You have another appointment tomorrow morning so you will need your sleep.”

We taxied back and went up to our room. I went in and took off my jacket. I hung it on a chair and turned to talk to Sylvia. She was standing directly in front of me when I turned. She grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me into a major mouth watering, toe tingling kiss.

Finally she broke the kiss and said, “Thank you for today. It was very special.” Then she turned and disappeared into her room.

I was left with the memory of a wonderful kiss and a raging hard on. I dreamed of stakes and vampires.

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