If You Wait Enough, you can get what you want 4If You Wait Enough, you can get what you want 4


If You Wait Enough, you can get what you want 4Over the course of the next week, Renee dominated my schedule. She would send me dirty text messages when I was at work, sometimes accompanied by photos which would often prompt me to lock myself in the bathroom and jack off. Then she would come over when I got home and either blow me, or finger herself while I jerked off. We made out a lot and she was always adamant that I cum somewhere on her body. I even came on her feet once. It was crazy. We still weren’t having sex though and she still had a boyfriend.I hadn’t seen Amanda in several days, so I gave her a call to mix things up. She agreed to have dinner with me that night. Renee was way ahead of the game, but she hadn’t won. I had to keep her on her toes so I texted her.ME: Can’t play tonight. Going out with Amanda again.RENEE: Fine.She was pissed.Amanda had finally gotten a job and she wanted to celebrate. We went out for sushi and sake. She told me all about her new job as a lab assistant doing water testing. It all sounded monumentally boring, but she seemed excited by it. We had been out for almost three hours and four bottles of sake when Amanda finally addressed the elephant in the room. “So, are you still seeing that girl Renee?”“Quite a lot actually.” I smiled, continuing my theme of 100% honesty.“Oh!” she sat quietly for a moment and poured herself another glass. “Did you sleep with her?”“I did sleep with her, yes.” I paused to savor Amanda’s anticipation. “But we have not had sex yet.” I laughed.Amanda was hard to get a read on. Maybe it was because she was older than Renee. Maybe she was better at disguising her emotions, or maybe it was just that she was genuinely fascinated by what I was doing. “Do you think you ever will?” she asked.“I don’t know. Really it’s up to her I guess. She has a boyfriend, so I guess it all depends on what her moral compass will allow.”“Yeah, she has a boyfriend, but she makes out with you and gives you hand jobs? I don’t get her.” She sighed.“She doesn’t get you either.” I said.“What? I’m single. I can do whatever I want.” Amanda said defiantly.“I agree. She just thinks it’s weird that you know about her and the stuff that she and I do together and you still hang out with me.”“What can I say? I’m fascinated.” She laughed. “So, did you tell her about what we did?” she asked.“Of course. I’m not keeping anything from anyone.” I smiled.“Oh shit.” Amanda said as her eyes widened. “What did she say?”“She said she could make me cum faster than you.” I laughed.“What? You told her how long it took me to make you cum?” She was clearly angry.“She asked me.” I said.“And?”“And what?” I asked, smiling.“And, what did she do?” she pressed.I swallowed a bite of sashimi. “She took off her clothes and gave me a blowjob.”Amanda sat wide-eyed for a minute. “Can we get the check please?”I figured that was it. Amanda had had enough of the little game. We got back to the house and instead of heading to Jamie’s place, she was walking to my door. Over her shoulder she asked “If I stay over tonight, is she going to show up at 2 in the morning again?” I was shocked.“No. I told her I was going out with you tonight.” I said confused.“Good.” She said as I let her inside. I followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom. She seemed upset with me. She hadn’t said anything since we left the restaurant and I was registering a great deal of animosity from her. Finally she turned to me and asked “How are you doing this?”“Doing what?” I asked.“Making two women crazy about you despite the fact that you are acting like a complete asshole.” She said.“I read somewhere that women like assholes.” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood.“That’s not funny.” She smirked.I took a step toward her and crossed my arms. “I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong here. I like both of you and have fun with both of you. I’m not lying to either of you about anything. You’re both free to walk away any time you like.” She was staring at me with those icy blue eyes. Then she raised an eyebrow.“I just figured it out.” She said triumphantly.“What?” I asked.“How you’re doing it. I figured it out just now.” She continued. “It’s because you don’t care.” she trailed off. “You don’t care about what anyone thinks and it makes us dumb girls want to make you care about us.” She looked at me like a science project.“If you say so.” I shrugged.She looked at me for twenty seconds as though she were in deep thought. Finally she rolled her eyes and said “Oh, fuck it.” She crossed the room and threw her arms around me. We began kissing deeply. It was hot and passionate. She slammed my back against the wall and tore my bahis şirketleri shirt off of me. “I want you to fuck me!” she moaned.I kissed her neck and yanked her top down. I pulled her bra up without unhooking it and the clasp broke and her tits hung freely as her bra fell to the floor. She was kissing me hard and clawing at my face. She was taking out her anger on me. I squeezed her tits with both hands and lifted her off the ground and tackled her onto the bed. I rose to my knees and she yanked at my belt and threw it across the room. She jerked my jeans open and yanked them down around my legs. She immediately leaned forward and pulled my cock into her mouth.As she sucked my cock I grabbed at her top and pulled it up and over her head. She sucked me hard and deep as I reached down her back and pushed her skirt down, then her panties. Her bare ass was exposed and I slipped my hand down her ass crack until my fingers found her dripping wet cunt. She moaned onto my cock as I slipped my middle finger into her. I rubbed her pussy and playfully slid my wet fingertip across her asshole. She kept sucking me in long deep strokes and I couldn’t take it anymore.I pushed her onto her back and grabbed her skirt that was in a bunch around her thighs and yanked it off. I then rolled onto my back and pulled my pants all the way off. Amanda reached down to take off her shoes. She was wearing knee-high socks and little schoolgirl style shoes and nothing else. “Leave them on.” I demanded. I climbed between her legs and she spread them wide. The light was on and I could see everything. Her pussy was shiny with her juices. I hunkered down between her legs and gripped my hard cock by the base and smacked her pussy with it.“Fuck me!” She yelled “Stick that cock in my little pussy!” she shouted.I slid into her gushing cunt like they were silk sheets. She moaned as I pushed myself all the way in. Her pussy was so wet and felt amazing. I hadn’t been laid since the last time my ex-girlfriend Marie had come to visit, which was nearly three months earlier. As a result, I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.We kissed ferociously and she dug her fingernails into my back. I pulled her over to the edge of the bed to where her ass was hanging off of it and got to my feet on the floor. I then grabbed her ankles and pulled her feet above my head and slammed my cock back inside her dripping pussy. I held her legs against my body as I fucked her as hard as I’d ever fucked anyone before.I was trying to make her cum, but was running out of time. Just a few minutes into it, I knew I was on the verge. I grabbed her by the hips and pounded her as hard as I could and shouted “I’m gonna cum!”I pulled out of her and started jerking my cock, expecting to blow my nuts all over her stomach and tits, but Amanda had a different plan. She twisted her body around and pulled the head of my cock into her mouth as I jerked off just as I blew my load. She swallowed every drop as she slurped her own pussy juices off of my cock. It was incredibly hot.I didn’t want her leaving without cumming, so I went down on her again and made her cum with my tongue. She was turning out to be just as dirty as Renee, but she would actually let me fuck her. She had just moved ahead again. I was really beginning to enjoy this little competition I had ignited. I couldn’t wait to tell Renee.The next day, I couldn’t even wait until the afternoon to text Renee. I left the office around 10 and locked myself in the bathroom.ME: Feeling Naughty?RENEE: Always!ME: I want you to take off your clothes and send me a picture of your pussy.I waited for a second. I knew she was a little jealous about me going out with Amanda again. Instead of a picture, I received this:RENEE: How was your date?I couldn’t help but smile.ME: Great! How was your evening?RENEE: Henry came over.She was trying to make me jealous. What should I say?…ME: Cool.RENEE: Did Amanda sleep over again?ME: Yes.RENEE: Did you fuck her?I wasn’t sure what to say. I had been honest up until then, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to have this conversation…ME: Did you fuck Henry?It took a while for her to respond.RENEE: I got him to fuck me from behind so I could pretend he was you.Oddly, I actually was a little hurt when I read it, but I was determined to play it cool.ME: You should just let me do it next time.RENEE: You know we can’t do that. So did you and Amanda do it or what?I was frustrated. The fact that she had a boyfriend was getting to me.ME: You come over all the time and put my cock in your mouth and make me cum all over you. I don’t see how fucking me could be that much worse.RENEE: bahis firmaları Well, it is. Besides, what do you need to fuck me for? You can just fuck Amanda instead, right?I began to wonder if she even had fucked Henry. Maybe she was just trying to make me jealous. Unfortunately, it was working.ME: I guess so.RENEE: Do you want me to come over tonight?I unlocked the bathroom door as I texted back.ME: If you want to.By the time I got back to my office, my phone chimed one last time. It was a photo of Renee’s pussy.I left the front door unlocked when I got home. I had already called and told Amanda that Renee was coming over. I couldn’t tell if she was upset or not. I heard the door open just after 8. Renee walked up the stairs and into the living room. She was smiling. “Did you get the picture I sent you?”“Yes.” I smiled. She sat down on the couch next to me and leaned in for a kiss. I felt her hand slide over my hip and begin to massage my crotch.“You never answered me.” she said seductively into my ear.I was already starting to get hard. Damn her. “About what?”“When I asked you about Amanda.” she moaned as she rubbed up and down my growing member. “Did you fuck her?” she whispered.I knew what she wanted to hear, but I refused to lie. I knew I might be putting the rest of the evening in jeopardy, but I had a good thing going and I wanted to keep it up. “Yes.” I moaned.Renee immediately pulled her hand away and leaned back into the arm of the couch. “Seriously?”I couldn’t stop myself from saying “You fucked your boyfriend last night! Let’s not forget that of the two of us, I’m the single one!” I was doing a shit job of playing it cool. “I can fuck whoever I want!” I exclaimed.“Then I’m definitely not sucking your dick anymore.” she said, folding her arms.“Whatever.” I said, folding my own.“Not if you’re gonna be fucking some skank that just fucks every guy she meets!” she yelled. “Who knows what kind of STD’s she’s giving you?” Renee said. She was trying to scare me… She was trying to control me.“Amanda isn’t a skank.” I said calmly. “She just moved here and doesn’t want anything serious right now. She knows you have a boyfriend and that you refuse to have sex with me, so she knows that either way, she won’t catch anything from me.”Renee’s eyes grew wide and her brow furrowed. “Are you implying that I have STD’s?!?”“I’m not implying anything. I’m just trying to tell you that Amanda isn’t a skank.”We both sat in silence for what felt like an eternity.I was getting ready to ask her to leave when she said “I really did pretend it was you.”“What?” I asked, looking at her sideways.“Last night when Henry was fucking me, I got off thinking about you.” she said. I was angry, but strangely turned on. She leaned back into my ear and whispered “Did you think about me when you were fucking Amanda?” she asked before biting my ear lobe.I couldn’t resist. “Maybe a little.” I wasn’t lying.She started to rub my crotch again. “Did you take a shower last night?” she asked.“This morning.” I moaned. I was getting hard again.“Good.” she smiled. She leaned back again and started to unbutton her shirt. That was her secret weapon. Her amazing body. She pulled her shirt open and exposed her flat stomach and amazing breasts which were tucked into a white bra. Her tan breasts were threatening to spill out of the tight D-cups. “Do you want me to make you cum again?” she asked softly. Of course I did. She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra with one hand. It fell down into her lap and I stared in awe at her perfect tits. Her nipples were dark and hard. She reached back to my crotch and started massaging me again.“How do you want me to make you cum?” She asked as she grabbed the zipper on my shorts and began to pull it downward. “Do you want me to talk dirty to you while you jack off?” she asked as she slid her delicate fingertips into my shorts. “Do you want to watch me finger my pussy?” she asked as her nimble fingers found my rock hard cock. “Ooh.” She gently pulled it through the hole out into the open air and began lazily stroking it for me. She was moving slowly and speaking softly. It was driving me crazy. “Or maybe you want me to jack you off?” she asked, watching her own fist glide up and down me. She was so seductive. “Or would you rather put it in my mouth?” she asked as she leaned forward and pulled my cock in between her soft lips.She gently glided her lips up and down my shaft before finally pulling back. With her free hand she reached up to her left breasts and pushed it over toward the right one and squeezed it hard. “Or you could put your big fat cock between my tits.” she moaned. kaçak bahis siteleri I hadn’t done that with her yet, but she was certainly built for it. I moaned aloud. “So many ways for me to make you cum.” she moaned as she licked her lips. “Then, of course, we have to figure out where you’re gonna cum.”She took a moment to unbutton my shorts. She then stood and pulled them off of me. Standing in front of me wearing just her skirt and panties, she continued as she massaged her breasts. “You’ve already cum on my tits.” Then she reached down to her side and began to unzip her skirt. “You’ve already cum on my face.” She slipped out of the skirt and turned around. She was wearing a pink thong and her ass looked amazing. “You’ve cum on my ass too.” she said as she began to pull the thong down. She bent forward pushing them all the way down and reached back behind herself and slid the tip of her middle finger over her asshole. “You’ve even cum on my tight little asshole…” She stood back up and turned to face me again. Then she took a step toward me. “Do you know what I think we should do?” she asked, stepping closer.“What?” I asked as she stepped closer still.She placed her right knee on my left side and then did the same with her left. She had straddled me and her wet naked pussy was just inches above my steel cock. Her tits were hanging in my face and she put her arms around my neck. She leaned forward and pushed her tits against my face and I eagerly opened my mouth and licked at them. They were so perfect! I had wanted to lick them so long and I finally was. I immediately thought she had cracked. She was finally going to fuck me!She dropped back down and sat on her haunches. She then slid her right hand down her body until it rested between her thighs. She began to finger herself and she looked amazing doing it. Once she had gotten pretty wet, she slipped her index finger inside and worked it around until it was dripping wet. Then she withdrew it and repeated the process with her middle finger, then her ring finger. Then she placed her entire palm on her cunt and began to rub it back and forth. I was going crazy watching her. What happened next was even more amazing.She pulled her hand from between her legs and it was shiny with her fluids. She immediately wrapped her hand around my iron hard cock. Then she slid her hips forward and butted her cunt up against the underside of my cock. She started to jerk my cock and as she did, her thumb would graze up and down her pussy. She began to grind her hips into me as she did it and started moaning. “I’m gonna jerk your big fat cock with my pussy juice-” she moaned. “Then I’m gonna make myself cum all over your cock.” I couldn’t believe how inventive she was. I was so hard! “Then I’m gonna stroke this big fat cock until you cum all over my pretty little pussy.”“Yeah?” I moaned. It felt incredible.“You tell me when you’re about to cum, okay?” she moaned.“I will.” I moaned. She was in complete control again. It wasn’t fair. She was just so god damned hot!She proceeded to jerk my cock while simultaneously rubbing her pussy. She moaned and her body contorted as she grinded her pussy against my cock. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but what she was doing was pretty damned amazing. After about 15 of the hottest minutes of my life, she wailed and her body began to shudder. Moments later she moaned louder and bounced rapidly against me. She let go of my cock and then pushed it with her palm against her pussy and continued to grind me as cloudy liquid began to dribble from her cunt onto my cock.Having climaxed, Renee focused all of her efforts on me. She gripped my cock tighter and spit down onto the head. She then began to jerk my cock fast and hard and it wasn’t long before I felt my load building up. I tensed up and held off as long as I could, but finally I could resist no more. I shrieked out and jerked my head back. “I’m about to cum! You’re making me cum!”She immediately thrust her hips forward and rested the tip of my cock against her clit as she continued to jerk me and a hot stream of spunk blasted against her pussy and spilled down my cock and onto her fist. It was completely and utterly amazing! “See….” she panted. “We don’t have to have sex to have fun together.” I hated to admit it, but she was right. We still hadn’t technically had sex, but what had just happened was one of the hottest things I had ever been party to.Renee stayed the night again that night. She was trying to stake her claim. We showered again together and she asked me to tell her more about my experiences having threesomes with Belinda and later with Marie, only instead of jacking me off, this time she sucked my cock while I told my stories. She told me that knowing that I had had all of these crazy experiences turned her on. I came in her mouth and she swallowed my jizz. Finally, we fell asleep.

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