I’am a Good Girl PT2 BlackenI’am a Good Girl PT2 Blacken


I’am a Good Girl PT2 BlackenI tossed and turned for the next couple of hours worried about what I could do. I could not blame Marcus, it wasn’t his fault the condom broke. I could do nothing until Monday anyway so I put it out of my mind for now.I got out of bed and found a shirt on the floor, I put it on. I went to see if Marcus had any coffee, I found it and made a pot.Marcus’s semen stared leaking down my thighs, while I waited. Oh my god! that was so good it felt so right. I was getting excited remembering what my pussy lips looked like hugging his cock.Marcus got up to the smell of fresh coffee and strolled out of the bedroom naked. Yawning and wiping the sleep out of his eyes he came up behind me and hugged me, “Morning.””Morning,” I said, a little worried still.”What’s the matter?””I’m worried.””About what?””I’m not on birth control, What if you got me pregnant?””We will work that out if you are.””Are you clean?””Yes,” I felt a little relieved.Marcus started to bend me over on the counter, removing the shirt.”Marcus we can’t……”He started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips, It felt so good I lost my train of thought. Marcus pushed his cock head in my pussy, I pushed back impaling myself on his cock.”AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This just feels so right.””Racist bitch is losing her will power.”Marcus started hammering my pussy, I pushed back to meet every thrust.”I’m not a racist bitch, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!””You a BCS now.””What the fuck is a BCS? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!””Black cock slut.””OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m nobody’s slut, AHHHHHHH!””The way you fucked last night you be my slut.””NOOOOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHH! I can’t.””Listen to you moaning like a whore, a big black cock stuffed in your pussy.”Marcus started hammering my pussy, I thrust back. His cock started to swell, “AHHHHHHHH! Fuck me”Marcus’s cock exploded for the fourth time in less then 12 hours. Every pulse of his cock in my pussy was incredible. the feeling of jet after jet of semen pelting my womb had me climaxing.Marcus pulled out and told me to sit down, He poured 2 coffee’s and sat down.”Marcus we can’t do this.””Why not? Don’t you like big black cock?””That’s not it at all, your cock feels so good in my pussy but………..””But what? Afraid of what people will say?””No! I don’t want to get pregnant, I’m still in school””You could have an abortion if that happens.””I don’t know if I could, I never thought about it.”I started feeling a little uncomfortable sitting at the table naked, I got up to retrieve the shirt.”Where are you going?””To get the shirt, I’m uncomfortable””Why? I don’t have a roommate.”I went and poured another coffee. Walking back to sit down Marcus grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss, I put the coffee on the table. The way he kissed me was incredible it sent shivers throughout my body.I was sitting on his lap returning the kiss with the same passion, I felt his cock getting hard. I broke the kiss, I looked kaçak iddaa down. I spread my thighs and his cock popped up between them, I started kissing Marcus again.He reached down and started rubbing his cock up and down on my pussy again.”I can’t…….””Yes you can.””I don’t want to get pregnant.””It’s a little late to worry about that now.”He was right, 4 loads of semen, what’s a little more.I stood up and straddled his lap, impaling myself on his ebony shaft. He kissed me, I stayed planted and kissed back. I could not believe myself this was such an incredible feeling. Our tongues wrestling his cock embedded deep in my pussy.”OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I moaned, never breaking the kiss.Marcus reached around me and grabbed a hold of my ass. He started moving my body up and down his cock. I could not believe the sensations this sent through me.”AHHHHHHH! That feels incredible.””Glad you like it, even if you are a racist bitch.”I started posting up and down his cock.”I’m not a RACIST! Why do you keep saying that?””You won’t be seen in public with a black man during the day.”I was posting faster and faster.”You set the time, your the racist.””Whore, What’s that suppose to mean?””Pick me up after dark, bring me to a black club afraid that you will get caught with a white chick.”Marcus stood up with me in his arms, never pulling his cock out of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and continued posting up and down. He walked us to the front window of the apartment.”What are you doing?””I’m no racist, WHORE! I’ll show you.”He reached for the curtain while I continued posting on his cock.”No! don’t, I’m shy.””Your a racist, don’t want anyone seeing you enjoying a black man.”He grabbed my ass and started to pound me even harder. I was on the verge of an incredible orgasm, all of a sudden he pulled the curtain open.”OH MY GOD! I can’t beleive you did that.””Whose the racist?”I looked out the window, there stood an older couple with their jaws gaping wide open staring at what had just been revealed.”AHHHHHHHHHH! Fuck me.”I climaxed, seeing the expression on their faces. I felt like a porn star with people watching. Here I was a white woman posting up and down on a black cock so the whole world could see.”Fuck me Marcus, OHHHHHHHHH!””Racist whore.””I’m not a racist, Fuck me, AHHHHHHHHHHH!”Marcus’s cock started swelling, I hugged him tight with my thighs. I climaxed, Marcus exploded deep in my pussy with the world to see, I felt exhilarated. Marcus carried me to the bedroom and put me down to rest.I felt satisfied and soon fell asleep. All I could dream of was that couple’s expression when Marcus ripped the curtain open, I slept like a baby for 3 or 4 hours.I got up and went to find Marcus, He was not home. I gathered my clothes from the floor and found a towel. I went to take a shower to clean up before my walk of shame. I could not believe what I was doing, I never fuck on the first date.I was kaçak bahis washing the soap out of my hair, all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind, “Whose that?”I felt hands working down toward my pussy and lips on my neck, “Marcus””Baby where did you go?””Still have a couple weeks of football practice.”His fingers worked there way to my pussy and his lips started on my ear lobes, I melted. We finished our shower together. I reached to turn off the water bending at the waist. Marcus pushed his cock in my pussy.”OHHHHHH! This is dangerous.””God hates a coward!”I put my hands on the wall of the shower to steady myself. Marcus was plowing into my pussy and I was thrusting back to meet his thrusts. Marcus plowed my pussy in this position for 15 minutes. His cock started to swell I pushed back hard. His cock exploded jet after jet of semen pelting my womb, I saw stars.We dried off and went back out to the living room. Marcus turned on some music to relax by. Marcus went to the kitchen to make dinner. Being all relaxed after the shower I took a short nap, Marcus woke me up when dinner was ready.”Sleepy head, wake up time to eat.””Smells good,” I said stretchingI walked to the table, Marcus tossed me the shirt I left in the kitchen that morning.”What’s this?””Dinner attire,” I put it on.Marcus brought out a lasagna and some garlic bread and set it on the table with the salad. He went back into the kitchen.”What kind of dressing do you like?””Ranch, French.””I have both, and to drink?””Milk is fine.”Marcus poured us both a glass and came back with the dressing. I started wondering what all the game play was all about while he was cutting the lasagna. After all it did get me all excited and the feelings they stirred up made it all that more intense.Marcus handed me my dinner and I tossed the salad and put some on my plate. I handed Marcus the tongs when I was done. We made small talk during dinner about our towns. He was from a big city I was from a small town. he came from a single parent household I came from a two parent household.We finished dinner and cleaned up the kitchen together. We lay on the couch listening to music relaxing after dinner.”What’s with all the games when we fuck?””Who say’s there games?””You do?””I never said they were games.””Your actions do.””How?””You call me all sorts of names during sex?””Yeah! Truth hurt?””Then you are so nice afterwards.””All right you got me.””So you don’t think I’m a racist?””No! you just got so into the fucking when I said that you were, I kept it up””What do you mean?””The more I called you a racist, the more you tried to please me to prove you weren’t.””It was so exciting, I just had to.””You enjoyed it?””I never thought fucking could be so good.”I reached down and started stroking Marcus’s cock, I kissed him. Marcus removed my shirt and started suckling my tits. His fingers started working on my pussy getting me all excited. I rolled illegal bahis on top of Marcus and impaled myself on his cock.”AHHHHHHHH! I think I like being a racist bitch.”Marcus grabbed my ass and started lifting me up and down his cock.”Racist bitch likes big black cock, Doesn’t she?””YESSSSSSSSS! I love it in my little white pussy.””Gonna ruin your little white pussy whore.””YESSSSSS! Ruin me, I’m yours, just teach me the error of my ways.”Marcus rolled us off the couch to the floor. He started pounding into my pussy, I thrust my hips.”Gonna breed you whore!””YESSSSSSSS! Breed me, OHHHHHHHHHHH!””Gonna be shunned by your racist people” he said. “You’ll be a traitor to the white race.””Do it! Show the world I’m a traitor, OHHHHHHHH! Just fuck me.”Marcus started plowing me harder I flexed my hips to meet his thrusts. I was getting really excited with all this talk. My orgasms kept rolling one on top of the other.”You gonna have a big swollen belly in about 8 months.”I felt Marcus’s cock start swelling, I wrapped my legs around his waist.”CUMMMMMMMMM! make my white belly swell with a little black bastard”Marcus’s cock exploded into my pussy. Torrents of semen were again deposited deep in my pussy. I could not help myself. I wrapped my arms around Marcus’s neck and kissed him with a passion I didn’t realize was in me. Marcus finished cumming in me and knelt up. He picked me up and started to carry me to the bedroom with his cock still in my pussy.Marcus lay on top of me as we hit the bed. The kiss never broke our tongues were wrestling. This was so much better than the friends with benefits fucking I was use to.”Marcus what have you done to me?””What do you mean?””The way you fuck has me mesmerized, it’s so much better then the friends with benefits.””Role playing makes fucking so much better.””I’m so glad I came here to college.””Glad you came too, racism needs to be eliminated. Anything I can do to help this fight is my pleasure.”I started flexing my hips and Marcus’s cock started getting engorged.”You still have work to do, this racist bitch isn’t ready to convert.”Marcus started a slow steady sawing in and out motion.”Come on big boy do your duty to wipe out racism, convert this racist white bitch.””You gonna be a tough one, this may take awhile”Marcus kissed me and it was a real experience feeling his cock growing in my pussy at the same time.”OHHHHHHHHHH! You got your work cut out for you.””Haven’t given up yet! This is a fight I don’t intend to lose.”Marcus was a man possessed he was plowing in and out, I was thrusting up to meet his thrusts. Our tongues wrestled together.”Gonna turn this little racist into a black mans baby factory.””Your gonna give up before that happens.””Never! You racist whore.””You black men are lazy no stamina, AHHHHHHHHHH!””Gonna own you when I’m done.””Never gonna happen.”Marcus was getting close his cock swelled, my hips thrust, my legs squeezed. He exploded, feeling his semen pelting my womb had me climaxing with intensity.We fell asleep after the marathon fuck session. I was satisfied, I think Marcus was too the way he was smiling.What am I going to do if…?

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