I Want to Peg YouI Want to Peg You


I slip my hand around your waist and pull you into me, into a tight embrace. I’m wearing four inch heels, but you still stand a couple of inches taller than me, looking down into my gaze, an excited sparkle in your eyes. You run your hands through my hair, pushing it away from my face so you can see me better before coming in for a kiss. My hands run from your waist and grab at your tight buns in your equally tight jeans. While you give me a long, slow, hungry kiss, your hands running through my hair, I get a good grope of your fine ass, always your best feature.

You look approvingly down at my cleavage. I made sure to wear that lingerie you like to see me in, you know, the black and red basque with the lacy bits, which really pushes up my ample chest and conceals those other wobbly bits that I can be a little self conscious about. I know you like to see me in stockings too, so I made sure to shave my legs nice and smooth and slip into a pair of lace topped black hold ups. I see you smile approvingly as your hands move to mirror mine, tracing down the curve of my back and over my ass, before they caress across the small area of bare, exposed thigh above my stocking tops.

With my hands on your firm ass, I pull you in, pushing your crotch into mine until I can feel you getting a little hard even through the stiff denim of your jeans. You’re kissing me again and I feel your tongue on my lips. I respond with my own, wrestling your tongue until mine invades your mouth in conquest, our kisses long, sloppy and wet.

A soft bit of pressure on my shoulders tells me exactly, wordlessly, what you want next. I oblige and slide down your body onto my knees. My hands leave your butt behind for the moment and instead move to unbutton your tight jeans. I can already see the shape of your semi-firm manhood straining to be free and I eagerly allow it just that. Your jeans and boxers come down all in one go and your excited part springs free, angling towards my chest.

I lick my lips to wet them and my hand wraps around your shaft. You give that soft moan that I love to hear, that makes me aroused just to know I can bring out in you, as I stroke your stiffening hardon. A steely hardness builds just beneath the fleshy warmth in my hand and I bend my head to receive it. My other hand is on your thigh as I pull your hard dick up and begin to lick from the base of the shaft to the tip, feeling it stiffen more and more.

Soon, my lips part and take the head of your erection in, swirling my tongue all around it, while my right hand continues to stroke the shaft, pumping you into my mouth. You smell of sweat and pre-cum but that just makes me more excited. My left hand slides round to grasp your ass cheek and I am rewarded with another moan. You like me fondling your ass, I see.

Now there’s a couple of inches of you filling up my mouth and I’m gasping to take it. Your eyes look lustfully down on me as I look up, asking for approval as I suck on your arousal. Your hands twist and tangle in my hair. My own left hand, meanwhile, has slipped into the warm crack between your cheeks. You do nothing to stop me as I trace my finger along your crack, simultaneously thrusting you into my mouth. It may be me that’s down on my knees, but I’ve got all the power, controlling just how deep your dick goes, just what sensations you receive.

My mouth is slick with saliva. I take my right hand, which had been jerking your stiff shaft and, letting your dick slip from my mouth for just a moment, lick the index finger until it is just as shiny and wet as your manhood. Before you can wonder what it is I’m doing, your erection is back between my lips and another satisfied moan is on yours.

As mamak escort my left hand grasps and gropes at your butt cheek, pulling your crack open, my right slides beneath your balls and between your thighs. My mouth continues to work its hardest to suck back and forth along the quivering head of your veiny hardness as my slick, wet index finger slides up between the parted cheeks of your gorgeous ass.

You make a noise somewhere between a grunt and a whimper when my wet finger pushes against your puckered little butthole. I feel your stiff member jump a little in my mouth. I let it slide out, but leave my hand between your legs. I’m sorry, is this OK? Do you want me to stop? I withdraw my finger just a little.

No? OK, then. Instantly my lips part to receive your trembling pecker, its glistening head just pushing past the uncut foreskin. My wet finger, meanwhile, renews its exploration with additional vigour. Another moan-grunt from you as I put a little pressure on your tight hole and the tip of my finger slips inside.

I push up into your tight asshole, the tip of my index finger inside you up to the first knuckle. You clench tight around it, but your sigh as my wet finger rubs around just inside you tells me that you like it. You just need to relax. Lie back on the bed.

You do as I say, lying your hot naked body back on the bed, your feet on the floor beside it. You offer no resistance as I push your legs wide apart and upwards as I kneel on the carpet between them.

Before I do anything else, I open the drawer of the bedside cabinet, the one where I keep the toys to keep me entertained when you’re not around. Inside is a tube of lube, which I take out and squeeze a generous amount onto my index finger. With my left hand holding your legs up and open, my right with its now heavily lubricated finger returns to exploring your ass crack. My finger runs up from your balls along the perineum and then circles your tight pink hole, rubbing the lube around it. Then I plunge in. Slick with lube my finger this time penetrates more deeply, shoving right up inside your virgin ass. You gasp as my finger fills you up. How’s that? Is it good?

As you nod in agreement, I return to working on your stiff member. With my slick finger sliding in and out of your tight butthole, my mouth opens to swallow your shaft. Pretty soon I’m bobbing my head up and down on your stiff erection in tune with fingering your behind. As your cock slips out between my lips, my finger slides up your asshole. And, as my finger slips out, my throat opens to take your dick back in.

I’ve been working your ass with my finger for a while now. At first you clenched tight around it, but you’re learning to relax, your body opening up to being penetrated by my digit just as your mind is. As I withdraw the finger completely, your ass rises to try and meet it, wanting to keep being filled. You really like my finger back there, don’t you? Do you want more?

I add another generous coating of lube to my index and middle fingers before slipping them both up your tight, dark hole. Now penetrated by twice as much of me, you’re really beginning to need to relax and stretch, but I take it slow and soon you’re just as keen to be filled by two fingers as I swallow your dick as you were with just the one.

With the first two fingers of my right hand buried in your ass and you lying back on the bed with your legs spread, I begin to curl my fingers back upwards, as if beckoning. I’m searching for your prostate, that little nub of sensual goodness that makes men weak at the knees and sends waves of pleasure fizzing through their bodies. I press ofise gelen escort against that spot of fleshy hardness buried deep inside you and your body stiffens a little. As I begin to rub and massage it, you tense further and then relax, letting the pleasure wash over you. You’re converted to anal play, converted completely. I can tell from this moment.

I withdraw both fingers and you whimper with disappointment. Your stiff dick springs out of my mouth, leaking pre-cum. I tell you to turn over and you follow my instruction almost without question. Guided by my hands, you’re now kneeling on all fours on the bed, your fine, pert ass pointing up and out towards me. You look back over your shoulder at me, a little vulnerability in your eyes as you present your naked butt to me, as I stand over it, dressed in sexy lingerie and heels, my two fingers ready to invade your most private hole once more.

From this position I can really get deep inside you. Before my two fingers made it up to the second knuckle, but from behind I can plunge them all the way. Pretty soon I’m doing my best to really open that ass out with my fingers, letting you ride back against me, getting you ready for what I know is coming next, but which you don’t have a clue about. Are you ready to take this to the next level?

When I take my fingers from your ass again and step back over to the bedside cabinet drawer, you might think I’m just getting more lube, but instead I pull out my new toy. It’s a dildo, a five inch silicone tube in bright scarlet, and comes with a strapon harness that I’ve just been dying to try out. You’ve got that vulnerable, nervous look on your face again, as you glance back and see me holding my toy. Your eyes widen. How about it? You seemed to like having my fingers back there. Well, this is something even better. Think you can take it?

Your slightly stunned consent on your lips, I start slipping into and adjusting the strapon harness, putting my little red dildo through the o-ring. Then I’m ready for it. I’ve never really had or understood the whole “penis envy” thing, but having this extra appendage dangling and swinging in front of me does feel kind of fun. I could definitely get used to this. As I lube up the phallic red toy sticking out between my black stockinged legs, it really does feel like I’m stroking a real dick, my dick.

I stand behind you, pushing your legs further apart. My red strapon dildo, shiny and sticky with lube, is nestled between the cheeks of your ass. Of course we’ve fucked before, but now I’m going to get the thrill of being the one to actually do the fucking. I’m going to get to be the one on top, the one in charge, the one shafting and penetrating an eager, open partner. Even though my prosthetic penis has no feeling in it, every other part of my body is excited by the thought of sticking it inside you.

With my left hand, I pull your ass cheeks open and with my right I guide the scarlet silicone cylinder in between them, shoving it where my fingers once were until it penetrates the tight grasp of your pink hole. I push it in. In a moment, a whole inch of my strapon dildo is inside you. You gasp and sigh just like I love to hear from you. I can tell that any lingering doubts that you might have had about letting me take control of your ass are very quickly melting away in the thrill of giving your body up to me in a whole new way.

My hands on your waist, I thrust my hips forward to push my red strapon deeper into your ass, pulling you back towards me at the same time. Gradually, I bury more and more of it inside you until you are filled like you’ve never been before. otele gelen escort It takes me a little bit to get used to being in this kind of control, to learn how to manage the prosthetic appendage jutting from my crotch, but before too long I’ve developed a rhythm. With plenty of guidance from you, I begin to ride your ass, pushing my strapon in as you ride back to meet me.

The wide, flat end of the strapon rubs against my crotch, making me wet and horny, but it’s not the physical stimulation that is exciting me most, it’s the unusual feeling of being the one standing over you, of getting to take the virginity of your incredible ass and giving it to you like you have done to me so many times. More than anything, it’s the moans of pleasure and the fact that, even without my lips and tongue to stimulate it any longer, your dick is rock hard and leaking everywhere.

I can tell this first time pegging experience is getting you close to climaxing. I pull out and tell you to flip over, climbing onto the bed with you. I want to look in your eyes while I screw your ass for the first time and know that it’s my strapon pegging that gives you the incredible orgasm that I know is coming. I position myself between your legs once more and slide a pillow under your ass, raising it to a level my strapon can reach. Spreading your legs so that they’re almost wrapped above my shoulders, I grab my red silicone dildo and shove it back into your slick, lubed up asshole.

I can see every sigh and moan of pleasure spread across your face as I peg your ass from this reverse missionary position, rocking your body as I plunge in and out of your behind. I’m going harder and faster now, knowing that it won’t be long before you can’t hold back any longer. In my energetic thrusting, the thin black lace strap of my basque slips down my arm. You reach up and free my breasts as they jiggle with each push of my strapon into your butt.

As you fondle my naked breast, I wrap my hand around your hardon. With my red silicone shaft pumping into your butt, I stroke your thicker, fleshy shaft in time, leaning over you to let you stroke my breasts and tweak my nipples. Then, in an instant, you can no longer hold it in. I’m looking right into your bright eyes as they widen and you let out a loud gasp. Your cock twitches and a stream of warm cum shoots out.

I’ve never seen you ejaculate quite like you are now with my red strapon dildo up your ass. You shoot a load right across my wobbling breasts, making my chest sticky with your cum until you have no more to give.

The thrill of getting to screw your tight little ass has made me hornier and needier than in a long time. As I pull myself from your puckered, just screwed butthole, I waste no time in loosening and removing the strapon harness. My cunt is wet with excitement at what I’ve just done to you and crying out for relief.

I lie back on the bed beside you and now it’s your turn to bury your head between my legs. Full of gratitude for what I’ve just done to you, you get to work on bringing me to the same level of ecstatic climax. Much like my fingers invaded your tight hole earlier that evening, you now have two fingers buried inside me, only you don’t need the aid of handfuls of lube, my dripping wet cunt is lubricated enough as it is. Your tongue flicks across my clit as you finger me and I know that things are nearing their climax.

I can’t hold back, not after the incredible new thrill of exploring your ass for the first time, of getting to be the one to fuck you and of loving every moment of that control. After all that, it takes very little effort from your expert fingers and tongue to send me over the edge and, within moments, my body is shaking with an orgasm as good as I can remember having. I feel it sweep over me as my mind holds the image of looking down on your tight asshole and my bright red strapon sliding right into it. It’s an image that will play happily on my mind for days to come, at least until I get a chance to have another go on your sore little butthole…

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