I, Vampire Ch. 5I, Vampire Ch. 5


I, Vampire Ch. 5Making into a Monster…Having been truly bound to James in every possible way, being my Husband and Maker, I thought myself to be lucky and thusly happy. I was wrong.I quickly found he was foremost my teacher in this new and exciting life of the dark. Where once I was schooled in the arts of dance and song now I was schooled in the art of deadly seduction and once taught the skills of arithmetic and embroidery now taught how to drink deeply from an evil man. However I was a willing student and a quick apprentice to my husband of the dark. Within the first week I had perfected my kill bite to a small gash that allowed the blood to flow freely into my hungry mouth yet was simply healed. And within the first month I perfected my seduction of men to bend to my will with the power given to me, more quickly than James thought possible. I could sense he was proud and happy of my accent into our new life, but I also noticed a small troublesome spot on all that, although I could not put a name to the feeling. Most nights in the beginning we would rise when the sun was setting and stroll into town by twilight for our ‘supper’, once satisfied we would either take in a show of some sorts, or my favorite, go home and consummate our marriage over and over again. As I excelled, James being the adept instructor set to test me. Firstly he would only allow me to finish off the men that were to become my nourishment, but slowly he gave me the reins to cast my web of deceit then finally let me choose my own victims. Of course by then I had a taste for the wicked, just as he said I would, and chose only those men that would not be missed. More and more we would hunt separately and meet again later, I was skillful hunter now and I didn’t need his help. Plus this way we could each find our meals quicker and meet sooner, right?A different time he wanted to test how long I could go with out hunting for blood. The first night was simple, we went to an opera and I found it to be a bit winded but enjoyed it nonetheless. The second night proved to be too difficult to be surrounded by fresh blood, so I fled home to the safety of the empty house. By the third night I was angry at him for putting me through this test and so very hungry that I tried to take his blood as he had just hunted the night before. He was so much stronger than I that all this got me was getting locked up in the bedroom we share daring the day, banging on the walls for release. Finally the fourth night I could not raise from the bed when James came for me, he instead brought in a killer who was poised as a doctor; how well he truly healed me. Once he leaned over me I clamped onto his neck with strength I did not think I still possessed in my weakened state. I bled him dry and set out to hunt for more, in my blood thirsty state I didn’t have the patients to seduce nor make the next victim’s death painless. I looked quickly and found that he had just beat his wife senseless, he even still had her blood on his knuckles, this made me so angry and thusly cruel. I just wrapped my arms that were like iron around him pinning his arms to his body and ripped into his neck, he fought until there wasn’t life in him to fight for. I left his body where it fell and hunted for another, but lesson learned I must hunt every third day. Occasionally James would transport me to other cities that were closer by, with his gift of speed and time came the ability to go long distances in a short time. I would only hold onto his body and was told not to look and in a matter of a few steps we would be there. Which was almost becoming necessary, in my home town in the poor parts, there was stories of men going off with a lady never to be seen alive again. Some believed that she was a ghost that was angry with men and others believed that she was just a murderer, but who would guess that it was a vampire feeding on the evil that roamed their streets. I wasn’t a monster, was I? I wrestled with this every day after I hunted; I was doing it for the good of all not just my own sick needs. But no matter if they appreciated me doing what was good for them; I was to be gone in less than a year never to return.I found as I got better hunting and using my powers the less I needed James, and I think he also noticed. I felt that a space was forming between us. Most nights we would part to hunt and sometimes I would find myself alone upon returning home, sometimes waiting almost the entire night until he would return. We were having kaçak iddaa sex less and less, which for me was terrible, I had grown used to the almost nightly ritual. I needed his hardness pumping into me getting me to the edge and his teeth pushing me over into the abyss. I had tried to bite into his shoulder to give him the same love bite and help him to the same pleasures that I so enjoy, instead he scolded me and said that he was the only one allowed to do that. As well James didn’t grasp my misgivings about hunting as a lady. My hunting grounds were aware of me as a deadly lady in need, what I really needed was a new disguise to lure my food to me. When I would go out alone to hunt I would see the prostitutes walking the streets looking for drunken men to fill their beds and their pockets. At first I barely noticed them but as I thought about it more and more, the better the idea became. I could play the part and lure them to me with no suspicion, but I needed to know more about them before I could use this new identity. With my next kill I started by insisting to know if he had ever been with a prostitute, when he said he had I asked that he would recall the scene to his mind. When he obtained a glazed look to his eye I cut into his neck and drink in the images. ‘The man was slightly drunk with a cockstand and looking for a woman of the night to take care of it before returning home. A woman approached him, she wore last season’s fashions with a bit too much makeup but it was her walk that screamed whore, “Could I be helping you sir?” He grunted, “I’m hoping that you would ‘cause I need a ‘lady’ like you.” She just gave a little giggle, “Oh? Would you like my mouth for halfpenny or my body for a penny, if you would like to follow you to my bed?” He followed her quickly to a depleted house and up to a bedroom with a sagging bed. Placing a penny into her hand he started stripping down and she followed suit. She was thin but had larger breasts that sagged a bit once out of her clothes, she might’ve had c***dren at some point. Plopping down onto her bed he said, “Suck it until it is nice and hard then get up on it like a good slut.” She dropped down and took his hardness into her mouth and started by licking the tip and then filling her whole mouth with it. He was groaning with pleasure and soon enough he moaned “Get on top! I need to get that cunt filled!” She quickly straddled him and slid his hardness into her wetness and started riding him up and down. He started groaning, “Yeah you like that don’t you slut, you love having a hard cock in your sopping cunt! You like having men use you and give you their come! Well here you go…” and he was spewing his seed into her. Then she collapsed beside him catching her breath. Once he settled down he reached for his clothes and as he put on his pants he turned to her still in bed seeing his seed dripping from her. With a single motion he took a knife from his hidden pocket and slashed across her throat, she sputtered once and died with blood pouring from her. Wiping his knife off on her sheet and picking up her purse he left a happier man.’As the man slipped from my clasp, I gave a little shutter. Men were so cruel and yet I was in need for them, and I knew that becoming a whore would be the easiest path to them. All I needed to do was find and wear my old dresses, wear a little too much makeup and figure out their way of moving. Over the next week I studied their movements and found that there were social classes, depending where you were meant you could only go on certain streets and could get more pay. I figured that I would become a mid-level whore, so I wouldn’t have to be dealing in such horrible streets nor would I want to go too high or I might see people that I know. The following days I became a whore and started using this new ‘bate’ as I liked to think of it. I would quickly lure my meal from the street corner down to an empty alleyway where I would then feed upon his blood and dispense of him in the usual ways. I found that this way of hunting was so much quicker that I had much more time, but James often didn’t come home until it was the very earliest hours of the morning. Much of the time he would barely notice me and when asked how his night was, the only answer I would get would be a grunt or ‘fine’. After about a week of my new hunting technique, I dispensed of another true killer, and feeling feistier than normal I impatiently waited for James to come home. I needed sex, and I was hoping kaçak bahis that by getting his attention and showing him how clever I had become that maybe he would be interested in me again. Once again it was nearing dawn before he came home, but I was waiting up in bed for him, stark naked. He glanced in my direction before removing his outer clothes.“How was your night darling?” I asked in my sweetest voice.“Fine,” was the answer I got, nothing beyond the normal response.I was going to have to force this conversation, “I had a beautiful night, with the new way of hunting I found that I can get blood quickly and have most of the night to enjoy.” And when I just got a dirty look, I added, “I do miss spending the nights with you. I just crave your hardness in me.”He turned towards me and stopped dead, and then with his quickest of movements he rushed me and grabbed my neck with one of his hands. “YOU! You dare talk to me about the way you whore yourself on the streets, then ask for more sex! WHORE, how dare you speak to me as if we are equals, I am your husband and Master. You acted like you were so innocent and untouched, but you probably just practiced looking that way. I bet you got fucked by the servants all the time and now you need the fucking a****ls that are on the streets to fill you up.”I was stunned of what he said, “No, it isn’t true. I haven’t been with any of those men nor anyone before you!”“Whore did I say you could talk! You are of my making and will serve my needs or not as I see fit. No one is to touch you; you were supposed to be my innocent little virgin. So I could fuck you any night and lap the blood from between your legs, but no I was tricked by you and your father.”I started to get mad, “You know nothing about my father, nor of me it seems.”“Oh did I hit a nerve, are you daddy’s girl, he’s probably the one that took it. I would bet it in this backwater place that you all call civilization; god I’m glad that we are leaving for Europe next month. Maybe I can train you to become a lady that you were supposed to be, there.”My temper flared as mad as I’ve ever felt, and his hand around my neck pinning me there, I lost it. My hand rose into a claw and I raked my nails across his face while yelling, “Get your fucking hand off me!”As soon as I hit him he let go of my neck and felt the scratches that I had just made. They were already starting to pool with blood; he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked the blood from them. In a fluid motion, he brought back his hand and slapped my face with such force that I was thrown on to the bed. With his superior strength and agility he pinned me to the bed and started slapping me. They rained down on my breasts, face, stomach, and when I tried to turn over, my ass and back.“You little WHORE! You drew blood from me, you fucking whore. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. I’m going to **** you until you can’t think of sex without shuttering.” He was yelling between slapping me.I was getting lightheaded from the pain and his intense emotions that were being forced upon my vampire abilities. “Please sir, I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt you. But it is not true, I’m not a whore, I just act it for nourishment.”“LIES! I will get you for all the lies, for wasting my time and efforts.” With that he ripped his undergarments off and impaled me on his hardness. But what surprised him was that I was already wet for his invasion, “Fucking whore, your wet from this aren’t you! You like being ****d huh; well I have to make you pay so this time it’s not going in your cunt!”With that he pulled his hardness from my dripping cunt and I found that I was sorry to have it leaving. I had missed having sex with him but having him manhandling me really got me worked up. But I wasn’t expecting him to do what came next. He lined up with my asshole and pushed his cock in all the way, blinding pain sent shocks through my body, “TAKE IT OUT, please take it out!”“No whore this is your punishment. You will take it and be glad I didn’t do anything worse!” He started to pull it out and then would ram it back in. I felt blood running from my tortured hole, “Yeah there’s the blood I craved, at least I got one of your virginities!”He started to pound my ass with all of his force, bringing my legs up and putting his full weight onto me. I screamed in pain and tried clawing him again; he just gave a growling laugh and pinned my arms down with his hand. After a while of him pounding into me I started to feel a little bit illegal bahis of pleasure in all the pain. As more time passed I started to feel a lot of pleasure, but I keep begging for him to stop and listening to his barrage of yelling. He turned me so that I was on all fours and shoved his hardness back into my ass, I suppressed a moan. He started pounding my ass again and would slap the cheeks, after one slap I went over the edge and came hard. He noticed, “You whore! You just came on my cock didn’t you? I have to punish you!” With that he snapped my head back and to the side exposing my neck, and with his still in me bit into my neck sucking my blood. Feeling him bite into me triggered another orgasm, but soon I found myself growing weak. He’s taking too much blood; he’s going to suck me dry!Just before I would have passed out he stopped. Licking his lips, “There whore, you won’t be able to whore yourself tomorrow. No you’ll have to be nice and I might bring you something. Now today you can sleep here, but tomorrow I want clean sheets on the bed and you to find a different room.” Then he was off, leaving me to sleep on my own.I was too weak to hunt the next night but he went off hunting and about midnight I realized that he wasn’t going to bring anyone back, so I went off to find a new bed to sleep in and to plan my next steps. The next night he looked into my new room, then left. Luckily he brought another ‘doctor’ for me and left for his own dinner without a word to me. I fed on the doctor and was strong enough to dispose of it, but I need another one before I was going to feel better, then possibly more to feel normal. After going down to the slums I found a man almost passed out that was evil enough for my taste. Then another that came upon us, feeling much better I returned to the house to rest.The next night I knew what I had to do, I dressed in my whore clothes and went to town, but I didn’t go to my normal spot but to a dealer that stayed up for the night crowd. After that I went out feeding, I figured I wouldn’t have to be as careful tonight so I fed on several men. Then I returned back to the house to wait for James to come back. He returned again right before dawn, but I was waiting for him in his bedroom. I was wearing my wedding dress and a soulful look. “Please Sir, take me back, and let me be the best I can be for you. I need you.”He gave me a look over, “You do look good in that dress, but I think you’ll look even better in the latest European styles. I think you have learned your lesson and know your place, correct?” “Oh yes! Does this mean you forgive me sir?” “Good, now I think you deserve a little time with me. Why don’t you remove that dress?”“Yes sir!” I started removing the dress button by button, then as it loosened I let it fall to the ground, leaving my corset on I came close to him. Then I started to undress him letting his shirt and pants fall to the floor and I climbed into the bed. “Why don’t you come and join me sir?”With a huge smile on his face he dropped his undergarments on the ground with the rest of his clothing and climbed onto the bed. Before he got above me I got up and pushed him gently down and climbed on top of him. I started kissing him and stroking him with one hand while the other one reached behind into my corset. I pulled back from the kiss and with the hand not on his hardness; I quickly brought it around and sliced his neck. With the blood seeping from his body, “I wanted you to know, I am not your servant, or your wife any longer. You are not my master or husband or r****t. But I am your murderess, after I drink your blood and become strong I will never have another master!”I drank the blood pouring from his body and when I started to see the hate drain from his eyes being replaced with a faraway look. I sank the long dagger with the wolf handle, which I had bought from the dealer for ‘protection’, into his heart. When I no longer saw any more blood coming from his heart, I left the bedroom and told the head servant that they could have the day and night off. Then I went to my bedroom and slept knowing that I had already packed and put kerosene around the house.The next evening I looked around seeing no one around I grabbed my bags and lit a fire in the house to burn the evidence of the murder and my absence. Hopefully my family and friends will think that we burned in the house and will not look for me, although I think I will check in on them from time to time. Sadly I was immortal and needed a new start away from anything I have ever known. So picking up my bags from the back lawn and feeling my dagger hard against my side, I set off only looking back once to see the flames licking at the windows.***

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