I used my wife as a poker chip and lostI used my wife as a poker chip and lost

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Larry, who I worked with had been on me for the last month about doing a poker game at my place. I finally agreed to hold it at my place after thinking about it over several days. I hadn’t played in a poker game in many years. Larry had lined up myself plus him and a buddy of his. His buddy also brought along a younger gentleman named Rob with him so we now had had a table of four playing. I didn’t know this other younger gentleman, but he was only in his 20’s and had a very cocky attitude. Like I said earlier I hadn’t played poker in quite a few years. It took me several hands before I started to get my groove back. I then got onto a winning streak as I won the next few hands. It reminded me of my younger years when we played cards all the time. My wife paraded herself back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen. She had on just a long buttoned up shirt with a pair of panties on underneath it. She still looked very hot for being 49 years old and I noticed on several different occasions the guys would get distracted every time she walked by. This was to my advantage as I won practically every hand whenever she came out into the living bayan escort beylikdüzü room. It had been 2.5 hours later and I now was on a losing streak. I was down for the night as my luck had run completely out. I thought my luck was bad now, but it was about to get a whole lot worse. I had a really good hand going when Larry and his buddy dropped out. It was just myself and Rob left. He had taken me just a short time ago when he bluffed and I dropped out holding a pair of 5’s in my hand. This time a I had three 8’s and there was no way I was going to fold. Then all of a sudden Rob grabbed 5 one hundred dollar bills out of his pocket and dumped them into the pot. We had played with a much smaller limit than that as he began to get on me for not matching it. A few seconds later my wife came out of the bedroom to see what all the excitement was all about. She looked at my cards and could see I had a powerful hand. I really thought he was bluffing like he did before to me and so I said to him, “I don’t have that kind of money in the house!” The young gent then looked up at my wife and said, “How about escort bayan beylikdüzü your pretty wife? If you win you get everything in the pot, but if I win I get a lap dance from her! And to top that off I get to fuck her right here on the poker table!” I was immediately taken back by his offer as was the other two guys. A few seconds later my wife shouted out, “Your on! I can tell you got nothing in your hand! You are bluffing!” “Hold on!” I told my feisty wife as she gave the young gent a dirty look. I know in poker games anything can happen. I thought he might be bluffing also, but I wasn’t ready to put my wife up as a pawn in this game and especially for that young bastard. I then said, “No deal!” “Chicken!” he mouthed back to me. My wife then jumped in again, “Accept his deal! He couldn’t handle me anyway if he won and I am totally sure that he is just bluffing!“ I thought about it for a minute as I said, “All right, you’re on!” I lay my three 8’s down on the table first. This brought out a sigh from the other two guys immediately as they thought I was safe. My wife smiled and said, “Beat that kayaşehir escort you bastard!” Rob now had a more somber look on his face. I felt really good now as he laid down a 2 and then a 5 on the table. His next card was a jack and then things got very interesting when he laid down another jack. A few seconds later my worse dream was about to come true as he laid down a third jack on the table. I was mortified as I rubbed my hands against my face. My wife said nothing as she couldn’t believe he had laid down three jacks. Rob got up from his chair immediately and grabbed my wife’s hand and pulled her out into the center of the living room as he sat down on a chair. “Please me baby! I know we all want to see that fabulous body under that shirt,” he said out loud. My wife stood in front of him as she made a half ass attempt of doing a lap dance for him. Larry and his buddy each had their eyes glued on my wife as Rob was getting aggressive with her. “Come on baby! I want you to unbutton that shirt! I want to see your tits!” he shouted towards my wife. She slowly swayed her hips in front of him as she began to unbutton her shirt. A few seconds later her shirt was totally unbuttoned as it still covered over top of each of her tits. “I want to see those big beautiful tits baby! Open up that shirt and push those luscious tits into my face!” Rob barked out at my wife. She slowly opened up her shirt as her beautiful big tits appeared in front of all of us.

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