I SpyI Spy


Where I grew up, just outside of town, there was a huge stand of poplar trees and I went there often. I had a favorite tree which I would sit in for hours, contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two. One afternoon, I had sort of dozed off when I was suddenly woken by voices. Looking through the branches and foliage, I saw Sam and Betty from school, sitting under a nearby tree. I kept still and quiet, hoping that they would not see me. Betty and I had never dated but we’d always got along well. She was eighteen, same age as me. She was very bright in school and her marks would get her a scholarship when she graduated. She was a cute brunette, about five feet four and had good, not great, breasts. On the other hand, I’d had several run-ins with Sam when we were much younger. He was an asshole, a bully, and I avoided him at every opportunity. So, there they were, sitting under a tree, facing each other, talking. After a time, Sam got almanbahis up and sat behind Betty with his legs on either side of her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing her neck and nuzzling her ears and hair. But when he tried to fondle her boobs, she resisted and pulled his hands back down into her lap. I thought it likely that he had a boner because he kept pushing into her backside and she kept moving away. Then he lay down on his side and moved her into place beside him. They hugged and kissed but when he tried again to feel her boobs or under her skirt, she pushed his hands away and said, “No, don’t do that.” Eventually, he moved her onto her back and lay partially on top of her. While he was kissing her neck, she looked over his shoulder – and up at me. Fuck! I thought there would be hell to pay, that they’d accuse me of spying on them. Betty’s eyes got as big as saucers and her mouth formed a big “O” in surprise. But then she put almanbahis yeni giriş a finger up to her mouth, making a silent shushing gesture. Whew, that’s okay, I thought, she wouldn’t let on that I was up there watching them. Once again, she stopped Sam’s wandering hands and raised up into a sitting position. She was facing me and Sam was on his side, his back to me.She gazed down at Sam and said, ”I suppose other girls let you feel them up?”He chuckled and bragged, “Yeah, a few.”“Who?” she asked sweetly. “I better not tell.””I won’t tell anybody you told me.”“Well,” he said, as if reluctant. But I knew him. He’d want to boast. Then he proved me correct. “Okay, but no telling.” After Betty nodded, he declared, “Isabel. She not only lets me feel her up but we’ve done it several times.””Oh sure, but she’s the town bicycle. All you guys have done her. Who else?””Well, I got my hand into Glenda’s slacks once and touched her pussy. She wasn’t too happy almanbahis giriş about it.””I’ve seen you at the movies with Linda. What about her?””We never did it, but she did hold onto my cock during the movie. She only let me rub her tits.””Did she masturbate you at the movie?””No. She only held it.”“I hear that her sister Judy does it. Have you had sex with her?””Oh yeah. We did it once under the bleachers at the stadium last summer. I keep asking her for a date but she says no. She’s going steady now. “”What about Leigh?”I listened intently. I knew Leigh wasn’t a pushover but the rumour around school suggested she might do it.”Last summer,” said Sam, “I was swimming in her pool with her when her folks were away. We got naked afterwards in the house. She kissed my penis and sucked on it for a couple of seconds.”“Really? Did you have sex?””No. After she tasted my cock, she wouldn’t do any more than that.””Did you kiss her pussy?””Sure. She got pretty excited but she still wouldn’t do it.””Have you gone down on any of the other girls?””No. Never,” he said.”Do you want to go down on me?” I nearly fell out of my tree when I heard that. What the fuck, I thoughtSam obviously got all excited.

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