I Seduced My Black Next Door NeighborI Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor


I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor by Floridaguy2001 Copyright © 2003 by Floridaguy2001. All rights reserved. I live next door to this really nice black couple; they have a teenage age son that is very, very cute. He is 18 years old and has a slender build, but I find myself fantasizing about him every time I saw him. I can’t stop the thoughts from invading my head whenever I see him outside. My husband travels a lot so I have plenty of time alone at night thinking about Gary, and what he would do to me. One morning I hear a knock on the door, I open it up and it is Gary. “Hi Denise, I missed my ride to school and my parents have already left, I hate to ask but could you drive me to school?” As Gary spoke I couldn’t help but notice him staring at me, oh god I forgot what I was wearing, I was almost ready to leave for work and was brushing my teeth. I had my skirt and heels on but no top (I’m a messy brusher and I don’t want to get tooth paste on my top). I had my loose bra on because I was going to wear a tight sweater and I didn’t have time to get the sweater on when he knocked, my nipples are protruding and he can’t keep his eyes of my chest. It sends shivers down my spine watching this black boy ogling me. I can tell he likes what he sees, and why shouldn’t he, even though I am 38, I still look great for my age. I have big beautiful C breasts; I only weigh about 121 pounds on my 5 foot 6 inch body, with a nice small butt that craves attention. I have long brown hair just past my shoulders, with a little curl in it and beautiful green eyes. “Sure Gary no problem let me get dressed, come in while i get dressed.” “Thanks Denise you’re a life saver, if there’s ever anything I can do for you let me know.” “Okay Gary I will hold you to that.” I smiled as I said it. Gary smiled back, and I headed off to my bedroom to change. I left my door slightly ajar hoping that would entice him to peek in; sure enough I could see him in the mirror peeking through the crack in the door. I decided to put on a little show for him; with my back to him I took off my skirt and grabbed another from the closet and I threw it on the bed then I put my sweater over my head as Ankara escort slowly and seductively as I could. Gary now had a good view of my soft little butt in my slinky underwear. I made a point of dropping my earrings so he could get a good view of my ass as I bent over to pick it up; I then reached for my bra and adjusted it and let him have a glance from the side of my ample breasts. I then slipped on my skirt and when I looked back Gary was gone. I went back into the living room and Gary was sitting on the sofa waiting for me. “Are you ready?” “Yeap.” I noticed when he stood up Gary had a very large bulge in his pants, I got wet imagining what was hiding in there. We got in my car and Gary sat next to me. I made sure that when I got in the car my skirt had hiked up enough to show a lot of my thighs. I noticed Gary adjusting himself as he stared at my thighs, I felt so naughty teasing this poor boy. We talked about nothing in particular, just how was he doing in school but as he exited the car, I asked him “Gary could you help me lift some boxes into the attic this weekend, John is away and I can’t do it all by myself?” “Sure no problem, what time?” “How about Saturday afternoon, lets say about 3pm.” “OK see you then.” Oh my god, Denise what are you doing. Are you crazy girl? I can’t go through with this. Am I this horny, that I am trying to seduce a 18 year old boy? Yes Denise you are. I drove home talking myself into it and then backing off and changing my mind again. I will probably change my mind ten times before Saturday comes. I got home and I couldn’t believe how wet I was, I went into the bedroom took all my clothes off, and masturbated while thinking of Gary’s big cock entering my pussy. I had a mind blowing orgasm picturing that big black cock on that little boy splitting my pussy. Saturday couldn’t come fast enough. I was determined to see that boy’s cock. Here it was Saturday 3 pm and my door bell just rang, I wore the shortest skirt I owned with a thong underneath and I wore a white halter top that showed off my beautiful breasts. My hands were shaking as I answered the door. “Hi Gary, come in.” Gary couldn’t Ankara escort bayan keep his eyes off my chest. “Hi Denise.” “Well come on in and let’s get started.” “Sure.” “Follow me to the back.” I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked in front of him. “I need you to bring these boxes up into the attic while I hold the ladder steady for you.” “Okay.” “Okay, here take this up there.” I held the ladder as Gary climbed up, I had a perfect view as he climbed up, I could see his skinny legs but best of all I could see up his legs, His shorts were pretty baggy and I get a good view, the boy was not wearing any underwear and I could see this huge long snake dangling where his cock should be, this boy was hung. “Denise where do you want me to put them?” “Opps sorry Gary, I meant to clear an area for you. Here, come on down a second, let me climb up and make some room so you can put the boxers where I need them.” As I climbed up the ladder, I said to Gary. “Take a good hold of the ladder I don’t want to fall.” Of course I just wanted to make sure he had a good view. “No problem Denise, I got your back.” I could feel his eyes glaring at my ass as I climbed the ladder; I knew he had a great view of my ass because I was only wearing my thong under my skirt. I told him to hold it steady as I moved around pushing boxes. I took my sweet time; I wanted him to get a real good look. As I started to climb down I pretended to slip, and he caught me, one hand on my waist and the other hand on my ass, I could feel his long fingers holding my butt as he put me down. “You okay.” “Yes thank you honey, I guess I was lucky you were here to catch me.” He smiled and said “I told you, I had your back.” He climbed back up the ladder and that boys cock had grown, his shorts were really bulging. Oh what I would do if I could get my hands on that cock. Gary finally descended the stairs and we sat for a while in the kitchen and drank some cokes, as he was leaving I asked. “Gary if you’re not too busy tomorrow, could you come over and help me again, I have a couple of things I need taken care of?” I was thinking to myself “yeah like my pussy. Escort Ankara “Sure no problem Denise, same time?” “Yes, you’re a doll, thanks.” Another great orgasm was had that night. Gary came back over, and this time I wore a nice 2 piece tight little white leotard I, it showed every curve in my body. I wore nothing underneath. When Gary came over I had him move some boxes from the garage in to my master bedroom closet. When he was done he came out and said. “Okay Denise I think I got them all, but I found this I wasn’t sure where to put it?” Oh my God, Gary I am so embarrassed.” In his hand Gary was holding my 8 inch black dildo. I took it out of his hands and put it in a drawer. “I am so sorry Gary, I didn’t mean for you to find that. (Little did he know that’s exactly what I wanted) “Forget it Denise I understand.” “Gary I have a special favor to ask?” “Sure what is it?” “I am in this self defense class, and I need someone to practice with, will you help me?” “Sure no problem.” We tried a few moves, and we ended up on the floor, I started to tickle him and we ended up wrestling on the ground. He was now on top of me, I was on my stomach and I could feel his cock on my ass as he held me down and asked if I gave up. I responded by struggling like I was trying to get up but I was really trying to feel his cock on my ass. His cock was getting harder and bigger the more I struggled. I was getting soaked. Finally I gave up and he helped me up and I said. “For a little guy you are awfully strong.” He smiled then I said “Gary I’ve been trying to learn some dance moves but John doesn’t know anything about dancing, would you be a dear and show me some moves.” “My pleasure, I love to dance.” Well Gary proceeded to show me a bunch of moves as we listened to the radio. Finally a slow song came on, I stuck out my hand and Gary took it. He put his arms around me and I put my arms around his neck. I can’t believe I was dancing with him. He brought me close to him; I could feel his bulge hitting my groin as we danced. I felt his hands on my back slowly making their way to my butt. His cock was so big, there is no way this boy could have a cock this big. Oh my god he was massaging my butt as we danced, He put his head back looked at me and gave brought his lips to mine and he kissed me, I willingly opened my mouth and let his tongue slip in, for such a young boy he was a hell of a kisser. As he kissed me, his hands pulled my ass right onto his body.

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