I Never KnewI Never Knew


“You coming or not?” My friend Justin was always so pushy! I was on my way to the Graduation Party in hopes of getting lucky. It was embarrassing being eighteen and a virgin still. I wanted to get laid so bad but no girl wanted me and I was getting desperate for some pussy. I would take anything, just putting that out there.

“Yeah, come on.” I said and I followed out him to his car. We got to his car and I stepped inside.

“I heard Monica is going to be there.” Justin teased me, “I heard she’s as desperate as you.” I rolled my eyes and we both laughed. Everyone knew Monica was a virgin still to so it would be easy for me to get some of her pussy.

We drove to the party and it was hopping with people. There were people falling over the porch railings and even falling to the ground and vomiting everywhere. Shockingly, I was pretty disgusted. My first and last high school party and I would probably get vomited on.

Within a few hours, I was higher than a kite and drunk. I was hobbling around and even managing to fall everywhere.

“You want to get out of here?” I looked around and spotted Monica standing behind me. Man, she was fucking ugly. No words described her actually, ugly was just my way of being nice. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

I don’t istanbul travesti know what happened after that but I found myself hanging back out with Justin. There was something different between us though. A connection I’d never noticed before.

“Follow me.” Justin said. I followed him to this bedroom just down the hall. He slammed the door behind us. He took his shirt off and I felt my cock growing hard. I couldn’t believe it.

I decided to take my shirt off too. I stood up to take my shirt off when he pushed his lips to mine. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and we tongue wrestled for a few seconds as he pushed his hands gently down my pants. I felt my cock growing against my zipper in my jeans, ready to burst.

“Justin…” I started as he pulled my pants down. I wasn’t wearing any underwear just in case I got laid so it was easy for him to wrap his around my hard cock. He started stroking it and I moaned with pleasure.

He took his tongue and flicked the head making the pleasure immense. When he knew how much I was loving it, he took the whole thing in his mouth in one solid motion. I felt the pressure close in as it entered his throat. I started fucking his mouth slowly. Justin retracted up for air. He swallowed some of the precum that managed to escape istanbul travestileri my cock. As he started to press his lips against the head and I pulled him off.

“Let me try.” I said and Justin smiled a heartwarming smile. I couldn’t tell if it was from me, or the beer he had just drank.

I lowered my head down and started nibbling on his hard cock through his jeans. I unzipped them and pulled out his huge cock. I gave it a kiss on the head and Justin pushed my lips over the head as I took it inch by inch into my mouth. I got almost to my throat when I gagged. Tear’s streamed down my face and I wiped them off. Justin fucked my mouth with strong, forceful thrusts. I could taste the precum that was dripping out of his cock. I played with it a few more seconds until he pulled me up.

“You ready?” He asked me. I looked at him weirdly.

“Ready…?” I asked him and he smiled. He pulled my pants the rest of the way down and started licking my virgin hole. I moaned in immaculate pleasure. His tongue darted in and out and I started feeling my own orgasm build within me.

I was about to give up and just jerk myself off the rest of the way until I felt his finger’s reach into my hole. Slowly he moved one finger in and out. Once he was satisfied with travesti istanbul that, he slowly entered one more finger and another until my hole was throbbing. I could feel the expand of it and I moaned.

He reached into my pants pocket, knowing a condom was in there, and entered it onto my dick.

“What are you doing?” I asked him. He just smiled and pushed me on my back.

“You wanted to lose your virginity so I’m going to fuck you.” Justin started to straddle me and I pushed him away.

“Justin you can’t… I’m not…” Before I could say anything he sat down on my throbbing cock and took it all the way in. We moaned in Unisom. He started moving his body back and forth giving me amazing pleasure.

I moved him to my speed and he started rubbing his cock quicker and quicker. That’s when he bursted his hot juicy cum all over my chest. I felt his hole tighten on my cock and I came myself in the condom. When the orgasm’s subsided, he got off from me and fell on me.

“Justin… I didn’t know you were gay.” I said as I started to get up to get dressed.

“I’m not but I figured I needed to help a friend out.” He said and got dressed quickly. After that night, we never looked at each other the same again.

Occasionally, we would still fuck each other after that and I realized I was bi and not straight. Now, a year later, I was in love with guy I met at college while Justin can’t find a steady girlfriend. We never talk about that one night at the party but I know he never forgot it and I certainly won’t ever either.

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