I help my next door neighbor after his accidentI help my next door neighbor after his accident


Forewarned there is a tiny bit bit of gay oral sex, the rest is straight sexTony is my next door neighbor, he is a young black man about 19 yearsold. He lives alone and often when my husband is away on business he comes over and keeps me company. Tony had a job working at a restaurant, one day I get a call from him at the hospital. He had burned his hands at work while cooking and he wanted me to go and pick him up and drive him home. I got to the hospital and the poor baby’s hands were both wrapped up tohis forearms. On the drive home he explained what had happened but the more troubling question was, how was he going to use the bathroom with both his hands wrapped up. I told him not to worry, we would figure something out. It was good to have Tony around, my husband traveled a lot on his joband I was getting quite lonely in the big house by myself. We arrived ay his home and it didn’t take long for my Tony to start fidgeting. The boy needed to use the bathroom but he was too embarrassed to ask his me for help. Finally he couldn’t hold it any longer. “Linda I need to use the bathroom, what are we going to do?” “Well I don’t know, okay…okay… how about I pull your pants down andyour boxers and I will leave the bathroom so you can pee, will that work” “Yeah I think I can live with that” So we head into the bathroom and I stand behind my Tony, I reach aroundand unbuckle his pants and pull them down, then I hook my fingers in his boxers and pull them down.. I could not help but notice his tight buns. I know I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts, but I couldn’t stop staring at his ass. I guess I stood so long that Tony said “okay Linda you can leave now” “Oh yeah…. uh …huh…If you need anything call out” “Thanks I am not sure what I would do if you were not here” “Come on baby you’re my friend, that’s what friends are for” I didn’t entirely close the door, so I could hear him if he called out,as I was walking away I couldn’t stop myself from taking a quick peak. And oh my God, Tony’s was peeing into the toilet, it looked so funny, him trying to hit the bowl without using his hands by aiming with his hips, but what struck me was the size of his cock, even when soft it was much longer than my husbands. I quickly walked away and tried to wipe the image from my head, but I couldn’t. The image kept creeping back in. Am I crazy, I can’t be thinking about this? We got into a normal routine for the next few days, it helped that myhusband was away on business. It might have been to embarrassing to help Tony if my husband was home. One day I finally told him “Tony you have to bathe, you stink” “Now how am I going to bathe with these arms wrapped like this, I can’tget them wet” “I don’t know but you have to do something” “Linda get real, I can’t bathe unless you help me” “Okay then I will help you; I won’t have you stinking up the house” “How are we going to do it?” “Well I will put my bathing suit on and I will bathe you from behind,much like when I help you go to the bathroom” “Okay that will work” So Tony follows me into my house since my shower is much bigger thanhis, I walk in bathroom and I turn on the shower, I take his pants and shirt off and then I slide his boxers off and Ankara bayan escort he walks into the shower, I tell him that I will be right back I am going to put on my bathing suit. I take off all my clothes and I reach for bathing suit, but it had been a while since I had worn it and it was way too small. Now what am I going to do. I decided to just wear my bra and panties. I opened the shower door and walked in, and Tony whistled “Wow Linda youlook great” “Sorry my bathing suit was too small; this is all I could think of towear” I was feeling naked, Tony was ogling me. I can’t say I blame him I thinkI still look pretty good for my age. I am 40 now but I still in pretty good shape. My butt is bigger than when I was 19 but my husband has no complaints and he adores my big breasts. He loves to suck on my large areolas. My husband doesn’t like me to trim my pussy and right now I was cursing his name because my pussy hairs were not completely covered by my panties, that were quickly becoming see through. I told my Tony to stop looking over his shoulders and to turn around. “Oh come on Linda your seeing me naked, it is not fair that I can’t atleast see you in your underwear” “This is not about being fair but about washing you, now turn your headyoung man” “Okayyyyyyyy Linda” I looked down at myself and it became quite apparent what had capturedTony’s gaze. My bra was soaked and had become completely transparent. I started to wash his hair, it was funny watching Tony trying not to lethis hands get wet while we showered, it looked like he was being searched by the police with his arms high in the air. I started to wash his back and the lower I got the more aroused I got. Stop that he is your young neighbor for goodness sakes. But I couldn’t stop the thoughts from creeping in, the closer I got to his butt the more wicked my thoughts were. I skipped over his butt and got on my knees and washed his legs, Iworked my way up his legs until I was washing the back of his thighs, and I took a deep breath and started to wash his ass. Tony was frozen still as I quickly washed his ass. I then stood up and wrapped my hands around him from behind and started to wash his chest. I could feel my breasts being crushed against him and I could only wonder what was going through his mind. My hands moved down to wash his stomach, my god he had a tight stomach,Tony is 6 foot 2, tall and handsome with black hair and eyes, you could tell he worked out with all his muscles bulging. Tony was so proud that he weighed 225 pounds of solid muscle, and now here was his neighbor exploring every inch of his body. After finishing up his stomach I put more soap on my hands reached around and let my hands slide down his pubic hair and I grasped his cock. Tony gasped” Linda what are you doing” “Just washing you all over, I am sure that part of your body needswashing too, shut up and let me do my job” As we were talking I was washing his cock and balls, I couldn’t help butnotice his cock was growing, but I pretended not to notice and I said. “All done” and I got out. I dried myself while Tony stayed in to give me my privacy. When I had left the bathroom he got out and dried himself Escort bayan Ankara as best as he could. That night I couldn’t get his cock out of my mind, here I was feeling upmy neighbor and I loved it. How could this be? I was talking to my husband as we do every night, we still enjoy sex and when he is away we enjoy phone sex. My husband was helping me get off as I masturbated but instead of thinking of my husband all I could think off was Tony as I played with my clit. I had a mind bending orgasm as I thought of Tony. I hung up the phone with Dave, feeling very guilty I drifted off to sleep. For the next few days the routine didn’t change. Finally on the fifth day as I was bathing Tony he said “Linda I can’take it anymore my balls are aching” “What do you mean? “Linda when you go a long time and you have someone toying with you….well men get blue balls” I started to laugh “Oh my god.. I am so sorry baby I didn’t know I washaving that effect” “Linda I hate to ask but could you help me out” “WHAT are you crazy what are you suggesting” “Linda just reach over when you’re washing me and just stroke a littlebit till I can release my tension” “Do you know what your asking, its one thing for me to help you bathebut quite another to masturbate you.” “I know but it really hurts” “Okay but you have to keep this between us. My god I would die if anyonefound out” “I don’t think you have to worry about that Linda, I can’t imagine Iwould want Dave to know his wife jerked me off” “Hey watch your language I am still your old enough to be your mom” “”I am sorry Linda, I am just so frustrated” “Okay forget it; let me do this before I change my mind” I stood behind him and pressed my breasts on his back as I reachedaround and searched for his cock. My hand was sliding down his tummy, and I felt the tip of his cock, he was already hard. I slowly let my hand glide over his cock. It was so different now, I wasn’t trying to hurry, I was now caressing his cock, and my other hand reached around and massaged his ball. I took my hand and started to massage his cock back and forth. Tony was moaning as I masturbated him. I felt him breathing faster and I knew he was close. Then it happened I felt his cock start to throb and he started cumming, I continued stroking his cock as his cum hit the shower wall. “OHhhh thanks Linda I really needed that” “My pleasure honey, I was glad that I could make you feel all betternow” I started to wash the cum off my hand but when he wasn’t looking Ireached up and tasted his cum, what in the world possessed me to do that. I got out off the shower and Tony headed to his house. What had I justdone, I had masturbated my neighbor, and it felt gooooood. That night I came so hard as my husband talked me through another orgasm. Now I was hooked on masturbating Tony, every night I milked his cock. On the 4th night Tony asked me if he could turn around so he could watch me masturbate him. I don’t know” “Linda please, you play with me every night, the least you could do islet me look at you while you play with me, besides I will come even faster” “Okay go ahead” Tony turned around and he was now standing next to me, I reached overand Bayan escort Ankara grasped his cock and started pulling on it. “Linda you look really hot in your panties and bra” “Thanks but you shouldn’t be thinking about those things” “Come on I can’t help it, you do look hot” “You really think so” “I know so, Dave is one lucky man” “Ahh that is so sweet, thanks honey” It was surreal; my black young neighbor is complementing me on my looksas I jerked him off. He very quickly started to cum and it hit my stomach. We both looked down and laughed as the water washed off the cum. The next night Tony had one more request, Linda you could you pleasetake your bra off…please pretty please” “I don’t think so young man” “Oh come on I can practically see them anyway, come just this one time””Okay just this one time” But we both knew it wouldn’t be just this onetime, each day we crossed new boundaries that we had no business crossing. I took off my bra and my breasts flopped out. My nipples were so hard from the water hitting them and when my son looking at them I could see the lust in his eyes. “You like what you see” “Oh yes it is the way I always pictured them” Didn’t take him long to cum when he saw my breasts. The next day Tonyhad a new request. If I didn’t know any better I would swear the boy was trying to seduce me, but I knew it was just curiosity. “Linda can you get on your knees and let me come on your tits” “WHAT are you crazy?” “Come on Linda, it will really make me cum fast…please” “Okay just this one time” Tony is so tall that when I was on my knees his cock was at my chin. Iknelt back a little and started to stroke his cock, I now had a real nice view of it and I studied it as I stroked it. He must have been around 10 inches long and real thick and veiny with a big mushroom head. I was enjoying masturbating him and he was moaning as I stroked his cock. “OH yeah Linda stroke my cock, make me cum on your tits” Normally I would have slapped him for talking to me this way, but when Iheard the words escape his lips it just made me hornier. I couldn’t wait for him to cum all over my breasts. His legs started to turn to mush and I knew he was close. I pulled myself a little higher and then he let loose with a stream of cum hitting my nipples, it was so erotic. For the next two days I stroked his cock until he came on my tits. Onthe third day, as I was kneeling and stroking him, Tony moved his hips real fast and his cock hit my lips. “What in the world are you doing?” “I’m sorry…I’m sorry. I never had a blowjob. I don’t know what cameover me” “You’ve never had a blow job?” “No” “Come on tell me the truth” “No really Linda I have never had one” “Wow I can’t believe it” “Well it’s true, please …please let me just slip my cock in yourmouth just once. I want to know what it feels like” “I don’t know” “Come one, mom just this once” “Okay just this once” With that my lips reached out and I let his cock enter my mouth, it wasso hard and big and it felt so amazing. My tongue swirled around his big black head and he moaned as he pushed his hips and fucked my face. When he was getting close I pulled my mouth away and I jerked him off till he came on my chest. “Wow…………thanks Linda that felt wonderful” I couldn’t wait to get back to my room, lock the door and masturbate. The next day we went to the doctor and had his bandages removed. Hishands looked so much better. We went home but I had an empty feeling in my gut. I was no longer needed. I had no excuse to suck his cock anymore.

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