I got Fucked by a Ghost Pt. 03I got Fucked by a Ghost Pt. 03


I got fucked by a ghost Pt.3

After my second experience with John, I had to start researching his death more, and his time with me more. I spent countless late nights at the library and with the help of Mrs. Byers, I discovered some old newspaper clippings of the investigation into Johns’s death. And one old photograph the paper used for his obituary, which I believe was his high school graduation picture.

John looked like what I imagine most would see as the late 1960s into early 1970s rural farm boy look. He had short brown hair parted to the side. A big, strong smile, light skin, and had a young, strong farmhand physique. He was rather attractive and probably resembled what a host of people of that age, and young men in that area looked like.

Turns out the local Sherrif and coroner, believed John to have been killed on August 27th, because his remains were found a few days later. Very few people were ever interviewed about the crime, and no leads were ever developed. Mrs. Byers whispered to me that it was probably the Clanton brothers. She explained they were two mean, almost sadistic, bullies, of the town who had it in for John since he always did better than them. She told me that both of them went to jail for other crimes and one was beaten to death in jail.

In my research, I discovered John had lived alone after both of his parents passed, just a few years after he graduated high school. In searching his family bloodline and local obituaries, I discovered his father passed of a heart attack and his mother died a year later of unknown causes. John was an only child and inherited the small farm and house he grew up in.

Late one night I started thinking about the times John would come to visit me, the strange events before that, and the last time he seduced me. In my thoughts, I started to discover a pattern. John always came back about once a month. I started drudging through old calendars and marking the days – as best as I could remember – from the first odd occurrences up until his last visit, which at this point had been almost two weeks ago.

I thought and pondered and relieved my life for the past few months and narrowed it down to 27 days. Each occurrence was exactly 27 days apart. Which means I had less than two weeks until his return. I was hoping this anomaly was wrong and that he showed up at his will, but for the next two weeks, I didn’t hear John, nor experienced any strange occurrences.

My lust for him was growing. My desire to have sex with him was growing. My wants to see him was enhancing. But instead of just feeling his presence, I wanted to see him and feel him there with me face-to-face, and skin-to-skin. My desire to suck his dick was growing. My lust to fuck him was growing. But all of that seemed unnatural, or inconceivable to me since this was still such an odd and out-of-the-ordinary situation. But I had to try. I wanted to make him feel like I was his. I wanted to make him feel welcome. istanbul travesti I wanted him to come anytime he wanted. And I wanted him to fuck me. Plain and simple, I wanted his dick.

I had no idea what power he had over me, or why I wanted this so much. Before my experiences with him, I had never looked at a man and thought about sexual intercourse. I had never wanted to suck a dick. I had never wanted to be on my knees getting fucked in the ass. But when he would come, that’s what I longed for. But something about this situation, made me want all of those things and more.

As the 27th day grew closer I concocted a plan. I was going to be up late, instead of waking up to him. I was going to be there awaiting his arrival. I was going to be dressed, or undressed in something he might find attractive. I was going to have candles burning and I was going to suck his dick.

I thought about buying lingerie and being more feminine for him. Back in those days, there wasn’t anything I would call lingerie. Of course, you could always find a catalog and order something, but the wait was long and the fear of anyone knowing you bought women’s clothes would get you sent packing. But I wanted to look sexy for him.

On the 27th night just after midnight, I stripped down naked, since I couldn’t obtain any sexy lingerie. I placed a big warm blanket on my bedroom floor. I lit four candles, one on each side of the room. I had two glasses of champagne chilling and I was listening intently for him.

I would call out to him, “John I am here waiting for you.”

“John, I want you”

“John, I want to suck your dick.”

Sometime later, all the candles flickered and the room got a cool chilling breeze rolling through it. It was John. I had no doubt.

“John I am here for you.”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Take me John!” Emanated from my mouth, as I looked around hoping to see movement, see his shadow, see something.

I felt like I was blindfolded and unknowing who was there. I knew his presence was in the room, but I couldn’t see him.

“John, I want to suck your dick,” softly passed by my lips as I waited to feel his touch.

Kneeling there naked on a blanket, my dick partially hard, and the silence within the room quickly changed as I felt his presence come up towards me. He was standing over me and I knew it.

I looked up at the darkness, not seeing anyone, but knowing he was there. I mumbled; “John, I want to suck your dick.”

“Please I want to suck it.” Came from my mouth as I felt him lingering over me.

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes and just waited for him to lead the way. Seconds later, I felt a long hard projectile enter past my lips. I opened my eyes to see no one there, but I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. His hard cock was slowly diving in and out of my lips, along my tongue, and deep into my throat. I wanted to see it so bad. I wanted to visualize istanbul travestileri how big it was, how thick it was, and how sexy it looked as his balls slapped my chin.

I knelt for a long time slurping away at his cock. All the while getting so turned on, so aroused, so into giving head. My body tingled and my sense of fear or shame from sucking dick quickly vanished. I wanted to feel his cum. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to feel what it was like for him to get off. My head bobbed back and forwards, as I sucked him off. Feeling his hard throbbing cock filling my mouth, knowing I was sucking it, but not seeing it there.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock, he pulled his dick from my mouth. I thought he was going to turn me over and slide it up my ass, but my body was lifted from the blanket and I was guided onto my bed. I felt his warm hands guiding me flat onto my back. Before I could even adjust his big hard cock was rammed right back into my mouth, and I felt his warm mouth engulf my hard cock.

I felt the weight of his body come to rest upon mine as we were now in a 69 and I was sucking his cock, as he sucking mine. I could feel his body motions and his warmth on top of mine and I felt there was no other place in the world I wanted to be at that moment, except underneath him.

I bobbed my head up and down the best I could to take his cock deep. I was sucking him off and I was loving the feeling of his cock in my mouth. My cock, was rock hard and being pleasured almost in time, with the sucking motion I was doing for him. I was in heaven! I wanted this to go on for a long time. I wanted to keep giving head. I wanted to like it so much that I couldn’t live without it. My mind raced I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to make me cum while his cock was deep in my ass. I wanted to cum all over myself or have him cum all over me.

I had never – at least at that moment of my life – been so turned on and so excited, especially while sucking a dick.

John’s mouth withdrew from my cock and I felt the cool air hit my chest as he lifted himself off of me. His cock pulled from my mouth. John lifted my body, placing me back on my knees in the middle of the bed.

He must have been teasing me for a minute or so, as I felt the wet sensation of something rubbing up and down along my face, past my lips, and across the bridge of my nose. I felt John’s hands come to rest on the top of my head and before I could even grasp his touch, his cock rammed back into my mouth. This time with force and vigor. He pumped hard and deep as if he was face fucking me. His motions were long and deep and his hands kept pulling my head forwards. I was gagging on his cock, but I was fucking loving it!

Something took my hand and placed it over my cock and I started stroking myself as I was sucking him off. I got overly excited and even though I couldn’t breathe as well as I liked, little whimpers travesti istanbul of pleasure slipped from my lips and noise came through my nose. I was jacking off, hard as a rock, while blowing him.

I wish I could have heard his moans or seen his face as he got closer, it would have made the experience so much more erotic. John pumped and pumped and pumped as my hard stroked hard and fast on my cock. Suddenly, I felt his cock pulsing and throbbing as it came to rest deep in my mouth. He was cumming! And I was waiting to taste the pleasure.

I could feel his thrusts and pulsing, and that warm feeling inside my mouth, but I could not feel or taste his cum. But the whole event sent me into overload and I started shooting my cum all over my legs and the bed sheets. I fucking sucked him off to orgasm, while jacking off and I couldn’t have been more excited about it.

I wanted more. I wanted him to spin me around and fuck me in the ass. I wanted to cum again. I wanted him to cum again.

Before I could even come down from my overly excited sexual release, I felt john withdraw his cock from between my lips, and slide his hands away from my head. I swallowed down the spit that was in my mouth but never did experience the satisfaction of a mouthful of cum.

“Please don’t go, John,” I begged.

But suddenly I knew I was alone.

The night came back to life and I was in my room with burning, flickering candles. Cum all over my legs and my sheets with my lips numb from sucking dick. How I wished I could have seen him all of these times. How I wished I could have kissed his lips or fallen asleep next to him. How I wanted him here more than every 27 days. But alas, that’s the way it was.

But when he did visit me, he ravished me in ways no one to this day had. I couldn’t tell you how many times, I was on my knees shooting cum out of my cock as he was fucking my ass hard. Or how many times he sucked my dick as I sucked his. He ignited a passion in me like no one else since. He changed my life forever.

When I left there, I specifically sold that house to a woman, so she wouldn’t have to go through what I went through. I kind of figured, since John only liked boys, he could finally leave that place and rest in peace.

I moved up to Madison Wisconsin for a few years and took a job for a big-time newspaper. Since I had become accustomed to sucking dick and being fucked, the first person I dated was a man. It was erotic and sensual to have been able to be with him. To see his cock, to taste his cum, and feel him explode deep inside of me. But as much fun as it was, he didn’t do it for me, as John did, so I left that situation. A short time later I met my wife.

I now live in Denver Colorado and have since retired from the newspaper industry for a few years. I have two grown children and I love my wife to death, but there are still times I think of John. I think of that sex and I think about all the passion and desire I had for him. Maybe when it’s my turn to go, I will meet him on the other side and have more experiences with him.

I have never spoken to anyone about these experiences until now. I hope you liked them as much as I did and hope one day you can experience things as I did.

The end.

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