I Fucked My Pregnant Co-WorkerI Fucked My Pregnant Co-Worker


My name is Mike and I’m married to my dream girl Julia with whom I have three young kids. Julia is 5’4′”, 120 lbs, very fit with a rocking body. Even before we had kids, I was already turned on by attractive pregnant women. I don’t know why it turns me on so much but there is nothing hotter than a great-looking pregnant woman with all the right curves! I loved having sex with Julia throughout the three pregnancies and she loved it too and would almost seem to cum even harder at times. My ultimate favorite at the later stages of pregnancy would be when she would ride me cowgirl with her big belly and heavy tits all on display bouncing up and down on my shaft. I also could never get enough of the milk play the months after she’d give birth and was ready to fuck again. Best orgasms were having her ride me up and down while she’d feed me her engorged tits, letting me suckle on them and leak all over me while cumming inside.Anyways, you get the point, I loved fucking Julia pregnant!! After our third child, we debated back and forth about having a fourth but decided to stop at three and get snipped. We were so torn that before getting the go-ahead from the doctor that the vasectomy was all good we ended up fucking a bunch and cumming inside of her when she was her most fertile. We figured if it happened it happened and if not then it wasn’t meant to be.It was sad however to think that I’d never fuck another pregnant woman again in my life. Or so at least I thought!I work at a large IT firm in Ümraniye Escort the city and commute back and forth from the suburbs. There are several hundred people that work at my firm and we are broken down into divisions and then into teams. Michelle has been a team member of mine for over five years now and we have always gotten along well. She’s about 5’5″ with HUGE tits – the type of tits that every guy wants to feel at least once and most girls don’t want because they have to wear double sports bras and get back and neck pains all the time. Although I’ve imagined fucking and smacking her tits around I’ve never really been into her all that much and we generally just work well together. Michelle was pregnant with her 2nd baby and was near the end of her term, just past eight months, and only had a week or so of work left. She has been working long days and late nights to wrap up some of her open work files before she would be off on maternity leave. I had agreed to stay late a couple of nights to try and help her as I knew she was having a hard time getting everything done and it was stressing her out.She was also having to do all of the childcare in the evenings and weekends as her husband wasn’t a very hands-on type of dad. It wasn’t a big surprise as she often complained about how he didn’t help out around the house, would forget their anniversary and rarely get her a gift for her birthday. She’d always say it was ok and he just wasn’t that type Ümraniye Escort Bayan of guy and that it didn’t bother her, but you could tell deep down that it did. I also knew, from over the years from various conversations while drinking at work parties, that he wasn’t much of a giver in bed; just the type to focus on himself and as long as he came he was happy. Not too sure why some women put up with this. I’ve always loved making Julia cum and the harder she cums the more aroused I would get. On the third late night in a row of working together, Michelle was complaining a lot of having shoulder pain and that her feet and ankles were getting swollen from the pregnancy. I told her to let me massage her a little to help relieve some of the tension and that I’d do that all the time for Julia and it would help a lot. I was happy to have my hands on her body and she didn’t hesitate to take me up on the offer. I stood behind her office chair and massaged her shoulders. They were so tense and I had to tell her several times to take some deep breaths and relax. She mentioned she would never get massages at home, I couldn’t say that I was surprised.She was wearing a tight-fitting maternity dress that from the front showed off some cleavage from her massive tits but as I stood above her looking down I could see a good amount of her breast and as I would massage her shoulders they would move around in small circles as I was tried hard not to get too hard. I Escort Ümraniye felt a little bad knowing that my wife was at home with our three kids while here I was massaging Michelle, but I have to say it was really getting me going! After doing her shoulders for a while, I grabbed a chair and sat across from her and told her to put her feet on my lap. I took my time massaging her feet at first but then started massaging her ankles. She let out a few short moans without intending to do so. I could tell it was feeling good and that she was also loving the attention. I told her that I’d usually do Julia’s calves as well and asked if she’d want me to do the same. She looked at me with a little hesitation but also with a lot of want in her eyes and said sure. She had to hike her dress up a little and I started to slowly run my hands up and down her legs rubbing her calves one leg at a time. At this point, I had a very noticeable erection and when changing legs Michelle’s foot ended up resting on my cock by accident. I hadn’t noticed as I was so into rubbing her until she wiggled her foot a little and said to me, “Wow you really do enjoy this!” At that moment I realized I had gone too far and removed my hands and was starting to apologize when Michelle cut me off and told me not to worry. She said she hadn’t had this kind of attention given to her since college with her ex and told me to please keep going. She told me as she put my hands back on her legs and that things in the bedroom at home haven’t been great. She kept her hands on mine and slid them up past her calves up to her things and slid my hands up and down several times until I just continued with the motion. At the same time, her foot was now fully rubbing my shaft through my pants and we were both starting to breathe heavier. 

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