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sex with a teacher

i’ve always been taught by the same french teacher for five years now since 7yr and we’ve grown a very good friendship. I always had a thing for my french teacher miss Adams a skinny blonde, 21 not very tall and good set of boobs about a double d. Anyway i’d been behind on my french work for a few weeks now and she was getting angry with me so i said i’ll stay after school to do more work and she thought it was a great idea. Every tuesday i would stay and i’d be me and her for whole hour to 2 hours. A month ago she broke up with her boyfriend and i was trying to cheer her up and it was working, but are chat was getting more sexual nothing happened that day but in the lessons after i notice some changes. When she speaks to the class she sits on the table very graceful normally but after are chat every time she does she opens her legs just wide enough to see down, i could help but look she new this. Also if she spoke or helped me with my work she lean over on my back and put an arm either side and press her tits against me. the tuesday came quickly.

I walk in to her class room to find her in short shorts and a to small crop top. ” oh… you did remember i was coming ? ” i asked never sly. she replied quickly ” yes yes I’m off the the gym after are session ” i smileed and walked in ” you don’t need to work out your petit ( small ) enough already ” she rolled her eyes and blushed.

i sat down at my desk and she stood behind me and placed her hands on Yenimaahalle Escort my shoulder ” ooo… you do have big shoulders, you must work out a lot ” i laugh and remarked ” yes you cheeky person ” she giggle and sat down next me like normal . i do go to the gym a lot, i’m quick built and tall. later in to the lesson nothing really had happened until she reached over to get a pen on the other side of me and squeezing her hand on my crouch. i didn’t move, startled with whats happened. she carries on normally. so as she explaining the work to me i put my arm around her chair and lean in closer as she looks at me she stops talking and i feel my self leaning in for a kiss, are lips met and she opens her mouth forcing her tongue into my mouth and i do the same back. i lift her on to my lap still kissing, i start to kiss down the side of her neck her head tilts back as she moans quietly. my phone started to ring her eyes open wide a she realises whats happens and jumps up quick and says time for you to go, so i do.

the next week she never really talked to me and i wondered what would happen on tuesday.

Tuesday came around a lovely hot day miss’s room was boiling when i walked in. i sat at my desk got my work out no miss. As she walks in she apologies for being late. she was wearing a two piece suit very fitting. i ask if she’s ok she replies in a carm stern manner ” not really very stress and frustrated ” i reply softly ” why’s that miss ? ” she looks at me Escort Yenimahalle and just say’s ” women things… it’s very hot in here isn’t it ? “. she takes her jacket off and undoes her top shit buttons. she walk over to me and sat on the desk with her feet on a chair and bend over to look at my work i could see right down her silk shirt. she lies across the table and shivers saying its nice and cold. i notice so cold that it gave had a nipple erection. i feel hot so take jumper off but it gets stuck to my shirt and lifts it up as i try to free my shirt from my jumper, i feel to hand slide up my chest and miss say quietly let me help but instead of freeing my shirt she pulls it off keeping my arms stuck above my head she walks me back so I’m against a wall, and kisses my chest she sits me down as she walks over to the door and locks it before she turns back around she unbuttoned her shirt and walked over just in a red push up bra with lace frilling she kneels in front of me and slide down my trousers and boxers I’m in a stat of shock not knowing whats going on before i felt lips slide over my bell end and grip hard and stuck.

” you’ve done this before ” i moan she just sucks harder. i feel like I’m a bomb and grab the back of her head and push it further down i feel my self cum and her head shoots back as the cum fired down her throat. she looks up and licks her lips. ” now we can begin, oh and i was sexual frustrated ” she sudectivley mutters. she stands up Yenimahalle Escort Bayan and slides her hand down her body and on the her bum and begins to unzip her skirt it drops. even thought she wore matching thong i could see right thought them. as she looks at me she says ” aren’t you going to help ? ” i stand up quickly and she pulls me close i slow unclip her bra and she pulls it off just dropping it on the floor i feel her prefect tits against my chest she septs back and sits me down once again, and turns around and slow and seductively slides her thong down.

” miss your so pretty and sexy ” as she walks over i keep watching her pussy she sits on my lap. my penis on the edge of her pussy i can feel the lips split over it. she slowly pushes down and forward, i sigh as it enters and i can feel her tight canal, soaking wet as my penis penetrates it. it’s all the way in so i grab her tight and with the adrenaline lift her on to the table lie her on her back and start sliding in and out.

” miss your so.. tight and wet.. ”

” oo.. your dick hurts so much, but its so nice finish me fin…”

with that i push hard hear the tables hitting each other.

” miss are your ready for it …Ahhhhhhh ! ” i orgazime early but i carry on as i hadn’t cummed yet

” go on GO ON yes yes …. OMG YESSS OOO GOD YES ! ” she shout as she orgazimes as i cum inside of her.

” miss i got you pergerant ” i panted lying on her

” oh well i fix it, by the way your so good i’ve found are new french session activity ” she panted sexual

as she sat up we kiss and got each other dressed on the floor and i called my mom to say miss Adams is bring me back as we work over time we had sex in her car.

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