I Dream of Muscle Jeannie Pt. 02I Dream of Muscle Jeannie Pt. 02


Dave was laying on top of the hard muscular naked body of Jeannie. They just finished having sex and Dave was finally completely spent.

It had only been 4 hours since Jeannie first appeared in his life and he hadn’t been able to keep his hands off her since.

It didn’t help that she currently looked like the muscle goddess he had a crush on since he was a 12 year old kid. After the first 2 orgasms and hours of muscle worship he thought he couldn’t go anymore, but his hands couldn’t stop exploring every detail of her muscles and after 2 more hours of muscle worship and sex his cock needed a break.

They laid in silence and for the first time Dave was able to think about what had happened up to this point. He could feel the proof under him, it was real. Even completely exhausted he still casually cupped each bicep in his hands. Jeannie had her hands behind her head in a relaxed position. She still flexed her biceps for Dave, never tiring of showing off her incredible body.

Dave still had so many unanswered questions, now that his overwhelming lust had subsided he was hoping to get answers.

He knew that Jeannie clearly had some kind of magical powers. She was able to increase the size of his dick and balls, plus it seemed she was able to change her appearance to anything he could imagine.

“So Jeannie…” Dave started.

“Yes Master?” She responded.

“You made physical changes to me, are there other changes you can make?” He asked.

“Sure Master, what do you have in mind?” She inquired.

“Can you make me stronger?”

Dave had always wanted to be muscular himself, but was never able to put in the work. Call it genetics, laziness, or lack of knowledge, but he was never able to build much muscle after years of work in the gym.

He always dreamed about looking like a bodybuilder, but the best he could do for himself up until this moment was slightly above average.

Could she change him into a pro bodybuilder in an instant he thought to himself. If she could, it would probably not be wise. People don’t just get that big overnight, but maybe she could slowly add muscle to him every day.

It was Spring, but the Midwest still hadn’t really given them many days above 70 degrees. Around family and friends he had still been wearing pants and long sleeve shirts. Maybe she could add 20-30 pounds of muscle and see if people notice.

“Yes, would you like me to do that now?” She asked.

“That would be amazing, but can we do it slowly, I wouldn’t want people to ask too many questions.”

“Whatever you would like Master.” She responded simply.

Dave got up and went to his bathroom where there was a mirror. Jeannie followed close behind.

Dave looked at his reflection in the mirror. His body was lean with average muscle development and a little bit of fat on his belly. He still couldn’t believe how big his cock looked. It must be at least 6 inches flaccid.

“Maybe we should remove my fat first. I wonder what my body fat percentage is?” Dave said to himself.

“Your average body fat percentage is currently 24%.” Jeannie answered.

“Wow, you know that?” He asked.

“Yes Master.”

“Do you know what a professional bodybuilder body fat percentage is?” He asked.

“Yes Master, usually between 3 to 7% during competition.” She answered.

“That’s incredible, it’s like talking to a computer. Can you change my body fat percentage to 10% for starters? Can you remove fat from my body without affecting my face?”

“Yes. Get ready Master, this might tingle a little.”

Dave watched himself carefully in the mirror. He started to feel a little warm and then he could see his body shrinking before his eyes. All over he could see himself thinning and the muscle becoming more visible.

In a matter of minutes Dave was standing in front of the mirror with his jaw wide open in shock. He looked like a skinny teenager with no body fat.

“Wow, I had no idea I was actually so little. Jeannie, you’re amazing.” Dave said.

“I am glad this makes you happy Master, would you like me to make you stronger now?” She asked.

“Yes please! Can you add muscle to my frame slowly? Maybe increase my muscles so I am proportional first. My legs have always been skinny, so they would need to be increased more than my upper body.”

“That makes sense Master, I can do that.”

Again, Dave looked into the mirror enthusiastically waiting to see the results. Again his whole body felt warm. He could see his legs increasing in size. His arms and chest started to get a little bigger.

His skinny legs and calves looked like they doubled in size as they filled out and grew. His upper body, which was a little bit more developed, rounded out and filled in. Muscles that were completely underdeveloped started to show.

“Okay Master. I balanced you bursa escort out so you are more symmetrical and then added a little size everywhere.” Jeannie said.

Dave looked himself over. He looked great, like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. He was lean and muscular. He flexed in the mirror admiring his new physique.

“I look incredible! I have abs!” He said as he hit different poses to see how defined and ripped he looked.

“I need to see how I look with my work clothes on.” He said as he hurried to his closet. He quickly picked out a typical outfit he would wear to work. He put on his dress slacks and button down shirt.

The shirt and pants definitely fit differently. The shirt was a little more snug in the shoulders/chest and loose around the waist, but overall it fit him well and didn’t show his muscles.

The pants fit totally different, he now had a butt. They were more loose in the waist but at least they fit. He would be interested to see if anyone noticed the difference but overall thought he should be able to avoid any real suspicion.

“Not bad, I don’t think I will get too many questions.” He said.

“You look great Master.” Jeannie said.

Jeannie still looked like the incredibly musclebound Kim Chizevsky. As impressive as he looked, he still paled in comparison to her physique. As much as he hated to say goodbye to those muscles, he really found it hard to think with her in her present form.

“Jeannie, would you mind going back to how you looked when I first met you?” Dave asked.

“Certainly Master.” There was a flash and the familiar form of Jeannie when they first met appeared before him.

Dave looked at Jeannie realizing for the first time they haven’t had any real conversation between the two of them.

“So what do you think of the world, seeing it again after 70 years? A lot has changed eh?” He asked.

“Yes Master, a lot has changed.” She said simply.

That wasn’t much of a response Dave thought to himself. He tried to think of something else to ask.

“So what do you do for fun?”

“Make you happy Master.”

“Don’t you have any interests?”

“I am interested in making you happy Master.”

This was going to be harder than he thought.

“Are you my slave?”

“I am not a slave Master, I am a Genie.”

“But are you allowed to be free, I saw in a movie where the Genie’s greatest wish was to be free.”

“My greatest wish is to make you happy.”

This was clearly going nowhere. Either she was keeping something from him or she really was that basic.

“Okay, so earlier I asked you questions and you always seemed like you knew the answer. Can I ask you anything?”

“That depends, I do know everything but I have my limits. I can’t tell you what people are thinking, but I do know a lot about a person. Also, I can’t tell the future.”

“Interesting. So what is the value of pi?”

“The value of pi is 3.14159265358979323…” She kept listing the numbers.

“Okay, okay. You definitely know it.” He stopped her. He only knew the first 6 so she could be listing random numbers, but he knew pi was infinite and they would be there all day unless he stopped her.

“What is my favorite color?” He asked.

“Forest green.” She answered correctly.

He thought a little harder about something nobody would know.

“Who was my crush in High School?”

“I don’t know Master.”

“What number am I thinking of right now?”

“I don’t know Master.”

“Who was my 2nd grade teacher?”

“Mrs. Foster.” She answered correctly.

“Very interesting. Do you know my Social Security Number?”

“Yes.” She answered.

“So any information that is out there it’s like you have access to it. Like my very own search engine.”

He thought a little more trying to wrap his head around her as a person. Maybe he was thinking about this all wrong.

“Are you human?”

“No, I am a Genie. You are a curious Master. All my other Masters don’t care about what I am at all.”

“So do you eat?” He asked.

“I don’t need to eat or drink water.”

“So you don’t eat or drink, you don’t have any interests, and you’re only really happy making me happy.” Dave observed.

“It sounds like you understand Master. It would be easiest if you didn’t think of me like you would yourself. Humans are driven by desires and feelings, that is simply not the case for me.” She explained.

“Let’s try something different…Can you make a dollar appear in my hand?” Dave asked.

There was a tiny flash in his palm and then there was a dollar laying there.

“Where did you get this from? Is it counterfeit?” Dave asked.

“I made a copy of a dollar from your wallet. Technically it is counterfeit, but if anyone compared them they wouldn’t find any difference.” She answered.

“Wow, bursa escort bayan that’s amazing.” He said as he inspected the dollar in his hand.

The possibilities seemed endless, but it was getting late and with all the excitement of the day Dave was feeling very tired.

“I better go to bed, I need to work tomorrow.”

“Okay Master, do you need anything else from me today?” She asked.

“No Jeannie, this has been an amazing day, you have made me very happy today.”

“Good.” She said with a smile of approval. “Would you like me to wake you up tomorrow morning? I can make it special if you would like.”

“Ahh, I like the sound of that, how could I pass on that offer.”

Dave went to his bedroom and got ready for bed. It was almost impossible for him to sleep. Even though he was exhausted, his mind was racing with possibilities.

His first thought was how he could use Jeannie to get money. Just making a million dollars would not be wise. The tax man always wants to know where large chunks of money come from, otherwise you must be doing something illegal.

He couldn’t win the lottery because she couldn’t tell the future. Could she tell him if and where to get a winning scratch off ticket? That wasn’t telling the future since the winning tickets are printed and distributed.

His thoughts went to other possibilities. Could she tell him where gold, oil, or other natural resources are? Maybe he could buy a plot of land that could pay out over time.

He loved to go to Las Vegas, could Jeannie help him win big? That probably wasn’t the greatest idea since the House doesn’t typically like to lose. He liked playing poker, so maybe she could help him win a big tournament. That wasn’t playing against the house, so it was less likely to get a casino mad at him.

His thoughts drifted back to his favorite bodybuilders. He thought of all the amazing bodies he has dreamed about over the years and thought it would be fun if Jeannie was different every night. He thought of Dorothy Herndon, Klaudia Larson, Joan Lauth, Hannie Van Aken, Johanna Dejager, Tina Lockwood, Alina Popa, Lenda Murray, Iris Kyle, Cory Everson, … He finally fell asleep.

When Jeannie came into Dave’s bedroom an hour before he was supposed to get up she found him sound asleep. She moved with no sound to give him the surprise she promised the evening before.

Using her magic powers she removed his underwear by making it disappear to reveal his semi-hard cock and balls. She slowly started to stroke his dick with her lubricated hand to get him hard.

It didn’t take long before his massive erection was standing up straight and he was still asleep, but looked like he was starting to stir.

Using magic again she floated above him so she could take the full length of his cock in her vagina. She smiled to herself thinking how surprised her Master would be when he woke up.

She started to slowly ride his cock up and down trying not to wake him at first. She slowly let her weight fall on either side of him like normal. She also made a minor adjustment to her body that she thought he might like when he woke up.

Dave felt unsettled but in a good way as he felt himself coming out of his dream state. He could feel an overwhelming rush of pleasure as he snapped awake realizing there was someone on top of him.

He immediately recognized the beautiful face of Jeannie smiling down at him. What he didn’t recognize were the 2 enormous boobs that were hanging down inches from his face. She sat back while still riding his cock so he could get a better look.

“Good morning Master.” Jeannie greeted him.

“Morning…Jeannie.” Dave stammered as he got his bearings.

The rest of Jeannie looked the same but she now had beautiful massive boobs. She leaned forward again bringing one of her massive boobs directly down on Dave’s face.

Her boob was so big it smothered his face completely and spilled over on the sides. He reached up feeling the size and was amazed how big and firm it felt.

She pulled back letting Dave catch his breath. He reached up and eagerly fondled them amazed at how small his hands looked when he squeezed them. Each boob must have been the size of a watermelon. The biggest watermelon you have ever seen.

Her boobs looked like they were the size of Leanne Crow’s, one of his favorite large breasted models. The only difference is that Jeannie has such a small frame which makes her boobs look even larger.

Jeannie had a nice pace going as she effortlessly slid up and down his cock which was hard as a rock. Her massive boobs jiggled and bounced in rhythm with every thrust.

“Do you like that Master?” She asked.

“Oh yeah.” Dave replied.

“Give it to me Master, give me that huge cock.” She screamed as she got more into it.

Dave thrust escort bursa his hips up to drive deeper into Jeannie. Her pussy clamped down on his cock like a vise as she continued to grind him.

She kept talking dirty to Dave which he enjoyed.

“You are so deep Master…you are such a stud.”

She was leaning forward as she continued to ride Dave like a piston. Her massive boobs were swinging in rhythm inches from his face. Her pace got quicker causing her boobs to crash forward and back like a tidal wave.

It seemed to defy the laws of physics as she leaned over him and was still effortlessly able to ride his cock up and down at this pace. Dave had only known Jeannie for a little less than a day now, but he shouldn’t be surprised that even sex with her was like magic.

Between the dirty talk and her relentless pace it was too much for Dave as he felt the uncontrollable orgasm building up.

Giving in to his desire he released his load into Jeannie. He unloaded wave after wave of cum into her, feeling the euphoria of his orgasm. He could never remember feeling such pleasure from any previous orgasm.

His orgasm seemed to last 4 to 5 times longer than he had ever remembered. It felt like he could fill a bucket with the amount of cum he produced.

What a way to be awakened Dave thought as he laid there completely spent yet feeling energized.

Jeannie laid partially on Dave so that her massive boobs pushed out between her and his chest. It was an incredible sight to see her boobs being pushed out like two large balloons.

“That was amazing Jeannie!” Dave complimented her.

“Wonderful, I am glad that made you happy Master. Did you like my surprise?” She asked.

“Yes, I liked it very much. What made you think to give yourself such large breasts?” He asked.

“I just knew you would like them. It’s very different how I know so much about people, I never had such insight into what people like and desire.” She explained.

“Interesting, it’s probably because we are in the information age. People always wonder how much data is collected about them.” Dave pondered.

“Yes Master, you are exactly correct. I also have access to peoples history on their computers. So is it safe to assume you like large breasts and muscular women?” She asked.

It was weird talking so openly about something he never shared with anybody. It was no use hiding anything from Jeannie, she seemed to know anyway. Not to mention she asked in a way that was purely to understand how to make him the most happy.

“Yes, those are my biggest fetishes.” He answered honestly.

“So what are you attracted to the most?” She asked.

“Well…my biggest fantasy is a muscular woman. Just like breasts I like all shapes and sizes, but I tend to be more attracted to the largest female bodybuilders.” He answered.

“Who are some of your favorite bodybuilders?” She asked.

“Okay, thinking about the 2014 Ms. Olympia that just finished there is Iris Kyle, Alina Popa, Anne Freitas, Maria Rita Bello, and Margie Martin. Let me think, obviously my favorite of all time is Kim Chizevsky. In their prime there was Klaudia Larson, Johanna Dejager, Dorothy Herndon, Lenda Murray, and I can’t forget the best abs of Oana Hreapca. There are so many women that are my favorites…oh I can’t forget Renne Toney, the biggest arms in female bodybuilding.”

“That is a good start Master. Judging by your list you do seem to like the largest female bodybuilders. Two women on your list are a little smaller Klaudia and Johanna, is there something specific about them?” Jeannie asked.

“They both have the most amazing biceps. Oh, I almost forgot the best peaks ever. Joan Lauth!” Dave said excitedly.

“Very good Master. Who would you like me to be next?” Jeannie asked.

“Right now I need to get ready for work. I was thinking, maybe you could surprise me when I get home with a different body every night.” Dave suggested.

“I like that idea Master, although we need to figure out this work thing. Is this something you need to do?” She asked.

“Well, I love my job and I still need to be able to pay my bills, but it would be nice if I could figure out a way to make extra money. That’s something I wanted to talk to you about. I really don’t have time now but maybe we can talk tonight.”

“Yes Master, I can’t wait.”

Dave managed somehow to get out of the house and go to work. Admittedly it was hard for him to concentrate. All he could really think about is what surprises Jeannie had waiting for him at his apartment.

Dave purposely wore his most loose fitting clothes to work to minimize the physical changes he had gone through. For the most part it seemed like a normal day. Nobody said anything, but he thought he might have noticed a couple of his female co-workers looking him up and down.

He couldn’t wait to be more muscular. For now he had to play it safe and do it slowly.

He couldn’t believe how lucky he was, he had a feeling life was going to get really interesting. His imagination was going wild and all he could think about was Jeannie.

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