Hypnosis Part 2Hypnosis Part 2


Hypnosis Part 2The only issue I had with the hypnosis was that I hadn’t worked out exactly how to remove my subject from the spell however Sally was normal in every way until I clicked my fingers and spoke, it would appear that it is only my voice that could give her instructions, it was great if I wanted the house cleaned.Sally had gone off to work and I decided that I would read more of my book and learn the different aspects of my new found hobby, it was an interesting read.I was having a lazy day and hadn’t even got dressed and was still in my old boxers when I saw Charlie the postman walking up the path, he saw me in the kitchen and waved as he approached the door, “Got time for a coffee Charlie?” I shouted through the open window which was met with a warm smile and a nod of the head.I had flashback visions of the other day when I opened the door and let Charlie in, he smiled at the way I was dressed as he put his sack down, “You know, I dress just like that at home mate” he commented as we walked into the kitchen. Charlie always wore shorts; in fact I cant remember a time when he didn’t and it didn’t matter what the weather was he was always in shorts and a quick glance at the groin area definitely showed off his larger than normal sized package.I handed him his coffee and sat up on the stool and chatted about nothing in particular, I could see him occasionally glance at the slight bulge that was appearing under my boxers as visions of his monster cock came flooding back, he could see I was getting aroused but nothing in the conversation gave a clue as to why.“We never did get round to doing the comparison Frank” he said with a giggle as he noticed the bulge growing. “No, we didn’t” I replied looking down with a smile, “But I know who will win” I continued hoping that I would get another opportunity to see his specimen, he wasn’t going to disappoint me as he undid his button and slowly unzipped his shorts, my cock grew quickly as he slowly teased me.He stopped before dropping his shorts, “Maybe you will get a better look if I take this off too” he said as he pulled his tee shirt off showing off his abs, he did have a damn fine body and when he then dropped his shorts and stood totally naked in front of me I just sat there with my mouth open as his cock came into view.Now, some guys are growers and some guys are showers and as I looked down at Charlies flaccid cock hanging down I was hoping he was a shower as if that thing grew too much more it would be uncomfortable, I would say his was as big soft as mine was hard, well it was pretty close anyway.“Your turn Frank” he said looking down at my lap, I jumped off the stool and nervously pulled my boxers down and I could see his eyes widen as my cock sprung out loud and proud. “Wow mate” he said as he looked down at my throbbing erection, “Impressive” he continued.I looked down and could see blood was flowing and his monster cock was coming to life and he could see me smiling, I reached forward and took hold and could feel it hardening in my hand, Charlie sighed as I pulled the skin right back exposing the swelling helmet.His balls were tight as I cupped them with my other hand and gave them a gentle squeeze, his cock was growing under my touch and now was the time to get a closer look as I dropped down to my knees.Charlie easily won this contest but having his cock in my hand was perfect compensation and I could feel it growing bigger as I slowly wanked him.I leant forward and started to run my tongue up and down his veiny shaft and getting to the top could see his precum leaking out the tip, this is going to be tasty as my tongue licked off the little bubble, Mmm.Charlie held on to my head as I started to lick all around the swollen head as my hand ran up and down the stiff shaft and a loud gasp came out as I enveloped the head inside my mouth and I could only get the first 2-3 inches in as this thing was far too big to deepthroat, it just wasn’t going to happen.Judging by the tightness of his balls I would guess it had been a while since Charlie last emptied and judging by his moans and the grip he had on my head I would hazard a guess it wasn’t going to be long; I was right.Charlie grunted loudly, “OH FUCK YESSS!” he cried out as I felt his hot cum fill my mouth, OMG I couldn’t swallow quick enough and had to pull away as his creamy spunk splashed my face, I swallowed and then put his cock back into my mouth as his cock carried on pulsating filling my mouth for the second time, his legs were shaking as he thrust forward.I swallowed quickly as the warm liquid dripped from my face onto my chest, he tasted good and I kept on sucking every last drop from his softening cock until I pulled back again looking up at him while licking my lips, “Damn Frank” he sighed softly, “I fucking needed that mate”.I don’t know escort ızmir if Charlie was just a busy man or embarrassed at what had just happened but with a quick look at his watch he had to rush off leaving me with an unfinished hard on.I took a quick shower to clean myself off and got back to my book, I learnt a few more techniques that would be more instant and was keen to give them a try, I couldn’t use Sally though as she was still under the spell so I decided to walk up to the park to see what was occurring. It was hot so I threw on a pair of shorts and a trendy vest and headed off to the park, there were the usual dog walkers and joggers but otherwise it was quiet. I headed towards the Café and saw Doris talking to a girl who was sitting at the counter with a cold drink.“Hi Frank” Doris said cheerfully as I approached looking at the girl sitting there, she looked cute in her bikini top and tight yoga shorts, she turned her blonde head and smiled as I sat down beside her, I immediately looked down between her slightly parted legs to see a sweet pubic bulge and the tightness off her shorts showed off her squashed lips.“This is Sasha and this is Frank” said Doris with a smile and I held my hand out to shake Sasha’s soft hand, “Nice to meet you Sasha” I said softly, “Likewise Frank” she replied.Doris got me a cold drink as I started to tell them about my new found hobby and both of them basically told me that it was all rubbish, I tried to argue my point but they were having none of it but Doris knew me and was a little unsure, “Try it on Sasha then Frank” she said with a giggle, I looked at Sasha for approval and just the sight of her petit frame and small 32a’s was starting to have an effect.“OK” Sasha said in a sceptical voice, “What do I have to do?” she asked, it was time for me to try out a new technique.I asked to face me and hold out her arms and look into my eyes, I held her arms just above the wrist while mumbling something under my breath and could see her eyes getting heavy, I then leant forward and whispered the instructions in her ear and then clicked my fingers.Sasha turned back to face Doris and carried on the conversation basically saying that she didn’t believe in hypnosis and it would never work, Doris looked confused.“I need to use the toilet” Sasha said as she got up off her stool which gave me a glance at her tight arse clad in yoga shorts, Mmm so nice seeing the rounded cheeks of her arse walk up the track to the toilet block. “Look after our drinks Doris” I said and winked at her as I got off my stool, Doris winked back and smiled as I followed Sasha up the short track.Sasha was already in the cubicle as I walked in so I went next door and latched the door, I could hear the sprinkle of Sasha peeing as I stood at the bowl and dropped my shorts turning slightly to face the hole in the dividing partition. I stepped out of my shorts and pulled my vest off and stood there naked and could just make out a shadow as Sasha’s head got closer to the hole, curiosity getting the better of her.“OMG” I heard her sigh softly under her breath as she got sight of me standing there holding my semi erect penis in my hand.I turned to fully face the hole and from my angle I could see her shorts and panties around her ankles so knew she was sitting on the loo also naked apart from her bikini top, she was definitely looking through the hole so I took a step closer and was now just about 6 inches away, cock in hand and stroking.I looked down and could see Sasha’s face by the hole looking through, “Mmm” she sighed softly as I inched up to the hole with just the helmet of my now hard cock pushing through, I felt her fingers touch the tip, “OMG!, WOW!” I heard softly from the other side.I inched forward some more until my belly was pressed against the dividing wall and my hands now gripping the top, I was totally at her mercy.I felt her finger tips running all around the shaft very lightly which made my cock twitch and then I gasped as I felt her warm tongue flick and lick around my swollen head, OMG it felt damn good.Her tongue explored the shaft running down to my balls which were also pushed through the hole and after Charlie leaving me high and dry this morning I was swollen and ready to explode. Sasha got busy and I felt my cock inside her warm mouth and then felt the tightness as it started to slide down her throat, it was a while before she gagged and covered my cock in her saliva, she worked her magic and I was at the point of no return as I grabbed the wall tight as my legs shook wildly and my cock started to pulsate and fill her mouth with hot ejaculate, I could hear her struggling such was the velocity of my spurts, I was drained as I pulled my softening cock back through the hole and could still hear her murmuring.I quickly slipped my shorts back on escort izmir and headed back to Doris, she smiled as I took my seat knowing exactly what had just happened and moments later Sasha arrived back and smiling took her seat next to me. “Did you find it alright?” Doris asked and again Sasha smiled, “Oh yes thank you Doris” she replied and then turned to me, “So Frank, tell me more about this hypnosis stuff” she said making no mention of what had just happened, damn this shit really works.I looked down at her tiny frame, 5 foot nothing at best but she did have a fit and firm body and the sight of the yoga shorts told me she either worked out or do gymnastics or something, I had an idea.“Lets forget about the hypnosis” I said softly knowing that she was still under the spell and I hadn’t worked out how to get her out of it. I leant forward and whispered the next set of instructions in her ear and then clicked my fingers, she immediately smiled.She saw me looking down at her body and blushed slightly, “How do you keep so fit and trim?” I asked justifying my undressing what little she had on with my eyes.It turned out that she did both yoga and gymnastics as well as dance so she had to keep fit, “Wow, I would love to see that” I said with a smile, Sasha looked at me and said she was about to do a training session and I was welcome to watch, “Why don’t you come back to mine, I have room and it’s just outside the park” I said smiling, Doris raised her eyebrows at me as Sasha nodded her head in agreement, “Put it on my tab Doris” I said as we both got up, I looked down at Sasha’s tight rounded arse and then up at Doris with my thumb up, she smiled and winked at me, Sasha was under my spell and was doing exactly as asked, she had no idea.We got back home and into the lounge, Sasha was now barefoot and had lovely feet with deep pink painted toenails, so sweet. I slipped off my vest and sat in my chair waiting for the show to start as Sasha stood in front of me limbering up. Her tiny little bee stings looked lost in her oversized bikini top and when she bent at the right angle it gave me a quick glimpse of nipple. She stood straight up and was doing breathing exercises which gave me a few minutes to take in the full beauty of her frame, her smooth legs were tanned and toned leading up to a thigh gap which was perfect in proportion, her shorts were tight into her crotch and her pubic bulge was visible, her cameltoe exquisite.She turned round and her tight arse was just a couple of feet away, her shorts pushing into her crack as she continued her breathing exercises, my cock was responding and a clear bulge was now visible in my shorts. She bent down to touch her toes and OMG her rounded little arse stared me in the face, between her legs I could see her puffy pussy and slit winking at me and my cock grew very quickly especially as she held that position for far too long and as the fabric of the shorts was stretched it clearly showed the outline of her thong.She turned around again and bent forward to touch her toes once more, this time her loose top dropped and I could clearly see both nipples were stiffening up, she held that position for quite awhile as she looked up at me manspreading, it was obvious that she could see the boner hidden in my shorts and possibly a view of balls up the leg, either way I was just glad she could hold that position for as long as she did.She then sat on the floor in front of me and started to spread her legs, wider and wider and her pussy seemed to grow as her crotch widened, she held the position and invited me down to the floor, this would make my boner obvious if she hadn’t already noticed but I got on my knees in front of her as requested.“See Frank” she said, “Perfectly straight” she continued as she ran her fingers from one knee along the inside of her thigh to the other knee and slowly back again.“Here, you try it Frank, see if you can feel a bend” she said inviting me closer, I inched forward and reached across putting my fingers on the inside of her knee, I slowly ran along the inside of her thigh and slowed further as I got to the warm gusset of her shorts, I was sure they felt a little damp as I lingered before slowly running up the inside of the other thigh.She looked at me intently as I started the journey back along the inside of her thigh and she started doing these breathing exercises again as the closer to the top I got the heavier her breathing got, I got to the gusset again and could feel the heat running up my fingers as I lingered, Sasha’s breathing got heavier as my fingers rubbed her squashed lips and she let out a muffled gasp as I touched her little swelling nubbin.I ran back up to the other knee and then away, I smiled at her.“See, dead straight Frank” she said smiling as she stood back up and with her legs slightly apart she faced the sofa, her sweet rounded arse was at eye level and just inches away from my face, I could almost smell it. “Now to stretch my back” she said as she bent down with her arms on the sofa and her arse in my face, OMG I could now smell it as her bulging pussy was just inches from mouth. Every now and again she would arch her back and hold for a few seconds which would push her arse closer to my face to the point that my nose pushed into her crack and my mouth pressed hard against her damp gusset, I even had to open my mouth so that I could breath.Each time she arched she pushed my nose deeper into her crack and my mouth harder against her seriously damp pussy, she apologised but told me it was an important exercise. She even said I should hold on to her hips if it helped. I did just that and now each time she arched my fingers slipped into the waistband of her shorts and they seemed to be slipping down and now her arse crack was becoming exposed, she was deep into her breathing exercises so I didn’t want to disturb her rhythm and after a few more arch’s of her back her shorts were almost off so with a little helping hand I pulled them past my face and down her legs and off.Her breathing was getting heavier on the next few arch’s as my nose was now pushed up between her naked arse cheeks and my mouth was full of her hairy pussy with my tongue flicking and searching for a way to get a breath. I grabbed her hips again and with each arch of her back I pulled her closer and could taste her juices in my mouth, she adjusted on the next arch and she managed to bend lower which widened her cheeks and the adjustment of position had now forced my tongue to force its way against her shaded little starfish. I held on to her hips tightly as my tongue flicked ferociously trying to get air while her breathing exercises intensified, my cock was bursting the seams of my shorts.Sasha’s arse tasted good as my tongue slid around probing and searching as she held her arched position, “Frank, I need you to stand behind me and put pressure on my back please” she instructed and I stood up behind her slipping my shorts off as I positioned myself so that I could apply pressure to her back.I could feel her pushing back and my erect cock was pressed against her arse cheeks and as she wiggled her back her arse shifted at the same time and I have no idea how it happened but my cock all of a sudden seemed to slip inside her wet pussy.Obviously this was more comfortable and it aided her breathing exercises and helped me apply the correct pressure on her back although I don’t think she was very happy that I had penetrated her, she wiggled a lot trying to force me out of her but all that did was push me in further. I was determined to stay in and started to thrust harder so the more she wiggled the harder I thrust and then she started to get vocal, shouting things like “OMG” and “WTF” but I held on even though she was squeezing her cunt muscles trying to force me out, that didn’t work either and ended up in her violently shaking, so much that I think she pissed herself as I felt this warm liquid running down my leg, I was determined to hold on.Her gyrating seemed to increase in pace as her shaking continued, I was concerned and found the best way to hold her was to put my hands under her and somehow my hands had slipped under her loose top and I found her nipples were pressed hard against my palms, I held tight to try and control her shaking but being in that position seemed to force me further inside her, I tried to pull out a few times but it was like she was sucking me back in which made me push harder and with all the movement her nipples were like marbles in my hand, so stiff and as I held them between my finger and thumb she seemed to go crazy.It was at that point that the only way to get my cock out of her was to soften it and the way she was gyrating and breathing told me she wanted the same so I had to empty my nuts to allow my cock to go soft, I quickened the pace telling Sasha to trust me and banged the hell out of her and as her shaking increased and my leg got wetter I was finally at the point of no return, I screamed out something or other as I felt my cock pulsate and my hot cum spurt deep inside her belly, Sasha shouted “OMG, WOW!!” as he muscles squeezed every last drop and the gyrating subsided.I ran my fingers down her back as I felt my cock softening and as I pulled out I continued running my fingers down to her arsehole giving it a little prod before scooping up the cum leaking out, Mmm our juices tasted good. I stood up and watched as Sasha, with her back to me, pulled up her thong and shorts making herself decent. She turned to see me standing there naked and gasped..“WTF! Frank?” she said with a look of shock horror on her face, “You invite me back here to show you my gymnastics and the first thing you do is get naked” she did not seem happy, had the spell worn off? Oh shit!! “Nice cock though”

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