Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 16Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 16


Well it’s been about a week since me and the wife has done some kinky things and I was getting horny thinking about this secretary I had met at the doctor’s office yesterday. I walked in to the office and there was this beautiful secretary sitting at her desk, I could see under her desk and I could tell she didn’t have any panties on. I know she saw me looking because she spread her legs a little wider and looked right at my cock, which was standing up (it looked like I had a tent in my pants).

I said Hi my name is Dave I have an appointment at 9:30. She said the doctor is running late would I mine waiting. I ask her what her name was and she said Bonnie. She pushed her chair back and I got another good look at her pussy and then a dildo fell in the floor, she grabbed it up and her face was beet red. She looked back at me and I said don’t be embarrassed everybody masturbates and by the looks of that dildo you must have had a fun time. Hell, the dildo must have been 12″ long and 3″ around. She got up to put it back in her purse and they was a wet spot on the leather chair were she was sitting. I walked around the desk and Bonnie said what are you doing, I got down on my knees and licked her girl cum off of the chair, I said I didn’t want you to get that cum on your pretty dress.

The cum looked like it had poured out of her pussy and it tasted so sweet. She walked over to the door and stuck a sign on the door saying the doctor would be in at 10:30 then she turned around and told me to get on my knees and suck her pussy. Her lips on her pussy were swelled up from all the fucking she gave herself with the dildo. I sucked on her pussy and played with her ass. And then I stuck my tongue in her ass and started licking all around her asshole. This was one fine piece of ass and I was sucking the hell out of her cunt and ass.

Then she made me stop, she said that she wanted me to fuck her and push a load of cum deep in her pussy because her husband kızılay escort was going to take her out for lunch and she wanted to let him lick the cum out of her pussy. She said her husband was a cum sucking whore that liked the taste of cum. I told her I liked to suck cum out of a used pussy too. She said that after her husband sucks the cum out of her pussy she will have him fuck her ass and I can come back around 1 pm and suck his cum out of her ass. As we was cleaning up I told her about my wife liking to eat pussy and that my wife control’s my every move. I said hell I feel a lot better now I don’t need the doctor but I will see you at 1 PM.

As 1 o’clock rolled around I went back up to the office she took me in a room that had a table with stirrups, she jumped up there and put her feet in the stirrups I could see cum pouring out of her ass and pussy. I said; Oh you let him fuck you twice, she said no I let him fuck my ass the other doctor fucked my pussy and cum in it. I told the doctor he could fuck me if I could use this room right now. She said shut up and start sucking the cum up. She grabbed my face and held it tight against her cunt. She told me she made her husband get on his back and she would put her cream filled cunt over his face, she said she would rub her cunt back in forth from her asshole to her clit that sometimes his nose would be sticking in her cunt while his tongue was in her asshole. I was sucking on her clit right now and it looked like a miniature cock sticking out after I had sucked up all of the cum I sucked her clit till she poured cum out all over my face. I looked up at Bonnie and said this is one of the wettest pussies I have ever eaten. She said her pussy always stays wet and she always stays horny. I got her number and told her that me and the wife and Bonnie and her husband need to get together and have a little party.

She said it would be all right kolej escort with them since Bonnie is the one that controls her husband. As I was leaving I told her I would be calling. Well my wife just came in the room she gave me a kiss and said have you been sucking someone’s pussy she started smelling my mustache she said it smells like pussy and cum. I said Honey there is something I want to tell you. I met your twin sister yesterday at the doctor’s office. She ask me to eat her cunt and I couldn’t resist she wants us to come over to her house and have a sex party with her and her husband.

Her name is Bonnie and she fucks and sucks like a slut and her pussy is wet all the time, just like yours. Well I called Bonnie and we came over to her house she answered the door in a see thru outfit. My wife liked her from the start it wasn’t 15 minutes till the two ladies was sucking each others cunts with force, slurping and gushing and moaning. Bonnie pulled her head out of my wife’s cunt and said Dave do you mind showing my husband how to suck a cock. I said sure dropping down on my knees, grabbing his cock and balls in one hand and sticking my middle finger up his ass. He flooded my mouth with cum and I had to share it with Bonnie. She damn near sucked my tongue off. Then Bonnie bent over in front of me and stuck her pussy in my face and said fuck my pussy I got up behind her and started fucking her pussy deep pulling it all the way out and slamming it back in it didn’t take her long to drain my balls into her cunt but it felt so good I just kept fucking her it looked like we was churning butter all that cum in her pussy and I shot another load of sperm deep in her cunt.

As I was pulling my prick out of her cunt her husband had already started sucking my sperm out of her pussy. My wife came over and licked the pussy juice off of my cock. After her husband cleaned her pussy up with his tongue my maltepe escort wife pulled out three double-headed dildo’s she said; that her and Bonnie was going to use two of them and that me and Bonnie’s husband was to use the third double-headed dildo in are assholes The two women laid down and started snaking the double-headed dildo’s into there ass and pussy they kept getting closer and closer and the double-headed dildo was disappearing in there cunts.

I took the other double-headed dildo and worked it into my ass; I had the whole half of my dildo stuck up my ass all the way to the balls on the dildo. I looked over at my wife and Bonnie and they had both dildos stuck up to the balls. Then Bonnie’s husband lowered his ass onto the other half of the dildo sticking in my ass, when I felt his balls touch mine I knew he had the dildo all the way up his asshole. I reached down and pulled on his ball sack and we was banging each other’s ass. My wife threw us a jar of vaseoline and told us to jack are cocks off and to trade cum and eat it while they watched and fucked each other’s cunt. I looked at my wife just as I was about to shoot a load of cum and she had her other hand behind her fucking her ass with her fingers. I saw that and shot a big load of cum in my hand. Bonnie’s husband noticed I was cumming and he shot off a load of cum too. We sat up and pulled the double-headed dildo out of are ass’s and fed each other are cum soaked hand. When we had ate all the cum out of are hand’s I went over to Bonnie and she and my wife both had there legs up in the air laying on there backs and started sucking and licking between her toe’s.

They were both lying there with their clits in between their fingers rubbing the little man in the boat. All of a sudden I got this idea, I got up and sat down on Bonnie’s face making her put her mouth on my ass and licking all around were her husband had fucked me earlier. She stuck her tongue deep in my loose ass and started tongue fucking it in and out. After that both women cum all over there self’s and me and Bonnie’s husband cleaned up there cunts with are mouths We got dressed and left for home. I sure do hope we get to fuck around with Bonnie and her husband.

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To be continued…

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