How to – Food Waste/Pig PennedHow to – Food Waste/Pig Penned


“So, I’ll be cleaning up after people’s meals?” Sophie said, eagerly. She had been looking for a job for about 6 months now, after leaving work at the supermarket. “That’s fine. I’ll take it.”

The interviewer smiled. “I’m so glad you accepted. We’ve been looking for someone for a while and you do fit the bill. I can’t believe you moved here all the way from America! That was a bold choice.”

Sophie smiled back. It was bold. Scary even. She knew nobody, but thought she’d take a risk. Clean-up work wasn’t glamorous, but the package was attractive and gave her free accommodation. Besides, she needed to pay for her new breast implants. “Please sign here, and we’ll begin.”

Sophie signed on the dotted line. Instantly, the paper was whipped away and Mrs Chang continued to talk. “Welcome to the company. You’re now employed by us as a food waste recycling officer. Your duties will start as soon as you’ve passed your physio testing and had your jabs.”

Working with food waste, Sophie assumed she would need to be inoculated against various Illness. Nodding, she followed Mrs Chang to the doctor’s office. Inside, an attractive woman with glasses was waiting. “Oh, you must be Sophie. Sit, sit, I’ll be ready for you soon. My name is Cheryl, pleased to meet you.”

She seemed friendly. Sophie was nervous, she hated needles. Mrs Chang began to speak “Please remove your skirt Sophie, for the injections.”


Sophie did so, revealing her well toned buttocks to the ladies. She was proud of her ass, she did squats regularly. Cheryl held an oversized syringe with a pink liquid in it. Before Sophie could ask what the heck it was, Cheryl plunged it in to her ass, quickly depositing the liquid. Sophie winced. She hated the pain and felt like fainting, but instead she just leant against the table. “No going back now girl” Cheryl said, with a wicked smile “Let’s take you to your new home for the next month or two!”

Sophie got the feeling this woman enjoyed jabbing her. Weirdly enough, she also felt… Hungry? “That came out of nowhere” She said to herself “Mrs Chang, could we stop for a bite to eat?”

Mrs Chang smiled, more at Cheryl than Sophie. She Nodded, and took her to a room near the entrance. “This is your work station and living quarters. It’s directly beneath the mess hall. You’ll be supplied food automatically from now on. The doors will remain locked while you live here to avoid any breach. This is where your initial two-month quarantine will take place” Sophie’s Stomach growled. She held it, closing her eyes briefly. Mrs Chang seemed to take this as an opportunity to leave as once Sophie focused again, she was gone! The door had closed and a loud click indicated that it was locked. Pulling on the door, Sophie confirmed this. “HEY! LET ME OUT!” She yelled “what the fuck is going on here!?”

Banging on the door didn’t help. She guessed this was the start of her job or something? Playing tricks on the new guy?? Whatever the reason, her hunger pangs where becoming the primary concern. She headed to the other side of the room hoping to find a clue to her current situation, and entered an outside area. Huge mirrored walls where all around her and she could see no obvious exit, but the worst thing she noticed? The floor was caked in… Mud? It looked like a sty. there was even a trough in the far corner, with a pipe leading to it.

Sophie’s hunger was only growing. She was sweating fairly heavily, and she could see damp patches on her clothes in the mirrors. The trough seemed to be full of something, so Sophie curiously walked over, kicking of her shoes in the process. Peering in, it seemed the tube was filling the trough with… What looked like waste? Crusts, food that had been binned, the sort of stuff people may have left on their plates after a meal. “What the hell?”

She was so hungry by now. She noticed a pressure pad in front of the trough, and stood on it. The glass shield opened up, and she could smell the trash food wafting up to her. Bending over, she tried to grab some, but it was out of reach! as soon as she stepped off the button, the shutters closed again. Her starving mind was panicking, when she slowly realised she’d have to push down on the button with her hands as stuff her face into the gruel like mix. “Oh, EWWW!? What the fuck!?? Mrs Chang! What is this??”

No reply. Of course no reply. Sophie looked around in desperation, but with her stomach growling, she knew she had little choice. A girls gotta eat… She slowly dropped on to all fours and lent on the button. The shutters opened. So did her mouth, slightly. She looked around one last time, hoping for salvation, before accepting her disgusting albeit self-inflicted fate. She shoved her face into the mix, and took her first bite.

It was a disgusting mix of all sorts of food. Beans, pizza crusts and such things. She hungrily gulped it down, before shoving her face in again and getting another bite. She was starving! “Chew and swallow gaziosmanpaşa escort *Gulp*, that’s all.” She said out loud, before slamming back in to the pile.

She munched through the food in a matter of minutes and even licked the bottom clean, she was so damn starved. But it didn’t seem to put a dent into her appetite. In fact, she barely felt like she had eaten at all. Her belly was fairly distended but felt…well, empty. She needed more food. Looking at her reflection she didn’t notice how pathetic she looked, only that she had food on her face. Sitting back, she greedily wiped it into her mouth, licking her fingers as she went.

Her belly was uncomfortably stretching out her blouse. She quickly unbuttoned the bottom of it and let her stomach flop out for all too see. “How can you be this big when I’m still hungry?” she muttered to herself. patting it a few times in confusion and shock, she checked her reflection again. Her knees and legs were caked in mud, her hair was a mess and her belly lazily hung out as if it were naturally like that. She looked awful, for such a pretty girl to let herself go. And yet, not only her stomach concerned her, she desperately needed more food. She begun to panic, filtering the mud with her fingers hoping for something to eat. Until suddenly, the pipe made a noise, and…

“FOOD!” Exclaimed Sophie loudly, in a way that shocked herself. She desperately crawled over to the trough and slammed her hands on to the button. A dollop of food similar to her last meal – unwanted waste – began to fill the container. She didn’t even wait for it to finish. She dove in, grabbing as much as she could. liquid parts splashed all over her, but she didn’t care. She just needed to fill the hole. She didn’t even care when she got a huge stain on her top, or when it got in to her hair. She just kept eating and eating.

This load seemed much bigger than the last. She was given a constant supply of food for about an hour before the pipe stopped filling the trough. Several lots of the new delivery dumped right on top of her head while she was gorging. Non the less, the trough was beginning to hold lots of the vile swill. It had filled quite a lot, and Sophie estimated it would take a good few hours to get it all down. She could still feel the desperate hunger in her belly. She had heard a few popping sounds, and knew her blouse was forcing more buttons open. Her belly must be getting so full, but she was far too busy eating to even look. She felt a slight pinch around the base of her spine too, but was ignoring anything that wasn’t food. “gorph, ugh, yum, Can’t.. Gurk.” She tried to talk to herself, get herself out of this hunger fuelled gorge, but failed to remain focused long enough to skip much of a mouthful.

Her nose was beginning to itch. She was so busy stuffing her face in to the gruel, she kept having to blow wads of it out of her nostrils. She sensibly decided it was just irritation from the grease on her skin and carried on eating. Eventually, the last of the buttons on her top popped wide open, and her bare torso was exposed for the world to see, if they were watching. Still, she didn’t care. She barely even noticed. If she had been concentrating she would have realised that her bulk was increasing unnaturally – but she couldn’t give it any mind. Her hunger although fading now was still front and centre in her greedy mind and she had about half the trough left to feast on.

The slop was all over her. It had gotten on to her breasts and completely stained her top. digging her head so far in to the food had practically coated her hair and it had begun to stick to her face. It obscured her view, but the smell alone of the mix kept her eating. She could feel herself beginning to relax though. The hunger was subsiding. Coincidentally, the trough was almost empty and Sophie had to go to great lengths to make sure she could lick up all the juices at the bottom. She scraped everything off her face and out of her hair and sloppily licked it off her hands. It was only now that she truly began to come back to her senses and realised exactly what she’d been doing. “Oh my…”

She could see her belly protruding outwards, visible beneath even her generous rack. It had mud on it that had caked her skin and filled her belly button hole. She begun to finally feel full. Too full. Her body was breaking out in a cold sweat as she rolled on to her side, aware of the fact her top was now completely ruined. She lay there, staring in to space, until suddenly, the pinching above her rear begun to really become noticeable.

She reached back to scratch it and give it a lazy rub when she felt a thin nub coming out of the base of her spine. Her body was too full to properly react but her mind suddenly jumped in to action, and she gave out a clumsy half-awake jolt. “Wait, what the heck is that!?”

She couldn’t get a clear view in her current bloated gölbaşı escort state, but she could feel around the strange growth. It was thin, and about an inch long. It matched the smoothness of her skin and was definitely attached to her body. Pushing it in felt painful. It was part of her! Flopping herself on to her hands and knees, she turned her ass to one of the reflective surfaces on her walls, and gave out a little gasp – a little tail! She had what looked like a tiny tail growing out of her coccyx and poking out over her skirts waistline. “AARGHH!”

She slowly got to her feet. Seeing her huge belly for the first time in the mirror made her feel properly nauseous, she looked heavily pregnant. She slowly made her way back to the door she came in from, traipsing mud from the sty over the clean floor and holding her cramping stomach the whole way. “Heyyy. You’ve got to let me out, something weird’s going on…!”

Indeed, Sophie thought they must already know, this was of course no accident, but her last glimmer of ‘maybe it’s a huge coincidence’ came out. She always tried to look for the positives in a situation. But try as she might, she knew the facts. She’d been injected with something, placed into a room and had an unnatural attraction to waste food. She was growing something new above her ass and she could cradle her brand new beach ball sized belly in her arms. Something was definitely not what it seemed.

She sank to her knees, still leaning against the door. Beginning to feel sleepy, after all that food it was only natural but she rallied and tried to focus on making a plan. Walking around the entire area, she checked all the walls.

“Smooth. No way over. Damn it…”

She cursed. The growth on her butt was still pinching, but didn’t seem to be changing any further. Her belly was also getting smaller – she had a nasty suspicion that when it was back to normal, she’d be starving again. Scratching her nose, she took to the centre of the sty area and looked up. “OH!” Two people were standing and watching from the wall. There was a window in front of them and they must have been two stories up. They seemed to be holding clip boards. They were studying her?

“Hey! Please, could you let me out?”

No response. The only indication they even knew she was there was the one on the left writing something down.

“Damn it… Am I a prisoner!?”

Still no response. Sophie knew she’d was technically an employee, but was trying to elicit a response. She tried waving, jumping, even throwing mud, but nothing happened save for the odd bit of writing. Eventually, she remembered her top was open. Her huge Breasts must have been flopping all over the place during her attempt at grabbing these bastard’s attention! Blushing and trying to pull her ruined blouse back over her tits and gigantic belly, she noticed something else weird. “Hey….”

Her boobs where actually bigger. Not by much, but they were certainly too big for her now. Come to think of it, she seemed to have more bulk altogether, not just on her belly. Her whole torso seemed an inch or two larger. bending over, she checked her thighs. They too seemed to have bulked up a bit, being squishier than before. Her skirt was working extremely hard to contain her! The mass from her belly seemed to be filling out the rest of her body – that’s why it was getting smaller!

Sophie worked hard on her body, this was an outrage! But she was in no position to get mad. Instead, she skulked back into the inside area and had a massive tantrum. sitting down on, she repeatedly swore to herself and cursed the contract she had signed. “What the fuck is happening to me….”

She was no damsel in distress. She was an independent woman. She should have read the small print though. What did they say about a quarantine? She had two months of this shit if she remembered it right. Two months! She sneezed. Her nose was itching again and causing her to sneeze out loud. “Ohhhhhh…. nooo…” Worse than that. She was hungry again. Not quite out of control like earlier, but hungry non the less.

A few hours passed since her last binge and her stomach was all but flat again. She looked over at the trough. She wanted this. She signed. In a weird way, Sophie knew that her decision to join gave her duties to fulfil and if that were indeed her role, to get rid of the waste, weirdly enough she was getting paid to do the service. Or was that the hunger talking, she pondered, walking back to the feeding tube.

Whatever the reason, Sophie was beginning to care less and less. Th hunger was overwhelming. She was already willing something to fall out of the tube, just so she could have something to eat. Glancing back at the window, she saw more people watching. There must have been six or seven observers. She still cared, it was still embarrassing to be stood there in her ripped clothes, with her fatter frame and strange growth, keçiören escort but she was hoping that by standing there someone would push a button or make an order and more food would come out. She tapped the button several times, letting the device open and shut before looking back up, expectantly. Some writing, nothing more.

Huffing, she sat down in the mud. Her skirt was now covered in the stuff, she didn’t care about how it looked. She had to take her mind off the hunger. She lay down, getting mud all over her back letting it squidge inside her top. It was extremely thick stuff and she could hear plopping noises when her body moved. Rolling on to her front and covering her boobs and stomach, she couldn’t get over how nice, weirdly, it felt. Her body was covered in mud now and she only cared about when her next meal was. patting her belly, she could tell it was back to about her normal size. It felt relatively toned again, the fatty deposits seemed to only spread the rest of her body. ‘Good’ she thought. Her abs where a part of her body she was proud of, even in her strange predicament she wanted them to stay on show – when she wasn’t full, that is.

She was becoming more fidgety now. tapping on the side of the trough. Her belly vocally grumbled, and she held it. She lay in the mud in a foetal position moaning to herself until, finally, she heard a soft whirring, followed by a bang and a splat. The tube was throwing out food again!

Quickly, she opened the grate and shoved her head in to the new food. This was more like oatmeal, although it smelled wonderful. Strong. As if her sense of smell had improved. like before, she didn’t care to notice this new development and dove in, gulping down mouthful after mouthful. The tube dumped more food in, all over Sophie’s head that time. She barely batted an eyelid, instead choosing to gorge further. So it carried on, another feeding, until she was finally lapping up residue off the bottom of the container again. Her belly was at full size again and for the first time felt very full – this was a much bigger meal than the last. At that thought, she felt a obvious sense of déjà vu.

Sitting up with her mind coming back into focus, Sophie noticed an object blocking the bottom her view. Not much, just enough to be noticeable. Thinking it to be food, Sophie grabbed at it, but was shocked to be able to feel her hands on her face. “It can’t be…”

Sophie felt a twinge of worry run through her. Turning to the wall mirrors, she stared in to them for a moment, before sharply gasping. “HOLY SHIT…..”

Her nostrils had widened. worse still, they had turned up and now faced outwards. Her pretty nose had drastically changed and now stuck out distinctly from her face. The rest of her features had stayed about the same, but there was no getting around the fact that she had developed an obvious snout. It was clearly very porcine in shape and along with the growth on her back Sophie knew what she was becoming. Curling her tail around her finger, she said softly to herself “I’ve agreed to be turned into a pig.”

She mused on this fact for a while. So desperate she was for a job, she didn’t consider the implications. Her life was less than that of a human now. What of her rights? Did she even have any, or would she soon be seen as an animal in the eyes of the law? The money – she was getting paid after all – where would that even go? Pigs don’t spend anything. A longing sigh escaped her lips as she examined her new face further. Was this a massive mistake?? Even with full prior knowledge, would she have agreed to this extreme change..? She thought no, but strangely enough, a small part of her appreciated going through such a unique experience.

Examining herself, she noticed a few less obvious changes. She had a few small spots on her belly and the tops of her ears where slightly pointed. Her hands and feet seemed to have thicker nails now, and was beginning to crack her nail polish off. New weight gain seemed to be primarily in her breasts and thighs. As usual her belly was ballooned out after the feeding, but she expected that to go down in a similar manner to before, spreading the mass to different areas of her body.

Sophie took to the inside of her new enclosure. She tried to avoid looking at the reflections and eventually, drifted off to sleep. Her body was exhausted after such large feedings. She hardly slept well, instead tossing and turning. Her body was Still changing and she could feel it, so getting comfortable was difficult. She was aware of her extended ears and of the growing sensation in her ass and tits. But she was drifting in and out of consciousness and couldn’t properly tally up the changes. Eventually, all went black and she lay there, in her new home, until daylight rose over the enclosure.

When she woke up, the first thing she noticed was another bout of extreme hunger. She didn’t even check her reflection, she just clumsily crawled over to the trough and begun to eat again, casually noticing that she seemed heavier still. She had no idea how long the food had been there for, but she also did not care in the slightest, instead feasting as she had before. Once finished and the hunger subsided, she checked her body for more changes. She knew there would be, she felt them developing during her disturbed sleep.

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