How Did She Know I Liked It Up My Ass?How Did She Know I Liked It Up My Ass?


How Did She Know I Liked It Up My Ass?Since I was a teenager, I have fantasized about forced femminization, slut training, dildo training, CBT, etc but outside of dressing up in my mothers and sisters clothes and occasionally fucking my ass with a carrot, cucumber or any other phallic device laying around the house did nothing about it. However, this day that was all going to change when I made an appointment with a very sexy Thai escort, Tatiana. I had seen several times already. My past visits were basic boy-girl sex. Light kissing, titty sucking, a little pussy licking, bare back blow job, put on a condom, and ride me until I came – nothing too exciting.When I arrived, she greeted me at the door in a nice black see through negligee and a black G-string. We kissed at the doorway and I reached down pulling her G-string aside and started fingering her pussy. She was already wet, so she must have been fantasizing about the session. She then guided me into the apartment and offered me a drink. After a nice double shot of tequila, güvenilir bahis I was feeling ready for some fun! She told me to go into the bedroom and get undressed and she would be right in. I found my way to the bedroom and saw a porn already playing. As I undressed the tequila started to kick in and my inhibitions disappeared. Before I was undressed my cock was already hard and ready for action. My back was to the door, but I heard Tatiana come in the bedroom. When I turned around I was shocked at what I saw. Standing in front of me was this beautiful Thai girl with nice perky tits, thigh high stockings, and high heels, but instead of a well trimmed pussy was a 8 inch strap on dildo! She quickly announced, “I bet mine is bigger than yours”! At this point my brain caught up to what was happening and I really got turned on. I went over to her and we measured our cocks and sure enough hers was about an inch bigger than mine.We then started to kiss, but not like before, she was much more aggressive and squeezing my güvenilir bahis siteleri cock and balls really hard, which I love. I whispered to her, how did you know – she replied she just did. I asked her if she had ever done this with another guy and she said no, I was her first! She then dressed me up in white thigh high stockings and white 5 inch pumps the whole time talking dirty tome me. “I want to shave your legs, cock and balls and fuck you”! I was so turned on. She then told me to get on my knees and suck her cock, which I did with pleasure. After a few minutes of this we got onto her waterbed and did some cock sword fighting.She then told me to get on all fours so she could fuck my ass. I did as I was told, but was a bit nervous since I have always controlled what went in my ass, how deep, how fast, and when I had enough. I felt the lube as she squirted it on my ass. I could tell she rubbed some on her strap on, but wasted no time to loosen my ass with her finger or get some lube on the inside, instead iddaa siteleri I felt the head of the strap on touch my asshole and the next thing I felt was the entire 8 inch cock go into my ass. I screamed at first then realized how good it felt. She reached over and squeezed my cock and balls and whispered into my ear: “You love cock don’t you”! I whispered back “yes I do”!It took her several minutes before she got a good rhythm, but before long she was fucking my ass with good long hard steady strokes. After about 5 minutes fucking me doggy style she told me to get on my back. She then proceeded to fuck me missionary – I even wrapped my legs around her and squeezed her strap on cock deep inside my ass. This was a dream cum true. When I thought my erotic adventure was over, she pulled her cock out of my ass and reached over for another dildo. This one was larger and much thicker. She told me she was going to fuck my ass and suck my cock. The next 10 minutes was the most erotic experience of my life so far – dressed like a slut laying on my back getting my ass fucked by a sexy little Thai girl with a huge dildo while she sucked my cock. It did not take long before I shot my load all over her face and in her mouth. She used her tongue and fingers to get every last drop!

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