How a hotel waiter fucked meHow a hotel waiter fucked me

Age Differences

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old, fairly slim, with 36c breasts. Thisis a true incident I’m narrating about a time last year when I visited the countryside with my family. I won’t mention the place so as to remain anonymous. Anyway, I was there with my family and I was sharing a room in a hotel with another younger female cousin of mine. On that particular morning, I woke up quite early when my boyfriendcalled me. My cousin, Susan, was still fast asleep. We hadn’t had sex for more than a week, so I was feeling quite horny, and talking to him made me even more so. So by time he hung etlik escort up the phone, I had already taken off my pygamas and was masturbating myself. In just a few minutes, I had reached orgasm but still I wasn’t satisfied, so I kept going, while fantasizing about my boyfriend’s eight inch cock. Suddenly I heard someone at the door. I quickly covered myself, knowing that the door wasn’t locked. I lay sideways on the bed with my back towards the door. What I didn’t realize was that my ass was uncovered, along with some part of my thighs. By the time I keçiören escort realized it, it was too late. A waiter had walked in. Idecided to pretend to be sleeping, and started snoring lightly. It was really difficult to pretend knowing that he could see my ass and my glistening pussy juices dripping from my pussy hole. But I kept my nerves. I could feel him walk up to me. For a moment, nothing happened. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass. Damn it felt electric! God knows how I kept myself still. But that was only physical. Mentally, I had submitted. kızılay escort I knew if he did that one more time, I wouldn’t be able to resist. After a few seconds, when he was sure that I hadn’t reacted, he touched me again, this time with a finger between my pussy lips. I reached orgasm! Up until then, the tension hadn’t made me realize how much I was enjoying the situation, but his finger had the magic effect that was required. I gave a slight moan. That was the green signal for him, I guess. The next thing I knew, hewas rubbing my pussy, slowly at first, then quite frantically. Suddenly I felt him get up and go towards the door. I thought, with relief (and disappointment), that that was the end of it. But no! I heard him close the door! He came back towards me, sat at the edge of the bed, and tried touching my face, but I quickly covered it with the sheets.

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