Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 30Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 30


The next day was Monday, a school day for the cheerleaders. For the housewives, it was just a continuation of the weekend. Samantha, Betty Ann, and Janice gathered at Jessica’s, sipping mimosas by the pool and watching as Marie practiced her rope techniques on Jane in the living room. Some of the positions she was put in looked extremely uncomfortable, but Jane suffered it all without a word of complaint. Later she was brought outside and made to service each woman in turn. Janice, who went first, noticed that Jane’s head was now covered with a fine coating of stubble; reaching down, she confirmed that the same thing was happening between the new slave’s legs.

Meanwhile, at the high school, things were buzzing. It was a short week because of Thanksgiving, with the last home game of the season coming the day after the holiday. There was a lot of energy in the air and everyone seemed unusually hyped up.

Toward the end of lunchtime Kat ran into Olivia, who was looking especially cute in a pink skirt and tight sweater. Before she knew what was happening, Olivia found herself being pulled escort london into a broom closet, fingered, and then made to clean her own juices off Kat’s hand. Something about the way Kat carried herself now, full of newfound forcefulness, made Olivia submit to her without hesitation.

Soon it was time for class again. Kelly Ann had English class right after lunch, but had a hard time concentrating. Instead she sat there daydreaming about her English teacher, Ms. Valentine.

Ms. Valentine was a prim-and-proper type with brown hair and glasses; Kelly imagined her stripping off her pants, sitting down on Kelly’s desk, and spreading her legs wide. In the fantasy Kelly started licking her teacher’s pussy right there in front of everybody. This got her so wet that she forgot what was going on, and it was only when the teacher said “Miss Collins?” that Kelly realized Ms. Valentine had asked her a question.

That brought a smile from Adriana, who had been watching Kelly watch Ms. Valentine with a very good idea of what was going on in her head. Ana drifted off into a little fantasy dubai escorts of her own where Ms. Valentine caught her texting in class. She had just finished sending a text to Kelly that said “I want to eat ur pussy rite now” when Ms. V came up behind her and snatched the phone out of her hand… after reading what was on it she told Ana and Kelly to stay after class. As soon as class was over and everyone else had left Ms. V closed the door and locked it… she quickly and roughly stripped Ana naked and used her blouse to tie her hands behind her back. The teacher forced Ana to her knees as Kelly, without having to be told, sat down in Ms. V’s chair, hiked up her skirt, and pulled off her panties. Ms. V guided Ana’s head into Kelly’s dripping crotch, saying “Is this what you wanted?”

Ana could feel the juice dripping between her legs as her fantasy continued. She was on her knees licking Kelly as Ms. V produced a strap-on from her desk drawer and got into it. For a minute Ana was sucking Kelly’s clit, then the strap-on, then Kelly’s clit, then the strap-on… then she was being fucked Escort Dubai from behind by her teacher as she brought Kelly to orgasm with her tongue. The scene was so vivid, so hot, that an involuntary “Fuck…” escaped Ana’s lips; it was a whisper, but loud enough to attract the attention of the entire class.

“Excuse me?” said Ms. Valentine, and Ana hid her head in embarrassment.

Also embarrassed at that very moment was Samantha Bowman, who had completely forgotten not to stare at her yoga teacher’s tits. The teacher, Serena, was a tall, lithe, magnificent blonde creature with breasts just a little larger than you’d expect on her frame. Usually Samantha was very adept at looking for a few seconds and then turning her head. But today she was off her game — a little drunk from the mimosas, still — and had been gazing uninterruptedly for a minute or more when she looked up to see Serena staring right back at her.

Serena didn’t say anything, just continued with the next pose, but Samantha knew she had been busted and turned bright red. Still, she wondered if Serena had enjoyed her attentions. She had wanted to get into Serena’s yoga pants so badly for so long now, but was intimidated by her, didn’t know how to break the ice. She would have to talk to Jessica about it, she decided; Jessica would know what to do.

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