House HuntingHouse Hunting


There is a maze of lanes within the rich suburb; narrow, leafy roads that wind between the large houses with their high walls and hidden gardens. Many of these big houses were selling off their gardens to allow new apartments to be built in this expensive backwater of London.

I had decided to walk. The rest of the team were working on a nearby redevelopment, and the boss had asked me to go to the Show-Flat in the recently finished block of prestigious apartments overlooking the river.

“I’ve left the plans there. Go and fetch them for me will you, Jim? I’ll be back later this afternoon.”

It was a lovely early September day. The sun was warm and the sky flecked with thin clouds. I had just slipped through the shortcut between the ivy-covered brick walls surrounding some fine old Georgian houses, when I saw a woman walking towards me. She was a well-dressed lady, possibly in her late thirties or forties. Her hair was immaculately styled and I could tell from the way she carried herself with confidence, that here was a lady used to having everything she desires.

As I looked her way, our eyes met and there was this instant flash that occurs only rarely. I felt my pulse race. She slowed up as I approached. She carried an envelope in her hand, the address written in sweeping italic writing.

“I wonder, could you tell me ….“ she started slowly. “I’m trying to find my way to the river and I seem to have lost my bearings……”

Her eyes burrowed into mine. I saw her look down at my tanned arms and my plaster covered T-shirt.

“The river…?” I blurted. “Er, well, it’s down ….. I’m going that way … would you like me to show you?”

“I’d be delighted.” she replied, and gave a little laugh. “These narrow lanes can be confusing to the visitor!” She had a faint trace of a foreign accent, possibly French. She turned on her elegant heel and walked beside me.

She asked me about my job, and I explained to her about the buildings I had been working on. As we walked, she had many questions about these apartments. It seemed that she was bored with her own penthouse apartment in the city, and was looking to invest a little money in buying some real estate in this area.

As we drew close to my destination, I said to her,
“The river is just at the end of that lane. I need to go in here….”

She looked in through the high wrought-iron gates into the deserted tree-covered quadrangle.

“And this is the building you’ve just been working on….?”

I put the key into the gate. It seemed strange that she was standing here chatting to me, when she had an appointment down near the river.

“I would love to see inside .. could I?”

“I only have the key to the Show-Flat ….. I’m only here to pick up the drawings ..”

She slipped through the gate and stood and looked around as I locked the gate behind me. She giggled a little nervously.

“After you,” she said. “By the way, I’m Suzanne. What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you, Jim.”

The flat was a sumptuous open-plan space overlooking the river. Huge windows opened out on to the balcony. The interior was not to my taste, but it was elegantly furnished with pale leather covered armchairs and sofa, a big glass coffee table and gold framed mirrors. In one corner, behind the screen and the potted bamboo, was a king sized bed with deep maroon satin covers.

She took off her jacket as she walked over to the window, slid it open and walked out on to the balcony. I followed her and watched as she turned and leant right back against the railings, facing me. Her breasts strained against her silk blouse.

“There’s always something I’ve wanted to do on a balcony like this Jim,” she said, lifting her leg and holding in crooked beyoğlu escort against the steel. I leant beside her, facing her. She looked me deep in the eyes and smiled.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck in the open, somewhere like this where there’s a chance I might be seen….” she said, her eyes shining. She rolled her tongue over her lips, laughing as I swallowed hard and stuttered the next sentence.

“But Mrs …. I mean, Suzanne. I hardly …..” I was confused. What brought this on? I just stood there, struggling for words.

She laughed again and placed her hand on the front of my trousers. I had a growing erection, I must admit, and with her hand there I felt the blood rush.

“Don’t be shy, Jim. Will you do that for me?”

Suddenly she grabbed my head and drew me to hers, fastening her lips on to mine. She tasted sweet and hot, and the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils. Her tongue forced itself into my mouth and she attacked me fiercely. Her hand was still on the front of my trousers, stroking my growing erection.

I should have tried to fight her off. I didn’t have any idea who this woman was, but she was beautiful, she was tasty, she was hot … and she had her hand on my cock.

“Go on, fuck me, Jim. I need you NOW!” she hissed between her teeth and her hand started to unzip my flies. Her fingers fought quickly into my shorts and found my hot throbbing cock. She pulled me out and feverishly started to masturbate me.

I felt my confusion vanish. My cock fattened beneath her fingers.

“Fuck me now! From behind!” she groaned. While I kissed her, I pushed my hands down her back and pulled up her skirt. As I ran my fingers over her bottom I realised with a surge of lust that she was wearing no knickers. I immediately slipped my hand between her legs and found her bush wet and hot, her lips slippery and smooth to the touch. I thrust two fingers inside her and felt her bite my lower lip.

“Yes!” she breathed, rubbing herself up against me. I needed her now, so I pulled away from her mouth and spun her around, none too gently, until she was bending over the railing looking out over the river. A rowing boat fought the current below, two rowers straining hard against the oars, as I lifted her skirt over her arse, slapped her cheeks and forced her legs apart. Then I freed my cock fully from the restraining shorts and slid into her. I’ve never known my cock get so big. The suddenness, the violence, had all given my cock its head and had filled up to prove it.

She let out a loud groan as I forced into her, thrusting deep. I wasn’t playing any games here, I needed to fuck her and I needed to cum and that was all that was on my mind. She stretched back, her hands holding tight on to the rail, thrusting her arse hard against me as I pounded into her. My fingers bit into her pale skin. My cock slid in and out of her, purple and angry and desperate. Then, at the final slap of flesh upon flesh I felt my cock explode inside her. I held myself against her now as it twitched and shot its hot seed within. She gripped me now, using her muscles to milk the last drops from me.

I finally pulled myself free and put myself away and zipped my trousers up again.

“So soon?” she said, turning. Her face was deeply flushed and her eyes had a hard, cruel look in them. “My big boy all ready to go?”

She strode past me into the apartment, slipping off clothes as she did so. Once inside she turned to me again. She was dressed only in her stockings and suspender belt and her sharp high heels. She stood on the glass coffee table, spilling a glass of flowers as she did so. The water trickled from the glass and created a dark puddle on the pale carpet. She stood, legs apart, looking at herself in the large gilt-edged sarıyer escort mirror.

“Come here!” she said. Her legs were outstretched and her bush was wild and white where my cum hung in sticky drops.

“Clean me up!” she ordered. I walked forward, tentative but thrilled. Although my lust was spent, I felt a stirring.

“Suck me clean,” she said. So I knelt on the carpet and leant forward until my nose was level with her sex. She smelt of musk and hunger. “Lick me!” she ordered again. I knew she was enjoying watching the reflection of my hunched back moving between her thighs. I moved up and slipped my hands around her naked buttocks and pressed my face into the moist heaven in front of me. Then I started licking. I sucked and licked and ran my tongue heavily over her bud until I felt her legs start to collapse into my shoulders. She was humping my face now, bringing herself off on me as I licked. She groaned and held my head. Her stiletto heels scraped a jagged scratch across the glass.

“Yes Yes!” she screeched. I felt her thrust and then shiver. She came heavily and I swallowed hard. Then she pulled away and stepped off the coffee table. I almost fell forward. She flopped down on to the pale leather sofa, lifting her legs wide showing me the violent redness of her cunt.

“You lick well for a young man,” she said, stroking herself and fingering her nipples. I could see that her cum was trickling out of her and creating a dark stain on the pale leather. Oh, no! This was the Show-Flat!! And here she was wrecking it. But somehow her disrespect, her disregard for anything at all excited me.

“Ah! I can see you’re quite turned on by this.” My cock was growing again; messages were rushing to my brain. She laughed and licked her finger. “Come on Jim, you can wank for me, you know you want to.”

I was dumbfounded at her language, yet my cock sent messages to my brain … “Get me out!! Stroke me!! Wank me!!”

“Kick your clothes off, don’t be shy. I like the look of a young man’s body,” she said, running her tongue across her lips and sliding her naked sex over the soft leather. “And you know how easily I get turned on, don’t you, Jim….”

I couldn’t strip off right in front of her, it didn’t seem right, I don’t know why. So I turned around and removed my clothes. When I turned back to her, naked, her eyes lit up when they saw me. She was slowly stroking herself, running her fingers around her nipple. I held my cock now … half through embarrassment, and half because my brain was still screaming at me to wank.

“Come on Jim. Isn’t this a dream you’ve had? Wanking over this disgustingly expensive furniture? Imagining a naked woman in front of you as you did so? Yes …… !” she said, smiling, summoning me over with a crooked finger. I stood over her, still holding my cock. She started sliding her finger in and out of herself. “That’s right, Jimmy, “ she breathed. “Make yourself cum! Bring yourself off over my naked tits! Look at me fingering myself as you do it! C’mon Jimmy ….”

I needed no more persuasion. I thumped myself hard with my fist, looking at her breasts, her slippery fingers playing around her hot snatch, the wet pool of juices that crept across the leather, rubbed in by her thrusting naked skin.

“Is that good?” she pleaded, “Is that good wanking over my hot sexy body?”

Suddenly I felt myself buck between my fist and the white sticky seed shot from the tip of my cock. The first big ejaculation hit the sofa, the second hit her breast, and the remaining small flecks splashed out onto her face and her hair as I feverishly finished myself off.

Then, surprised by her strength, I felt myself grabbed and thrown down across the sofa. As her heels tore and punctured the pale hide, maslak escort I felt her go down on my shrinking cock, sucking and licking like a woman insane. I felt with a distant thrill, her fingers and tongue roaming everywhere between my legs. Lifting me up, thrusting me down, rubbing her naked breasts into my thighs, slipping a finger into my arse. This was rough sex, and I found it really turning me on.

“Do you like to fuck arses, Jim? Would you like this mature woman’s arsehole around your cock?”

I’d never done it before, but it sure was a big fantasy I had. It was the one thing my cock needed, for soon for it stiffened from the soft curve it had sunk to. I felt her lips slipping up and down the length of me. I lay back and watched the slit of her arse as she knelt down over me, like a gash in the perfect roundness of her buttocks.

She slipped her mouth away. Saliva (or was it my precum?) trickled from her lips and she wiped it away with her tongue.

“Stay there …” she ordered. I lay back on the wrecked sofa as she stepped over and bent down and furrowed around in her bag. The first thing she found was a Whisky miniature, which she opened and drank down in one. The bottle rolled to the floor. She licked her lips. Then she brought out a tube of cream and took the top off.

“You’ll enjoy this, Jim. I know I do.” A gob of lubricant hung off the end of the tube and fell to the carpet.

“Where shall we do this?” She looked around the immaculate flat. “Where shall I be when your cock is pushing up my arse?” Her free hand snaked between her legs. I know she, as I, was getting a huge hit off this.

“Mmmmmmm….” she had noticed the bed. She went over and stood beside the bed. Then she knocked over the screen, which crushed the bamboo plant beneath it.

“We can watch each other in the mirrors now ……” she said. “Come here!”

I got up off the sofa. My cock bounced and stiffened as I saw her kneeling on the red satin bedspread. I stood behind her and she watched me in the mirror.

“Plenty of lubrication!” she said. “And take it slow to start with.”

I rested my shiny, lubricated cock against the small brown bud of her arse.

“Use your finger…” she husked. “Here…”, and she leant back and slipped her own finger inside. Taking her cue I did the same. It was a strange, ribbed feeling. I wasn’t sue whether I liked it or not, but my cock was bursting to have a go. So, keen to cut out the foreplay I placed my cock there again and pushed. With a cry she opened up and let me in. The head slipped in at first and met a barrier. Then, with an urgency that only a cock can have, it pushed in further and at once I felt myself slide deep and tight into the dark, pungent mystery of her arse. I closed my eyes, and my cock dragged me fully in. Ah! My balls ground against her buttocks. I rested a second, deep inside her. My cock was too urgent to hang around, though. Soon I was forgetting her cries of pain and lust; I was hitting her hard, pumping her, hurting her, biting her skin with my fingers, getting dragged speedily upwards on the wings of my orgasm.

We watched each other in the mirror, two animals on heat. Our sweat dripped on to the bedspread, her heels tore the fabric. I watched and I heard, no! I felt as she exploded internally, cumming again and again, shit! The sensations on my skin, the lust and desire in my head, the odours of sex in my nostrils, the vision of the fucking bodies in the mirror all combined to release my sperm too. With a grunt, I bucked and thrust and came heavily inside her.

Then we collapsed laughing and kissing on to the bed.

Sometime later I trailed dripping water from the shower to find her fully dressed once more. Under her arm were the drawings.

“Oh shit! The drawings …..” I cried.

“That’s OK Jim, I’ll take them to your boss right now; my husband, that is!” and blowing me a kiss she walked out the door and left it swaying behind her …….

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