Hotel 3-wayHotel 3-way

Big Tits

I’m a 24 year old single bi guy. 6 feet tall 160lbs in pretty good shape, 8 in cut dick. I enjoy women very much but also have an interest in messing around with a hot guy.

I was at home alone one evening, surfing the internet, and decided to log onto the gay chat room. No sooner than I logged on I got a message.

“Hey whats up?”

“I’m good, you?” I replied

“Good, you lookin’ to hook up?”

I checked his profile. A couple, one 35, 6’0, 175, 8″cut, the other 23, 5’10, 160 7.5″cut. Both white.

“Uh sure, what do you have in mind?” I ask

“We got a hotel room. You can come here if you’d like.”

“Ok” I said.

I got the directions, cleaned up, and headed out. About 20 minutes later I arrived at the hotel, actually an upscale hotel. I knocked on the door, the older guy answered.

“I’m Rick, that’s Sean” he said. I looked over to see Sean already naked laying casually on the bed. Both of them excellent looking guys.

“I’m Alan, nice to meet you guys” I replied as I walked in. Rick walked up to me and began to kiss me. As we made out we began caressing our covered dicks with our hands. Sean was laying on the bed jerking off to us making out. izmir escort Rick guided me to the bed as he stripped naked. The both of them started to undress me as I started kissing Sean.

Once naked, Rick leaned down and started sucking my hard cock as Sean positioned himself dick level to my face. I moved my mouth to his dick and he entered my mouth. We all lay on the bed, Rick sucking on me, me sucking on Sean. I was in heaven, it felt so good and Sean tasted so good as I licked up and down his shaft and sucked on his head. Rick then motioned me to flip over, so I lay doggy style on my knees and continued to suck off Sean. I felt Rick’s tongue make his way around my crack and into my asshole.

“Oh yeah” I moaned with my mouth still full of dick. Rick ate me out as Sean fucked my mouth, I was in heaven. After having his tongue stuck up my ass for several minutes, Rick motioned him and Sean to switch places. Rick layed on the bed in front of me and Sean grabbed a bottle of lube and rubbed it on my perked asshole. He positioned himself behind me doggy style. He caressed my ass with his hard cock as he slowly pushed his way inside me. “Ohhh God” i alsancak escort moaned, it felt so good. As he started thrusting back and forth and fucking my ass I took Rick’s hard cock in my mouth.

Here I was getting double teamed and I was loving every minute of it. Sean’s dick felt so good as he fucked me good. I worshiped Rick’s cock as I did to Sean’s earlier. Then Rick got up and Sean pulled out and they flipped me on my back. Sean positioned me missionary style in front of him and Rick knealt over my face. As Sean continued fucking my ass he held my ankles and started sucking on my feet. with rick knelled over me I began worshiping his balls and cock and ran my tongue towards his ass.

Here I was, laying on my back on a hotel bed, legs held by my ankles in the air, being ass fucked and having my feet sucked on by a 23 year old hottie, while an equally hot man was leaning over me as I was worshiping his asshole. I felt like a dirty boy and I LOVED it. I guess I’m a good asslicker because a couple minutes later, Rick started groaning “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” He leaned forward and positioned his dick above my mouth and let loose. I opened buca escort my mouth and stuck out my tongue in time to catch his cum. He shot it all in my mouth and on my face around my mouth. I swallowed what I had in my mouth then took his dick in my mouth and sucked the rest out. As this went on Sean started to groan an he pulled out and positioned himself over me and gave me a huge load all over my face. It was one of the biggest loads I had ever seen. He jerked for about 20 seconds as cum continually shot out of his dick onto my face and in my mouth. I swallowed what landed in my mouth and layed there with a huge facial.

As I layed there, they both positioned face level with my dick and both began sucking me off and licking my balls and fingering my gaped ass. It wasn’t long with the thrill of sucking, being fucked and having been cummed on that I felt the sensation of cum stating to fill my cock.

“Oh Shit, here it comes” I warned. Sean began eagerly sucking me off as I started shooting my load into his mouth. He pulled back and Rick kissed him passionately as they snowballed my load of cum. They then made there way up to me and began both kissing on me, sharing my cum with me and tasting there own. Rick licked around my chin and my cheeks taking in the extra from himself and Sean as Sean had his tongue deep in my mouth.

We all three then layed together in the bed, exhausted and fulfilled from our experience, and fell asleep together with the reminents of cum still on my face and in there mouths.

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