Hot sex with me changed my husbandHot sex with me changed my husband


Hot sex with me changed my husbanddeleteddeletedIt was a tough time for me to understand most of the things happening in my life. I was married to a person whom my parents had selected and that man used to treat me like his sex material and except that he never used to spend time with me. It was really not going well for me. One night when he was taking my clothes off, I told him that I would do sex with him only when he behaves decently. He made a sought at me and them harshly made me naked and fucked my pussy.I really had no more interest to enjoy the sex with him. One day when there was no more person in the home for a week then I had got the best chance to have a fight with my rude husband. He came in a drunk that night and asked me to open my clothes. I agreed and opened my every clothes. Earlier he just used to make me half naked for the sex and has never seen me totally naked. But this time when he saw me in that way then he started appreciating my beauty for the first time.He came closer to me and then I complained about the smell which he has got from the drink. Then he said sorry to me for the first time and went to the kitchen to get some mouth freshener. He now again tried to touch kaçak iddaa my naked body but I pushed myself towards the sofa. When I was lying on the sofa then he saw my clean pussy and he really had crush on that. He told me that for the first time he has found me more attractive and asked me to ask him for anything.I just asked him to behave properly as we need to create a family not to destroy the same. He agreed easily on a promise that he would like to lick my hot clean pussy. I asked him to wait as he will get more hardness in his penis. I asked him to stay away and let me exhibit my whole naked body which will make the things different. At that time I was thinking that my watching of the porn movies are proving me right now and with the help of the same finally I had found the best interest of my husband who was ready to agree anything what I had in my mind.I exhibited my naked sexy body in a more decent way. I used to do the cat walk in front of him and when he tries to touch me then I used to throw the promise thing to him. He too had made himself naked and was really a hard man to look as he was not as clean as I used to imagine in my dreams. I started exhibiting my body from my pussy hole kaçak bahis to my asshole. He really enjoyed the whole act and forgets about everything else.This all was going my way as finally I have seen the control of mine on my tough husband. While exhibiting my naked body to him I took some promises from him that he has todo for the betterment of the family. It was the peak time and he was agreeing to my demands easily. I also told him that tomorrow morning we would be talking bath togetherwhere I would be cleaning his dark penis area from the grown hair. Now I too wanted him to fuck me like a bitch and lay on the sofa to give him the open pussy invitation ofthe fuck.The big surprised I saw at that time when instead of inserting his penis in my pussy he kissed me longer and then he told me that he has finally in love with me after mythis behavior. I was shying with that as he treated me really differently this time and put my hands over the face and opened the way to my pussy for his penis. Soon I foundthat he was using his tongue deeply inside my sweet pussy. It was amazing and I was enjoying that at the best. He then made me wet and started pushing his hard penis insidemy pussy.This was really illegal bahis the best experience of my life as his behavior and everything was changed in having sex with me. I even guided him for the next positions and he too was gladwith those all. When he was feeling to ejaculate then I asked him to make me to taste that sperms. He gave me a bit taste of that and I swallowed my husband’s sperm. Thatnight we slept like a lovers as in the night he fucked me once more with a better erected penis.The very next morning as I have said he started behaving that way and I cleaned his all pubic hairs after which he again fucked me harder. I smiled on his every strokes andhe too behaved like my lover. Those days were really awesome as my husband changed truly as my man and he even had left the drinks and has started behaving like a decentman. Now even I used to plan for the night that I would give my pussy this way to him as he has really been so sweet to me.When the other family members came then they were surprised to saw that change in him. He has now started respecting every human and yes he loves me more than ever. I amreally lucky to have him as my husband. But he is still rude at one point and it comes when he has got the hard penis stroking my sweet pussy in the night. We almost enjoythe sex every night and hence enjoying the life well with him. If everyday fucking of my pussy can make him happy then I

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