Hot Houston NightsHot Houston Nights


About 6 few months ago, I started a new job in a new city. My new opportunity was in the city of Houston, a bustling metropolis of over 4 million people. As well advertised, the city is hot, humid and more than occasionally wet. Actually, the 5 month long Summers are really not all that bad as long as you stay indoors in the cool air conditioning. If air conditioning had not yet been invented, I would most likely feel differently. The climate is very similar to northern Florida, and Florida is the prime destination for retirees. No offense to people who live in Minneapolis or Buffalo, but I prefer humid 95 degree days over a cold snowy 5 degree day.

Houston was a welcome destination in that I had spent the previous 2 years working in the Middle East on an engineering and constuction project. My new position was not a career change because I found employment with one of the larger engineering and construction ( E and C ) companies in the Houston area. Since I was fairly well paid by my new employer, I found an upscale apartment in the Galleria area on the western side of Houston. In all of my 35 years I had never lived in a city as large as Houston. I quickly settled into a routine of working out in my apartments’ exercise room about 4 times per week. I did the Monday- Wednesday-Friday workouts with an additional lighter workout on Saturday or Sunday. Staying healthy as well as in shape was very important to me. Even while I lived in the Middle East, I had worked out vigorously 4 -5 times per week. Although I was 35, the many years of weight training had provided me with a nicely chiseled upper body.

After about 4 weeks in my new apartment, I noticed that 2 very attractive females were moving in across the street from me. From my window I could guess that they were both in their twenties. One girl was a blond while the other was a brunette. They had hired one of those local moving companies to move them in. Luckily for me, my living room window looked out across the street toward their apartment. If I had my blinds up, I could see them coming or going from their apartment. Since they were in a completely different building than me, the chances of me meeting one of the beauties was possible but not likely.

About 1 week after the girls had moved in, I was lifting weights in the workout room. It was a Sunday night, and I was the only person in the weight room. I had only been in the room for about 5 minutes when both of my new neighbors walked right in. We exchanged hi’s before the girls surveyed the exercise equipment. It was obvious that this was their first visit to the apartment’s exercise room; however, by the way they were both built, they had obviously spent many hours in some sort of exercise regimen. They were both wearing exercise shorts which gave me an excellent view of their tanned shapely legs. The brunette was wearing a San Francisco 49ners T-shirt which concealed her spectacular chest. The blond appeared to wearing a blue blouse at least 1 size to small because I could barely see her nipples beneath the thin fabric.

The brunette climbed on the treadmill and began looking at the various buttons to push. Seeing my opportunity, I walked over and quickly showed her how to start the treadmill. After getting her moving on the treadmill, I introduced myself. I was now able to place names with their cute faces and smokin’ bodies. The brunette was named Corrine while the blond’s name was Susan. I quickly connected to Corrine as we began discussing the San Francisco 49ners. Although she was original from the Northeast, she was a huge 49ners fan – just as I was. She said that she used to have a huge crush on Joe Montana when she was in her early teens. After Susan had climbed on the Stairmaster, I began walking on the second treadmill directly between both of them. As we talked, I found that Corrine was a real estate agent while Susan was a nursing student. On the weekend I normally do not stay in the weight room for the full hour and a half that I do on the weeknights, but I was determined not to leave the weight room until they left. When Corrine finished on the treadmill, Susan climbed on and began walking and then running. With every step, her hefty boobs began slightly bouncing. A large mirror on the weight room wall directly in front of us gave me a perfect view of the scenery. After they did some work on some light weights, they left and returned to their apartment. I stayed a few more minutes before leaving myself.

On the following Monday after work, I walked over to the weight room to begin my workout. To my surprise, Corrine and Susan were already on the treadmills. Over the next several weeks, I would see them at least 3 times per week in the weight room. They usually started their workout at about 7:00 PM and were out by 8:00 PM. I adjusted my workout schedule slightly to maximize my time with them. During our conversations, I discovered that Corrine was 27 and Susan was 24 years old. Corrine had a distinctive but sexy New England accent and had lived in Houston for about 5 years. Susan was a pure ataşehir escort Texan having lived in Houston all her life. They both knew that I was divorced and new to the Houston area. I had certainly thought about asking one of them out; however, I had not yet mustered enough courage for an attempt. Both of these girls were drop dead gorgeous and could obviously date pretty much any guy they wanted.

I had now lived in Houston for about 2 months and began developing some friends, mostly from work. A friend of mine at work named Tim asked if I wanted to go with him to one of Houston’s upscale topless clubs. This club is in fact right around the corner from my apartment. I had been in only 1 or 2 strip clubs before, and those were in much smaller cities. This topless bar was nothing less than spectacular. I was hypnotized and mesmerized by all of the hot attractive entertainers. We arrived around 7:30, and ordered drinks as well as some Dinner. We had a small table only about 7 feet from the main stage. We had dropped a few dollar bills into the g-strings of the girls on the stage, but we had not yet had a personalized table dance from one of the dancers.

It was almost now almost 9:00 when I felt a girl’s hands over my eyes. As I looked up, I saw Corrine dressed in a super slinky outfit. Although it was obvious that she worked here as one of the entertainers, I found myself extremely embarrased being caught in a titty bar. She pulled up a chair between Tim and I and mentioned that Susan worked here and was here tonight also. Before too long, Susan had joined us at the table. They indicated that they worked here about 3 – 4 times per week in addition to Corrine’s real estate career and Susan’s nursing studies. After the 4 of us had talked for about 15 minutes, Corrine asked if we were ready for a dance. I had been dying to see these girls naked for a month so I quickly said “absolutely”.

As the next song began, Corrine stood up in front of me while Susan was standing in front of Tim. Within 10 seconds, both of these sex goddesses were stripped down to nothing but a small thong as well as their 4 inch heels. I then feasted my eyes on Corrine’s twin peaks. They were completely tanned although most likely surgical enhanced. However, they were certainly not overly large but absolutely perfect for her slender 23 inch waist. She moved seductively and also rhythmically with the loud music. She had a cute way of holding her arms way above her head while at the same time moving her hips. Her taut stomach was showcased with a belly chain which hung a couple of inches beneath her belly button. I gazed over at Tim who was obviously in some sort of trance. Susan was now dancing with her back to Tim giving us both a view of her shapely and very tight ass.

My attention soon returned to Corrine who ran her index fingers around both of her nipples before squeezing them together. My cock was now almost completely erect and bulging up beneath my pants. Corrine stared down at my crotch, and looked directly in my eyes. My dreamgirl then smiled at me, winked at me and then almost sent me over the edge as her tongue emerged from her mouth and touched her upper lip. Corrine slowly twirled around to again give me a view of her gorgeous backside. Meanwhile, Susan was dancing such that she was now again facing Tim. Susan’s boobs actually appeared to be her original equipment. They were just as large as Corrine’s but not quite as firm or pert. Susan’s breasts were not only big and beautiful, but she sported a a set of silver dollar sized areola surrounding her nipples. Her big blue eyes, full luscious lips and curvy body had Tim almost drooling.

This was a very warm Spring day in Houston, so I had chosen to wear short pants to the club. This paid huge dividends as Corrine’s satiny smooth legs were rubbing against my legs during her seductive dance. After the song ended, Corrine sat right in my lap while Susan sat herself down in Tim’s lap. We had great conversation with both girls for another 10 minutes or so before Corrine and Susan traded places so that Susan stood in front of me while Corrine was standing in front of Tim. As the next song began, my eyes were focused intently at Susan’s gigantic blue eyes. My gaze soon traveled South to her spectacular natural breasts. On the bottom left side of her flat tummy I noticed a Playboy Bunny emblem. It wasn’t a tattoo but rather a spot on her stomach that she obviously covers with a Playboy emblem during her tanning sessions. Tim and I switched again with Corrine stripping and dancing for me and Susan doing the same for him. After they spent almost 45 minutes with us in conversation or dancing, Corrine’s stage name was called. She would be on stage within the next 10 -15 minutes. They both soon rose from our very happy laps, kissed us on the cheek and departed backstage.

Two songs later, Corrine appeared on the main stage. As did all the other entertainers, Corrine was on stage for a total of 3 songs or about 10 -12 minutes. She went completely topless about a quarter of the way thru avcılar escort the second song. Five or six other guys gathered around the main stage to stuff dollar bills in her thong. I approached the stage toward the end of her 3rd and last song. I gave her a generous $10 tip. Much to the delight of the male audience, Susan appeared on stage about an hour later. Soon thereafter they both returned to our table. Tim and I let them dance one more time with Susan gyrating in front of me and Corrine entertaining Tim. During Susan’s dance, she lowered her face to within inches of mine. The smell of her perfume was almost intoxicating. All I could do was to stare lustfully into her eyes.

After the dances, Tim excused himself to the restroom.

“Are you doing anything Sunday night?” asked Corrine.

“Ah, no. No, I don’t have any plans.” I replied.

“Well, Susan and I were wandering if you would like to come over Sunday night to our apartment and have Dinner and watch some movies?”

“Sure, I can make it. What time do you want me there?”

“How about 7:00. Is that good for you?”

“Yes, I will be there at 7:00. Which apartment are you in?”

“We’re in Apartment # 601 about 100 yards west of the workout room.”

I pretended like I didn’t know where they lived. I certainly didn’t want them to know that I had been watching them come and go from their apartment like some sort of stalker.

“I think that your apartment is fairly close to mine. I’am in Apartment # 712 – right across the street.” I said.

“Great, you won’t have far to go” said Susan.

To make absolutely sure that I had not misunderstood their invitation, I asked if Tim was invited also.

“No. Just you.” cooed Corrine.

Tim was a great guy who was also about my height ( 6 feet ) and age ( mid 30’s ), but he was slightly balding and about 20 -30 lbs of overweight. Although he was single, he did not work out as I did. It didn’t surprise me that he was not invited, but I certainly wasn’t going to press the issue. If two hot women wished to invite me on a date to their place, I am not going to voluntarily bring along another guy. Tim soon returned from the restroom, and the subject of my Sunday night date was obviously not mentioned. Tim and I soon left with each of us returning home in our own vehicles.

After I returned home, I could hardly believe my good fortune. Saturday and Sunday seemed to take forever. Normally, my weekends are here and gone in a flash, but the anticipation of Sunday night gave me what seemed to be an unusually long weekend. I worked out Sunday afternoon before watching some basketball and then hitting the shower. I dressed just as if were going out on the town with a hot date. I arrived promptly at their doorstep at 7:00. Susan greeted me at the door wearing a tight black stretch silk sweater with three quarter sleeves. She had on a white skirt which streched all the way to her ankles; however, the skirt contained a front slit allowing glimpses of her black stockinged legs. As I entered I noticed that she was barefooted. Corrine, who had been in the kitchen, came into the living room wearing a blue pull over top with a plunging neckline. Almost a quarter of each of her boobs were visible. Her bottom half was covered with a pair of tan cropped pants belted at the waist. Corrine was also barefooted in either purple or blue stockings.

“You don’t mind us being barefoot, do you? We wear those heels all the time at the club so we like our feet to be comfortable at home.”

“No, not at all.” I replied. Heck, I wouldn’t have minded if they had been wearing thick wooly socks. Their feet were certainly cute, but I had to concentrate hard not to stare at their prominent chests.

The smell of lasagna had permeated the entire apartment. With Corrine’s Italian heritage, it wasn’t surprising that we were feasting on lasagna. I was hungry so I was certainly looking forward to a solid meal. A CD from hot new artist Norah Jones was playing on their CD player. We quickly gathered around the table with me seated at the head with Corrine on my immediate left and Susan on my immediate right. We had great conversation as we talked about different places we had lived, my ex-wife, Corrine’s real estate work and Susan’s school as well as other various topics. I found out that Corrine, although 8 years younger than me with only 2 years of college, actually made more money than I did. She averaged $350/night at the club working 3 nights a week. When combined with her real estate commisions, she was pulling in almost 90 grand a year. The girls had done a fabulous job with the Dinner; the lasagna was absolutely delicious. After Dinner we sat down in the Living Room in front of the 27 inch TV to watch some videos.

“We’re still living in the 90’s. We don’t own a DVD player.” said Corrine.

“Well, we do have one on the laptop if we want to sit around the 14 inch screen.” exclaimed Susan.

Susan and Corrine had rented about 5 videos getting the 5 movies, 5 dollars, 5 days deal. Susan pulled ataşehir escort bayan out the movie titled “40 days and 40 Nights”.

“Have you seen this movie?” asked Susan.

“No I haven’t seen that movie.” I replied.

I had heard about the premise of the movie, but I had not yet seen the movie. The movie is about a guy, played by the actor Josh Hartnett, who takes a strange vow during Lent. His vow is that he will not have sex for 40 days and 40 nights. This vow also includes no physical contact with the opposite sex. To make the character really horny, he also has to refrain from any masturbation. In short, he cannot have an orgasm or touch a female in a sexual manner for 40 days and 40 nights.

The movie lasted about an hour and an half after which Corrine finished cleaning up in the kitchen while Susan excused herself to the restroom. They soon both rejoined me in the Living Room.

“So Kent, what’s the longest you’ve gone without having sex?” asked Corrine.

“Longer than 40 days.” I replied.

“So how much longer?” asked Susan.

I was really not prepared to be peppered with such personal questions, but like some sort of job interview, I answered them as best as I could.

“Until about 2 months ago, I was working in the Middle East for 2 years. I didn’t have sex during this time.” I said.

“So you’ve gone two years without sex?” asked Susan.

“Maybe a little more than two – probably closer to two and half.” I said.

“How long has it been since your last orgasm?” asked Corrine.

“Wow!. You want to know when is the last time that I jerked off?” I asked.

“Absolutely. We girls like to know this kind of stuff.” said Corrine.

“You two are really full of extremely embarrasing questions.” I said.

“Come on Kent. You did not answer our question. How long has it been?”

“Well, today is Sunday. I guess a week ago Friday night was the last time. So that makes it nine days.”

“Nine days. You must be really horny by now.” cooed Susan.

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I certainly did not wish to come off as some sort of pervert. Corrine poured some more wine, and we watched some more TV. As Susan flipped thru the channels, she came to a stop at HBO or Cinemax where an attractive couple was engaged in a soft porn scene. Corrine soon joined me on the couch. To either tease me or torture me, she asked me if I could massage her toes and feet. She leaned back on the couch and placed her sexy purple stocking feet in my lap. Needless to say, my cock was beginning to form a tent in my trousers.

“Did you enjoy watching us naked on Friday night at the club?” asked Corrine.

“Oh yes. You both were absolutely breathtaking.” I replied.

“So you have seen us both naked. Now it would be only fair for us if we saw you in your birthday suit.” said Corrine.

“Show us that six pack stomach that we saw when you were doing sit-ups in the weight room.” instructed Susan.

This was definitely the green light for me. I kissed the top of each of Corrine’s stockinged feet and then arose from the couch. I stood in front of both girls now seated together on the couch. I quickly shed my T-shirt and dress shirt revealing my chiseled chest and flat stomach. I watched my diet and exercised vigorously to maintain my 31 inch waist. The exercise and dieting wasn’t easy, but watching these topless dancers as they watched me was certainly making it seem worthwhile. Susan motioned me over to the couch and removed my belt while Corrine was untying my shoes and removing my socks. They then pushed me back toward the middle of the living room. I quickly dropped my pants to the floor leaving me only in my briefs. I then moved toward the couch to sit back down.

“Excuse me. I don’t see a naked guy. Do you see a naked guy?” Corrine asked.

“No. Methinks he needs to remove one more article of clothing.” said Susan.

“I’ll be glad to remove my briefs, but if I remember correctly, both of you still were wearing that little thongy thing in the club – so technically you were not completely naked.” I said.

Upon hearing this remark, Corrine and Susan’s jaws dropped. They then exchanged glances with each other before re-focusing their attention again on me.

“You’ve got exactly 10 seconds to take off your underwear, or we are coming over there and ripping them off.” Corrine said rather emphatically.

Corrine’s tone of voice was such a turn on for me that my manhood was creating a generous tent in my briefs. I pulled my briefs down and then completely off revealing my three quarters erect penis. Both girls stared intently at my now exposed crotch.

“Oh, now that’s a big cock.” said Susan.

My cock was actually a fairly normal length; however, I knew that from watching porno movies that my pecker was wider than most other guys. I walked over to the couch and stood directly between the two sex goddesses. To drive me into some sort of lust overload, they slowly started rubbing and massaging my legs, butt, stomach and chest. Needless to say, my cock was now completely erect and throbbing noticeably. When Corrine licked my nipples, I moaned lightly. I was dying to see them nude again, but they seemed to be content to continue this tortuous cock teasing.

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