Horizontal PersuasionHorizontal Persuasion


Getting in was easy. Getting out was unbearable.

I searched my mind to find the right words to make her let me go, but I couldn’t find any. I don’t know if that was because I had just been fucked senseless or because I just didn’t want to go any damn place. Elisha was already looking at me with those knowing savage, green eyes. She knew what I was thinking and she was doing everything she could to stop me from leaving. She had clamped me between those long, sexy legs of hers, crossing them at the ankles behind my back so that we were wedged together. I had my hands on either side of her head as she reached up and thrust her manicured nails into the curls at the back of my neck. She pulled me down into a sensuous kiss, playing with my tongue and playfully biting my bottom lip. All while the dildo was still nestled in her wet pussy. Then she did the thing she knew I couldn’t resist. Dragging her soft, plump lips across my cheek to my ear, she started talking in her dirty voice.

“You know, you don’t want to leave Tone…not with this pussy right here. This warm, wet pussy grinding against your clit is just too much for you, isn’t it? I know you don’t want to leave, when you can ram that dildo hard and fast into me untill I’m crying for more, moore, mooore….” Elisha moaned into my ear and wriggled her hips, brushing my aching clit. I pressed my face closer to hers as my eyes closed. We rubbed our faces together like two sex kittens in heat. Then she rolled me over so that she was on top. Elisha sat up and reached behind her back to rid herself of the only bursa escort piece of clothing that we hadn’t torn off when we had first fell on to the bed. After she threw her bra aside, she gathered her breasts into her hands, pressing them together. The soft flesh of her pert, pink nipples peaked between her fingers. Elisha closed her eyes.

“You wouldn’t want to miss ALLL of this, would you?” she moaned as she grinded her hips and massaged her breasts. Almost as if second nature, my hips responded.

“Oooh…yeah, Tone…yeah….like that. Exaaactly like that!” Elisha leaned back on her two hands and I could see the purple dildo pumping into her fat pussy. Her engorged clit stuck forward with all the pride of an American flag. I brought my hands to her waist as she slid up and down on the dildo, her breasts swung majestically from side to dide. She was still leaning back on to the palms of her hands with her eyes closed and her mouth parted.

“Open your eyes,” I commanded. My voice was low and dry.

“Mmmm…whatcha say, Tone?” Elisha replied dreamily, without ceasing the rhythmic motion of her hips.

I licked my lips. “I said…open your eyes…”

“Oh…” Elisha’s lips curved up into a little smile; she kept her eyes closed. “You want me to watch you fuck me, don’t you?” I closed my eyes for a second, reveling in the rhythm of our hips.

“Yeah…unhhh…i do.” I began to pump faster, making her body lurch, and her breasts jump and scramble, not knowing which way to go.

She laughed. “Then tell me.”

“I already told bursa escort bayan you.” My hips were pumping like a bullet. I wanted to see those lazy green eyes fill with pleasure when I made her cum.

“Nooo….you didn’t. Not like you really wanted.” Her breath was short and her olive colored skin glistened with a fine sweat. She was getting closer. She sat up. No longer in a groove, she was ready to fuck. She put her two hands on either side of my head. With her eyes closed and her face drawn tight with the intense pleasure of our fucking, she said forcefully, “Say it like you mean it.”

“Ok. I. Will.” I said punctuating each word with a hard thrust. “I. Want. You. To. Open. Your. Eyes. And. Fuck. This. Love. Stick. Untill. You. Cum.” I was sweating and delirious; my breasts ached to be touched and my clit was throbbing with the desire for release.

Elisha’s eyes fluttered open. And those savage eyes bored into my own as she began to fuck me like never before. She came down on me like a battering ram, moaning my name as if she were in agony. But this wasn’t pain…this was bliss. I heard myself answer her cries.

“Fuck me, Lisha. Fuck me….yeah…unh…gooodd…..yesss…!”

Suddenly, her green eyes froze like a deer caught in the head lights and I felt a shiver go through her entire body.

“Unhh….ohh…oh god…oh god…I’m cumming….Fuck yes! Fuck….oh fuck….” I kept on fucking her as she cummed all over the dildo. Finally, she collapsed against me panting. I ran my hands up and down her sweat soaked back untill her breathing escort bursa came back to normal. After a while, Elisha turned her head towards me and spoke.

“God, I love it when you fuck me.” She smiled and pressed her lips against mine. Her tongue teased my lips apart and for a few minutes we shared a long kiss. That just made my neglected clit throb all the more. I rolled her onto her back, slid the dildo out of her and took off the strap on. Then I stuck two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and brought them to her lips.

“Taste yourself.” She parted her lips and took my fingers into her mouth with a groan. She licked and sucked my fingers untill they were clean. I nibbled her lips as we kissed again. But she stopped the kiss and said, “No…let me taste you now.”

She laid me back on the bed and opened my legs. Before going down, she mischeviously licked her lips and winked at me. Then her warm, wet mouth covered my throbbing pleasure spot, making me moan. I closed my eyes. Damn, it felt good. She licked and playfully bit me as one of her fingers dipped into my pussy, sliding in and out.

“That feel good?” she asked, her voice muffled by a mouthful of my pussy.

“Yeah….it feels so good, Lisha….don’t stop.”

She sucked my clit tenderly as she added two more fingers to my love hole. I was in heaven. My pussy desperately clamped over the three thrusting fingers. I couldn’t keep myself from crying out.

“Oh…oh…yeah….fuck me, Lisha. God, my clit feels so damn good. Unhhh…unh…girl, don’t stop. Please…” Then my pussy convulsed and I was on cloud nine, seeing lights burst behind my eyelids. I had never felt so good…in my entire life…even though I was now way too late to even think of making it to my tutoring session with Madame Marseille.

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