Hookup #320Hookup #320

Big Tits

It all started when on the internet. I was updating my Facebook and I changed my status to be more available for friend requests. He had made a friend request on Facebook. It seemed that it was 2 years ago, but I did not know that until he had told me.

This was going to be the second time we met. He told me he was coming over with bubbly and I made sure I took a bath and was all primped and shaved smooth everywhere. I was going to have sex. I love sex so much that I have become a swinger, but unfortunately I am single. That did not matter, I knew I was going to come tonight. I just did not know just how much, until later.

I have very large breasts and very soft and creamy skin. I know that is why he is coming over. That is what he loves. They are 42 HHH all-natural and very full and plump with light blue veins and small pink nipples. I love to have them sucked hard and bitten semi lightly at the same time. It really turns me on.

I am also a soaker, meaning when I come I let out a lot of juice and wet everything with my cum.

I straightened my freshly washed hair and put on makeup. I had decided to wear one of my sexiest dresses, without a bra. My huge swinging breasts just barely covered by an extremely open and easily accessed neckline. I decided on no underwear as well. I put my sexy strawberry tasting cream on my already wet cunt and slathered some more on my pink nipples to make them even juicier.

He sent me a text that he was on his way, my pussy started clenching gaziantep escortları in anticipation. I went to unlock my front door so I can tell him to come right in. The minute he arrived and saw me, he exclaimed at how pretty I looked. He then took me in his arms and he seemed a bit shy, so I guided his hands on my breasts. He took one out of my dress to taste them and when he tasted my strawberry flavoured nipples, he got an instant hard-on. I know because I was locked in his embrace while he was suckling his prick grew hard against my belly. I had to take out my other breast because I told him it wanted attention also. He greedily complied with my demands.

I let him know that the strawberry cream was also applied to my already dripping pussy. When he reached under my dress I could see the delight in his eyes that I was not wearing any underwear. I was already so wet that the moment he touched me I thought I would cum right there on the floor. He seemed to know it because he withdrew his fingers to devour my breasts.

We headed towards the living room where I have a plush L shaped suede couch. I prepared the couch with a hospital bed pad that I had, I was going to need it, while he put the drinks away in my bar fridge. He uncorked the bubbly and I took out two flute glasses.

We sat down next to each other to give a toast we did so and as soon as I put my glass down, he took both my breasts out of my dress. He lavished his attention on the creamy mound of flesh in his hands. His hands looked so small next to them. He then pushed me back lightly on the couch cushions while raising one of my legs over his shoulder. I instinctively raised the other one and my foot was on top of the headrest. I had my legs wide open so that his greedy mouth latched onto my eager and very wet pussy. I came almost the instant that his tongue darted between my lips. He then started sucking on my clit and replaced his tongue with I think was at least three fingers and started fucking me with his mouth and his fingers going in and out…in and out…in and out…Then I exploded and felt like I was shattering into a million pieces then floating back down. I had drenched him with my cum and the pad under my ample ass as well. He decided to continue and that is when I lost it. I started shaking and he was winding me up higher and higher till I had to tell him to stop because the sensations were too strong. He continued until I had to beg him to stop, I kept cumming over and over again. He finally did stop and helped me up and kissed me deeply with his tongue in my mouth so that I can taste myself from his kiss.

By then I was out of breath but not out for the count. It was his turn. I took a sip of champagne and drained my glass. I was so thirsty. He got up to fill it and when he capped it, I put my mouth on his hard erection and slowly entered his penis in my mouth until I could feel his balls with my lips. He groaned loudly, I knew that he liked it so I continued my head going up and down with his dick going all the way out then in again. He started shaking, so I told him to sit down. I took another sip of my glass.

I then pushed him lightly onto his back and took him deep in my mouth again. He really was into it grinding his hips into my face while holding my head while it was going up and down. I quickly withdrew and he looked at me questioningly. I straddled his hips and wiggled my hips until he slid right into me and I pressed down so that I encased him completely. I then leaned forward and offered my sweet tasting nipples to his mouth and asked him to suck hard. I asked him to lightly bite them and he did so while sucking hard at the same time.

I could not hold it back I had to cum and I did…oh boy did I ever. I drenched him in my cum all over his balls and that is when I felt him explode inside of me with his cum. It shot out of his rock hard dick with so much pressure I felt it all the way deep inside of my pussy. I just love cum deep inside of me. My throbbing pussy was clenching and unclenching his softening dick. I did that until finally, it had to slide out.

I got off of his and sat on the pad sure that it went through to the couch, but it did not so I lay back and started fingering myself while he watched. He then leaned over me and kissed me deeply with his tongue and I came again, drenching the pad yet once again…my evening was far from over. He stayed the night and came in my cunt 2 more times. When he woke in the morning he had to go to work so I stayed asleep.

And that is how my hook up went. How about yours are they as hot?

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