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Joe E Hartley

August 2021

Vicky moving in next door was the most exciting thing that had happened on this street in at least a month and Stan was not about to miss out on the theater. He sat on his front porch sipping a cool drink as he watched the movers carry box after box into the 2 bedroom/1 bath house that mirrored his own.

He lived in an older neighborhood full of older neighbors. To put it mildly it was boring. He watched as the movers started to carry in furniture; chairs, tables, a TV, a bed, lamps and all the other items a person needs to make a house a home.

Sometime as the movers were unloading, Vicky came over to introduce herself. She, like Stan, and most of the neighbors appeared to be in her 70’s. She looked to be fairly fit, as if she did at least try to work out on occasion. “Hi, I’m Vicky. I just bought the house next to you.”

Stan replied, “Welcome to the neighborhood, I’m Stan and if there is anything you need, please let me know.”

He eyed her up and down and was very pleased at what he saw. She would make a welcomed addition to the neighborhood, but he feared this would be the last time he’d see her. Most of his neighbors rarely left the confines of their modest dwellings. He doubled if he’d recognize any of his neighbors if he saw them on the street.

“I may just do that. I had to downsize quite a bit before moving here. I figured that I didn’t need all the baggage, so I got rid of it. I believe that if I need anything I’ll just go out and get it; no sense lugging everything around if it no longer serves its purpose,” she shared.

Stan, wasn’t certain, but he wasn’t sure she was only talking about things, “Like I said, feel free to ask for anything you want, I have nothing but time these days and a lot of stuff.”

“Well, in about another hour or so all my stuff is going to be inside the house, then comes the hard part of finding places to put it all. Is there a place close by that can deliver something to eat?” Vicky asked.

“It all depends on what you like, but this is an older neighborhood and other than Meals-on-Wheels there is not many people here who call out for delivery. Most around here are on a fixed income and just can’t afford it. There is a pizza place I’ve used before, if you don’t mind spending for delivery. I also some leftover meatloaf and potatoes from last night and I always have wine if you’re not too picky,” Stan offered.

“That would be so nice of you. Are you sure it’s no problem? Sounds like this is the neighborhood for me. I too pinch pennies. Maybe we could exchange meals on occasion, since it’s hard to cook for just one unless you don’t mind eating the same thing for a week until it’s gone,” Vicky smiled recognizing a fellow cook.

Vicky excused herself as she needed to direct the movers and make sure they placed everything where she wanted. It would be hard for her to move her furniture by herself if the they left it in the wrong place. Although if might be a good excuse to see Stan again if she needed his strength to help her move some item. She was impressed that for his age he looked good. She was sure he worked out, but he indicated that he did not have a lot of money either, so she doubted he went to a gym. Maybe he worked out at home.

Vicky shook her head to get her fantasy out of her head and to focus on the tasks at hand. After another hour and a half, Vicky, hot and sweaty, looked over all that had been accomplished. The boxes were all in the correct rooms and a few of them had even been unpacked and their contents put away. Her bed was made and in the correct position as were the night stands, her dresser, and most of her clothes put away either inside the closet or in her dresser.

She was hot and hungry when she heard Stan’s voice yelling out from her open front door. “You’ve been working non-stop for the better part of 6 hours now. How about taking a break and getting something to eat?”

“Has it been that long? I am hungry, but I must look like hell.”

“You’ve been working and I don’t mind. Come one over and have some meatloaf and a glass of wine.” Stan offered. He had noticed that her t-shirt was soaked and stuck to her like a second skin. He knew he should say something, but he was enjoying the view.

“Okay,” she said, “let me just lock up,” she closed and locked her front door then followed him over to the adjacent house.

Vicky followed him into a house that mirrored the one she had just left, but this one was neat. “So, this is what it can look like when it doesn’t have boxes scattered all over the place,” she joked.

“I must smell a fright, I really need a shower,” she confessed.

“You need to eat first, then you can take a shower here. I’m sure you are not all unpacked yet.” Stan offered, thankful that she hadn’t noticed the display she was providing for him.

He must have thought the last too out loud, because Vicky pulled her shirt away from her chest. “I guess I should have put something else on,” she acknowledged. She casino siteleri continued to hold her shirt away from her body.

Stan offered. “I can offer you a robe, but it is so hot, I’m certain that would not be comfortable. Why don’t you just eat something then take a shower to cool down. We are both adults. I’d offer not to look, but that would be a lie,” he said with a smile.

Vicky smiled at his honesty, “What the hell,” she responded letting go of her top. It again formed a second skin against her breasts.

Stan smiled and offered her the plate of meatloaf, “I hope you like it,”

“I’m sure, I will,” she replied taking a slice, a few potatoes, and a spoon full of corn.

Stan set a glass of wine in front of her and raised his glass in a toast, “to new neighbors.”

Vicky raised her glass, clicked his and repeated the toast, “to new neighbors,”

Vicky was hungrier than she thought and soon cleaned her plate and asked for more, “This is very good. I hope you don’t mind if I make a pig out of myself.”

“Help yourself. It actually feels good to have another person enjoy what I cook. I’d love to share cooking with you, especially if you’re dressed like you are now,” Stan said.

Vicky did not cover her breasts. She actually enjoyed the attention. She was too tired right now to flirt back, but she knew she’d show off for this man again. “If that’s all it takes to get another great meal like this, you’re on.”

Vicky finished her meal and had a second glass of wine when Stan led her back into the bathroom. He provided fresh towels and left to retrieve a robe. When he returned, the door was not closed. she had removed her soaked shirt and had started to pull down her shorts. He laid the robe over the toilet. He watched like a horny teenager as she stripped completely naked.

She looked up seeing him starring at her with his mouth open, “We are both adults, right?” She asked with a smile, making note of the budge in his pants, before stepping into the shower.

Vicky finished her shower, slipped on the robe Stan had left for her and walked back into the kitchen with an empty wine glass. “Thank you so much for dinner and a shower. I really needed both and I meant what I said before about exchanging meals. That meatloaf was fantastic.”

“Would you like some more wine?” Stan asked. “Dinner was my pleasure and I’d love to cook for you again.”

“I’d love another glass of wine and the price you quoted for a meal is more than reasonable,” she added with a grin.

“Well, I meant it as a joke, but the truth is that I haven’t had a date in years. And my joke, turned out to be off-color,” he apologized.

Vicky laughed, “I could use a bit of off-color humor, especially sexual humor.”

“Really? This this have anything to do with that excess baggage you left behind?”

“Actually, it does. I was in sexless relationship where everything was my fault. I don’t know why I stayed with him for so long, but I met him after a long dry spell and jumped at anything. It was okay initially, I felt there were no perfect men and I could put up with his ego as long as I wasn’t alone. Well, that wasn’t true.” She confessed.

“How long were you with him?” Stan asked.

“It was only two years, but it felt much longer. I finally decided that being alone was far better than the emotional abuse, so here I am. You are the first man in a very long time who wanted to look at me, and I guess I just wanted you to look as much as you wanted to look. Does that make sense?” she asked.

“Definitely, over the years I’m been in relationships with people who took no responsibility for anything and blamed me for everything that went wrong. I’m glad you saw through him as soon as you did. I wasn’t so lucky.” Stan shared.

“BTW, it was meant to come off as a joke, but I do like seeing your body. Do you work out?” He asked

“Thank you. It makes me feel great hearing words like that and if you keep it up, there may be rewards.” Vicky grinned. “I try to do some aerobics every day. I want to add some weight training, but like you I have to watch my pennies and can’t afford a gym membership. How about you? Do you work out. I noticed that you are looking pretty good yourself.”

“Funny you should ask about weight training. That’s all I do and I want to add aerobics. I have weights and some of them very light. At our age it is better to use light weights and more reps. I’ll share my weights with you if you show me some aerobics.” Stan offered.

“We could work out together. Of course, that would mean that we’d be getting all hot and sweaty together. Our clothes would stick to our bodies and we’d need a show after,” she giggled.

“I’d be okay with that,” Stan accepted, “Let me show you what I have? Have you done any weight training before? We won’t do anything today, but maybe after you get all moved in.”

He led Vicky into his garage. One corner had a couple of benches and two sets of barbells plus several weights arraigned on metal pegs. güvenilir casino He had a rack full of dumbbell and a several kettle balls. He had an overhead pully system that appeared to be homemade but resembled some of the equipment she’s seen in gyms. To her untrained eye this seemed impressive.

“After I get set up, I’ll have to show you what I have, but it is nothing like what you have here. I have mats, blocks, and straps.” She said.

“Sounds kinky.” Stan commented

“See, that is exactly what I’m talking about. Comments like that will take you far.” Vicky responded. She was still wearing the robe Stan had lent to her, but she only had it on loosely. “It’s too hot to be wearing this bath robe. I wonder if I could borrow one of your shirts until I head back home, unless you’d prefer, I leave now?” she asked.

Stan led her back through the house and into his bedroom. He pulled out one of his t-shirts and handed it to her. He started to turn his back and leave the room to give her some privacy when he noticed her stripping off the robe without regard to his seeing her or not. She did strip, but he felt she was very much aware of his presence and actually wanted him to see her. She seemed to need the approval that her body was worthy of being spied upon.

Stan still held onto the T-shirt. “I picked this one because it is thin enough for me to gauge the state of your nipples as we talk.”

She stood in front of him totally naked. “Are you sure it’s thin enough?” she asked. “Maybe I should just stay naked.”

“It is sexier if you are wearing something, but that something can display your charms. Thinking it over, you may be right. This is not thin enough.” Stan took back the T-shirt and exchanged it for a men’s undershirt, sleeveless and much thinner.

Vicky put it on and modeled for him. “What do you think?” she asked

“I like it,” he replied.

They hung out in Stan’s small back yard for a couple of hours learning about each other and how much they each enjoyed the exhibition and the teasing. Vicky shared that she had not felt so sexy in many years and promised to get out some of her loose-fitting clothes suitable for exercise tomorrow if Stan would instruct her on the use of the weights. She headed back home as soon as the sun went down.

Vicky went home, unloaded a few more boxes, set out some old exercise clothes, and went to bed early in her new house happy she’d met such a great neighbor. She dreamed very pleasant dreams for the first time in years and woke up aroused.

Stan had said that he liked to get in a bit of exercise late in the late morning, around 10 or so. That way he could have breakfast early and not be bloated after his workout. He claimed that he usually skipped lunch in favor of an early dinner, or had a late lunch and no dinner.

Vicky had her usual breakfast bar and set to work organizing the kitchen. This was the biggest job, but necessary if she planned on making meals for the man next door. She had just finished emptying the last box labeled Kitchen and taken all the empty boxes out back to be broken down and recycled when she looked up at the clock and noticed that it was 5 minutes before 10 AM. She didn’t have time for a shower, but she was going to work out and get all hot and sweaty anyway, besides Stan had indicated that he didn’t mind if she was sweaty. She thought back and decided that his acceptance might have had something to do with the fact that her shirt was basically the proper attire for a wet t-shirt contest.

She changed into her loose-fitting tank top and shorts. She did not put on a sports bra; they were too hot and she wasn’t planning on bouncing around today. She checked herself in the closet mirror and noticed that she thought she looked good, maybe a bit too good, but Stan had already seen her displaying more and she did like the look on his face as he stared at her.

She walked over and knocked on her neighbor’s door. He answered immediately and it was now Vicky’s turn to stare like a horny teenager. He wore a muscle shirt that showed off most of his chest and a pair of small cotton shorts with an elastic band. She didn’t think he wore any underwear, based on the outline she saw in his shorts.

“We’re both adults here, aren’t we?” Stan said with a smile. He knew exactly what he presented to his neighbor. He had planned it after what he’d seen of her last night.

Vicky smiled and forcing her eyes back up to his face replied, “yes we are, but it might be more fun if we weren’t.” She followed that with a smirk and a wink.

Stan led her back though his home and into his modified garage. He had a few posters attached to the wall depicting several exercises and describing the muscle groups each worked.

Stan gave her a brief rundown of what he’d planned for her today and verified that she had very little experience with weights. He used the posters to show the proper form and stance and described the muscle groups each exercise would address. He touched her often under canlı casino the guise of describing the muscle groups.

“We’ll start you off with a one-pound dumbbell and see how well you handle that. He explained an exercise where she leaned over and supported herself with one hand leaning on the bench and the weight in the other hand. She was to extend her arm back behind her then bend her elbow bringing the weight back. All of this was to happen slowly and Stan demonstrated the movement several times. He said he wanted her to completed this move 15 times then shift to the other arm and repeat it on the other side.

The weight felt very light to Vicky and she was certain she could do this with more weight until Stan said she was moving too fast. He traced his fingers over the back of her upper arm saying, “this is where you want to feel it working.”

She enjoyed his touch and felt that area tighten as she moved the weight back. She discovered that the weight she had thought was very light seemed to get heavier each time she lifted it. After 10 repetitions, Stan told her to stop and to switch sides.

“I don’t have any half pound dumbbells, but this weight is too heavy for you, so we’ll have you only do 10 reps today. Let’s see how many you can do on the other side.” Stan said.

He stepped back and watched her form as she moved the weight. Vicky had chosen to wear an oversized tank top and now wondered if Stan could see down her top as she was bent over like this. Her question was soon answered as Stan walked around her checking her out from every angle. When he stood in front of her, she noticed that he stopped moving and as she looked up, she noticed that his gaze was not on her arm. She smiled to herself and continued her slow movement.

He walked back around her and caught himself several times not paying attention to her arm, but rather the movement of her bottom. He reluctantly stopped her after 8 reps. And marked that number on a white board he had set up. It had five different exercises listed and next to the first he had marked R-1-10 and L-1-8.

He explained that this was a progress chart for her. She had done 10 reps on her right arm using a 1-pound weight and 8 reps using her left arm. He then told her to have a seat for a few minutes before her next set while he stared his routine.

Vicky watched the near naked man lift 8-pound weighs in an exercise similar to what she had just completed. He completed 20 repetitions on each arm and when he stood up, she noticed the sweat pouring off of him. She licked her lips, but was not given any more time to drool.

Stan set her up on her next exercise and watched her. She was starting to get the hang of working with weights and soon started to sweat as much as Stan. He now took more time watching the movement of her breasts and butt than the areas he had her work.

They moved from one exercise to the next smoothly, and Vicky knew she was going to enjoy these workouts, especially the view. She knew that he’d been checking her out as much as she’d been checking him out and loved flaunting her body for him.

They completed the five exercises Stan had set up and they were both drenched in sweat. The routine had taken less than an hour, about the same as Vicky normally spent on her aerobics. Stan picked up his hand towel and wiped himself down. Vicky likewise was wiping herself down when Stan offered her a drink and a seat out back where there might be a breeze.

As he walked past her, Vicky inhaled a deep breath of the musky scent of pure male and smiled. She followed him out the back yard and took the glass of green tea he offered.

“You looked very good back there,” he commented referring to her exercise.

“So did you,” she countered with a bit of a blush. His sweat had his cotton shorts sticking to his skin outlining all that they hid. She was certain her top was doing the same.

“You said yesterday that you did not mind the smell of my sweat. Were you just being polite or do you really not mind? I mean I’m really sweaty right now,” she asked.

“To tell you the truth, I like the way you smell. I read somewhere that there’s a scent called pheromones that are in sweat that are very erotic.” Stan offered.

“I like the way you smell too,” Neither of them had taken a seat yet and Vicky took a step closer to him and inhaled a deep breath. She then reached up and placed both of her palms flat on his mostly bare chest. She rested the side of her face on his chest and took in the very male scent of him. ” Think I like your pheromones,” she commented.

Vicky again shook herself mentally out of her fantasy and stepped back from him. She took a seat at the small table and after taking a long drink of her tea, said, “Maybe we’re both not adults.”

Vicky’s smile matched Stans, “As you said before, it might be more fun if we weren’t,” he answered.

Again, they sat and chatted about their past and the things that interested them. Vicky stared as openly at Stan’s groin as he did at her breasts, until Stan commented, “I know you are enjoying the view as much as I am, and this tease is really turning me on. I’m not sure if I’m ready to just fall into bed with you just yet, but I did like the feel of your body as I was direction your position.”

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