Home for Seniors Ch. 02Home for Seniors Ch. 02


Wow, there we are, all three of us just sitting on the couch. We have all had a nice “cum” together. The three of us agree that we need to do this more often! I give a suggestion, that maybe we might consider something a little more than just giving each other a handjob. It is something to think about.

I get the feeling that I’m going to like living at this “home” for old folks.

Yes indeed, I do think this is going to be fun place to be living.

The next morning I go to the Home’s dining area for breakfast. See Mike sitting there and I join him. He asks if I was surprised, or worried about what had happened at his place yesterday. Told him that I was surprised, but not at all worried about it, and that I enjoyed it and would like to do some more!

He asked me about my plans for the day, told him that I needed to get out to the grocery store, pick up some supplies. Although the Home does provide meals, the apartment does have a small kitchen area, and I don’t mind cooking sometimes. Also, wanted some snack items, and pick up some beer and wine. Mike said that he too needed to go and izmir escort that he would be happy to drive.

A little later I meet up with Mike, and off we go in his car. A couple of minutes into the drive, he reaches over and puts his hand on my crotch area. He gives me a squeeze telling me that he has glad that I was interested and wanted to do more. He mentioned that there were a few other guys that also liked to play, and even a few of the ladies that lived at the Home. My curiosity was rising, as was my cock from his fondling while driving.

We got to the store, and I had to sit for a minute or two letting my cockstand go down before entering. We got our groceries, and headed back to the Home.

I told Mike to come over to my place once he had put his groceries away, he said “Okay, sounds good, see you in a couple of minutes” he winked and walked away.

Little later, Mike is at my place, we hug each other as he enters. We take a seat, and I ask him about some of the others that like to “play” as he said. Mentioned the names of a few guys, alsancak escort and then noted that a couple of the “girls” like to pay around too. He noted that this sort of thing wasn’t a daily thing, just sometimes folks would get together and things would happen.

He was on the couch; I came over sat down next to him, reached over and started to give his cock a squeeze. He sort of lay back, letting me go further. I had him take off his shirt, wanted to see and feel his hairy chest. I leaned into him, and gave him a quick kiss. He pulled me closer and we started some tongue action between us.

Next thing you know, we are both naked and feeling each other’s cock. Mine, like his isn’t too big, or too small, but both are nice and hard. I’m stroking him, and bend over and take his cock in my mouth. I lick the head; there is pre-cum oozing out of him. I plop his dick into my mouth and start to suck. I’m giving his balls a massage while I’m bobbing my head up and down on his cock. He is moaning a little, “yes, yes, oh that feels so good” while I continue buca escort to suck. I feel his cock swell a little more and I know what is next. He is shooting a stream of creamy cum into my mouth, and I’m continuing to suck, trying to swallow at the same time. I raise my head off his cock, and give the head another lick. Mike is lying back, saying “Wow, that was really good” as he catches his breath. He then says to me “Now it’s you turn”.

My cock is standing proudly, as I sit back on the couch. He gets down on his knees in-between my legs. He grasps my dick and starts a slow up and down movement with one hand while the other is gently massaging my balls. It feels grand, and then he goes down on me. He takes my entire cock into his mouth, deep throating me and his tongue is doing magic on cock. It feels wonderful, and I’m now groaning; “oh, oh, yes, yes, hmmmm,” as he continues. I know that I’m going to pop any second now, and I tell him; “get ready” and he greedily took my cock down all the way, and I exploded. Shooting my cum down his throat, which he swallowed as fast as he could. He continued to suck after I had shot my load, and then as he released by cock he gave the head a little lick.

Afterwards, we are both dressed, and exhausted. We agreed that it was a great way to spend the afternoon! However, we were both thinking that resting these older bodies for a day or so would be nice.

(To be continued)

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