Home alone_(8)Home alone_(8)


Home alone
It was late when she got out of her car in the driveway; she was out with some friends, had some drinks and felt how they got to her head. She opened the door to her apartment, everything was quiet, no light, Steve was on a business trip and she did not expect him to be home for another 2 days. She turned the lights on, nothing, the light bulb did not work. She did not really care, slipped out of her high heels and went in the dark to the bathroom door to get out of her clothes and take a shower. She smelled the cold smoke on her from the bar she was at. She slipped out of her dress, put it to the dirty clothes, she opened her bra and put it to the dirty clothes too, turned on the shower and felt if the water was warm, when it was warm enough she dropped her g-string and put it to the dirty clothes, she got in the shower, let the warm water run over her body, it felt good to have a hot shower after a long day at work. She turned the shower off and rubbed soap over her whole body. She washed it off turned the shower off and got out of it, she wrapped a towel around her body and left the bathroom; she was tired and wanted to sleep. She went in the bedroom dropped the towel and laid naked in bed, she always sleeps naked.
She thought she heard something, thought it’s probably the heating, heating the water up again, she grabbed taksim escort for the remote of the TV and turned it on. She fell asleep fast while watching news, Steve always watched news in bed, that made her a little more comfortable.
She woke up and felt a hand over her mouth, she tried to fight it off, but she recognized her hands were strapped to the bed, her legs too, there was no light, she realized she was blindfold too. She heard a males voice telling her “you will get fucked, you missed getting fucked didn’t you” she recognized the voice and relaxed a bit, it was Steve, he was home early, she felt how his cock pressed against her body while he was sitting on top of her, her pussy got wet, he told her to not scream when he releases his hand, she nodded, he changed his hand with his mouth and kissed her deeply, she felt his cock right outside her pussy, rubbing there while he kissed her, her pussy started to drip, he pushed his big cock in her, with one fast stroke he was all the way in, she gasped and moaned, she felt his big cock touching the back wall of her pussy, he pulled it out again, moved her hips a little up and shoved his big cock in her ass, she gasped, they did not have anal sex for a while and his big cock stretched her ass open at once. He started to pull it out then shoved it in all the way again, beşiktaş escort he accelerated to fuck her, she would not have an orgasm from being fucked in the ass, but she did enjoy it, she got used to the big cock in her ass now, started to feel it, feel how strong it is, how it searches its way in her ass each time he shoves it in fully. He fucked her hard now. Steve pushed fingers in her pussy, she moaned, he told her “I missed your pussy and your ass”, and she felt how his cock started to erupt in her. How it left a big load of cum in her ass. He pulled it out, released the restraints of her, she felt the cum in her, how it wanted to get out of her ass, she pushed it out of her, holding one hand below her ass, she collected a part of the cum, put it over her boobs, massaged her boobs with it, loved the feeling of cum over her body.

Steve hugged her and kissed her, she felt his hard cock against her body again, turned him on his back, ran her tongue over his mouth, kissed his neck, nibbled on it, went down to his nipples, nibbled on them, felt how his cock touched her body, she ran her tongue down his body, till she reached his cock, she ran it around the tip of his cock, tasted his precum, he moaned, her pussy got wet again, she wrapped her lips around his cock, let it slide in her mouth, sucked on it, nişantaşı escort put it in deep in her mouth, she almost gagged, he moaned again, she moved her head slowly up and down on his cock, he moaned again. She let it slide out of her mouth and spit on it, then she grabbed it to hold it while she let it slide in her pussy. She bent over and kissed him, he nibbled on her lip, grabbed her hips and started to move her up and down on him, she felt how his cock touched the back of her pussy again, she felt how her wetness was so big that it searched its way out of her pussy, she moaned loud, he bit her neck and she felt an orgasm wave run thru her body. She moved 2 times more down on him, got off him and turned around, he was eating her pussy now, while she licked her own cum from his cock, she licked the shaft and felt every vein sticking out of it, she again wrapped her lips around it , she felt how his tongue was going over her clitoris, massaging it, how he was nibbling on her pussy, she was about to have another orgasm, she sucked his cock, moved her head fast , she felt how he erupted in her mouth , shoot his load in there, the same time another orgasm wave run thru her body. She let his cum drip out of her mouth, over his cock, licked it off from there again and swallowed every drop of it; she loved the taste of his cum. She kissed him and told him how much she missed him, he told her he left early because he missed her, and that he loves her. They kissed and fell asleep, both naked, more or less cum covered, but happy and cuddled up to each other.

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