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I’ve been planning to do something naughty for a while now, but I never found the time. Until a few days ago, I was left alone at home. It was Friday morning and I was lying in my bed like a sly fox waiting for the right moment. Around 7:30am I hear the garage door open, I assumed it was my father leaving for work. Next, I waited for my mother to leave at 8:30am for her outing with her friends to the city, which she told me last night. So, around 8:45am I started to plan my day of mischief, knowingly that I have limited time to fulfill my delightful desires.

I lively jumped out of my slumber onto the frozen floorboards. My heart was beating so fast it echoed in my head. But I didn’t care; I was determined to begin my plan. I quickly shed off my sweat soaked pyjamas, which was drizzled in nervous perspiration. I was left in the bitter air with only my boy shorts and bra. I slid open my drawers and wardrobes, taking all of my intended ingredients; a black one piece swimsuit, pair of jeans, a cotton ball, a casual top with a grey hoddie.

I slowly slid my legs into the black swimsuit and pulled it up, over my undergarments and through my arms. I did this because I didn’t know where I would hide my underwear, I couldn’t leave them lying around. Next, I quickly unravelled the ball of cotton. I’m into rope bondage if you didn’t know. I distinctively remember how to bind myself up in ropes from countless videos of rope bondage. So I casually tied a few knots then pulled the rope between my legs and lifted it straight up my back, digging into my valley emek escort through the swimsuit and underwear. I bound my body up tighter than usual to enhance the pleasure along with the growing bladder. It was 15mins past 9 and I just finished my preparations for the day.

So I walked down the staircase towards the kitchen to eat breakfast, being sure to drink a lot of fluids like orange juice. After breakfast, which was about 9:30am my bladder level was around 5/10; despite I didn’t go in the morning. It wasn’t enough to please me, so I took the liberty of drinking water every half an hour for a steady increase in pleasure. So by 11am, I think my bladder was around 7/10, which was slowly rising. By now, I was a little bit fidgety, but not too much since the ropes distracted me most of the time; rubbing and sliding when I’m walking.

I began to have a faint change of heart, my conscience was telling me it was bad and I shouldn’t continue. I ignored the wise warning and strayed off course of my plan. I wanted more and more as there was no one to stop me. So I went back up stairs and decided to add some shorts and overalls; a bladder’s worst nightmare.

I quickly took off the long jeans and put on the shorts, then I put them back on. Next, I placed back my hoddie and wedged myself into the out grown overalls. They were a little bit smaller than me, so I had to sit down and force the straps into the clips. This made it a little bit uncomfortable on me, as it pressed against my chest.

When eryaman escort I was finished I started to wonder what to do, since it was only 20 past 11am and my bladder was about an 8/10. I came to realize I’ve never reached a full bladder, so I when down and drank 3 full glasses of water. This was to make sure it was a dramatic increase in pressure instead of a steady pace, since I knew I would probably wet myself if it was slow.

All that was left was to wait, so I started to read blogs on the web till midday. I slowly started to loss my concentration as my bladder flooded up, unable to sit still as I was about 9/10. I’ve never experience this much desperation nor pressure in my abdominal region, but it kept rising.

Now, I started to think 3 glasses was too much as I was definitely full. My conscience started to beg me that I shouldn’t go on further, but I liked the feeling of the rope slicing me. It’s as if it’s holding my bladder for me, and it also felt pretty nice when it rubs against you.

I repeatedly changed my positions of my legs, to find that sweet spot. Yet, there was none. I began to doubt myself that I could hold it as the pressure and pain exponentially increased. So I carefully dashed towards the bathroom, ignoring to close the door. I started to try and unhook the straps, but it was futile with my extremely bloated stomach. I needed to get out of the clothes and quick, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to hide the evidence.

I knew I would get caught if there suddenly esat escort was clothes hanging out to dry, especially if there was 3 pairs of pants. So I desperately struggled to remove the straps of the overall before I can do anything. It was like those fantasy wetting scenes, where their pants get stuck.

I was in a bad situation. My Dam was on the verge of collapsing, only to be held by my bondage ropes. The time was running out as it was beginning to overflow, as the 3 glasses finally reached their destination. I began to squirt a few droplets, only to be soaked up by my underwear.

My bladder throbbed as the water rammed towards freedom. Another, quick spurt escaped through the cracks of the defense. My arms were shaking in desperation to unlock the overalls, but they were stuck like linking chains. The last spurt weakened my final stand, opening the road towards the light. Seeping through the swimsuit, into the cotton and absorbed into the shorts, jeans and overall. On leaving a trail of adventure down the back of my legs.

My breathing calmed down while i analyzed the damage. Yet, my heart was still pounding away in disbelief. I quickly wiped the floor and unlocked the overalls as my stomach deflated. I also removed both jeans and shorts, and started to untie the ropes. I then hopped into the shower and washed my underwear and swimsuit. I didn’t bother washing the pants as they won’t dry in the remaining time. I observed the stains, and found out there was little or no smell; since it was so dilute. So I just got my blow dryer and blew them for an hour.

I put everything back to place, except the swimsuit which I secretly wore under until the end if the day. I was wearing different clothes even though they were dry, because I didn’t want the slightest chance of them finding out. In the end, they never found out as they never noticed I wore the clothes.

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