Holiday in Paris Ch. 02Holiday in Paris Ch. 02


“So, you don’t so much have an open marriage as a tacit agreement not to discuss such things? An unspoken sort of arrangement between Denis and you?” I asked Eva, who nodded.

“Oui, my dear fellow, and naturally this is another affair that I don’t plan to talk about here. I fully intend to have all of you fuck me today, if possible, and to watch you fuck each other as well. I hope that we can make this a regular thing, too. What about you, Megan? Want to have me for supper now and then?” Eva turned to my new Irish fiancee, who blushed, but winked at her.

“Love, you’re not supper. You’re dessert, a delicious, decadent treat, like all sexy Frenchwomen,” Megan teased her.

“Did I ever tell you that my family has been in Provence for thousands of yours? We were Greeks, Gauls, and Romans, long before France ever existed,” Eva noted, pointing to her olive skin as ample proof of that.

“Yes, I can tell that much. You’re definitely from Provence, aren’t you? Incidentally, I also have a Japanese girlfriend named Tamiko, and Richard apparently has a lover named Cecile on the side, so this could get very adulterous in a hurry, my Provencal paramour, especially if he marries her and Tamiko gets herself a husband. She might very well, given that her parents keep trying to find her a good Japanese boy,” I commented.

“That would be a pity, when if she’s smart, she could marry Gustave or Gaston, stay in Paris, I could convince Denis to move here with me, Richard and Cecile could show up, and best of all, you could take Megan here to live. Imagine all of us sharing a nice, debauched love nest, fucking the hell out of each other! It’s just a wild idea that came to me. I have been trying to convince Denis to move here, anyway. Then again, I might have to move my friends here, too, but that’s not a horrible idea. Of course, we could all move somewhere else, too. Maybe you could all move to Provence! I just don’t picture Gaston or Gustave moving, hence the idea of Paris,” Eva proposed, the look in her eyes surprisingly misty for a supposedly jaded lady.

“You’re serious, aren’t you, Eva? You are in earnest. You haven’t even had his cock inside you, but you’re already falling for this American!” Gustave exclaimed with shock.

“I’ve had his ass and I’ve met his woman before. And I would love to have all of you filling me up, night after night, and make damn sure that Denis gets properly ridden, by an Irishwoman and maybe a Japanese and a British lady to boot. Maybe I would even get two sexy Jewish fellows, both of them quite a bit older than me, inside me at once. So, how about we at least consider and discuss it, between rolls in the hay, if you will pardon the American expression,” Eva urged Gustave.

“I am open to it, at least. But then I want to have you do that thing where you pull my hair by the ponytail as you ravage my ass with that strap-on of yours, madame! I love being pegged by you, Eva,” Gaston confessed, “It would be a shame to never have that happen to me again. I would love that to be a regular thing, in fact.”

“You like being my bitch, don’t you? Maybe I should put you in drag, too! You’ve always struck me as rather effeminate, if you ask me, unlike your brother here, though both of you are delectable,” Eva admitted.

“I would agree with that, too. That’s always been my impression,” Megan interjected, making Gaston shrug.

“When Gaston and I fuck, we sometimes dress him up all pretty and have him be a woman instead of a man,” Gustave stroked his mustache.

“I knew it! I bloody well knew it!” Megan giggled as we finally reached the ground level from climbing the Eiffel Tower.

“Want to see me do him that way?” Gustave offered, swatting his brother on the derriere.

“I do, I know!” Eva licked her lips brazenly, even as she put her arms around my waist and slid her hand down my crotch to fondle my cock, “I also want to fuck this guy and his sweet Irish tart over here until we wear each other out!”

“Plenty of time for both, though we might want to catch supper first,” I grinned.

“With plenty of wine to get your Irish minx ready to eat me out, but not so much that you go limp,” Eva laughed softly, and I could tell that she intended just the scenario that she mentioned.

“We’re all staying at our place, oui?” Gaston inquired.

“Naturally, but supper first, as our American friend said,” Gustave urged him.

“Indeed, I want some of that wine, as you said, and I would love to grab a bottle when we got to the boudoir, too. I want to try drinking some nice French wine from between another woman’s buttocks. Have you ever rimmed someone while wine poured down the crack of her arse? I never have, but I really want to try it, especially with a woman!” Megan proposed.

“I never have, either, and that is surprising, given what all I have done, but I am eager to give it a fair effort. Anyway, we have five people here, three men and two women. That’s a decent start to an orgy, don’t you Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort agree? I really want to have a proper bacchanal. What do you say? All five of us, all night and maybe all morning tomorrow, with breaks only for meals, showers, and calls of nature. I want to see how many times I can get fucked, how many loads I can swallow and take in other openings, and how much pussy and ass I can lick! How about you, Megan, and you three?” Eva really pushed the idea of a clusterfuck now.

“So, where’s best to eat supper, aside from your cafe, because you obviously don’t want to work tonight, guys,” I observed, getting nods from the brothers.

“I know just the place,” Gaston told us, “been there a few times, mostly with this lady and her husband. It was mostly him paying for everything and then both of us fucking her hard all night long. They loved double penetration, that was their deal. He never did anything with me. It was just about double penetration. I didn’t ask about the dynamics of their marriage. I frankly did not care and I still do not. I just wanted her pussy and I got plenty of that. Tell the truth, even though I am bisexual, I wasn’t into him, anyway.”

“Okay, but I’m not the moneybags this time. I’m not that rich,” I chuckled.

“I am. Well, richer than the rest of you. Let me pay,” Eva offered, “and that way, I can make sure that you’re all stuffed and sauced before we have our orgy.”

“Sounds like a very good plan to me, at least,” I laughed as I enjoyed her hands and Megan’s on me.

“Sign me up, too,” Megan winked at me before letting her tongue dance with mine.

“Going native, I see,” I teased her.

“Yes, well, the best French kiss is between the thighs, you know, and that can come later, as can we,” Eva told us with a lustful gleam as she ran her tongue along her lips and walked over to the brothers to grab each of them by their cocks, “Just wait until I peel back some foreskins and get busy practicing my oral arguments.”

“Might I suggest that, whoever the waiter or waitress is, we offer them our … linguistic skills as thanks, at least one of us, that is. I am more than willing to suck a cock or eat a pussy to ensure eager service,” Gaston proposed.

“Same here,” Gustave concurred, making Megan blush, but Eva and she nodded in accord.

“If she’s clean enough, I wouldn’t object to making the experience very, tongue in cheek, if you will,” I joked, but I was somewhat serious, at least if it was someone clean.

“So, you are willing to kiss the server’s arse. Duly noted,” Megan said as she made out with me, “Remind me to taste your lips afterward, so I can sample her bum … or his.”

“If they are clean, that is. Anyway, how far are we from this place of yours, Gaston?” I inquired,

I noted his sly smile as he led us across the street to a rather aged building, but one that nevertheless had a certain dated charm to it. He led the way to the proprietor, whom he apparently knew by name. It was quite apparent that they had a past of some kind, as he did with her husband. From what I could tell, they both liked him very much, as they also liked Gustave. It was noteworthy that while the wife preferred Gaston, the husband seemed to enjoy Gustave’s company more. It was also significant, or so I thought, that the wife seemed to ogle me as much as the husband brazenly lusted for Eva and Megan.

“Bon soir, monsieur, madame … and madame. I am Adrien Didier and this is my wife, Régine Béliveau. For business reasons, she didn’t take my surname, but I won’t complain about that. She needed to keep the family name because her family has owned this restaurant for ages. You are friends of Gaston and Gustave, I hear?” the husband introduced himself to us as we were seated.

“I am. My name is Simon Abrams. This is my fiancee, Megan Fitzgerald. And this is Eva … our… , ” I searched for the right word, but Eva beat me to it and dared me to contradict her.

“Maitresse,” she spoke in French, but the meaning was universal…

I wasn’t even married yet, but I already had a French mistress, and so did Megan from the sound of it. Then it hit me that I didn’t know her last name, which struck me as humorous, but then I didn’t know Gustave’s or Gaston’s, either. I blushed a bit, even as I felt a kiss land on my lips from Régine, followed by Adrien. One thing was clear: Adrien, at least, was bisexual, and I got vibes from his wife that suggested much the same about her. When she planted kisses on Megan’s and Eva’s lips, as did Adrien, followed by kisses on Gaston’s and Gustave’s, I felt the impulse to tell them to get a room, but then I would need it, too.

“It’s a recent development. He also has a Japanese girlfriend and I have a British beau, who has one of his own countrywomen on the side. At least I think that he’s still my boyfriend. I guess that I will find out soon enough. But, yes, the way that things are, if Eva says that she’s our mistress, and that’s the inference that I can make from her words, I’m inclined to agree with her. I’ve never had a French mistress before, and I wager, neither has Simon here. What do you make of that?” Megan winked at each of us.

“I think that it’s high time that you had two French mistresses, if you ask me. Me, of course, for the second. And that you, my dear, take a third French paramour yourself, in the person of my husband. For this to work, though, we need to all live here, though perhaps we can take trips various place. I cannot give my family business, I fear,” Régine declared as she lit a cigarette.

“Why us?” I was curious, as Adrien took it upon himself to take our orders, which Eva insisted was her treat.

“That’s simple. We’ve been looking for the right lovers to settle down with, and at last, you dropped right into our lap. We’ve already known that we wanted Gaston and Gustave as part of the package, but you people … you already intrigue and delight us from what we know about you. Besides, any lovers of Gaston’s and Gustave’s are lovers of ours in my book. What do you think, Adrien?” Régine insisted.

“As always, madame, you propose and dispose in all things. I follow your lead. I should have mentioned, perhaps, my friends, that ours is a wife-led marriage. Don’t worry about me. It’s what I always wanted. A wife far out of my league, who nonetheless shares her body with me, her bounty with me as well. She has the money. She has the connections. It is perfectly fine with me. I benefit from my association with her, from our marriage, you see. She shares my body with others and I share hers as well. Her name is a regal one and it fits her. She’s my queen,” Adrien explained as Eva followed Gustave and Gaston in ordering her meal and selected the wine herself.

“I would never presume to expect that of any of the rest of you. This arrangement, the power one, that is, happens to just be him and me. In fact, when we’re alone, I keep him naked, though I’m often nude or halfway there myself. It’s healthy to remind him that I am in charge, not that he is likely to forget. It so happens that I am actually looking for someone to dominate me, in fact, and I know that cannot be one of these fine fellows, as great as they are. I suspect that it is you, Simon, and in fact, to test that, I plan a game to happen tonight after supper. If it works, I might be dancing to your tune permanently, as your willing sex slave. Care to try it out?” Régine offered me, her soft blue eyes showing remarkable sincerity for a jaded Parisienne.

“It sounds intriguing. What sort of game and what does your husband think of it?” I replied, making her laugh as she now planted her derriere on my lap, letting my cock feel the crack of her ass.

“Adrien? He’ll go along with anything that I wish, of course. It’s a fem dom marriage, as he indicated. Trust me, this particular game is going to be a wonderful experience for both of us, believe it or not. At any rate, when you are done eating tonight, we will close the shop and drink and fuck to our heart’s content. Feel free to join us upstairs. You will not regret it!” Régine’s eyes sparkled as she pulled back her white blonde hair, “Mind if we eat next to you? We are hungry, anyway. Oh, and Eva, pay for another meal, though I do appreciate the gesture. This supper is on us.”

“Then dessert is on me, and trust me, madame, you know exactly what I mean,” Eva winked at her as she lit a cigarette, too.

“So, for this to work, I need to resign my chairmanship and find employment here in France, presumably somewhere in academia as before. I have never immigrated to another country before, so this is a rather big deal indeed. And I have to convince Tamiko to move if I want to keep up a long-term relationship with her as well,” I observed, “Not to mention that Megan needs to sell Richard and Cecile on it.”

“Not that difficult, my dear. I know my Richard and he will want more of this arse, I’m convinced of it. As for Cecile, she gets to be the missus, and she has to decide if it’s worth it, but judging by what I know of Richard, she’ll decide that. As for Tamiko, I suspect that she wanted you at that convention for a reason, and I would be more than a little surprised if her intention was to give you her cunny at last. She might be a bit miffed at you for a bit due to that, but she will almost certainly chase you around the world. Just because she didn’t give up the convention doesn’t mean that she is failing to grow more attached to you,” Megan intimated to me.

“You have that right, madame,” Tamiko’s voice unmistakably cut through the air, her Japanese accent quite pronounced, “I am Tamiko Yukari, Simon’s foolish girlfriend, who is tired of keeping him at … what is that American phrase, ‘arm’s length’? Look, it’s simple enough for me. I want Simon. Period. That is my agenda. I want my Simon and I want to give him my body for life. If he can forgive me for giving my last cherry to another man…

“I was fucked repeatedly during the first night of the convention, but I missed you so much that I took a red-eye right after the gang-bang. I don’t regret fucking them, but I do regret denying Simon that hole until now and giving it up to someone else first. I should have offered it up a long time ago. You can be his wife, that’s cool. I just want to be his girlfriend … forever. I’m yours, Simon. Yours for life. Your property. Your plaything. Your companion, concubine, whatever you want to call me.

“Don’t get me wrong. The sex was incredible at the convention. I loved every steamy second of it, having my body used like that, again and again, being their fuck toy, their slut. There was so much cum all over my body, but I felt cheated still … I didn’t have you fucking me there, too. I didn’t have your cock inside me, before and after theirs. I didn’t get to surprise you with another gamer geek chick just like me, munching on my pussy while you fucked her from behind. I wanted my first lesbian tryst to be one that pleased you, Simon. That convention was going to be how I opened up totally to you, which was why I was so hurt and upset by your refusal to go there with me.

“And then it occurred to me that I hadn’t consulted you, hadn’t planned it with you, and hadn’t given you any indication of why it mattered that you go. For that matter, why did it have to be my way? It didn’t, of course. It was a fantasy, one that I could always talk you into later. What mattered more? The convention? Or you? And the answer, of course, was you. Does it sound very old-fashioned? No doubt, one of my feminist type friends would object. The truth is, though, that while I’m liberal about some things, when it comes down to it, I am a good Japanese girl at heart. The man always comes first with me.

“And that has always been at the root of our problems. You’ve been my boyfriend, but I needed to treat you as my man, as my lord and master. I’ve kept you in a semi-avuncular role, if you will, an uncle sort as well as a boyfriend, but I didn’t treat you as my man because we weren’t married and because you are not Japanese. On some level, I was still expecting to marry a Japanese man and I was afraid that would mean the end of us, or at best, a secret love affair where I couldn’t hold your hand or kiss you in public. Blame my parents for that, and it’s ultimately why I never gave you my cherry. It was supposed to be kept for my future husband.

“I think that I was about to give up on you, hence getting fucked by another man, and then another, in that hole. Then I realized that what I needed to give up was the sense of obligation to ultimately do my parents’ will. Subconsciously, I already knew that, which was why I didn’t save it for this nebulous future spouse. Or maybe I wanted to come to you, at least on some level, with my maidenhead lost, just to see how you would treat me, how you would behave, compared to this prospective husband, who would probably reject me for not being a virgin.

“So, please forgive me. You weren’t supposed to be my husband. You were supposed to be my paramour. Well, the shoe is on the other foot. The tables are turned. I will be your paramour. Yes, I’ve been eavesdropping, so sue me. That’s why I treated you that way. In my defense, once my groom popped my cherry, I would have given my cunt up to you at last, and we would have been lovers on the side. So, forgive me, Simon?” Tamiko knelt and wiped her tears as she begged me.

I pulled my estranged girlfriend up and began kissing her while Régine sat on my lap and locked lips with her a couple of times. I looked into her eyes, and then turned to Gustave and Gaston, an idea forming in my head. It was perfect and would bar the door to this theoretical future husband of Tamiko’s, permanently. Now to carry it out.

“Tamiko, I forgive you, but I want you to do something for me. Do you agree to it, ahead of time, not knowing what it is?” I insisted, causing her to nod eagerly.

“Anything for you!” Tamiko smiled as I wiped her eyes and cheeks free of her tears.

“Marry Gustave or Gaston. Take your pick. But marry one of these French fuckers here and stay here in France with us. Especially in Paris, that is. You’ll still be my girlfriend, just as Megan will still be my wife and Eva and Régine my mistresses. Oh, and invite one of your female friends to come here and marry the one that you don’t choose, if possible. I want everyone in the group to be married and take everyone else here as a lover, if we can all agree to that. Be sure that the girl in question will know what to expect. Any objections?” I demanded.

“None from me, Simon, thank you! Gustave, it has to be Gustave! Gaston is pretty, but Gustave is just more … masculine. How about it, Gustave?” Tamiko batted her dark, beautiful eyes and utterly bewitched the Parisian chef.

“Well, I have some lonely, unmarried friends who would never admit it, but some emo or nerd boys sound like just what the doctor ordered for them. Maybe Tamiko can recruit them for my lady friends. After all, they can’t live on Denis alone,” Eva propositioned her.

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