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Subject: Holidaying with my mates part 12 Holidaying with my mates. My Diary Part 12 Saturday 19th September I spent the next day by myself. I wanted to be alone and the guys were off to see the village in the mountains. I hadn’t heard from Alex. Was I wrong to think he liked me as much as I hoped he did: that he missed being with me as much as I missed him? I spent the day on the local beach with my thoughts and worries. I began to realise that I’d really fallen for this man. It actually hurt. I sat up on my towel and watched two guys laughing and holding hands as they ran into the surf. I felt a tear in my eye. What was happening to me? I must snap out of this. If Alex felt that it was just a fling, just a bit of fun with a guy (and maybe I was just another guy: one of many) who was on holiday here, then I would have to get over him and think of him the same way. But could I? I walked back to the apartment as the sun was going down and realised I hadn’t eaten all day. The guys were still not back so I made a sandwich and sat down looking at the view across the town from the window and opened a beer. I heard a noise coming from the front door and went to look. Inside on the floor was an envelope with my first name written on it in big, loopy handwriting. I opened it and my heart jumped as I read. “Come have lunch with me tomorrow my Adrian. I have something to show you. I will pick you up at 1130.” Alex. What was I to make of that? Did he want to see me again, as I hoped, or was this to be the “it’s been nice knowing you, but goodbye” speech? He had said “my Adrian” though, and what was it he had to show me? Did he mean he was taking me to lunch to say “it’s been fun but cheers and here’s a small souvenir”? My mind was spinning out of control. I tried to tell myself that I’d just have to wait, but I knew the hours until tomorrow would drag painfully slowly. There was quite a decent bath in the apartment, so I thought I’d have a soak and try to soothe my aching body. I lay there enjoying the bubbles I’d added and letting the hot water straighten out the many “kinks” in my muscles. `Kinks’, I sniggered to myself. Quite a good description of what I’d been up to the last couple of days! I thought about lunch the next day with Alex and wondered if it really would just be lunch. The more I thought about the possibilities and what I hoped would really happen, the harder I got of course. I lifted my front out of the water and admired my engorged organ. The hair above and around it was a bit unruly I thought. I’d never considered tidying down there too much, but now I wanted to look my best in case tomorrow turned out as I hoped. My shaving stuff was in my bag in the lounge but I spotted Simon’s toilet bag next to the sink. I reached over and pulled the bag towards me and found his razor. `He’ll never know’, I thought. Also in the bag, was a tube of KY jelly (of course) and some condoms. Also there was a tube labelled “Miracle soothe and heal” and below the name, “rapidly heals sore and over-used or rubbed body parts. Often used after sex.” I realised then how sore and “over-used” my anus felt. Hardly surprising. “So that’s how he does it” I thought of the amount of sex Simon was getting. Using Simon’s razor (sorry mate) I tidied myself up a bit, rinsed off and got out of the bath. My newly shaved balls felt particularly nice as I rubbed myself dry on the fluffy white towel. I put the carefully cleaned razor back in Simon’s bag and pulled out the “miracle soothe” tube. I read the instructions and smoothed the cream over my hole pushing my finger inside a little. It felt good so I added more of the cream and rubbed well inside. I had to stop what I was doing abruptly as I heard the boys burst back in noisily. I quickly replaced the tube of cream and wrapping the towel around me walked into the sitting room. “So did you have fun today?” I directed the question towards the group of boys, but to nobody in particular. Yes it was good fun. You should have come”, Adam responded. “We need to hit the town tonight and think about tomorrow; our last day and all”. I’d really lost track of time and had forgotten we flew back just after ten p.m. tomorrow. I’d either forgotten or more likely didn’t want to face up to the fact I’d have to say goodbye to Alex. We had to check-in at eight o’clock latest so tonight was the last of our holiday. I really didn’t feel like going out tonight, but knew the others would never let me stay at the flat. We got ready and headed off to our favourite local bar. George was behind the bar and looked at me with a kind of amused and knowing look on his face when my mate Roger ordered our drinks. The usual stuff was going on: groups of tarty looking ankara escort bayan girls dancing in groups with their friends, I’m sure thinking that they looked mature, worldly-wise and attractive. Packs of boys looking like wolves ready to pounce, but not confident enough to make the move, lined the walls. “This really is not for me”, I thought, even though some of the boys, especially the local lads, were looking really sexy. But they were boys. I realised that boys were now no longer what I wanted. I’d got a man now. A man who made me feel looked after; special; loved. A man who made things so easy for me, who always knew the right thing to do; how to please me and what I wanted, almost before I did. “Your round Ade”. I was jolted out of my thoughts and asked the guys what they wanted. I gave George our order and he busied himself filling glasses. “So how’s Sasha”? He asked me. I looked blank. “Alexander”, he said with the biggest grin on his face. He winked. “Oh. Alex is fine I guess”, I said blushing. He knew about us I was sure. Alex had said a few times that this was a small place; a small community. I turned back and carried the round back to the table my mates had gathered round. “So what’s the plan for tomorrow then guys?” Adam asked. There followed a bit of a discussion and as the car had to be back early afternoon, they all agreed to stay locally on the beach. “Um. I’m going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow”, I blurted out. “What the guy you spent all that time with in his pad up in the mountains?” Simon looked suspicious. “Yeah, him, he’s good fun”. “You’ll be back in time for our last night though, won’t you? We really need to have a large one before we leave and the flight’s not `till midday”. “Yeah sure”, I said distractedly, being forced now to realise that I’d be saying goodbye to Alex and all the fun and all that sex we’d had. They left it there thank goodness, despite my colouring up and them moaning that we wouldn’t all be together on the last day of our holiday. Sunday 20th September The knock on the door came at 1115 the next day. “Christ, your lover-boy’s keen”, Rodge clearly had more that suspicions. “See you later”, I almost ran to the door and opened it to see my big, handsome Russian standing, smiling and looking, frankly a little sheepish. “Hello my Adrian”, he leaned forwards for a kiss, but I reluctantly dodged him and walked towards his car saying, “so what is it that you have to show me?” I was not ready to let my mates see and to “out” myself this way. I climbed into the big Merc and waited while Alex got behind the wheel. “I have to kiss you my Adrian”, he looked hurt. “You cannot imagine how much I want to kiss you, Alex. It’s been two days; 48 whole, lonely, miserably unhappy hours, but the guys don’t know about us.” “So why haven’t you told them?” he looked hurt. Everything was so simple for him, “I will, of course I will, but in my own way, when it’s the right time”. He drove us to his house and I began to think the surprise he wanted to show me was how much he wanted sex. He’d had his hand on my knee for most of the drive there and as soon as we were out of the car, he pressed himself against me, squashing me against the car door and kissed me hard and passionately. “Now I show you”, he said like a small boy with a new puppy. He led me around to the back of the house on the wide gravel path, and down to the small group of trees the far side of the large, newly mown and striped lawn. “Close your eyes”, he said putting his large hand over my face to make sure I had, and pulled me past the trees. “OK. Now you look, you open.” Set in the ground just before the low wall beyond which the valley sloped dramatically away revealing the lovely view beyond, was set “our” rock looking as if it had always been there. “How the hell……?” I started. “I got my friend on the council to agree and my men moved it.” `Oh as simple as that ` I thought to myself. Nothing was a problem or too difficult for this man. “But, but it’s not yours. You can’t just…….” I was struggling to find the words. “Anyway, I thought we agreed that the rock should stay where it was for other lovers to make love behind with that lovely view. It’s just not right, Alex. Just because you have more money than Midas, you think you can do whatever you want. I’m sorry, but it’s so wrong what you’ve done” I was really angry. I began to wonder if this was wise given that this man seemed to have the power to make people “disappear”, but I was genuinely cross with him. Alex pulled me to him and touched his nose to mine. “Oh my Alex, you are so sweet. Of course I wanted others to enjoy what we did at that place, but this eryaman escort is our rock, our memory. It belongs with us. We can make love here whenever we want: all the time”, he corrected himself. “But…”, I started. “Come, I show you “, he said enthusiastically, walking me back to the car. We drove for about half an hour almost in silence. Alex tried to start a conversation, to ease the obvious tension in the car, but I was still angry at what I considered the arrogance of his actions. After a while I realised we were driving towards the village up in the mountains. We were approaching the layby where we had stopped on the way home: where we had made love under the stars behind that rock. “Come, come”, Alex said excitedly. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, then pulled me with him. There, behind the trees and wild undergrowth, where “our” rock had been, there were now three massive rocks spaced a distance apart. “There, you see my Adrian. Now there are rocks for more lovers. Three rocks for three sets of lovers to fuck each other under the stars.” He certainly didn’t mince his words. “Yes, but Alex how…” I started. “I have men; they get heavy equipment; they do job”. Ah, that simple, I thought to myself. Of course, silly me! Alex pulled me to his hard body. How could I stay angry at this crazy man when he was so caring and thoughtful? I melted into him and pressed my stiffening cock against the now hard lump at his crotch. “Come now. We have to get lunch. You will need energy”. I felt I could guess what he meant. He was utterly insatiable and I loved him for it. On the drive back to his house, I sat, slightly turned towards him in my seat as he concentrated on driving. I studied his handsome face with its strong, straight nose and the pink swelling of his soft lips. “I can see you’re looking at me”, he said,” You are putting me off my driving”. I put my hand on his thigh and slid it upwards slightly. “I want to put you off”, I moved a little closer and blew in his ear. “I want your full attention”. I moved my hand further and felt the outline of his healthy sized balls. “I want you”, I said breathily. Alex put his hand over mine and moved it so I felt the heat and stiffness of his solid erection trapped in his clothing. “I want you so much my Adrian. You make me ache for you. It is painful”. He started driving faster and I felt the kick of the powerful engine as we accelerated to what was certainly a speed nothing like legal on the narrow roads. The electric gate opened and we continued up the drive. But he didn’t stop in front of the house as normal, but continued over the gravel path and across the perfectly manicured lawn. “What are you doing Alex?” “We have sex now. We fuck behind our rock now.” “Should you cancel the lunch booking?” I asked feebly, but he just grabbed me and kissing me, manoeuvred us behind the rock. “We eat later. Is my restaurant. Now we fuck.” is all he said, pulling first his, then my top off. He backed me up against “our” rock and kissed me harder and with more passion than ever, his tongue seeming to fight mine while trying to reach my tonsils. I felt the engorged length of his magnificent organ against mine as he rubbed our bulges together. I undid his belt and all but ripped his shorts from him. I quickly stepped out of my own shorts, desperate to feel once again the magical chemical reaction sparked off by his hot skin pressing against mine. He pulled me tightly against him again, his hands cupping each cheek of my bum, then one finger tracing along the crack between, brushing lightly against the hair there before finding my hole. I’d missed this man so badly. I’d missed his kiss, his smell, the feel of his heat against my skin, his body; all of him. I bent down and pulled a small sachet of lube from my shorts pocket and handed it to him. This was really going to happen; nothing was going to stop him. He was an animal needing to rut and I was desperate for that need to be for me and to satisfy it immediately; there was no way I could bear to wait for even a moment. He was ripping open the plastic pouch with his teeth as I sank to my knees and breathed in the smell of him; the strong, distinctive odour of a man hard and ready to penetrate and deposit his seed inside his chosen mate. I tenderly licked the wrinkled skin of his scrotum, feeling his heavy balls within, then slowly licked up the length of his thick shaft and ran my tongue round the almost menacingly big, angry-looking red knob at the end. I felt the cool gel then his finger pushing into me, getting my body ready to receive his sex, as I sucked the soft head into my mouth, stretching my jaw open beyond what was comfortable in order to etlik escort accommodate its extreme girth. He lifted me up.”You stop now. That’s too nice”. As I stood up, I spotted some small additions in the granite. “What are those?” There were now four metal rings embedded there; two at head height and two just above the ground, both a little more than a metre apart. “Those?” He raised an eyebrow, “Those are in case you tease me again.” “What? I don’t understand” I wish I hadn’t started this conversations. I just wanted so badly to be fucked, needed to feel the heat of that heavenly friction deep inside. Then I felt once more that feeling almost of an electric shock as he touched the smooth roundness of his knob against my hole that he’d yet again, somehow made ultra sensitive. “The rings are ready in case I have to give you more punishment”. I didn’t have the capacity to process what he’d said as he pushed in slowly. I gasped. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to the sheer obscene size of the man. Alex lifted me up slightly and pressed my back more firmly against the rock. My feet were now off the ground. “Do you want all of me, Adrian? I want so much to please you again, to show you how much my body loves you”. He was still slowly pushing his length into me and lifted my left leg so it rested on his arm, parting my legs more and giving him better access to go deeper. I was now sandwiched firmly between the heat of my lover’s hard muscles pressing hard against the front of me and the cool, hard rock at my back. “Oh yes. Yes Alex. Please give me all of you; I have to have you rubbing me deep inside. Aah. Slowly though, please I have to get used to that again”. He’d hit that inner ring of muscle again, but I knew, once he was through that tightness and I was able to grip him firmly, it would give me the ultimate feeling of fullness and mean my man would get to feel and to have the best of me. Then he was there. Past the tightness and all the way into me. That completely filled feeling of my very physical make-up being changed by this man’s lusty penetration gave me the sensation again that he was able to touch my soul and I moaned softly. I knew he loved being there too as I heard the sound of his sharp intake of breath and looked at his handsome Russian face. His unfocussed eyes were looking skywards, unseeing as he started moving a few centimetres out and back in. The gentle movement was awakening the senses of every nerve in my body and I knew his natural lubrication was what was easing access for the bulbous head as it slid so beautifully the small amount in and out. I squeezed involuntarily and Alex uttered loudly, some words in Russian. Then, “God, oh God, Adrian. You’ll never know what you do to me. I don’t have the English; no, there is no language in the world that could do justice to, that could describe how good you make me feel. I, oh fuck, I just have to……” and he began to move those wonderful few centimetres in and out more rapidly. “Oh Adrian, I have to love you. I have to love you harder, faster. I have to love you more.” He pulled out further and began longer strokes now. “You like me loving you like this Adrian? You like me loving you slowly like this, showing you how deeply my body wants to love you?” I was mewling and making small high-pitched grunts as he thrusted.”My loving makes you more slippery inside now. Do you feel that? Do you feel my hot knob loving you, rubbing you so well inside?” With that, he pulled out so just the fat tip of him was in me, pushed in a little way, then out so the thickest part of his hard prick was wiping over my prostate again and again.”I love to love you like this, just there. I can see your face shows me you like me loving you like this.” I no longer felt I had a brain, just a nervous system that was transporting me to another place; a place better than any heaven could ever be. “I’m sorry my Adrian. I just have to: I can’t; Oh. Oh fuck yes.”. He pushed hard into me now and I felt the throbbing, pulsating beast embedded so far inside me, give up its precious load and he held me almost painfully tight against his body. “No don’t be sorry, please Alex. I want to have your hot cum in me, it feels so, oh my fucking … Oh yes, oh fuck.” My cock, now squashed between us, spewed my own juice, oozing its stickiness between our sweating bodies. As we stood there pressed tightly against each other, hidden from the house, (from the world it seemed to me) by `our’ large rock, Alex realised my legs had started shaking. “Come Adrian. We must eat now”. We walked, his arm around my shoulders, to the car he’d abandoned at the edge of the lawn and drove back to the house. We went up to his bedroom and showered together in his bathroom. “Where are we going to eat?” I asked. “In my favourite restaurant, food cooked by my favourite chef Marco. It’s in my best hotel by the sea.” Why would I find that surprising, I thought to myself. “Sounds good,”, I said.

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