His Wife’s Fetish Ch. 01His Wife’s Fetish Ch. 01


Note: This story contains themes of male chastity and light femdom. The themes here will be fairly gentle, but it is still a femdom story, so be aware!


James Taylor and his wife Ava lay in bed together in their Sunday night post-orgasmic bliss. They had been together for eight years, dating for five and married for three. Their sex life had been normal at best: frequent during the initial phase of their courtship and subsiding down to once or twice a week. It wasn’t terrible, but James had always thought of himself as ‘kinky’ and he tried to get his shy wife to come out of her shell and confess her fetishes to him. Previously, she had always chickened out.

“Hey baby, I’ve been thinking,” Ava started, caressing James’ soft cock as she rested her head on his chest. “I think I’m ready to tell you my deepest, darkest fantasy.”

“Oh, Ava, I’m ready to hear it. I promise I won’t judge,” James said, excitement filling his voice as he reached to stroke his wife’s hair reassuringly.

“Do you promise that you won’t judge me?” Her sudden nervousness was evident in her voice as she turned her face further into her husband’s chest.

“Of course, baby,” He said, giving her a sideways hug. “I love you more than anything. Besides, I’m so kinky I can’t possibly judge you.”

“Okay,” Ava said before pausing to collect herself. “My fetish is chastity. Male chastity, specifically.”

“Okay,” James said, ponderously. “What, uh, does that mean? Like, teasing? Denial?”

“Well,” Ava began, her hand wrapping around her husband’s soft cock and pumping it. “I really like the aesthetic of a cage on a man’s cock, and the idea of denying him orgasm while he services me.”

Ava was basically talking directly into James’ flesh at this point, her face red with embarrassment as she vigorously massaged her husband’s rapidly stiffening cock.

“Oh baby, that’s so fucking hot,” James moaned as he stroked his wife’s hair, feeling his own arousal manifesting in his recently sexed penis. “Thank you for telling me, I’m willing to give it a try if you think you’d like that.”

James not only loved his wife, but he loved to bring her to orgasm. One of his own fetishes was female orgasm, and the idea of servicing his wife was kind of a turn on. He didn’t know how he felt about the orgasm denial aspect of it, but he was willing to give almost anything a fair shot. Especially if it would improve their sex life.

“Do you really mean it?” Ava asked, turning her head from James’ chest and looking at his face, her excitement evident.

“Yeah, babe. Can’t you feel how hard I am right now?” James started. “We just had sex, I never recover this fast. Your fetish turns me on too.”

“I’m glad baby,” Ava smiled and doubled her efforts on her husband’s cock, bringing him to a swift orgasm and coating his stomach in his own semen. “Oh, it looks like I’ve made a mess.”

Ava leaned down and licked up her husband’s ejaculate, causing him to moan even more.

“Now that you’ve cum, do you still want to try my fetish?” Ava asked doubtfully.

“Ava, I already said that I was willing to try it,” James berated playfully. “Pre-orgasm or post-orgasm, I want to try what you want to try. You’ve been so accepting of what I want to do, I want us to be open and experimental with each other. Besides, I like the idea of servicing you.”

James blushed at his own admission, but his wife seemed very happy about it, and that put his mind at ease.

“Can we order the cage tomorrow?” Ava asked, excitedly.

“Sure babe,” James answered, leaning down to give his wife a deep, wet French kiss.

Their tongues intertwined in the heated kiss, sharing their saliva and their love. Ava moaned into her husband’s mouth, extremely turned on by his response to hearing her deepest, darkest desires. She never dreamed that he would respond so well, and this kiss was all the proof she needed.

“Well then, that was the last orgasm you’ll get until the cage arrives,” Ava panted as they broke from the heated kiss. “I want to tease you so that you’ll be really horny when it finally gets here.”

“Okay babe,” James smiled down at his wife, his cock straining to get hard again despite having cum seconds ago.

The morning after their discussion Ava measured her husband’s flaccid cock. They had already measured his hard cock, but there had never before been a reason to measure it flaccid before. She wanted to order the best fitting cage possible so that James would be comfortable enough to wear it for as long as she wanted him to. That afternoon, when James returned home from work, Ava directed him on exactly which cage to order from the internet as she stroked his hard cock, teasing him even as he ordered his own denial with his own credit card.

James worked IT for a large tech company while Ava was a stay-at-home artist, meaning that she had had plenty of time to research chastity in all of its various aspects while her husband was away at work. Despite them being so early ısparta escort in their careers and both under the age of thirty, the couple made good money; Ava even bringing home slightly more money than her tech worker of a husband.

“Oh my god, babe, that was so expensive,” James moaned after confirming his purchase, enjoying his wife’s warm hands on his genitals.

“It’s important to get the right one,” Ava reassured, sloppily making love to James’ neck as she nuzzled into him. “The cheap, generic ones are only meant for single session play. I want something that can stay on much, much longer.”

James moaned as he approached orgasm. Suddenly, Ava took her hand off of his cock and stood up, clearing her throat and straightening her clothes.

“Well, I think it’s time for dinner, don’t you?” Ava asked innocently, beckoning her bottomless husband to follow her to the kitchen.

The rest of the week went by in a similar manner. Ava and James went to bed naked every night, and every night Ava would tease James to the brink of orgasm before stopping and telling him to go to sleep.

For his own part, James was becoming extremely horny, but he understood their little game. He would go to bed spooning his sexy, naked wife, pressing his hard, teased cock between her warm, soft ass cheeks. He wanted to saver the touch of her skin on his cock as much as he could before the cage arrived in the mail. In a way, he was even happy that she didn’t let him cum so that he could enjoy her touch as horny as he was.

Ava enjoyed the delicate dry humps that James subconsciously provided as they went to bed. Prior to Sunday night she hadn’t really felt much of a sex drive at all, but now that her fantasies were all out in the open she found her arousal growing day by day. Hotdogging a cock between her firm cheeks just seemed like another tool in her teasing arsenal.

It only took until Friday for the custom chastity cage to arrive in the mail. Ava was home to receive the package, and her heart skipped a beat when she opened the box and saw the small, steel cage. Already plans were racing through her mind for what they would do that night. She was pleased that it had arrived so soon.

James came home around five thirty and was met with a heated kiss from his wife when he opened the front door. She threw her right leg around him and pressed her soft body against his.

“Guess what came in the mail,” Ava quizzed, finally breaking their kiss and leaving her husband out of breath.

“The cage?” James panted.

“Yeah,” Ava smiled and went in for another kiss, turning their ‘welcome home’ greeting into a full on make out session.

By the time James realized that they hadn’t even closed the door his cock was already hard in his pants, pre-cum wetting his underwear.

“Ooh, baby, you’re so hard, even though you know I’m going to trap this dick in a metal prison for as long as I want,” Ava teased, rubbing James’ cock through his pants after they finally closed the door.

“To be fair, you have been teasing me all week,” James started, looking lovingly into his wife’s eyes. “But also to be fair, your new attitude turns me on so much.”

“What new attitude?” Ava gave a fake pout as they continued to embrace in the doorway.

“You’re so much more confident,” James answered happily. “It’s like you’re finally being free with your sexuality.”

“I’ll show you sexuality after dinner,” Ava taunted and led her husband into the kitchen.

The couple prepared dinner together that night and downed an entire bottle of wine as they talked and laughed about their weeks together.

Despite only having sex once or twice a week, the couple was very compatible and they loved each other very much. James’ sex drive was much higher than Ava’s, so he usually found himself masturbating on the toilet most mornings to keep his arousal in check. When they did finally have sex, James’ found himself enamored with his wife’s pussy, wanting to fuck it, finger it, or lick it to multiple orgasms.

He didn’t know what this chastity fetish would bring, but he knew that if he wanted out at any point Ava would free him. However, he had been psyching himself out all week to let her decide the pace in this experiment. He had been pressing her for eight years to open up to him, and now that she finally had he had no intention of shutting her down.

After dinner Ava led James upstairs to their bed and told him to strip. He willingly obliged, tossing his discarded clothing into the corner of the room and standing before her in his birthday suit.

“Mmm, babe, you’re so sexy. Can I take a picture?” Ava asked, blushing visibly.

“Anything you want, Ava baby,” James said, pushing aside his own nervousness at being exposed before a camera.

Ava grabbed her phone and started taking pictures of James, focusing on his flaccid, uncaged cock. He was an averaged height, skinny man, spending more time in front of the computer than working out or istanbul escort eating. Fortunately for Ava, that was exactly what she was attracted to. Super buff men scared her and overweight men were a turn off. James had the perfect body shape, even if he still didn’t believe her when she told him.

When she was finished with taking pictures of him flaccid, Ava stripped her own clothes, revealing her perfectly shaven pussy, big, perky tits, and flat, toned stomach. She rarely shaved for him, so as soon as James saw her hairless body his cock twitched with excitement.

Ava walked over to him seductively and pressed her naked flesh against his in a full body embrace as they passionately kissed. It was a matter of seconds before James’ cock grew hard between Ava’s legs and felt the moistness of aroused pussy. James moaned into his wife’s mouth. He wanted so badly to throw her on the bed and fuck her right there and then, but this was her night, and he forced himself to let her set the pace.

“I want to take more pictures,” Ava whispered against James’ lips as she frantically rubbed her sopping wet cunt against his raging erection. Ava and James were similar heights, so it was easy for his cock to reach between her legs even standing.

“And wear this,” Ava continued, stepping back and handing James a rubber cock ring. “I want you as hard as humanly possible. I want to remember what your cock looks like when you’re this turned on.”

The photoshoot didn’t last long, but in the short time that she was taking pictures Ava had her husband pose in various positions, her favorite seeming to be a squatting position with his legs spread wide and his genitals prominently visible. She ended the photoshoot with him laying on his back, a ruler pressed up against his cock.

Five and a half inches, even enhanced by the cock ring. James was never proud of his size, but he was fairly average and Ava had never complained. He was nervous that a picture of his cock measurements was on his wife’s phone, but he kept silent.

“Oh babe, you’re so fucking sexy,” Ava moaned as she threw her legs over his chest in a 69 position, sucking his painfully erect cock into her mouth.

James took his que and dove into Ava’s smooth pussy. She was always too embarrassed to be eaten out, but James loved to do it. It was a rare treat for him, and he took every opportunity that he could get. He relished in the taste of her pussy as he worked his tongue toward her clit and started working her to orgasm.

After a couple minutes, just when James felt his own orgasm rising from the pit of his stomach, Ava suddenly took her mouth off of his cock. He thought that she was just distracted by her own impending orgasm, and so he redoubled his efforts on her clit, his chin wet with a mixture of saliva and vaginal juices. However, he felt Ava take the ring off of his cock and lean over the bed. A sudden burst of cold hit his wet genitals and James gasped into his wife’s pussy.

“Oh god, don’t stop, I’m fucking cumming,” Ava almost yelled as she reached back and pressed James’ face hard into her vagina.

Despite his shock James managed to maintain control and furiously licked Ava to a leg-shaking orgasm even as she held an icepack to his already denied cock. By the time she stopped shaking from her orgasm Jame’s cock was already small and numb.

“Phew, I thought you were going to make me cum first,” James gently chided, gasping for air as he finally let his face fall from his wife’s wet pussy.

“I never promised that,” Ava giggled, removing the icepack.

She gently pulled herself off of James and stood on shaky legs. She gently walked over to the nightstand and removed the steel chastity cage from the drawer. It was a shiny, flaccid cock-shaped metal prison that left plenty of room to wash the subject’s genitals through the immovable bars. The lock was built into the base ring of the device.

“Last chance,” Ava said, locking eyes with her husband. “Do you want to back out now?”

“No,” James said, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Do it, I want to be a part of your fantasy.”

With that Ava wordlessly fitted the base ring around James’ cock and balls before slipping the metal cage over his still-numb penis. It was a simple matter to fit the lock in the sheath into the ring. Ava brought the key forward and with a click, the device was firmly in place.

“Oh my god, that’s so fucking sexy,” Ava whispered, lust evident in her voice. “Stand up, I want to see you walk around in it.”

James dutifully stood from the bed and began walking around the room, feeling rapidly coming back to his genitals. While he strutted for his wife, she pulled out a necklace and began fitting the cage’s key on it.

“Do you recognize this necklace?” Ava asked rhetorically. “You bought it for me on our wedding day. I’m going to keep the key right here and wear it everywhere. It’s almost like our second wedding, you know?”

James wasn’t so sure about that, but he smiled and izmir escort agreed with his wife nonetheless.

“How does it feel, honey?” Ava asked, suddenly appearing concerned.

“It’s actually kind of nice,” James said. “Maybe it’s just my horniness talking, but there’s a nice weight to it and it feels like it fits really well. It’s turning me on.”

“Oh I’m so glad!” Ava exclaimed and rushed over to James to lock him into another deep kiss.

The couple made out for a long time, causing James’ cock to swell in his cage, only to be stymied by the metal bars. It was frustrating not being able to get hard, but he wasn’t sure that he had ever gotten this kind of attention from his wife before. Maybe it would all be worth it.

As the night wore on Ava gradually pushed her husband into the bed until she was riding on top of him, kissing him furiously and rubbing her pussy against his smooth cage. James could just barely feel it, and the sensation was driving him wild. His cock started to ache as it desperately tried to break free.

It wasn’t long before Ava began moving up James’ body until her pussy rested against his mouth and she was riding his face. James was in heaven as he began to make love to his wife’s nether lips while she held onto the headboard and moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy was so smoothly shaven and the taste of her slit was so erotic that he wanted to lick her all over, make love to her entire body. However, his head was locked between her thighs, forcing only her pussy into him. He was more than happy with this, of course.

Several minutes later and Ava was tensing up as an orgasm crashed through her body. Many whispered oh fuck’s later she finally relaxed after a long orgasm. James expected her to dismount, but instead she began moving her hips against his lips again. Despite his sore jaw, James eagerly flicked out his tongue again and resumed making love to his wife’s twat. He had to be more gentile after she came, but James was able to delicately bring her to another earth-shattering orgasm, her third of the night.

After she was finally spent, Ava swung off her husband’s face and plopped down beside him on the bed, panting heavily.

“That was amazing babe,” Ava gasped as she rolled over to cuddle her husband. “I can’t remember ever being this horny, or cumming this hard.”

“I loved it too,” James admitted. “I’ve always wanted you to ride me like that. I want to eat you out every single day.”

“Promises, promises,” Ava whispered as she passed out.

The rest of the weekend went by in a whirlwind of sex.

Saturday morning James woke up staring directly into Ava’s vagina as she straddled his face. He quickly pressed his face into her groin and began tongue fucking her tight hole with no prompting. Ava gasped in surprise at his willingness, especially right after waking up, but she quickly sank down on his face so that he didn’t have to strain his neck to reach her. It took a long time for him to make her cum with his tongue pressed deep into her pussy instead of teasing her clit, but her orgasm when she finally did cum was mind bending. She collapsed back onto the bed and quickly fell back asleep.

It was Saturday morning, the perfect morning to sleep in, but Ava’s taste lingering on his tongue wouldn’t let James fall back asleep. His cock filled the whole cage and was trying to squeeze out between the bars. It hadn’t even been twenty four hours yet and already he was painfully horny.

The five days of teasing and denial before Ava had put him in the cage had really done a number on him, but he had to admit, it felt good to be this horny, even if it was distracting.

When Ava finally woke up again around ten in the morning, the couple showered together. Ava lovingly washed James’ cock through the bars, which caused his cock to try to become hard once again. After their shower, Ava suggested that they go out for brunch, so the pair walked downtown to a little café where they could have eggs, pastries, and some coffee to start their morning.

They talked and laughed over brunch as they took their time eating and relaxing in the early summer morning. They were both relaxed and happy, touching each other and being more ‘lovey-dovey’ than normal.

On the walk home after brunch Ava couldn’t contain herself.

“I need you now,” Ava whispered in James’ ear as she held onto his arm.

“Here? In public?” James was shocked.

“Yes!” Ava exclaimed, dragging James into an alley between two houses and guiding his hand down her pants.

James pressed his wife against the wall and began kissing her furiously as he worked his hand down her panties and against her pussy. She was extremely wet, making a puddle in her own underwear with her arousal.

James quickly fingered her clit to orgasm, partly because he was nervous about them being in the open, and partly because his wrist hurt at the angle required to reach down her pants standing.

Ava sighed in satisfaction when her orgasm was finally finished, and James smiled at her.

When they finally made it home Ava suggested that they go to an art museum and try to find as many sexual paintings as they could. James’ wife had never been this kinky before, and so he agreed almost too quickly.

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