His Wicked IdeaHis Wicked Idea


My fiancé Jeremy has a devious personality, he can sweet talk me into doing anything and recently he talked me into playing this awkward game with him. A back and forth sort of thing… “Do as I tell you or I will punish you,” type of game, testing my boundaries, sexually. At first I found the game absurd, but more and more I began to find it rather intriguing. It all started out innocently enough, having some silly fun between one another. He would tease me by telling me he was going to spank me, and I tease him back by lifting my short skirt daring him to try. The truth is I love playing this game with him, some of the things he demands leaves me always wanting more. Although I’m easy prey, I love sex, always have, I’d pretty much do anything to turn him on. Before I met Jeremy I was a little horn dog, masturbating all the time, having this overwhelming lust to be fucked and a little roughed up. I’d get off reading erotic material depicting a slave/master relationship or a girl who’s been abducted and forced to do what she’s told no matter how perverted, sometimes the more perverted the better.

Also I get off on erotic stories about slave girls, particularly on women abducted in the times of middle eastern folk lore Arabia and placed into a prince’s harem. Books titled ‘Love Slave’ and ‘Captive Bride’ these stories never fail to get my panties sopping wet. The mystery of sex mixed with my obsessive thoughts of male masculinity becomes intertwined in my mind. I often take my erotic reading material to my college classes, hiding it in my backpack, reading it in between classes while sitting alone. Walking home, I purposely take the long way home around campus passing by the gym just to check out all the muscular boys working out. By the time I arrive home, I was so worked up sexually, I hurry inside fetching my vibrator from the top drawer of my dresser, stripping naked and getting busy. I always have a good thirty minutes or so before one of two of my older brothers got home.

I became infatuated with boys, especially slight muscular boys, joining the local gym wearing the most skimpiest work out clothes, getting an erotic high when guys look at my ass and large breasts, secretly loving all the attention. I have this fantasy where two or three shirtless muscular guys take me and fuck me. It sort of morphed into this hidden sexual fantasy of wanting to be dominated, as to this day, it turns me on.

I developed large breasts early growing up, my breasts seem to grow really big becoming one of my greatest assets. However, I adjusted quickly to the attention I was getting from all the boys, loving it when boys walk by and stare. It felt awkward at first, at times wishing my breasts weren’t so big, but after a while it created this strange desire to flaunt them more and more. Often I’d wear tight sweaters to class in the winter and low cut tops in the warmer months. Often masturbating after getting home from school, grabbing my vibrator or a thick banana, thinking up weird fantasies in my imagination of being used, or being punished by some man spanking me. My weird-out sexual fantasies include many boys ganging up on me, making me their whore. I did have this one fantasy of several boys finding me swimming in gymnasium pool, wearing this micro-skimpy bikini. I would just swim around minding my own business knowing they were all staring and talking about me. The bikini was so tiny, easily showing off my nipples and the bottom being only a thin piece of cloth would ride up my pussy. My fantasy plays out that the boys would grab me after getting out of the pool, one boy cups his hand over my mouth as the other boy was busy tearing off my micro-bikini. The boys drag me into the boys locker room where more boys would be waiting for me. They all fuck me senseless, taking turns with me, cumming inside me, many of the other boys cum on my face. I couldn’t get enough of that fantasy, often thinking about it, bringing myself to many orgasms.

There were other times however, I imagine my extremely attractive science teacher in one of my college classes spanking me, he was a gorgeous older man. I imagine him bending me over the large white science table in the middle of the classroom after school fucking me. I remember having this huge crush on him, I still do.

Another one of my fantasies include him asking me to stay after class, having his way with me, or asking me to his apartment in which he hikes up my short skirt shoving his cock deep inside my pussy. During class, I’d be in a deep trance wondering what his dick might look like? Was he circumcised? Was he married? Imagining what he might look like jacking off.

By senior year, everything I own shows off my tits, it makes me wet knowing how excited guys were getting. That’s how I met my Jeremy, one day after school he approached me asking me out on a date, he was cute, so I said yes.

Now I’m all grown up, having my fiancé Jeremy to have fun with…we’ve been dating for a while now, as for this game we’ve been playing… well it’s all in good fun, so I thought.

Jeremy and I were the only ones who knew what game Çubuk Escort we were playing, everyone else were oblivious to the hidden meaning we were both revealing to one another. All the expressive looks, the twisted gasps and the shocked reactions we got from total strangers were priceless. Sometimes people look at us in utter disturbance to what they thought they heard us say to one another and to what they witnessed when we were out in public.

It all started when Jeremy discovered the alluring attraction to BDSM, a fetish that fascinated him after clicking through a few bondage websites. He shared with me with great enthusiasm some of its raw content, the videos, the sexy stories, the pictures, and to say truthfully after the shock, I was surprisingly excited. While not formally being a big fan of BDSM, however, I will admit, I did seem to get caught up in some of those online bondage/slave stories, which may of accidently triggered a sense of hormonal change inside of me. Thinking back to some of my older fantasies of being spanked and used, shockingly all of a sudden I was finding a need to be dominated or at least try it.

Jeremy and I had a serious talk regarding these weird out but compelling feelings that on occasion swell up inside me, becoming horny as hell, agreeing to play this obedient game with him.

So we formed a Master/slave relationship, secretly, an experiment of sorts, our own little twisted game of love and discipline. My seduction began when I was instructed to call him “Master or Sir” around the apartment and at certain times when we were out in public.

Although it was just a game, quickly we both submersed ourselves into imaginary roles of dominate and submissive, acting at times as a little innocent girl, or a sex kitten wearing for him sexy outfits. He can be a bit sadistic, but he’s gentle with me. It’s more for me in the mind, torturing me mentally. Many times, we’d be in a grocery store when he raises my short skirt exposing my panties to strangers or grabbing my hair pulling it back making me whisper… “yes master.” Other people around us watch and freak out not knowing we were only playing around, but for me it became a sexual thrill.

There was this specific time when we were out to dinner, the waiter noticed Jeremy’s aggressive behavior calling me names like slut and whore, telling the waiter I’m such a slut, that I will sleep with anyone. The waiter has a hard time hiding his sexual feelings, over boiling with lust, you can see the cock in the poor waiter’s trousers bulging. Jeremy found this funny ordering me to flash him my nipple, just to shock him. Believe me the waiter was shocked. Another time it got so bad, the manager came over and told us we were upsetting some of the patrons that were sitting in the booth behind us telling us to cool it or leave. The waitress was in shock when Jeremy placed a pair of nipple clamps on the table asking the waitress if she was interested in playing along. She played right into our hands. She was so embarrassed, but you can tell she was turned on.

My favorite times are out in public when Jeremy takes me out to a restaurant having me sit with him on the same side in the booth, wearing a short skirt, no panties. After we order our food, he gets a thrill by hiking up my skirt parting my thighs, sliding his hand between my legs feeling him touch my pubic hair. I gasp watching other people go about their business eating and talking. This excites me, taking in a deep breath, getting me very horny teasing my soft, wet cunt. He parts my vulva finding my throbbing clitoris making me gasp with pleasure. After a while our food remains untouched on the table in front of us, I so badly need to cum and I do right in front of everyone in the restaurant.

Another time in a dance club, Jeremy daringly takes my hands twisting them behind my back rendering me helpless, telling me I was a sex slave and it was my desire to be used. The couple sitting next to us got all excited and couldn’t help but to over hear our delicate conversation. Of course this made me nervous, my heart flutters as my sexual desire emerges leaving me helpless. The couple turns introducing themselves and started talking with us, or more like flirting with us. We find out they are husband and wife and they also are trying to spice up their marriage. Jeremy raises my short skirt asking the man and his wife if they would like to take a look at my ass? I muffle out a weak cry as they both check out my bare ass.

“Why aren’t you wearing any panties? The girl asks.

“She’s not allowed,” Jeremy tells her.

Feeling a little embarrassed I pull down the hem of my skirt.

“What are you doing?” The man asks me.

“Oh, you’ve probably seen enough,” feeling embarrassed.

“Show them your pussy,” Jeremy demands.

Again I raise my skirt, both stare at my pussy.

“Touch her,” says Jeremy.

“It’s alright if I touch her?” He asks his wife.

“Yes,” she answers.

The man slides his hand inside my inner thigh, touching my pussy lips, his wife watches Demetevler Escort becoming sexually aroused sipping her drink. The couple admitted they were looking for a good time and Jeremy offers me to help out.

“What do you have in mind?” The man asks.

Jeremy demands me to suck his cock while his wife watched.

“You mean here, right now?” The man asks Jeremy.

“Yes right now. Let’s go over to that dark booth over in the corner.”

His wife was not at all taken back, it seemed she was into it. With out a word, Jeremy leads us all over to the booth in the corner of the club. It’s out of the way, dark and gives us some privacy. The man sits down as I drop to my knees unbuckling his pants. His wife sits down beside us, a few people walk past staring in horror, left utterly speechless. I take his hard cock into my mouth, he looks down at me with fireworks in his eyes. Carefully I lick the tip of his cock as I kept looking up at his wife as she stared down at me. It was uncomfortable at first, but when I saw she was getting into it I took him more into my mouth trying my best to get him off. After our little thrill, driving home from the club, Jeremy laughs it off knowing the man and his wife got the adventure of their life. I didn’t mind being called a whore, always having this deep need to be used sexually.

Another display of awkwardness was on Thanksgiving, we were over at my parents house. Jeremy and I were seated across from my Aunt Jenny who was known for butting into other people’s business and family gossiping. On occasion Jeremy whispers in my ear just loud enough so Aunt Jenny would over hear what he was saying, telling me all the nasty things he was going to do to me later when we got home. Aunt Jenny did her Holy Christian best not to listen. We both found it hilarious to see her try to restrain herself from some of the things Jeremy was saying to me and the blank expression across her face.

I feel embarrassed at times but only to a point, you see I never did like my Aunt Jenny very much, always sticking her nose in other people’s business where it doesn’t belong. So Jeremy gave her something to talk about. I never did appreciate growing up in predominately Christian environment anyway. I don’t know, there is something so fucking restricting about it all.

Recently we were out shopping, Jeremy noticed some guy looking at my tits, purposely Jeremy lifts my sweater showing off my tits to this strange man. He looks briefly before walking away in embarrassment as we both laugh getting off on his reaction, I do like playing this game, it’s kind of a aphrodisiac in a way.

Of course you understand we didn’t do this every single day, only when the mood struck us to be a little daring and mischievous.

On another occasion, I remember Jeremy and I had some friends over to watch the basketball game. Jeremy’s a big Lakers fan. We were all drinking, feeling good and getting buzzed when Jeremy snaps at me, “Go get me another beer bitch,” his voice is rough and dominant making me slip immediately into my submissive behavior complying with… “Yes Sir!” I know what he was doing, he was playing the game, although I didn’t think he’d do it in front of our friends, Benny, Sam and Nancy. They were all aghast with how he spoke to me, at first they thought he was only kidding around, ordering me to also get Benny and Sam a beer. Then he said something shocking and disgraceful to me…

“Do it topless, you know like a topless waitress in a bar.”

“What?” Somewhat offended.

“Come on, take off your top, get me another beer and also get one for Benny and Sam but I want you to do it topless.”

My good friend Nancy however thought it was kind of funny sitting there giggling. However, if I’m not mistaken, did I detect a hidden intimate arousal in her behavior. “What are you giggling at?” I ask her.

“I’ll do it with you,” Nancy says standing up taking off her top. Nancy walks into the kitchen topless walking out with two frosty beers in her hand handing one to Benny.

“Wait! Before you give that other beer to Sam touch the cold beer to your nipples, I want to see them get hard,” Jeremy tells Nancy.

Nancy looks over at me before she holds the frosty cold bottle to her nipple swirling it in a small circle around her areola. We watch her nipple become hard, then holding the frosty bottle to her other nipple, she looks so sexy standing there with her nipples hard before handing Sam his beer.

“Good girl, continue to play with your nipples for us…” Jeremy orders.

Nancy gives a slight twist to her nipples, her eyes roll in the back of her head.

“Why aren’t you topless?” Jeremy asks me.

“What? Me?”

“Yea, why don’t you take off your top.”

Slowly I take off my top looking at Nancy, Benny and Sam staring at me.

“Aren’t you going to get me a beer?” Jeremy asks me.

Walking into the kitchen I retrieve a beer from the fridge, walking back out handing it to Jeremy but he doesn’t take it.

“Well?” He asks.

“Well what?”

“I Dikimevi Escort want you to do the same as Nancy.”


“Hold it to your nipples, I want to see them get hard.”

Shyly I hold the cold beer to my nipples, seeing the immediate surprise on everyone’s face. It was humiliating, my nipple becomes hard, feeling a lump in my throat feeling vulnerable thinking ‘Jeremy is pleased.’

To the guys I’m sure it was all fun and games but it’s when Jeremy took it a step further daring Nancy to pull down her sweat pants to show everyone her ass. “Nancy, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” I say in protest… “Jeremy don’t make her do this.”

Nancy ignores me, a blush comes over her face, she’s embarrassed but she does as she’s told, pulling down her sweat pants revealing her plump ass to all of us.

“Nice thong,” Sam comments.

She kept her hand obediently between her thighs, Sam and Benny grab Nancy’s ass, smacking it, playing with it, spreading her ass cheeks apart, I’m shocked to see she didn’t mind. Jeremy tells Nancy to pull down her thong and spread her ass cheeks to show us what she’s got. Benny tells her to bend over more walking over to her spanking her bare ass. Nancy yanks down her sweat pants all the way down to her ankles, then her thong as I see her plump swollen pussy lips peaking through the thin nest of slick pubic hair. Immediately I’m sopping wet secretly wishing it was me they were treating like a whore. Benny and Sam both play with Nancy’s ass sending chills through me. Sam daringly places the tip of his finger between Nancy’s glistening slit, watching her squirm and moan, driving her into crazed ecstasy. Both Benny and Sam prod her, smacking her bare bottom hard making it tender and red, telling her she’s a bad girl. It seems she liked being spanked and fingered, noticing a certain look of eroticism swell in her eyes, biting her bottom lip. It was for sure turning me on watching her expose herself, seeing these two boys gang up on her. Nancy slips into utter submission, Benny tells everyone he wouldn’t mind fucking her trying to conceal his swelling cock.

“Why not? Let’s all fuck her,” Sam blurts out.

A strange quiet falls over everyone. Nancy was breathing anxiously, wanting to speak, but the control over her was too much for her to say anything. Jeremy liked the idea. “I would like to see that,” he said.

Nancy leaves the room with Benny and Sam, I’m sitting on the sofa stunned.

Jeremy follows Sam and Benny into our bedroom, I sit alone in the living room staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell was going on. Within minutes I hear Nancy moaning and crying. I can’t help to touch myself, opening my legs rubbing my pubic hair finding my clit. Her moans get louder, masturbating to the faint cries of Nancy getting fucked.

However, after the basketball game was over and after everyone went home, I shared my feelings about what happened with Nancy, asking Jeremy if he thought maybe it was inappropriate what he did to her, especially the way you all treated her.

“What do you mean?”

“You made Nancy take off her top, then you made her pull down her sweat pants in front of everyone. Sam and Benny fucked her.

“I didn’t make Nancy do anything she didn’t want to do,…” he argues, “the girl practically was begging for it.”

“But you know how vulnerable she is, she has a boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? Then why in the fuck was she with Benny and Sam tonight, I’m not sure of any boyfriend.”

“What about you?” I ask.

“What about me?

“You didn’t get your turn to fuck her?”

“No, I enjoyed watching, but I could tell Benny and Sam liked seeing your tits.”

“They did? How do you know?”

“Trust me, I know. You got some nice tits babe, what are you worried about, not like Nancy, her tits are small.”

“Nancy’s tits are fine.”

“Well compared to yours their small,” he says arrogantly, laughing.

“What a chauvinistic pig thing to say. Nancy’s a very beautiful woman, don’t you dare make fun of her.”

“Nancy has a nice ass, I’d like to see her naked and tied up.” Jeremy blabs under his breath.

I’m taken back by some of his rude comments, while calling us both sluts. But my mind can’t help to become too curious, then he asks me if I think I could talk her into some BDSM play with us.

I pause looking at Jeremy, thinking about what he was suggesting, his voice sounded so seductive, I mean he was right, Nancy was so easy to give it up to Benny and Sam, she was nearly begging for it.

Before we went to bed, Jeremy knew how to turn me on, his erotic talk about me and Nancy, imagining Nancy in bed with us got me sopping wet, going out of my mind. I couldn’t get his delicious hard cock inside of me fast enough. He ties my hands behind my back, taping my mouth shut with a strand of duct tape, bending me over the kitchen table ripping off my soaking wet panties sending ripples of sensation through me. He smacks hard my bare bottom several times making my butt cheeks sting, my cunt hungers for his cock, all I can do is squirm under his playful assault. Finally when he’s ready, he fucks me, feeling him thrust in and out of my wet pussy making me scream. He lifts me up on the table, fucking me deeper, faster, my feet no longer touch the floor, feeling him throb inside me until he fills me with his hot cum, telling me again and again what a good girl I am.

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