His Lucky WeekHis Lucky Week


I hope you read my account of how I took Lee’s virginity and started the tuition to turn him into a generous lover, making sure that he will make many girls happy in the future. I also hinted at where my training of him would go nextLee is a fitness enthusiast and likes to go to his boxing club on a Tuesday, insisting it’s better than any workout in a gym, before going out for a couple of beers with his friends. Boxing club doesn’t seem a great alternative to a night with me when I can give him a much more satisfying workout, but boys will be boys.On the upside, his solid pectoral muscles and arms, not to mention granite Ankara bayan escort like legs and belly, confirm his opinion of the club, and, well, I’m not complaining as I too benefit from his physique.Good news, boxing club was cancelled on Tuesday for some reason, and he called to ask if he could come over for some more ‘training.’Perhaps it was the devil in me, but as it had been suggested to me that his education should include a threesome, and once I knew he was available, I called my friend Rebecca to see how she was fixed, and she saw no reason for not having a threesome Escort bayan Ankara because she was at home and feeling very horny. She jumped in her car straightawayRebecca really is a character and much more outrageous than myself, and whereas I am ten years older than Lee, she is even older than that. When I first mentioned her age, Lee immediately got hard and excited so I reckoned he would be up for his next lesson.Having only recently experienced sex with another girl myself, namely Rebecca, this was another opportunity to taste the sweet joys of girl-girl love, knowing that Bayan escort Ankara my prime needs would be met by Lee when we had finished.Rebecca and I made super girly love to each other whilst Lee watched his face turning purple with excitement, his cock red and almost threatening, he was so ready.We beckoned him towards us, and he moved to the bed, his eyes ablaze with lust.Lee had told me that he watched a lot of porn, which had rather disappointed me, but it was obvious that he used this experience with us on Tuesday.As expected, damn it, he wanted Rebecca first. She knelt on the bed, raising what can only be described as her glorious arse into the air and I took hold of his erection and guided it into my best friend. Ever hopeful, I knelt next to her in the same position. I too am proud of my rear, and from Lee’s viewpoint, how he didn’t cum just from the view, I’ll never know – perhaps he let off steam before coming over.

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