His Dark NeedsHis Dark Needs


Emmy stared at the clothes in her closet and picked her outfit carefully. Tonight’s demand was for a conservative, yet elegant look and the reminder that it would likely be the last time she would wear the outfit. Alexander wouldn’t force her to have sex, in fact he might not even touch her sexually. But the fact that the outfit would not be repeated suggested rough play and she welcomed that.It had been nearly a month since he had penetrated her or allowed her to have an orgasm. She realized that she could take care of herself. How would he know? But he would know somehow. He always seemed to sense when she had touched herself. So, she followed his rules and left herself frustrated. He reminded her that this would not be an excuse to act bitchy. If she was truly devoted to him, she would do whatever he asked with joy in her heart. So, she never expressed unhappiness at being denied an orgasm. When he eventually let her cum, it was always mind-blowing.He was married and was therefore available only when his wife traveled. He never spent the night with her in case his wife should return home unexpectedly. But he would occasionally stay into the wee hours of the morning and she relished those times immensely.She looked in the mirror one last time. She looked like a teacher or a librarian, she thought. No one would suspect that she was a submissive pain slut.How had all of this started?She thought back to six months ago. She was lonely and depressed after being dumped by a man who told her she was a sick degenerate for wanting him to use a crop on her ass. She had thought he was the one for her, so she let her guard down and let her inner freak girl come out to play. She would never forget the look of disgust in his eyes. She thought he’d be turned on. Here she had offered to let him dominate her, and he had called her twisted and perverted. She was devastated. “That kind of activity is for sluts and whores Emmy. I can’t be with a woman like that. What would my mother think?”What kind of man thinks he needs to share what he does with his woman in the bedroom with his mother?She realized the likelihood of finding a significant other who would give her what she needed was unlikely to ever happen. So, during a moment of weakness and craving to be touched in ways that made no sense to her logical brain, she had answered an ad:Professional male in search of a professional female, looking to push her boundaries. I am looking for a long-term situation, not a relationship, but not a one-night stand. You must be willing to meet on short notice and on a regular basis. I am drug and disease free and expect the same from you. Please reply with your name and age and put I AM WILLING in the subject line. Are you ready to experience something different? I am married and love my wife, but I have dark needs that go beyond what she would be willing to do. What are you willing to do? How far will you let me go?She wrote:My name is Emmy. I am 27 years old and I have long red hair and blue eyes. I am petite and curvy. I am willing to let you go as far as you like. I’m sure I can fulfill your dark needs because I crave the kind of touch that I believe you are offering. I am willing to play by your rules and while I can’t say that I have no limits whatsoever, I have very few and I think they are reasonable. We can discuss these when we meet. Please let me know if you think I am what you are looking for. Alexander Mallick smiled as he read her email. He found it telling that she had said what you are looking for instead of who. He originally placed the ad after his long-time pain slut moved away, leaving him with no outlet for what he thought of as his dark needs. He met with multiple women, looking for the right fit. There was one who he’d been semi successful with several months prior, until he forced the issue of wanting her nipples and clit pierced. He could have just let that go, but for some reason he needed to look at her and see that he owned her. So, he was looking again and here was what sounded like the perfect slut.He made love that night to his wife and while he emptied his seed deep inside her, he pictured himself cumming on the face of the red-haired girl.The next morning, he answered her email:Yes, I think you sound perfect. I want to meet you in a restaurant where you will be quite safe. We can talk and see if you are the pain slut I am looking for. So, she took a chance and agreed to meet him for drinks. The first thing she noticed was that he was ridiculously handsome. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes that seemed to stare deep into her soul. It was unnerving yet titillating.“What exactly are you looking for?” she asked him at their first meeting, her body feeling almost electrified.“When I make love to my wife, I am a tender lover. I kiss her passionately, I woo her, and we make love for hours. It’s romantic and lovely for both of us. I love her very much and will never leave her. I’m not looking for a relationship. But I have dark almanbahis şikayet needs, needs that I would never even consider asking her to fulfill. I’m looking for someone who can fulfill those darker needs,” he explained.“What kind of darker needs?” she asked, speaking barely above a whisper.“Nothing disgusting or illegal,” he assured her. “Beyond that, I want a body to use without limits.”Her head thought not a chance, but her traitorous pussy was dripping.“I’m willing to see if I can meet your needs. However, since you are being a bit vague as to what these needs are, specifically, I will only commit to once. If, after that, it seems to be a good fit, we can discuss more,” she said bravely.He raised an eyebrow, as she shouldn’t be the one calling the shots, but he let it pass. He supposed he couldn’t expect her to just fall in line when he wouldn’t give her specific examples of what he wanted to do to her; no, needed to do to her.For their first session, he asked her to show up at a restaurant wearing nothing but an overcoat and heels.At the restaurant he ordered them both a glass of wine. She didn’t care for red wine, but she drank it anyway. She was reluctant to disappoint him for some reason. She wasn’t sure why that mattered.“In private I expect you to react to what we do. You can moan, scream, cry, beg, whatever strikes you as your honest reaction. In public, I need you to show me you can be stoic,” he said sternly.“I can be stoic,” she assured him.“Good,” he replied, “let’s test that theory, shall we?”She didn’t flinch when he dipped his fingers in the wine and the reached under the table to insert those fingers into her wet pussy.She didn’t react when he added a third finger and rubbed her clit with his thumb.She managed to stifle a scream when he reached inside the coat and pinched her left nipple so hard that she was sure it would be bruised tomorrow.“Very impressive,” he said. “You please me greatly. Let’s go. I want to do things to you that would get us thrown out of the restaurant,” he mused.He left money for the bill and took her by the hand. As she got out of the booth, a lucky busboy got a peek of her bare pussy. He blushed crimson when Alexander winked knowingly at him.When they got to the parking lot, she insisted that she would follow him in her own car. He was annoyed, but then thought if it was his wife, he’d want her to be safe. Then again, it wouldn’t be his wife. She was the purest woman he knew. She’d never meet a strange man and entertain having sex with him like a common street whore. Which is why he would never even consider showing her what he considered to be his dark side.He hoped this woman would be suitable. The last woman had told him to shove it up his ass when he told her he wanted her to get her nipples and clit pierced for him. He hadn’t considered it such a ridiculous request, considering that she obliged him whenever he clamped those delicious parts of her. She enjoyed the pain, so he was puzzled when she was vehemently opposed to the piercings. He would ask this woman up front if she would do so, before he got attached to her. But he’d wait until after the session. It had been a long time since he had fulfilled this need and his cock ached for the kind of pleasure only this could bring.When they arrived at his apartment, the one he used for what he termed fuckery, he got out of his car and directed her where to park. When they stepped inside the door, he could tell she was frightened a little when he put the chain on door.“Don’t be afraid my dear. I have no intentions of doing anything that you don’t ask me to do,” he assured her.She was surprised by that comment.“Take off your coat Emily and let me see your magnificent body,” he commanded.“My name is Emmy,” she said as she slipped the coat down off her shoulders.“As you like,” he responded, mildly annoyed.He could see the bruise already forming on her left breast from the harsh twist he’d given her nipple. He hadn’t meant to mark her without her permission. But she didn’t seem fazed by the purple hue that made her tit look fucking delicious to him. He could feel his cock growing. She was going to be delightful; he could tell.“I’m sorry about the bruise,” he remarked casually.“It’s not a problem,” she answered honestly. Truth be told, it made her wet when she saw the mark he’d left on her. She found herself hoping there would be more marks like this before the night was over.He wasted no time with small talk. “What do you like to be called in the heat of the moment when you are about to cum?” he asked her bluntly.“Slut,” fell out of her mouth. There was no taking it back.“So, you would like me to call you slut when you are about to come?” he clarified.She stammered, “I’m… yeah, sure, that works.”“Good, I will call you slut, as you requested. I think the name suits you. If this evening goes as well as I hope, would you like a collar?” he inquired.More wetness. “Yes, please,” she found herself saying.“Beg me for it,” he said almanbahis canlı casino abrasively.“Please, I want you to give me a collar,” she found herself genuinely begging.“Perfect,” he said. “I will get you a collar that has your name on it. Slut is your name now in private. When we are in public, I will call you Emily.”“My name isn’t Emily,” she corrected, “it’s Emmy.”“Well, be that as it may, I will call you Emily in public. Emmy sounds like a child’s name and I don’t fuck children. So, you will be Emily from now on with me,” he said harshly.“Yes, of course,” she said submissively. It was hard to argue with his logic.“So, my sweet slut. If you were in charge, what would you ask me to do to you?” he asked, curious to know how she would answer.There were so many possibilities of things she would enjoy, but the words that came out of her mouth were, “fuck my ass.”He raised an eyebrow as his cock sprung to life. He said nothing. He simply began to undress and asked, “What you would like me to lube up your ass with?”He caught her off guard. This was all happening faster than she anticipated, “Um, I don’t know.”“Emily,” he said crossly, “if you are going to be my slut, you need to learn not stammer. Make a decision when I allow you to. Otherwise you might not like what I choose. Since you didn’t know, you’ll get my saliva. Bend over so I can spit on your ass, slut.”Her pussy was hot, wet, and needy. God, this was exactly what she hoped for. A man who knew how to take charge; one who could see that she needed to be submissive and compliant.She bent over with her ass pointed toward him. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, so her tight hole opened slightly. Then he spat in the hole a few times and pushed the saliva around with his thumb.“Beg me to fuck your ass if you really want it. Otherwise, you can just blow me and go home,” he said crassly.Her entire body felt like it was humming. “Please Alexander! Please fuck my ass!”He growled as his hand came down on her ass cheek, spanking her hard. She cried out, startled.“You will never call me by name in private. You may only call me Alexander in public. When we are in private you will address me as Sir or My Lord. Do you understand?” he shouted.“Yes, My Lord,” she said, a slight hitch in her voice. Hot tears threatened to spill as she regained her composure.“Now what do you want from me, slut?”“Please fuck my ass, Sir!” she begged.“Shall I fuck it slow and easy or hard and fast? The choice is yours. I’m happy to fuck it either way,” he said, toying with her.“Please Sir, My Lord, please fuck my ass hard and fast!”“Are you sure slut?” he asked. “Once I get going, it will be rough and likely painful. I’m happy to fuck your ass gently instead.”“No, please Sir, I beg you, fuck it roughly,” she pleaded.“So, I should thrust my cock into your tight asshole and ram it in and out fast like a jackhammer?” he confirmed, making sure she understood what he was about to do to her.“Yes, please Sir!”“Whatever my slut wants, she gets,” he said decadently.He spat on her ass again and rubbed the saliva around with his thumb. Then he pulled her ass cheeks apart and positioned his hard shaft at the tight entrance. He thrust his cock into the hilt, and she screamed.“Do you still want it hard and fast slut?” he asked, giving her one last chance to change her mind. This was only pleasurable for him if she admitted to wanting it rough.“Yes! Please, Sir!” she begged again.Alexander grabbed onto her hips and fucked her ass hard and fast and deep, spanking her as he did so. It felt so fucking good to be ramming into such a tight hole. He pictured himself fucking his sweet innocent wife like this and it sent him close to the edge.“Beg me, Serena!” he cried out.She was confused for a moment. Perhaps he’d forgotten her name already? But she did as he asked, and she begged.“Yes, Serena beg me, beg me to rip your ass apart with my cock!” he screamed. And with that, he came violently in her ass.After he pulled out of her ass and told her to get on her knees and suck him clean, she obeyed without hesitation. Yes, she was the perfect slut, indeed.“Do you want to cum slut?” he asked her, feeling generous.“Yes, please Sir,” she answered softly, looking down to the floor.“Then lay on the bed and spread your legs, cunt!” he said harshly. “Quickly, before I change my mind and leave you frustrated.”He took four fingers and rammed them into her pussy. She moaned as he did so, her arousal so great that it took less than a minute to make her cum. She sprayed her juices on his hand as she cried out, “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for making me cum!”He slapped her pussy hard and said, “Go shower, you smell like a well-used whore.”Her body ached from use, and the hot water felt marvelous, but Emmy showered swiftly, not wanting to displease Alexander. When she came back out of the bathroom, trying quickly to towel dry her hair, she said, “May I ask you a question Sir?”“Yes, of course,” he said as he fixed himself almanbahis casino a drink.Emmy noticed the bottle of water he had placed on the table for her and took a few gulps to rehydrate. Then she asked, “Who is Serena?”His eyes became dark and angry. He looked like he might strike her but, fortunately, he was across the room.“Never speak her name! Serena is my wife and the mother of my children. She is perfect, innocent and sweet; my delicate vanilla flower. You, my dear, are a dirty slut. You begged a stranger to fuck your ass hard, and then thanked me for ramming my hand into your cunt like a common street whore to make you cum.”Tears stung Emmy’s eyes. When Alexander looked at her, and realized that he may have gone too far, he added, “And, you are perfect at fulfilling my dark needs. Will you meet me again? Please? I want you to be my slut. I will never do anything to you that you don’t beg for. You enjoy pain, and I can provide that for you in unlimited quantities. We need each other, Emily. Say yes.”“Yes,” she answered in a voice barely above a whisper.“You must choose a safe word. While I enjoyed using you roughly, it occurred to me that you need to be able to call it off if you can’t handle the pain,” he explained.“I can handle the pain,” she said defiantly.“Yes, you most certainly can, and did so delightfully,” he continued. “Still, it’s important that you have a safe word. I won’t touch you again without one. So, before our next session, be sure to think of one that works for you and let me know what it is.”She put her coat back on and started toward the door.He should say something. He didn’t want her to think he was a total dick. She might change her mind about coming back.“Emily,” he said softly. “you really are perfect for this role. Thank you for agreeing to be my slut.”Emmy just nodded and left.The second session started a week later with Alexander making sure to explain the ground rules to Emmy.“First of all, I want to thank you for coming back. You were spectacular during our first session and I am looking forward to many more sessions because of your incredible performance,” he said in a perfunctory manner.“Second, I need to tell you what things are off-limits as far as I am concerned. I have no desire to engage in scat, so do not ever ask me to shit in or on you. Also, while I may from time to time bring in others to use and play with you, it will never be anyone underage, nor will we involve animals of any kind.”He continued, “You must share your safe word with me so that I know what it is, and you will use it when the pain gets too intense. It’s never my intention to hurt you in ways that you don’t enjoy. The enjoyment I get comes not in the inflicting of pain but, rather, the reaction you have to the pain. If you are unable to enjoy it, what’s the point? Do you understand?”She nodded.“Finally, you may never mention my wife’s name again. If I make the mistake in the heat of the moment and call out her name, you are to ignore it and act like it didn’t happen. I will say only this, Serena is the perfect wife and mother. I love her and cannot bear the thought of performing any of these depraved acts with her. So, you will be her surrogate for my dark needs,” he said firmly. “Do you have any questions before we begin?”“Yes, I need to hear three examples of what your dark needs are before I agree to stay. It’s only fair, Sir,” she stated, rather than asked.He grimaced, realized that she had a right to know what to expect.“Fair enough, slut,” he agreed. “l will give you your three examples. First, I need a slut to beg me to clamp her nipples. Next, I need a slut to beg me to whip and flog her ass and cunt. And, finally, I need a slut to beg me to use electro stimulation devices on her. Since, during the first session, you begged me to fuck your ass roughly, it’s clear I enjoy that as well.”“May I speak freely, Sir?” she asked. She was pushing her luck, she realized, but she needed to know; to understand.He sighed impatiently, but agreed, “Yes, I will indulge you for a few moments more, Emily.”“So, if I am understanding the clearly. Your dark needs aren’t necessarily the inflicting of pain, but needing to have me beg for this pain to be inflicted?” she asked, looking to clarify, and to help herself figure out why she might be so driven to allowing him to take control of her.He looked at her gratefully. She was a very astute woman. And, while it would seem that a slow minded woman would make a better slut, having an intelligent one would make this all the more exciting.“You understand me quite well, slut. Now, tell me three things I should know about your needs,” he inquired, genuinely wanting to know more about this fascinating woman he would be using.“Fair enough. I enjoy pain, not because I like it, but because it turns me on to want it. I’m not sure if that makes sense,” she replied.“It does, yes. Continue please.”“I cannot allow myself to be marked in places that will be seen by others in my real-life world. So, while a slap on the face is ok, it’s not ok to leave marks or bruises on it. Likewise marks on my ass, pussy, tits, back, stomach, and inner thighs are not a problem, but my arms and my legs from the knees down are off limits,” she explained.

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