Hilton – 9am – Be There!Hilton – 9am – Be There!


“Still a Wannabe” I saw the subject line and knew immediately who it was from. It was “Mick”, an internet friend I’d met through Literotica. We shared an interest in m/m oral sex. He dreamed of meeting a man who would “appreciate” his penis and I, well, I am the one who thought I wanted to be a cock sucker.

We exchanged literally hundreds of emails; talked endlessly about situations and desires. He craved intimate attention. I… just… craved… cock!!!

After the first few tentative exchanges he revealed he lived in Colorado. Since I live in Cleveland, Ohio it was clear that he was an unlikely candidate to fulfill my needs so I began to ease out of the conversation….In fact…I was ready to cut it off as a waste of time.

But then he sent me a picture of his cock. I’ve seen lots of pictures of cocks. If you’re reading this story you have too. Admit it; you’re probably a wannabe yourself. If you are already a cocksucker you don’t need to read about it!

I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was beautiful, maybe the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, besides my own of course!

In those days my habit was to read my email and Lit. stories avrupa yakası escort naked so I could masturbate. I couldn’t stop looking and stroking. It was like being in a trance; my breath was shallow and my eyes half shut as I slowly brought myself to one of the best climaxes ever. Really, his cock was that beautiful. I wanted it so much I kept writing, for months; until I just couldn’t take it any more. I knew we were never going to meet and I just couldn’t keep up with his need for long distance cock worship.

After all this time he was back. “Still a Wannabe” could only be one person, “Mick” the man who knew the most about my need for cock. I considered deleting the e-mail without opening it. But the image of his cock came to mind and my own cock began to throb. I had to see what it was he wanted.

“Have you found a nice cock to suck yet, Fred?” (No)

“I’m betting you haven’t!” (He knew how afraid I was of loosing my wife and family)

“I’m going to be in Cleveland on my way back from Europe the first weekend in March. I will be staying at the Airport Hilton for one day, Saturday. istanbul escort My flight back to Denver leaves at 4:45 so I’ll have the entire morning and afternoon free to play. I want to give you what you crave….my cock.” (I had described in great detail just what he could expect if we were ever alone.)

“I want you to come to my hotel at exactly 9:00am. You will ask the desk clerk if “Mr. Johnson” has checked in. They will, of course, say yes. You will ask if “Mr. Johnson” has left an envelope for you, “Mr. Collier”. They will give you an envelope containing my room number and a key card. You will ask to use the house phone. Let it ring five times and then hang up. Proceed to the elevator and go to my room. The security lock will be off. Let yourself in. Do not say anything. I will be seated by the window. Close the door, latch it, cross the room and kneel at my feet. Look me straight in the eyes and say clearly, ‘my name is Fred and I want to suck your cock’.”(Mick knew that was a fantasy of mine; to suck a cock in front of a large window. Not one with any decent lines of sight where anyone could actually see me but where if they were washing mecidiyeköy escort windows they might get a real eyeful; silly and not especially daring, but exciting,….. at least to me.)

“I will tell you to massage my thighs but stay away form my package.” (Mick knew that I wanted him to make me beg for his cock. Take me from the reluctant wannabe to the eager cum slut I dreamed of being.)

“You will ask for permission to touch the package you see growing in my trousers.” (Mick was following the script I had provided so many months ago detailing how our first meeting would go.)

“I will let you use your face to massage my crotch and you will beg to see my manhood.” (Step by step Mick would bring me closer and closer to the moment of truth.)

“You know how you want this story to end, Fred. If you follow my instructions you will get your first taste of cock. I will return to Colorado and we will most likely never see each other again. But I will have the pleasure of having my cock worshipped….. if only for a few hours and you will know for sure if you were born to be a cocksucker! Please, do not reply to this email. I’ll be waiting at the Airport Hilton at 9am on the 5th.” Mick

The question is, “should I go?”

Should this be the beginning of a new chapter in my life or should I stay as far away from that hotel as possible?

What do you think? If you have any thoughts that might help me decide…please…I need all the help I can get!

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