Heteroflexibility“I invited the new guy at work to have dinner with us,” Laura Shaffer informed her husband.“That’s fine, dear,” the professional engineer replied. “Where are we going and what time?”“El Felipe. 5:30.”“Alright. I’ll see you there. I gotta get back to work.”Brian Shaffer reviewed the report detailing the effectiveness of the solid waste management program. It feel under his responsibility as the head of the county environmental services department. He had been looking forward to having a couple beers and just relaxing in front of the TV after work. But, Mexican did sound okay to him that evening. At the end of the day, he got into his Ford F-150 pickup truck and drove to the restaurant.Brian spotted his wife seated at a booth. She was accompanied by a guy that looked several years younger than the Shaffers. He walked over and said, “Hi there!”Laura looked up and introduced them, “Brian, Jon. Jon, Brian.”Brian sat down. “Nice to meet you, Jon!”“Same here, man,” smiled the blue-eyed, sandy blond dude. “How’s it going?”“Pretty good. You?”“Not bad. I’m getting settled in.”“That’s good. Found a place to live yet?”“Close. My wife and k**s are coming out this weekend to look at the three I’ve narrowed it down to.”Mrs. Shaffer interjected, “He’s looking at the Christensen place.”“That’s a nice setup,” Brian remarked.“I like it. Been on the market for a while so they’re willing to negotiate.”The meal arrived. Laura wanted foster more conversation. “Jon, didn’t you mention that you golf?”“I do,” the guest answered.Brian perked up. “Nice. What do you shoot?”Jon snickered. “I’m not that great. On a par 72, I shoot about a 110. It wasn’t my main sport in school.” “Most guys are in the same range,” the older man gave reassurance. Very few bogey players or better around here. We should play a round one day.”“I’m good with that.”“So what was your sport?”“Football. I played in college,” Jon pronounced confidently. He was used to the reaction on Brian’s face. It was one of confusion and disbelief. Narrow-eyed. Furrowed brow. Brian studied the guy in front of him. He wasn’t tall or big. Maybe 5’8” and 140 pounds. He tried to keep eye contact.Jon had encountered this response so often that he launched into his well-rehearsed preemptive explanation. “I played at a small college. D-III. Place kicker.” Brian’s face relaxed. He nodded. “Oh okay. Our neighbor’s son quarterbacked at a D-III school. Not a bad choice for an education.”Jon smiled in agreement.“So you went from college football jock to librarian,” the engineer pondered.Jon chuckled. “Yeah! I majored in computer science with an emphasis on web design. I worked in the library in the off season and liked it. After I graduated bahis siteleri I worked for a software company, but didn’t have a lot of interaction with people. I got my Master of Library & Information Science and started looking. Now, I’m here as the digital and U-X manager.”“So, you’re more on the systems side,” Brian remarked.“Yep. Cataloguing, information organization, databases, user interface. All that,” Jon described.“Not all librarians are women,” Laura scoffed at her husband.“Aren’t they,” Brian chuckled with sarcasm.“A lot of people think so,” Jon added. “When I tell my friends I’m a librarian, they’re typically speechless.”When dinner was over, Brian took Jon’s phone number and promised to connect with him for a round of golf in the near future. Laura insisted on hosting a cookout this weekend for their relocating family. Jon thanked them and went to his car. Brian followed Laura home. She was in her pearl gray Lexus RX 350 crossover.“Jon’s a nice guy. Don’t you think,” the woman asked.“Yeah! He seems fine.”“Make sure you get him out golfing soon.”“I told him I’d be in touch. Are you mothering him?”“Just trying to make sure they get settled in easily is all,” she rolled her eyes. “I’m going to take a shower.”Brian grabbed a beer and flipped on the TV. He went back and forth between a sports channel and a true-crime program. He grabbed his crotch and rested. He knew the drill. His menopausal wife would don a flannel nightgown and get on Pintrest. Then, she would talk briefly on the phone with their grown daughter. Laura would fall asleep and he would jerk off to porn. This was his life.Jon had been traveling to see his family every weekend so Brian had not played a round with him yet. But this weekend, Jon was in town because his wife & k**s were to arrive in the upcoming week. They went out to the public municipal course. Afterwards, Jon invited Brian over to the house for a beer. “Don’t have much in the way of furniture. Just some lawn chairs till the movers get here,” he apologized.”“That’s fine,” Brian assured him taking a seat.“So, Runnin’ Rebels?”“Heck yeah! I went to U-N-L-V,” he touched his scarlet and gray sweatshirt.“Oh cool!”“Yep. I was there when Larry Johnson played and we won the national championship.”“I bet that was exciting.”“Oh yeah! We were on top of the world those two years,” reminisced Brian.“Did you play any sports,” inquired Jon.“In high school, but not much since.”“Nothing wrong with that.”“I need to get back in the gym,” Brian patted his slightly protruding belly. “You give me a complex working around my wife with fit bod.”The host blushed, “You’re crazy. I could use a workout partner though if you wanna join me.”“Yeah, I think I will.”“Great!”Dusk canlı bahis siteleri arrived. Jon produced a bottle of single-malt scotch. The guys were tipsy now.“It’s kinda warm in here,” Jon announced as he removed his shirt.“Yeah. A little.”“Get comfortable, bro. It’s all good.”“I’m good,” Brian said.“Suit yourself. I need to get outta these.”Jon slithered out of his jeans and tossed them aside. He was wearing only a pair of green athletic trunks. “Want another glass?”“Sure,” Brian handed over the tumbler. He watched Jon get and go to the bar. “You are really trying to make me feel bad.”“How’s that,” Jon quizzed. “Walking around here half naked showing off your sexy body,” the older man chuckled.“You think I’m sexy,” laughed Jon.“You know what I mean.”“Well, most guys like my bubble butt,” Jon joked wiggling it.“I bet,” Brian sighed.“Am I making you uncomfortable?”“Nope. It’s just banter.”“Right. Unless it’s not,” the kicker winked.“Yeah right. A dude like you wouldn’t go for an old fart like me.”“Some gays like daddy bears.”“Is that what I am?”“Not really a bear. But a daddy for sure!”“You seem to know a lot about it.”“Let’s just say I’m heteroflexible,” Jon grinned.“What the heck is that,” Brian contorted his face.“I’m mostly straight, but I can enjoy getting down with a man.”“Like bi-curious?”“Sorta. I’ve had some experiences. How about you?”Brian took a sip and swallowed slowly. “Can you keep a secret?”“For sure! I just told you I like cock from time to time. And I have a wife & k**s.”“Fair enough,” Brian reasoned. “I’ve messed around a time or two.”“Sweet. I thought you might have.”“Huh?”“Don’t be offended. You don’t come off as gay. You just seem like someone who enjoys being served. You know? Confident, Strong jawline. Rugged. Dark eyes. Evil smile.”“You could tell all that about me,” the daddy type checked.“Most of the guys I’ve been with were like that. They liked me as a smaller submissive bottom.”“And you do have a sweet little ass.”“Thank you! I can put on some panties if you like.”“That’d be great!”“Come on.”Jon led Brian to a bedroom with a futon in it. He changed into a neon orange g-string. He shook his booty. Soon, he was sucking Brian’s fat 6-¾ inch prick.Brian loved the feeling. He hadn’t had a warm mouth of his dick in months. It was so good he almost busted right then and there. But he willed himself to keep going. He motioned for Jon to get on the futon and spread his legs. Brian spanked the taut butt cheeks and pushed inside.“Oh, damn,” whined Jon.“This ass is tight!”“Be gentle, Daddy!”“Yeah, baby!”Brian lay down on top of John and thrust slowly. He moved his hips from side to side to open the anus.“That’s it, Daddy,” cooed Jon. “Fuck canlı bahis my boipussy!”“Yeah, boi! Give me that boipussy!”“I love your cock in my ass!”“Yeah, baby!”“I love being a pussyboy for a straight man!”“You like me fucking you?”“I love it! Gay sex is the best! Fuck me like a faggot!”“Oh yeah! You got this straight cock in your pussyboy ass!”“Isn’t it hot, Daddy!”“Yeah,” Brian’s eyes rolled into his head.“Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy! I’m your good little boy!”“Oh shit! I’m about to….”Jon squeezed his glutes.“Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!” Brian’s nuts erupted filling the now open rectum with his seed. Over the next year, Brian and Jon clandestinely hooked up. Most of their rendezvous occurred after the gym or a round of golf. Typically, it was Jon sucking Brian’s dick in the truck. They were able to fuck about once a week. Jon wore panties always and sometimes had more elaborate lingerie and high heels.Laura had taken notice of her husband’s improved physique. “Jon’s really whipping you into shape.”“What,” he snarled.“I didn’t mean anything negative. I just see the workouts are paying off. Your stomach is basically flat and your arms have more definition. You look nice!”“Thank you, hun!”“Maybe we could have some fun tonight?”“Sounds good, babe. I’m running late.”“I know, I know. Tee time.”Jon’s wife took the k**s to a birthday party that afternoon. So, he suggested Brian come over. It took very little convincing.They were in master bedroom going at it.“That’s it, pussyboy! Take Daddy’s cock!”“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me like a little girl! Fuck me,” wailed Jon.“Ahhhh! You’re a good little girl! Play with that sissy clitty!”“Yes, sir! Oh my god!”“Your ass is so warm. Makes my dick feel like it’s in heaven!”“Yes, Daddy! Use my faggot ass. Fuck me!”“Yeah, you little faggot. This is MY ass, boi!”“All yours! All yours, Daddy!”“That’s right!”“Jon Hayden Howe,” shrieked the blonde woman.“Oh shit,” yelled Jon.“What the fuck?!?!?”“I’m sorry, Kristen!”Brian had rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. His pulse race. He felt like his heart was going to bust out of his chest.“We said never in our bed,” Mrs. Howe chided him.“I didn’t…”“Whatever. I just came to get an inhaler. You boys finish up before we get back.”“Okay, sweetheart.”She collected the medical device and headed out of the room. “Bye, Brian!”Jon exhaled. “Sorry about that. I didn’t know she’d be back so early.”“So she knows we’ve been fucking?”“I never told her, but she usually can figure it out.”“Oh hell! That scared the bejeezus outta me,” Brian admitted with a reddened face.“I really am sorry.”“You think she’ll say…”“She won’t tell your wife. She’s not like that. Do you wanna just call it a day?”“Hmmmm. Get it back hard. I want some more boipussy.”That evening, Brian was taking it easy at home. Laura came into the family room to entice him to join her in bed. She looked nice.“Babe, I’m pooped. I think I pulled something on the course. Rain check?”

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