The sight of her body, comfortable and tucked into her many warm blankets. She sleeps like an angel, no worries and without any thought to what she might encounter during this long rainy night. I could stand there for hours, starring at her, the way she grins in her sleep making me wonder what she is dreaming about or who.

It couldn’t be a better night to have the kids gone for the night, the apartment so quiet and dark, and to think she has no idea I’m standing at the foot of her bed, watching her, fantasising about the way she feels, the way her kisses taste and most of all the way her eyes stare back at me when I tell her how much I’ve missed her, how much I want her, I love looking her in the eyes, seeing the reaction on her lips and the glow in her eye when I speak of the two of us together.

Slowly and carefully I make my way to her, trying to make little noises as to not startle her, I want this night to be perfect and the last thing on my mind is scaring her out of the dreams she seems to be enjoying so much. My whispers finally awaken her bursa escort bayan and I ask her to please not move, she is perfect in that position and with her permission I’d like to pull back the blankets completely so that I can finally see what I had thought of so many nights in my bed alone and thinking of her.

Her skin is so perfect and her permission only makes it harder for me to move slowly and sweetly when I really want to take her there and now, but self control is something I’ve had to practice allot of since I’ve met her, a few more minutes won’t do me any harm. She tries to turn and face me, kiss me but I won’t let her, I want her to enjoy the feelings she’s so often given me. I want to kiss every inch of her neck slowly before making my way down her back, I want to cover her entire backside with kisses and gentle licks and nibbles, paying special attention to her ass which of course makes her wiggle and move around, nothing a firm “please don’t move for me” won’t help. I love the way she’s submitting to me like this, letting me kiss her and görükle escort massage her ass cheeks while she lays perfectly still, growing more excited by the second and making little noises and moans.

The palms of my hands gently spread her legs all the while my lips kissing her thighs and easing her more and more into it, making her forget everything and everyone else in this crazy world we live in. My fingers find that familiar spot I like to call my own at times and I know by the way she feels so warm, so wet that I can continue on my kissing journey, nothing she can say would make me stop now, her body is saying yes, her moans and the way her fingers are digging into her sheets all begging for more, and more she’ll receive, slowly, making it last all night, totally crazy in lust.

I can’t stand it any longer, I have to kiss her, taste her and look into her eyes before I go completely crazy. She willingly turns over onto her back, I can see the glow in her beautiful eyes, her lips quivering a little from the cold and her breast, bursa escort bayan cold and exposed to me, asking to be warmed up. My lips cover her cold nipples one at a time, sucking, nibbling and gently pulling, her little cries almost make me stop but the way her fingers grasp my hair tell me to keep going with this teasing session….

God how I love the way she moves, the way she pulls my hair and pushes my face deeper into her makes me want her and crave her even more. I can’t get enough of her scent, her flavour, mouth on her nipples, hands travelling from her belly to my waiting sex toy, teasing, circling my fingertips around her inner thighs and making their way closer and closer to her sex only to pull away at the last minute leaving her wanting more, making her pull harder on my hair and wiggle deeper into me.

I can’t remember ever wanting someone so much, feeling so alive and in touch with my own sexual feelings. I want to make love to her for hours on end until she begs me to stop, but for now I have this moment, her body waiting for more and her inner self craving. Kissing her hard and deep, letting my fingers explore her, circling, moving slowly and deeply, teasing her clit gently at first and then harder as her body grinds to meet my fingertips and her mouth inhales me deeper and deeper.

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