Her Secret PackageHer Secret Package


It was the end summer and school had started again. At seventeen, I was full of bravado and boasted to my friends that I had slept with three girls over the holidays. I had slept with none. At seventeen, I was finding it hard to fit in. Something was niggling at me, I had become infatuated by cock. I wasn’t gay, or even bisexual, I just liked the look of cock. I was sure that it was just a phase.Then she walked in. Dinah was a cute as hell girl of sixteen. She was beautiful, and she knew it. I gathered that her family had just moved to town and I decided that I wanted to be her friend. At first, she seemed reclusive, keeping to herself and not making any friends. It was only when we figured out that we both actually lived around the corner from each other that we started walking to and from school together.At first, we walked in silence and then we slowly started to talk to each other. As I said, Dinah was sixteen with short blond hair and large brown eyes. She was gorgeous and always wore modest but sexy clothes, usually dresses.It was one such walk home on the way from school. Dinah started to walk a bit funny and with a cringe on her face, she turned to me.“Mark, I need to pee. Do you mind if we go into the alleyway over bursa escort there so I can pee?”I nodded, following her across the road to where the ally was situated. I watched as she hiked up her dress and pulled her pantyhose down to her knees. I was ready for her to squat down, but instead, she just pulled her panties to one side. I wasn’t ready for it, and I gasped as she pulled free an impressive looking penis and proceeded to pee up against the wall. I felt myself getting hard watching her pee and she noticed right away.She giggled and shook her cock as she finished up peeing. I watched her tuck her cock back between her legs, reposition her panties and pulled up her pantyhose.As she straightened out her dress, we left the alleyway and made our way once again towards our houses. At first, we were quiet, there was that awkward silence. Then I heard her giggle.“You like my cock, don’t you?”I blushed, and she laughed once more. I couldn’t help but ask a million and questions which she calmly answered one by one.Dinah was born David in a small community out the city. She had always known she was a girl and came out as a girl to her family at quite a young age. She was an only child, so her parents doted on bursa escort bayan her. Her parents eventually split up, her moving to where she lived now with her mom. At the same time as moving she was transitioning from a boy to the Dinah I knew now.At the end of the explanation, I realized that we were outside Dinah’s front door. She smiled at me and gave me a peck on the lips.“Wanna come inside? I would love to jerk off together with you, I’ve always wanted to jerk off with a boy next to me. Also, I haven’t cum in like a month, so I’ll have a good load, wanna share with me?”I didn’t know what to say, on the one hand, I knew I wasn’t gay, and on the other, I knew I wanted to see her cock again.We went indoors, and she led me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom. Her bedroom was definitely a girl’s room with golds and pinks across everything. I watched as she peeled off her shoes and then peeled down her shiny pantyhose. As she slipped them off, she bent over, she had a great looking ass, and it just got me harder.She stood up and looked at my face, making her laugh once more.“One thing at a time, you naughty boy.”She sat back on her bed, getting into a comfortable position. I watched as she hiked up her escort bursa dress and pulled her white schoolgirl panties to one side.My mouth seemed to water as she pulled her cock free and slowly started to slide the tips of her finger over her shaft. She looked at me and smiled. She patted the bed to her hand, I knew exactly what she was saying.I quickly undress butt naked and sat on the bed next to her. She seemed to lick her lips as she looked down at my cock.“Yeah, jerk off with me.”She was just too sexy and soon were both beating our cocks. Her cock was fully erect, and I could see she was bigger than me. She seemed to love watching me jerk off and was talking dirty to me the whole time.“Yeah, jerk that cock. I can’t wait to see you bust a nut all over your belly. I’m gonna cum on your belly too.”There was something really erotic about jerking off with her. She seemed to really love stroking herself and timed her strokes so that we were jerking off the same way. Soon we were jerking off like a swim team double, in sync with every move.I knew I was close, and I could see the way her body seemed to move up with every stroke that she was close too. All of a sudden she got to her knees positioning her cock so it was over my chest. She gave a grunt and a girly moan as she erupted onto my chest and belly. It was all too much, and I started to cum too, making our cum mix on my chest and belly. I had never seen so much cum before, and definitely not seen any on my chest.

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