Her PunishmentHer Punishment


She is cowering behind a chair in a big room. She is afraid of many things, but mostly of his anger. At the same time, she is grateful to have his anger; his anger is better than his dismissing her entirely.

She made a huge mistake in questioning him and will now pay dearly for that mistake. She was ignorantly jealous of his time and let her big mouth open and speak without firstly thinking back to what she knows of his truth.

He has never lied to her. He has never been anything other than himself to her. He is the most real man she has ever met. She knows she deserves anything he feels he needs to punish her with. She only has one prayer; that he does not leave her. She feels tears slowly falling down her cheeks, she wipes them away so he will not punish her for those too.

She hears the door open and trembles in fear of his wrath, but excites at the nearness of him. She is confused as to how she can feel both at the same time; wanting him closer and yet wanting to run far away. She closes her eyes briefly and tells herself to accept him….. whatever his punishment,, she wants him.

He has not spoken yet and she realizes that he is waiting for her. She quickly gets on her knees and crawls to him keeping her eyes on the carpet. She only stops when she reaches his shoes. She waits.

He asks her why she is dressed. She quickly strips leaving her shirt and jeans in a ball in the hatay escort floor. She continues by unhooking her bra and letting it fall. She slips off her panties and hands them to him. He throws them on the floor in disgust.

He tells her there is no need to waste time explaining to her what she did wrong,, they both are very aware of her error.

He has her get into position on the floor, sitting with her knees bent tight into her body and apart. He ties her with ropes he has brought. His knots are tight, but she struggles not to complain. When he feels comfortable that her bonds are secure, he stands back and looks at her.

He allows her to beg for forgiveness, barely noticing the words she uses. Finally, he tells her to stop talking. He tells her he does not want to hear her speak until he gives her permission. She nods and realizes she’s been crying as tears roll down her cheeks.

He pushes her on her back and begins smacking her ass with his palm. He increases the force with each swing until he hears her groans turn to screams of pain. He continues until her ass is bright red and hot to the touch. He rolls her back so that she will have to sit on her sore ass. She continues to whimper.

He notices that her nipples have started to harden. He reaches down and pinches them tight seeing her wince in pain. He pulls them as hard as he can and is rewarded with another scream. hurma escort He lowers his face and uses his teeth to bite into them. He stops short of breaking the skin. He continues to nibble as he takes a hand and lowers it between her legs pinching her plump skin on her inner thighs.

She fights back another scream of pain as she feels his teeth torturing her tender nipples and his fingers pinching her. He rubs her slit and sees that the bitch is wet. She hears him chuckle while still at her breast. He raises his hand and smacks her pussy several times before plunging a finger inside of her. He pokes deep and wiggles around to feel her well known insides.

He teases her sensitive spots and watches her reaction. He can see her turmoil at being hurt and excited at the same time. He lets go of her nipple and looks into her wet eyes. He asks her how full her bladder is. She tells him she has not gone all day. He withdraws his hand and unzips his pants.

Standing, he pulls out his semi hard cock and smacks her in the face with it. He screams at her to open her mouth. When she does, he thrusts deep in her throat. He has to hold the back of her head to keep her steady because of her tight bonds.

He pushes to the back of her throat several times before he pushes past the barrier and into her throat.

When he feels his cock is in as deep as he can get it, he looks ığdır escort down into her face. He sees her eyes large and her mouth stretched tight over his cock. His balls are up against her chin. He knows she is having trouble breathing so he makes it quick.

He tells her he is going to piss down her throat and when she feels the first splash,, she is to release her piss between her legs.

He asks her if she’s ready and she nods knowing she will be able to breath if he is quick. He chuckles and relaxes as he feels the pressure starting to build and release in his cock. As she feels his warm piss spitting into her throat, he demands that she do as he asked. He groans at her to do it. She concentrates as she swallows his urine and feels a similar pressure within her. She feels her flow start and in her bound position,, the stream flows out of her much like a water fountain making a tiny arch.

He sees her piss leaving a damp spot on the floor and is very excited to see the little yellow arch and feels his cock expand as it empties of urine and hardens in excitement. He begins to thrust in and out of her mouth in a different effort now. He wants to fill her mouth with something other than piss also.

He can still see her urine pouring out of her hole and flowing all over the floor, making puddles in the carpet. It pushes him over the edge and he pumps his cum deep in her mouth making sure she tastes it before its shoved down her throat by his still pumping cock.

He withdrawals, pulls up his pants and leaves her tied in her own mess. He is not threw punishing this bitch yet.. She will never make the mistake of questioning him again…

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