Her IndependenceHer Independence


Author’s note:

This a cuckold story that contains small penis humiliation, creampie cleanup, and bi-sexual tension. You should not read further if you find these topics offensive.

For the remainder of the Antigua trip, Jackie did not want to spend time with Greg or Nancy and did her best to limit seeing them. Tension had formed between her and them after she gave Greg a blowjob in front of us on the beach. The few times we saw them, Jackie would only politely greet them in passing as if they were mere acquaintances instead of the couple closest to us for many years.

Once we returned home, we resumed our daily routines. Jackie and I did not discuss the Antigua trip or the growing division between Greg, Nancy, and us. Having been such good friends, I was concerned, but any attempt to broach the subject with Jackie was quickly shut down with the explanation of needing more time.

We have always attended the Fourth of July swim party, which Greg and Nancy regularly host at their home. However, Jackie informed me she did not want to go this year. Wishing to avoid a permanent rift between the two families, I decided to attend without her.

Greg and Nancy have friends from many different circles, so their parties are typically well-attended. There are several people that I only see when I’m at their parties. I felt a little out of place without Jackie, so I tried to enjoy reconnecting with some of the people I had not seen since the Christmas Party.

The party had lasted several hours and was beginning to wind down. I helped Greg clean up around the pool as Nancy accompanied the last departing guests to the door.

It had been at least twenty minutes before Nancy returned, and when she did, she was not alone.

“Look who’s heeere!” Nancy announced loudly as Greg and I collected trash left around the pool. Looking up, I saw Jackie standing beside Nancy.

Jackie’s unexpected arrival made me nervous. She had been harboring anxiety about sucking off Greg, and I didn’t know the intent of her visit.

Greg seemed less concerned with her sudden appearance. He smiled, walked over, and greeted Jackie with a big hug and kiss on her cheek. Greg immediately switched back into host mode and rattled off food and beverage choices for Jackie. Jackie followed Greg into the kitchen, smiling, leaving Nancy and me alone by the pool.

Nancy explained that Jackie showed up as she was sending off the last partygoers. Jackie told her that she’d been nervous about what had happened at the beach and had needed time to process it. They discussed it for about twenty minutes before coming to find Greg and me. Nancy assured me that Jackie everything would be fine.

Greg and Nancy returned with drinks in hand. Greg suggested we all get in the hot tub.

“I didn’t bring my suit,” Jackie informed us.

“That’s alright,” Greg assured her. “What’s the point of having a private hot tub if you can’t get naked?” he asked rhetorically, placing his thumbs in the waistband of his swimsuit and pushing them to his ankles, exposing his long thick cock. He stepped out of this suit and climbed into the hot tub.

I froze. Jackie had been so upset about what happened in Antiqua that I thought Greg had made a big mistake. I half expected her to turn and walk out. Instead, I stared in disbelief as Jackie began to disrobe. Greg watched and smiled as Jackie took off each article of clothing, folded it, and placed it on the nearby chair until she was nude. She stepped into the hot tub and took Greg’s outstretched hand as he invited her to sit next to him.

“Come with me,” Nancy spoke into my ear as she grasped my upper arm and pulled me away. She took me into a nearby bedroom, sat on the foot of the bed, and patted the spot beside her, signaling me to sit beside her.

“We need to give them some time alone,” Nancy explained. “Jackie and I had a good conversation while you and Greg were cleaning up.” She put her hand on the top of my thigh and began stroking it toward my knee as she continued, “Since the trip in Antigua, Jackie has been conflicted. She is upset with herself because she is so in love with you, but her desire to fuck someone has never been stronger since she had Greg in her mouth. She told me she couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s why she’s been avoiding us.

“Wow. I wish she would have told me,” I responded, taking it all in.

“She wasn’t ready to share it with you because she kept teetering on what to do about it, and she didn’t want you to have to deal with her indecisiveness.”

“And now?” I prompted.

“Jackie decided she wanted to fuck Greg before coming here today. She needs to experience sex with a big cock, and she wanted to do it today before she lost the nerve. That’s why she waited until everyone left before coming over.” Nancy explained. “When she arrived today, she asked me for my permission to fuck Greg and if I would talk to you.”

Nancy continued, “So here’s what is happening right now. As you know, Jackie and Greg are both naked in the hot istanbul travesti tub. They are likely kissing, licking, and sucking on one another, but they are not fucking. Jackie is waiting to fuck Greg until she gets your blessing.”

Jackie will be horny and ready to fuck Greg, but whether she does or not is up to you. The decision is yours, but you will need to tell me so I can let her know. “If you decide you’re ok with it, I’ll bring Jackie here so you can tell her directly. If not, she’ll probably go home,” Nancy paused and looked me in the eye to see my reaction.

“Do you think I should do it?” I asked.

“It will be life-changing if you do,” she countered with an encouraging smile.

My head was spinning, and I had begun to sweat. This was a lot of information for me to process. Nancy waited patiently as I felt the pressure to sort it out in my head. I wondered how it would feel to see the love of my life having sex with one of my best friends. I had masturbated so many times, replaying Jackie sucking Greg at the beach, that I had difficulty recalling how I felt when it was happening.

Just then, I felt a hand on my erect penis. It startled me and pulled me out of my trance.

“Your little penis is hard,” Nancy taunted. “This excites you, doesn’t it? I remember how hard it spurted when you watched Greg empty his cock into Jackie’s mouth,” she continued. “I can see this turns you on. You want this, don’t you?” Nancy said as she teased my penis through my bathing suit with her fingers.

My mouth lost all moisture. I tried to speak, but it felt strange to move my tongue. I smacked my mouth, attempting to develop some saliva.

Noticing this, Nancy prodded, “What are you imagining you are doing with your mouth? Are you thinking about Greg’s big cock?”

I grimaced at her as I continued to struggle to wet my mouth.

“Maybe you are picturing his semen leaking out of Jackie’s pussy, and it makes you want to taste it,” she poked.

I shook my head, “No. No. No, no, no,” I trailed off. My mouth was finally damp enough to form words. “I am not gay!” I demanded.

“Of course, you’re not, dear. It’s not gay for you to want that,” Nancy replied assuringly.


I waited on the bed while Nancy fetched Jackie. I had just agreed to let her fuck Greg. My stomach lurched when I heard footsteps approaching the bedroom door.

Jackie opened the door wrapped in a beach towel. She was alone. She smiled as she walked over and kneeled in front of me. She placed her hands on the sides of my face and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

Breaking off the kiss, she whispered, “Thank you,” and pushed me back onto the bed. With my legs hanging over the edge, I lifted my butt so she could pull my suit down and off. I was now fully nude, with my four-inch penis standing fully erect with its head glistening from its precum. She took it with her finger and thumb and began to stroke it while she eyed it curiously.

“It’s amazing. They can be so different,” she mused as she took my penis with her thumb and two fingers and masturbated me slowly. “Have you always known?” She asked, looking up at me.

“Have I always known what?”

“Have you always known you have a small penis?” she restated the question.

Jackie disrupted my pondering by answering for me, “Of course you have. How could you not? I mean, you’ve been in locker rooms with other men. You had to notice they were all larger than you.” She continued, “I never thought you had a big cock, but I can’t believe I never noticed just how small it is.” Then she lowered her head and took my entire penis in her mouth until her nose smashed against my body. With my penis entirely inside her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and flicked my balls.

After a few seconds, she lifted, released my penis, and stood up. She extended her hand, saying, “Ok. Switch places.” I took her hand as she pulled me to stand. She dropped her towel, and I could see she was nude underneath. She assumed the position I had just left, and I knelt at her feet, and she parted her legs, allowing me to place my face between them.

The smell of the mixture of chlorine from the hot tub and the juices from Jackie’s pussy filled my nostrils. I lowered my mouth and gently parted her lips with my tongue. Using the tip, I ran it from the bottom, dipping momentarily in her hole, up the channel to her plump clitoris. I flicked it with my tongue. Jackie was very turned on. Her clit was very sensitive, and she squeezed my head with her hands as I licked her into a very hot orgasm.

My penis ached as I rocked backward and sat on my feet. Naked and kneeling next to Jackie’s sprawled body, I looked up as there was a gentle knock at the door. “Come on in,” Jackie invited.

Greg walked through the door and straight toward me to stand between Jackie’s open legs. I had to lean out of the way as he positioned himself where I had been kneeling. I tried not to look directly at it as his fully erect, thick eight-inch cock was level with my face. It looked travesti istanbul shiny as he stood there, pointing it at my face. I had to keep my head turned to the side to keep it from dragging across my cheek and mouth as I worked my way to my feet. I saw Nancy in the doorway, and she waved me toward her.

Nancy pulled me through the doorway and closed the door behind me. She sat us down on the deacon’s bench in the hallway against the wall of the room we had just left.

“Jackie needs to do this alone. She needs to let go and allow herself to be taken by Greg, and she can’t do that if she’s thinking about you watching her.”

“I understand,” I admitted disappointingly.

“If we sit here, we will be able to hear them. Trust me. They will be loud enough.

I nodded as my hand instinctively went to my penis.

“Don’t do that,” she admonished. “This will not be quick. Greg will last much longer than he did on the beach in Antigua. While you were in with Jackie, Greg had me suck him off and back hard again so he’d be ready to go a long time.”

Several minutes had passed before I heard the first noise from inside the room. Jackie’s sharp intake of breath was loud enough to be heard through the wall.

“It’s ok, it’s ok. ” I heard Greg assure her, “I’ll go slow.”

I continued to hear repeated sharp intakes of breath from Jackie. It sounded like he was working his penis into her. I pictured her legs spread and her arms locked against his thighs, trying to control his depth as I had seen in numerous big dick porn videos.

“It’s HUGE,” I heard Jackie say in a barely audible voice, snapping out of my daydream. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my gawwwwwd,” she said quickly. After a brief silence, we heard the telltale sound of skin slapping on skin.

“He’s inside of her now,” Nancy whispered to me, looking down at my penis as precum pooled atop the head, spilled over, and dribbled down the short shaft into another pool that was forming on the wood of the bench. “Are you ok?” she asked.

My stomach was twisted into a contorted mess as my sexual excitement bonded with my angst to form a new emotion I had never experienced.

We heard Jackie make a noise that started as a shortened scream and rolled into a growling, “Oooooooooooohhhhh.”

My penis twitched, and more precum oozed from its tip as Nancy said, “Oh, that sounded like an orgasm.” She mused, “I wonder if that was her first orgasm from intercourse alone.”

“Was Jackie a virgin when you started dating?” she asked.

“Yes. We both were,” I answered.

“That definitely was her first orgasm from fucking then,” she stated, settling the matter, “There’s no way she had an orgasm on your small penis.”

This hurt and excited me at the same time. I was as desperate to see them fucking as I was to cum. I stood up to enter the bedroom, and Nancy quickly snatched me back down. “You will stay here and listen as your wife experiences the best sex of her life,” she commanded. “You will sit there, and you will not touch yourself.”

Just then, we heard, “mmmmmmMMMmmph!” as Jackie moaned.

“Sounds like she’s about to come again,” Nancy narrated. “Your life has changed forever. After tonight, I don’t see how she will ever go without a proper cock.”

My stomach was wrenched in pain. My stiff penis ached and pulsed with the pangs in my gut.

Greg and Jackie had been fucking for over an hour when Greg’s grunts indicated he was finally cumming. Afterward, he opened the bedroom door and walked into the hallway, where Nancy and I sat listening. As he strode toward us, his cock hung low, and a dollop of semen swelled at the tip of its head and threatened to drip to the floor with each step. He stopped in front of us, and instinctively, Nancy sucked his wet cock into her mouth.

I watched her suck on his cock until she was satisfied it was clean. She kissed the head, signaling she was finished with her service.

I remained in my seat, with my hard penis still throbbing, and looking directly at Nancy, I awaited her permission to leave. Noticing my stare, she motioned me toward the bedroom with her head and eyes. Taking the cue, I left for the bedroom.

Jackie was sitting up on the bed with her back to the headboard. When I was close enough, she pulled me to her, wrapped her arms around my chest, and pulled my back into her breasts as I sat between her outstretched legs. She took my leaky penis into her hand and began to masturbate me slowly.

“I love you very much. Thank you so much for supporting me. You are adorable,” she consoled. “You are very hard. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt you this hard,” she observed. “I’d ask you how you feel, but I think your little penis is telling me all I need to know.”

“Did you like hearing me get fucked by Greg?” she asked.

“Ye ye yes,” I stammered, feeling my balls begin to tighten.

“He made me cum so hard. Did you hear me when I came?” she continued.

“Yesssss,” I responded with a hiss.

“His big cock felt so good inside of me. It is istanbul travestileri so much bigger than I’m used to. It stretched out my tiny pussy. It may be a while before I am able to feel your little penis again,” she teased.

Jackie sped up her pace on my penis, causing my body to quiver. “I will need to be fucked like this again. Are you going to be ok with that?”

I didn’t answer. My body spasmed, and I was only able to emit guttural sounds.

“Of course, if I do it again, I may become addicted to Greg’s wonderful cock. If I become addicted, I will need him to fuck me with his big dick at least once or twice a week,” she predicted.

More guttural sounds as I twitched and tingled.

“If I get fucked by his big cock every week, I may never be able to feel your penis. If I can’t feel your penis inside of me, what would be the point of putting it in me?” she asked rhetorically as she described the path to my denial.

She quickened her rhythm on my penis.

“Do you want Greg to fuck me every week?”

“Please,” I answered in between short breaths.

“Do you want me to be addicted to his wonderful cock?”

“Yes,” I spluttered, “Please. Oh god, please,” as I ejaculated.

The first spurt splashed the underside of my chin. My penis shot two more ropes of sperm onto my stomach and chest and sputtered the remaining contents of my testicles onto Jackie’s fingers.


Friday evening marked the end of a long work week, and I was excited that the weekend had almost arrived. The last time Jackie and I had sex was before Greg fucked her on July fourth. I could tell that Jackie was getting randy, and I was excited to have sex again.

Walking in, I noticed the house was silent. It felt empty. Jackie?” I called out.

“In the bedroom,” she responded.

After I completed the routine I do every day when I get home, I went upstairs to our bedroom. Jackie was sitting on the bed with her back to the headboard, much like she was at Greg and Nancy’s just after Greg had finished fucking her for the first time.

Her hair was down, and she was wearing a neglige. Her nipples poked through, and I could see each breast through the sheer material. She held her arms open, inviting me to assume my position between them.

I began climbing onto the bed when she stopped me, saying, “No clothes.”

I removed my clothes as instructed, climbed onto the bed, and snuggled into her. Jackie wrapped one arm across my chest and the other across my midsection. Her hand found my already erect penis. Her fingers walked up my penis until her pointer and thumb found their place and began slowly stroking my little member.

“Mmmmm. It’s so little. Does that feel good?” she asked. Her voice was sultry. It was almost hypnotic. I nodded and let out a slight moan.

“Greg is coming over tomorrow,” she informed me.

My body straightened at this news, but Jackie soothed me back to form. “It’ll be ok. I want you to be there,” she whispered and resumed her two-finger handjob. “It would be best if you witnessed what Greg does to me. Do you want to be there? You do, don’t you?” she asked encouragingly.

I nodded.

“Of course you do,” she continued hypnotically, “You want to see Greg fuck me. You need to see Greg fuck me. You need to see his big cock stretch me.” She quickened her pace on my penis. “Don’t you want to see what I look like when I cum?” she prompted.

My hips bucked involuntarily from the sensations of her fingers mixed and her suggestive messages in my ear. I nodded again. A little quicker than before.

“That’s right. You need to see it. You need to see Greg’s long thick cock do things to me that your small dick could never do.” She tightened her arm around my chest and flexed the other as she increased the jacking motion to maximum speed. “You need to see what a real cock can do and why I made you a cuckold.”

I couldn’t take any more. My penis pulsed as it spewed small streams of semen onto my stomach.

“There you go, baby. That’s a good boy,” Jackie whispered reassuringly as she milked my penis until it shrunk so small that it slipped from her fingers. “Awwww,” she mewed.


I had never heard Jackie use the term cuckold before. I had seen cuckold porn on the internet, so I generally knew what it meant.

I woke early the following day. While Jackie was still asleep, I went downstairs, opened my laptop, and began researching cuckolding. I needed to understand the full extent of what it entailed.

I found a wide variety of resources on the topic. Some were porn fodder. Exaggerated cuckold scenarios put to video. They were shot in porn studios by professional actors. Others were of the amateur variety. Videos of wives fucking well-hung men while their husbands filmed. These videos were hot, and I would certainly watch them later while masturbating, but I needed to find information on cuckolding or blog posts documenting someone’s experience.

I eventually discovered a website dedicated to information about cuckold marriages. Its articles explaining the many facets of cuckolding were enlightening. I read the Introduction to Cuckolding article and continued down its list of articles in the order suggested. I learned about denial, chastity, interracial cuckolding, and domineering bulls.

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