Her GynecologistHer Gynecologist


I first met Ellen during college. I’d gone down to Kelly’s college for a weekend of sex. Ellen was her roommate. She was sitting cross-legged on in the center of the floor working on her photo scrapbook when I entered. She wore a ripped t-shirt and short shorts. Her dark and sexy breast popped through the holes and her shaved snatch peeked around her crotch. She made some first impression. She was smart, beautiful and very sexy. Kelly kept me away from her (which was a very good thing!) After college we stayed in contact with her but we were not very close as she was kind of weird.

Some years later, after her divorce (her husband came out), Kelly introduced her to her gynecologist, Nick. They instantly hit it off and were soon married. We became a bit closer and had several dates with them. One night, we were sitting in their den. Ellen and Kelly were going through Ellen’s old scrapbook while Nick and I looked smoked a joint and looked through their bookshelf. I can tell a lot by reading one’s bookshelf. Ellen’s books were all women’s health and women’s sexuality topics. Some of the books were nude art collections, A Mapplethorpe caught my eye. Nick’s books were more of the scientific and sci-fi bent.

“It’s obvious where your interests lie but do you have any books that both of you share?” I asked.

“We keep those elsewhere. Would you like to see them?”

“Sure” We took the joint and our glasses of wine and I followed him into their bedroom. The room had a large super-king sized bed with mirrors above and around it. There was a bookcase on one wall filled with sex books and videos, porn and otherwise.

“Nick. With all the pussy you look at everyday, you can still look at more?”

“Ellen and I like to explore our fantasies and since we have no kids, this is our playroom.”

It seemed plausible enough, especially when I noticed that many of the titles were bisexual. Although I had looked at Ellen lustily, I’d never looked at Nick that way. He was tall and handsome, about 6’4″. I immediately imagined his cock matching his proportions. At that moment, Kelly called me as it was time to leave. I quashed my thoughts, gave Nick a look and we left the room. Before we left, we made plans for them to spend a weekend at our beach house with us.

On the way home, Kelly told me that the scrapbook she’d seen was filled with hundreds of pictures. She said that many of the pictures Ellen described my saying, “I had an affair with him…I had an affair with them…she was my lover for a few months…” Kelly was astounded but kept still during this.

I asked Kelly, “Were you in the scrapbook?…cause I sure wasn’t.”

Quietly, she answered, “Yes. Once, when we were roommates, Ellen and I made out. We felt each other up and she fingered me. It was a one-time thing and we were both a bit drunk. We never did anything again.”

“I think it’s going to be some weekend,” I said. And I told her about the bedroom collection and their predilections. We both agreed that the weekend would be different.

About a month later, I was ensconced in my hammock when their car pulled into the drive. As it was early evening already, we had been preparing dinner. We sat out on the deck as the warm ocean breeze wafted in. Enjoying the barbecued steaks, the wine and the joints had us all lazy and mellow in no time. The twilight was magical and the sky was splashed with orange and red. Ellen arose from the table, walked over to the pool and sat down dangling her legs in the warm water. “Oooh, this izmir escort house is so awesome. You guys are so lucky.”

I walked around the deck and lit the torches as the sky darkened. Nick went into the kitchen and refilled the glasses. Kelly sat down next to Ellen and they talked quietly. Nick and I decided to walk down to the beach. Taking our glasses, we strolled along the wood path along the dune. The beach was deserted and we sat down just listening to the roar. Nick put his arm around me and rubbed my arm. Although an unusual move, I didn’t flinch or pull away. We sat there quietly for about ten minutes when I said I had to pee. We began to walk the path back when I stopped and pulled my piss-stiff six-incher out and began to pee. Nick stood next to me and pulled his out. I just stared at his rubbery cock. It must have been about nine inches and thick enough to fill a fist, which is exactly what I did. I reached over, took his dick in my hand and held it while he pissed, then I shook it when he finished. He leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. The sound of splashing awakened us so we zipped up and walked back.

In the pool, the two girls were nude and splashing around. Ellen’s full chest shook with each stroke. Nick and I both dropped our shorts at the same time. We sat down on the edge, dangling our legs and watched the girls swim and play around. They seemed to whisper for a moment and then swam over to us. “You know, you’ve seen and touched my vagina so many times…I feel so comfortable naked in front of you…but I’ve never seen your cock, although I have wondered about it…and I am impressed!”

Ellen took Nick’s cock in her hand and began to stroke it. “I love this cock…when it gets stiff and thick, I fills me up. Come here, Kelly. It won’t bite.” At that, Kelly swam between Nick’s legs. Ellen took Kelly’s hand and placed it along Nick’s cock. The two of them stroked it as it began to grow and thicken. The head was taut and oval, the piss slit was large. Kelly now had one hand working his balls while the other stroked his cock. I noticed that Ellen had an arm around Kelly and was stroking her back. Ellen’s other hand was on Kelly’s breast. I was just watching and stroking my cock when Nick’s hand took over.

Kelly said, “I’ve got to have that cock inside me.” Since we were on the shallow end, Nick slipped into the water and Kelly wrapped her legs around his waist and slipped him into her. Ellen pulled me into the water. We stood and watched Nick and Kelly fuck. I stood behind Ellen and run my cock along her ass while my hands ran along her body. I ran my fingers though her bushy pubic hair and remarked that the last time I’d seen her pussy, it was shaved. She laughed and said she grew it back right after the day we first met. Meanwhile Kelly seemed transported as she rocked up and back on his monster. She began to moan and squeal.

Her orgasm was building and she rocked faster. I was fascinated watching her wrapped around Nick and floating in the water. Her boobs bounced and splashed as she squealed. My dick was rock hard and pushing into Ellen’s butt. She pushed me back against the side of the pool and I slipped into her butt easily. I did nothing as she rocked her ass on me. I pinched her large nipples and she pushed harder. Her fingers were diddling her pussy when she started to pant hoarsely. As she began to cum, I began to shoot god and streams into her. She pushed harder as I met her thrusts. Her anus began to flex against alsancak escort the root of my cock and I let loose another burst. We lay back against the side and caught our breath. Nick and Kelly swam over to us and held us in a group hug.

“That was great. That’s just what I wanted. I can’t take Nick there and you were just perfect.” I was still in her ass and very comfortable. She didn’t seem in any rush to move either.

“I’ve never felt a cock so big,” said Kelly, “it really, really filled me up. I see what you mean, El.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I really have to pee,” said Nick. “That’s a good idea, me too…and I’ll roll a joint,” I added.

While Nick was in the john, I rolled a few doobies. As I entered the toilet, he was shaking off his slab. As I peed, Nick held my cock for me and ran his fingers around my balls. “There ain’t nothing like a vasectomy.” This seemed to excite him. “Ellen wants me to get one but I don’t know…” “Come on, man, there ain’t nothing like shooting blanks.”

We came out onto the deck where our nude wives were chatting and downing margaritas. “Hey, El, Perry has had a vasectomy.”

“Wow. How cool.” She then began to ask a torrent of questions to Kelly and me. “Did it hurt?” “Does it ever bother you.” “Is your cum different?” “Are your orgasm’s better or worse?” I explained that my sac shrunk a bit and my balls didn’t hang as much as they used to and that I’d never experienced any discomfort. As for my cum, I never knew how it tasted before so I didn’t know now.

“You mean you’ve never tasted your own cum?” asked Nick.

“Well sure, when I go down on Kelly after we fuck…but I never noticed a difference.”

“It’s not as thick as it used to be,” said Kelly, “but there really isn’t any noticeable difference.”

“Let’s run a test.” Ellen got down on her knees and began to suck me. Immediately, my limp muscle responded to her ministrations. Her technique was exquisite, far better than I’d ever experienced. Her lips formed an “o” as she licked and sucked the head. With her nail slightly defining the vein running up the underside of my cock and her tongue curled around and sucking in the spongy meat, I was throbbing. Pressing her finger at the base near my sac, she pulled off me. “I’ll be back,” she said mischievously.

She pulled Nick next to me so that our dicks were an inch apart. Kelly sat a few feet away watching.” Ellen placed Nick’s cock in her mouth and began to pump him with one hand, while her other hand was stroking me and keeping me hard. As Nick began to get closer to me, he placed his arm around me and began to tweak my nipple. Ellen placed both heads in her mouth. It felt neat having our penises mashed together. Ellen asked Kelly to come over and finish Nick off while she did me. With her artful tonguing, I began to push my ass up off the chair. I started to shoot rockets into her throat. Nick was doing the same only his come was all over Kelly’s face and dripping from her lips.

Ellen got up and leaned into Nick, filling his mouth with my come. “Don’t swallow,” she said, “Kelly, give your load to Perry.” My naked and wanton wife moved over onto my lap and pressed her lips to mine. Nick’s cum was salty and thick and it coated my cheeks. Ellen turned to Kelly and offered her tongue. Kelly leaned over and they kissed deeply, sharing their cum. Nick pulled me closer to him and we kissed, my cum dribbling into my mouth, his load passing from my tongue to his. I reached buca escort over and squeezed his wilting pole, pulling several more drops of cum out of him. “Mine is sweeter and less viscous, with a hint of fruit,” I said. My friends roared.

“Yes, I agree,” said Ellen. Some discussion followed as to the merits of our sperm. However, it was generally agreed that the vasectomy didn’t enter into the judging. “Ok,” I offered, “Kelly’s had 1 kid, Ellen’s had none. Is Ellen’s pussy tighter?”

“Since I gave Kelly her episiotomy, I’d say that she’s tighter.” Nick seemed confident.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing, Perry, my pussy is not nearly as tight as my asshole and you’ve already had that!” This was greeted with a round of applause. “I’ve always loved ass fucking but I can’t take Nick up there. It hurts. You, on the other hand, fit like a glove.” She got on all fours and turned her ass to me. I leaned over and ran my tongue between her buttocks. Then I circled her anus and rimmed her. Pulling away, she squealed, “Oooh, Don’t stop. That was nice.” I got down next to her and began to kiss and fondle her ass. Nick got up and began to kneel on her other side when he stopped. I was absorbed in tickling her anus with my fingers and my mouth. Ellen spread her legs apart as a head moved up between them and began to caress her pussy. It was Kelly. I ran my tongue into her hole while my wife ran her tongue into her other hole. Several times, our tongues met, kissed and then traveled back. At one point, both of us were licking her vagina walls. Ellen began to hump Kelly’s face when lips curled around my lifeless dick. I looked over to see Nick nuzzling my sac. His tongue, too, slid into my anus. I turned away from Ellen and spread myself.

Ellen began to grunt and heave her ass. Kelly wrapped her arms around Ellen and pulled her closer, riding Ellen’s gyrations. Ellen began to drip nectar over my wife’s face. This lasted for about a minute until Ellen mashed her pussy down and heaved, letting out a low guttural moan.

While the women rested in each others arms, they watched as Nick blew me. I rolled over onto by back giving him my cock. It was not fully hard and I just reveled in his attention. He seemed to be enjoying it, too. He moved around so that his limp cock hung a foot from my eyes. I pulled a cushion under my head and swung his cock onto my face. I let the dangling shaft rub around my face. I took it both hands and caressed it. I placed my tongue at the base and rubbed his testicles around my nose. He liked this as his cock sprang to life. I continued my efforts on his sac while I stretched and stroked his shaft. My cock stiffened. I pulled his shaft down to my lips and placed the head between my lips. I began to nurse on the head as a baby on a teat. I ran my tongue around the rim of his helmet. I pushed into his piss hole. I placed my hands on his hairy buttocks and began to slip it down my throat, each time taking it a little further. I gagged a few times but I really wanted to feel him fill me up.

I went back to his meatus again and continued to stroke him. He replaced my hand with his own and began to jerk off while I sucked on him. When his helmet became taut, I enveloped it. The first warm blast of his come hit my tonsils, the second pooled. I pulled him in deeper and let his last shot go straight down my throat. Feeling him throbbing between my lips, his ballsac banging against my forehead was incredible. He increased his efforts on my part but I pushed him away. I only wanted to feel his softening cock and the warmth in my body. When I pulled away from him and sat up, he thanked me. “That was a good as it gets, man.”

The women were still entwined. They had loved watching us.

This was the beginning of a wonderful night and several years of an exciting relationship.

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