Her Dominate NightHer Dominate Night


The music was loud, and the crowd was huge. Not my cup of tea. I hate rubbing elbows all night and not having room to move. The site of her dancing under that light was the only thing that got me through the evening. She is so shy, but put her in a crowd with music and she lets go. Her body was different than the others, not bad, really more to my likening actually. She has soft curves and enough meat on her hips to provide me with a wonderful place to grab and thrust into her hard. I am proud to say I gave her that body.

I had the pleasure of watching her child-like body grow with my child. Her stomach carried the most precious thing. Her breasts became full and plump. Her hips filled out in preparation of the trauma her body would endure. Nine months later she was like a beautiful flower that blossomed. It was hard for me at first. It was strange to see my child nuzzle and suck on her soft pink nipples. I was jealous. I wanted my hands to stroke the warm skin of her chest.

I stood tonight though and watched like the rest of the crowd as she sways with the music. Her red hair flowing around the neck that I wrap my hands around so many nights. Oh, how those hips move, almost like she is grinding me, but she is on the dance floor. The music is crude, all male dominate. Talking only of sex and sucking.

She was driving me crazy, I had to be near her. I take her another drink. She is driving me crazy with that straw. The way her lips wrap around it and you can just see her cheeks pull. I wish I was that straw. I had thoughts of her and that straw all night. I was about to go crazy, as finally the night came to and end. We shook hands and said goodbye to our friends and gently was pushing her to the door.

The conversation on the way home takes a turn toward the music. She asks if I noticed all the songs lately are about male domination. I suppose she is right. I commented on how it has been true in our relationship, I am the one who chooses what sexual things we do. She gets ballsy. She states that if my mother knew what she does to me in bed she would have a stroke. I suppose she is right again. Somewhere on the ride home I assume she made the decision. When we got home she went straight to the bathroom. I gave her some space, assuming if she wanted my attention she would ask.

My knees went weak when she appeared again. She had on the black corset I bought her so long ago. Her makeup was still dark from the club, and her eyes seemed to see right through me. I stood in silence as I looked. The corset pushed her tits up. I looked down her soft curves and her bare ass hung out of the matching g string. I couldn’t see her long tempting legs, due to the incredibly hot, high black leather boots she wore. I was frozen. That devilish smile was enough to convince me that tonight, with that fiery red hair, she was as close to the devils spawn as they come. I was almost scared.

The words that came out of her mouth….The words that changed my life….

” You dominate me every night. Tonight if you want pleasure, you will pleasure me first. If you are not a good Çankaya Escort boy, you will be punished, the way I decide fit. Now be a good boy and come here, or I will take matters into my own hands.”

I crawled to her feet. No way, I was going to miss this show! Not even if it killed me!

The floor was cold, and any other time I would be shriveled up. I was hard as rock already, though. She noticed, and reach down to stroke me. She then reminded me that she was to get pleasure first. That is when she struck the inside of my thigh with the leather crop she held. It hit right below my balls, so close I could feel the breeze. The sting should have brought him down, but her wicked laugh kept him hard as can be. She was enjoying this. She was on a power trip.

I was surprised to feel the warm soft fabric that she then fastened around the shaft of my cock. Before I could understand, she clipped the leash to it and started walking away. She got one tug, before I snapped out of it and followed. I watched her ass sway as I crawled behind her. She then sat right in front of me with her clit nearly touching my nose. Her long legs were spread and I could smell the fragrance of her freshly shaven pussy. She was aroused. I leaned in and licked it right down the middle. I felt the fire on my ass at the same time the tug made me fall back. I was not in control and I had not asked permission. Due to my mistake, she pulled out her toy. I sat nose to her clit and watched as she ever so gently ran the toy up and down her pussy. It was already wet and I want to stick whatever I could in it. I wanted to feel the warmth, the wetness.

Her body started to tremble. Instead of letting herself finish though she put the toy down and asked if I wanted to taste it. “Yes!”

My ass was lit on fire again.

“Excuse me?”

I replied very cautiously…

“yes please?”

Wrong answer. I was getting a little frustrated with ass beating.

“You refer to me as your golden girl, or have you forgot what it feel like to have my golden juice flow down your body?”

I had not forgotten the night when she let it all go and I was able to get her to do that. I would never forget that night.

She was up again, tugging at my cock. I followed her curious. All my cautiousness disappeared as she straddled me and massaged my asshole. She had put me in the perfect place as the mirror in front of me showed me her ass straddled over me. I was panting and pushing against her fingers as I felt the steaming hot liquid flow down my ass and drip off my cock. How could she ever think I would forget that feeling.

She could sense my delight, and she stopped the flow. She pushed me down with force and demanded I roll over. She then straddled my face and I had electricity flowing through my veins.


I begged like a little boy, or even a dog getting beat. I would have done anything at that moment. She smirked and I saw it coming. One, small, drop of that hot liquid. It was just enough to taste, and my body raised Cebeci Escort up in torment. I begged louder, but she had already had her fun. She sat back down and ordered me in front of her. I was in pain with my swelling hard cock as she demanded I rub the head all over her pussy. When I couldn’t stand anymore I tried to put the head in ever so slightly. She grabbed my balls hard and looked me in the eyes. I had disobeyed again. I had to give her pleasure first. I grabbed her hips and I thrust myself into her as hard as I could. Within minutes she curled around my body and let her warm cum drench my cock. I wanted to fill her up right then, but I had learned. She pulled away from me with a smile.

“You have pleased me, good boy.”

She licked her lips and lowered herself off the chair. She rubbed my balls gently as she sucked her own cum off me. She then positioned me so I was bent over the bed.

I was anxious again. She spanked me harder than before with her devil stick. I jumped in pain.

“poor baby”

I felt her soft tits rub down my back and over my ass. Her nipple slid in my crack and I prayed somehow it would push into my ass. I saw her reach for the strap on, and the lube. I had never taken this in this position. She fucked me like a man. She grabbed my hips and stood behind me. It was so cold. It was strictly for her pleasure, no cuddling, no kisses, just raw hard fucking. It was wrong, because the harder she was, the more helpless I felt. The more helpless I felt, the more I wanted to cum and fall weak at her feet. I did just that.

As she smiled, she helped me to the bed. She was so loving, I thought she may be done. I was surprised at the knot being tied around my hands. Then my feet. She was ever so gentle though. She stood back and just stared at me bound and naked spread across the bed. I felt a little embarrassed. Her body was warm and little moist after all that thrusting, as she crawled next to me. She kissed my neck, paying attention to my collar bone. I squirmed like a fish out of water as she went over my whole body with her tongue. She paid close attention to my cock until I had a ragging hard on again. Pure fear screamed out of me as she brought out the sounding rod. We had talked about it, but I wasn’t ready.

“Something wrong?”

I tried to reason with her, helpless tied to the bed. Who knew she could tie a knot! I upset her. She would punish me how she saw fit though. She took her cath out. How could I do this while I was tied? The tight black gloves didn’t help my fears. I laid and watched as she cath’ed herself. She needed no help, she knew where everything was. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her head. I found out as she stuck the cut off end of the cath in my ass and I felt her warm pee flow into my ass. I was in such shock, I almost missed her slowly threading the sound in my piss hole. By the time I saw, I was frozen, scared to even open my mouth. It felt good, but I was scared to move. She was so gentle. She stroked me a few times until I thought Çukurambar Escort was going to explode. She withdrew the sound right before I could cum.

My body was now begging to cum. She just kissed me softly. What a tease. She slowly untied my hands and feet, and I wondered if my body could handle anymore.

“You will please me and then I will allow you to release”

As tired and hard as I was, she demanded me to suck her nipples. She let me suck them so long, my cheeks hurt. Right when I thought she was going to cum, she grabbed my balls hard.

“fuck me like a real man”

I had been waiting for this. I shoved her down on the bed so hard, fear ran through me, as I double checked to make sure I didn’t hurt her. I laid my full body weight on her, as I drove my rock hard cock in her. She was so wet and almost too hot for my dick. The harder I pushed the louder she screamed. I grabbed her neck and thrust so hard her head bounced off the head board. I pulled out and tossed her over me with ease. I gave her no chance to ease down on me, I grabbed those hips that teased me all night and pulled her hard down on me. She squealed in pain as I went deep into her. She never moved, I pulled and pushed and moved her until she couldn’t resist anymore. I could feel her cum wash down my balls. She collapsed down on my chest and I just held her, listening to her breath. She composed herself quickly and surprised me when she reached for the lube yet again.

My body was sore and raw. Where could she possibly go that she hasn’t already been? I felt her hand gently stroke my cock and go down to my balls. A lubed finger found my ass. I was still sore from her thrusting the strap on in my ass. Between her extreme amount of lube, and her gentle massaging moves, the pain disappeared. I was so tired, my body felt like it was going to sink into the feather blanket I was on. I couldn’t even get hard again. She massaged gently and before I knew she had 4 fingers in. I felt the blood rise to the tip of my head. When she added the last finger, I was ready to go. Waves of ecstasy flooded my body. I rocked against her hand, almost begging it to go in. She stopped. It was cruel. I immediately snapped at her, telling her I was almost there. I then heard that wicked laugh that had been absent for the last hour.

” Is that how you speak to me?”

Her devil stick came down hard on my chest. Her soft hand felt like iron around my balls.

“beg you bad boy, or I will leave you blue”

Again have no idea where it came from, but I was almost in tears begging her to relieve the pressure that had built up in the shaft of my cock. She slowly started again and I felt her start a fist. I rocked into her, my body begging for more. I felt her fist go in and I flinched in pain. She remained still and I started to stroke myself in hopes of dulling the pain that was building inside me. With no warning, she spun her hand completely around inside of me. I came with no warning. She laughed as it spewed all over my own face.

She was so proud of herself, and I had never experienced anything like it before. I was reminded of a cat as she gracefully crawled beside me and licked the cum off my cheek. We fell asleep in each others arms right there. As the sun woke me up this morning, I looked at my beautiful wife laying next to me. So sweet, soft innocent. I would have thought it was all a dream. If not for the whelps on my ass.

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