Helpless: Blindfolded and BoundHelpless: Blindfolded and Bound


I arrive at promptly 7:00. I know better than to be late. I reach for the large brass door knocker, eagerly anticipating what I know is to come of this evening. Before I can knock, he opens the door.

“Come in,” he says, and I oblige. “I’ve been waiting for this,” he whispers into my ear as he takes me into his arms. My mouth meets his hungrily. He runs his hands through my hair as my own hands wander over his body, exploring. He cups my face in his hands, and I suddenly feel something soft and smooth being secured over my closed eyes. I reach for the foreign object and realize that he’s blindfolded me; our evening has begun.

“Shhh,” he warns. “I know you weren’t thinking of removing that, we’re you?”

“Of course not,” I quickly respond.

“Good,” he murmurs, holding my face once again. “I’d hate to have to punish you for such a careless error.”

As I open my mouth to reply, it is filled with a ball gag, which he expertly secures behind my head. I try to protest, but I only succeed in producing muffled moans.

“Oh, don’t mind the gag. You’ll learn to love it, my dear,” he coos as he takes my hands in his. “Follow me now, I have so much more in store.”

I follow him blindly as he guides me through his home, up a flight of stairs, and into what I assume is his bedroom. He drops my hands, and I am enveloped my a black stillness. I can see nothing, but I sense his presence in the room. I am startled by the sudden sensation of hot breath on my neck.

“You won’t be needing this now,” he announces as he unzips my dress, peeling it off my shoulders and letting it slip to the floor.

I am cold without my clothing, görükle escort and I feel raw and exposed standing blindfolded and gagged in nothing but a lacy purple bra and matching underwear. I feel my nipples harden with excitement, and I have become painfully aware of a throbbing between my legs.

“Come, now,” he soothes, removing my bra and helping me step out of my underwear. “Such pretty things,” he adds, and I am unsure if he speaks of the garments or my now fully exposed breasts, which he now holds, one in each hand. He drops them suddenly, and I no longer feel him near me.

The faint sound of a zipper and clothes hitting the floor excites me; I know he has undressed himself now.

“Would you like to lay down now, my dear?” he suggests, pressing his naked self against me. A soft moan escapes me again. “Do you like that feeling; do you like feeling my skin on yours?” he asks, guiding me to his bed and laying me down.

He immediately busies himself, spreading my arms above my head and securing them to opposite bedposts with soft, smooth restraints, so similar to the blindfold I still wear. I breathe in sharply, adjusting to the new position. Without my hands, I feel helpless and exposed.

“We’re not nearly done yet,” he reminds me as he runs his hands down my body, pausing to tweak my already hard nipples, and caressing my aching thighs. His touch sends shivers down my spine. Slowly, he runs his hands down my legs, stopping at my ankles. First one, then the other, he spreads my legs and secures them to the remaining two bedposts, just as he had done with my arms. My legs are just far enough apart to verge on being görükle escort bayan uncomfortable. The position fully exposes the glistening wetness between my legs.

“Excited, are we?” he muses as he runs his hands back up my legs.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan, unable to speak through the gag. Then, he holds my face again and removes the gag. I close my sore mouth, but he has other ideas.

“Open,” he commands, and I obey. I am almost immediately filled with his hard penis. Instinctively, I flick my tongue down his shaft.

“Good girl,” he whispers, petting my hair. I continue licking and sucking him, and I can sense he is nearing his finish. A few seconds later, he pulls away. A soft whimper leaves my lips, and he chuckles softly.

“You wanted to finish me off, did you? Not yet, my darling. Not yet,” he says, and his hands begin massaging my breasts.

Every bit of me aches with desire, but I am helpless and unable to do anything about it. I am blind and unable to move my arms and legs. Slowly, he takes one nipple into his mouth.

“Oh!” I gasp, as waves of pleasure crash through my body. He continues sucking me, and I lose myself in the pleasure. I’m jerked back to awareness when a sudden shock of pain hits me.

“You bit me!” I accuse, and he only smirks in response.

“Don’t make me gag you again,” he warns, and bites my tender nipple again, harder this time. I keep quiet.

He slowly moves down my body, licking and kissing and sucking, dancing around but never touching my aching clit. He massages my butt and thighs, and I am unable to control my desire.

“Please,” I beg. “Please, bursa escort please taste me. Make me cum. I need you so badly,” I whimper.

“Didn’t I warn you?” he asks with a shark edge to his voice, and the gag is shoved back into my mouth and secured.

I am wetter than I have ever been in my life, and my whole body is throbbing and aching with pleasure and yearning. Finally, he gives in. His tongue flicks over my wetness and meets my clit, and my hips buck up to meet him. It is too much to bear, and I cum almost immediately, thrashing against my restraints.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to do that, darling,” he snarls. I cringe in anticipation of what is to come; I know he’ll punish me now.

I hold my breath and await my punishment, but I have misjudged his anger. Instead, he grabs my hips and buries his entire length deep within me. I am tight, and he is well endowed. His manhood stretches my aching pussy and stuffs me fuller than I have ever been, overwhelming my senses with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Without giving me much time to adjust to his size, he begins vigorously thrusting in and out of me.

“Fuck,” he moans, quickening his pace. I know he is close. I am straining against the ropes he has tied me with, trying desperately to enhance my own pleasure. He reaches down and does what I cannot, rubbing my clit.

A few more quick thrusts and he comes inside me, simultaneously pinching my clit, hard. The pain pushes me over the edge, and my body shakes as my orgasm takes over.

Panting, I collapse against the bed and he collapses on top of me. He undoes the gag, and stretches to undo my restraints. He kisses me once softly and takes my hands in his, gently rubbing the reddened grooves the restraints left on my wrists.

“You ok?” he whispers, and I nod my head yes.

“I love you,” I answer, and he kisses me again, taking me into his arms.

“I love you too.”

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