Hell’s Angel Ch. 01Hell’s Angel Ch. 01


Chapter 1: And slave I only use as a word to describe the special way I feel for you…

My girlfriend was on a night shift again and I fell into my usual routine of watching a Tanya Hyde movie jerking off. I was a bit nostalgic and had put on the first one I ever saw Hell, Whores & High Heels.

I always take a cigarette break outside on the porch in between scenes to cool off a bit. This time of the year was excellent for cooling off, being December and minus 2 degrees (28 Fahrenheit) at 2 AM in the morning. I could never predict however that my break after the third scene (my all time favourite scene by the way) would turn out to be heating instead of cooling…

I was idly stroking my cock covered with lubricant while out of nowhere a woman dressed to die for appeared from around the corner. Visible from a cape that was draped sideways along her slender sides, she was dressed in a red leather cupless bustier which left her massive tits and bald crotch out in the open. Garter belts attached to red fishnets which were barely visible above thigh length black boots. Her face was concealed by a Darth Vader mask which altered her voice when she spoke.

“Turn around slowly and put your hands behind your back” she ordered with a stern voice.

I just stood there gaping at her appearance, now also noticing handcuffs in her one hand and a horse crop in the other.

“I said: turn around. NOW!”

I dropped my cigarette and followed her order.

“Hands behind your back and hold still!” she barked.

I was a bit reluctant knowing I was going to be handcuffed, but it excited me as well. My cock twitched while the cuffs were closed. Not having the faintest clue of who she was scared me a bit as well but considering her outfit she wouldn’t have wrong intentions I assumed.

She pulled my arm to turn me around and I marvelled her stunning features moving my eyes across her body.

Once I made eye contact again, I asked: “who are you?”

“Did I grant you permission to speak, my little slave? Now get on your knees and show me what else your mouth is capable of instead of blurting out without my consent!”

She pressed me down on my knees and I could see a part of a tattoo visible just below the bottom of the bustier. I made a mental note to watch for this tattoo whenever I was in a place where I might spot it. However, I realised that I would only be able to see it when a woman was either wearing a very tiny bikini bottom or be almost nude. The tattoo was right on her pubic bone where her hair used to be.

“What are you waiting for slave?”

With that, she pulled me by the hair, my nose pressing into the folds of her snatch. I smelled her intoxicating scent as I pushed my head back a bit, my nose now slippery with her wetness. My tongue extended to her labia and I licked her juices gently. I savoured her, twirling my tongue around in my mouth.

“You clearly think this is for your pleasure, but you couldn’t be more mistaking. Now tongue fuck me! Put your mouth to work for MY pleasure and mine only!”

She swatted my butt with the crop and I let out a groan of pain. The message was clear now though and I dove into her again with all what I was worth. My tongue slipped into her forcefully and I started fucking her with it.

“Yessss…” she hissed.

I was painfully erect and wished I could stroke myself. My cock was bouncing violently since I was no longer fucking her with my tongue only. My whole upper body moved to make the in and out thirsting of my tongue more intense. She grabbed my hair again to have control over the pace all the while spanking me gently on my ass cheeks with the crop. The crop was now my guide as her hand traced slowly over my head to stroke my cheeks.

“That’s almost good, slave. I think I might even release the handcuffs before I leave if you behave.”

Her breathing was just a bit more laboured despite my efforts to bring her off. After a few minutes she stopped spanking me. With her hand in my neck, she urged me to move a bit higher. Slipping my tongue out of her warm tunnel, I kept it pressed on her pussy while moving up. I relaxed this muscle and lapped her lips alternating right and left of her clit. Meanwhile, she slid the crop from my cheeks towards my still throbbing cock and gently lifted my balls with the tip.

“If you don’t want your balls slapped, suck me to orgasm fast. Make me scream for more. Make me cum so hard I need to cling to you to stop from falling. Do it! NOW!”

And suck her, I did. I eased forward on my knees and tilted my head backwards to get a better grasp on her clit and started sucking. I flicked my tongue next and over her clit gently at first and her moaning increased the more pressure I gave with my tongue. Breathing became harder as she squeezed me onto her more and more, shutting my nose with her pussy.

“Oh fucking hell!” she yelled, “Take a very deep breath now, slave. Aaaaaaaah I am not letting you go…. aaaaaaaaah… ankara grup escort until I cum now.”

With that statement, she loosened the grip on my neck giving me just enough time to suck in air for the last time. She violently pressed me back on her clit. My mouth wrapped around her sensitive nub and I started sucking like I never sucked before. My tongue flapped over and around her clit. I heard her moaning hard, all the while talking dirty.

“Ooooooh… that’s it you fucking slave! Make me cum! Finally your tongue is doing the right thing! Aaaaaaaah! Make me explode!”

She was just about to peak and increased the pressure on my balls to an almost painful level. I wanted to tell to her to stop, but I could just moan the words with my mouth attached to her cunt. I’m sure the vibrations of my muffled cries and moans pushed her over the edge and a long guttural moan stretched out of her throat.

“Oh yes! Ooooh oooow yeaaaaah!”

Finally she let go and with shaking legs, she fumbled in her bustier and pulled out a condom wrap. She dropped to her knees, quickly unwrapped the rubber and rolled it over my shaft. It was a black condom with thick ridges and bumps.

“I’m going to use that fucking dick to come all over you again. Don’t you dare losing it until I tell you so.”

She pushed my torso further down to the ground. Still on my knees and leaning back on my elbows, my cock sticked obscenely to the sky. She squatted over my erection and slammed herself down with great urgency. Her hand wrapped around my balls and she rode me like a cowgirl in heat.

She felt amazingly tight and slippery. On the down stroke, she let herself fall down, squeezing my balls with her buttocks. Going back up, she milked my cock with her muscles, relaxing them around the tip and falling down again.

“Shoot your load in me while I come.” she said after a few minutes.

I couldn’t have lasted any longer anyway… Never ever before did I come so overwhelming. I must have spewed at least 10 big spurts before the flow started to decrease. She writhed and squirmed on my body, making circles on my cock.

“Not bad for the first round.” she said getting off of me.

She helped me stand up and went down on her knees herself. She carefully rolled the condom down of my deflating dick and tied a knot into the condom.

“Let’s get inside now. I’m getting cold and I need a refreshment.”

I followed her inside and in the dimly lit kitchen, I examined her again trying to get a clue of who she was. I did not detect any feature that reminded me of someone I knew.

I asked again: “who are you?”

She turned to me and lifted my flaccid dick with the crop while saying: “being disobedient again huh? I assume you forgot the rule of not speaking unless spoken to. I’m still feeling quite good now and guess you simply want to have a name for me to shout out when you come so I won’t punish you this time. Just call me Angel, because that’s what I am to you. Your angel from hell in high heels. And you’re my slave, my whore. You exist only to please me. Now be a good whore and tell me what you have to offer for a drink. I need some alcohol to help me forget how impolite you were.”

“Would a mojito suit you, my Hell’s Angel?” I replied.

“Excellent. I like the way you are behaving now.”

I told her where she could find everything she needed and efficiently she collected it all. While she was preparing two mojito’s I looked forward to her getting that mask off. She couldn’t be downing the drink while still wearing it, now could she?

I proved to be right and wrong. Indeed she took the mask off, but underneath, she wore another leather mask matching her bustier. I could only try to recognise her from her brown eyes or her bright red lips, but putting all the pieces of the puzzle together still did not bring anyone I knew to mind. The black ponytail sticking out from behind didn’t help me either.

She downed her mojito at once and then gave me a few sips of mine as well. She slipped the cape of too and led me to the living room where the DVD was still pauzed at the start of the fourth scene. She pointed me to sit down on the couch and sat next to me. She took the remote and pressed the play button.

She straddled me and gave me a passionate french kiss while the nurse on the TV screen made her appearance. My dick started swelling again during our kiss showing my appreciation for the passion I felt between us. She broke contact to move higher on my lap and presented me her luscious breasts. I dove in, my face buried between the big boobs and made my way from one to the other nipple. I circled around the nipples first to suck them in a bit later. Gently at first, I took the delicate flesh between my teeth and pulled them out. I heard appreciation in her whimpers, but she pulled my face away from her orbs.

She eased backward slowly and put her leather clad calves on my shoulders. She inched higher on my lap, bringing gümüşhane escort her snatch closer to my mouth. When she moved close enough to my mouth, she spread her legs wide and wriggled her head between my knees so she could watch the rest of the movie with her head tilted back. We could both watch actually, but the sight of her drew my full attention. The tattoo was now more visible than before and I took a mental picture of it.

Her hands moved up to her crotch and she spread her lips wide open. I enjoyed the view of her shiny insides, but obviously she wanted me to take action. She snapped her fingers of one hand and made a “come closer” motion, pointing at her pussy afterwards. Message clear and I put my mouth to work again.

I enjoyed being told what to do, something my girlfriend never wanted to do even though I explained her it was for her pleasure and mine. I was amazed at how this woman – to me still unknown – was able to fulfil my fantasies. Would she know me or my girlfriend better than I thought?

Anyway, I planted kisses all over her lips and clit before lapping up her juices. She tasted wonderful even with the hint of rubber that came from the condom. As her juices were licked away from the top, I gradually continued my exploration of her inner depths again. Her hands spread her lips for me and every now and then she would slip a couple of fingers in and pushed them into my mouth.

I tried to recognise her by the sounds of her moaning but how can you tell if you never heard someone moaning anyway? I hoped her state of bliss would make her forget her voice was no longer altered so I increased my efforts. I made a swirling motion with my tongue dipping inside her on the way down and frotting left and right a couple of times over her clit with the underside of my tongue. I continued this motion each time holding my tongue just a second longer in and on her sensitive spots.

Her moans became louder each time but still not a word escaped from her lips. Her nails dug into the couch and she pulled upwards towards my face again. I extended my tongue as far as I could and circled inside her juice filled hole. My upper lip was meanwhile playing with her clit. She shuddered and reached another orgasm.

I withdrew my mouth and sank back in the couch. My arms were sore from supporting both our weight and being cuffed on my back constantly. She slid down and out of the couch just in time to pause after the fourth scene. She made a V with two fingers and held them in front of her mouth pouting her lips. Oh fuck she knew my habit so she must have spied on me before. How could I not have noticed? Rather being a nudist instead of an exhibitionist, I was always really careful no one saw me smoking naked outdoors. Or at least that’s what I thought…

Whatever, off we went. She grabbed 2 cigarettes from the pack and a lighter and let me out first. She lit up both and before letting me draw, she wet the filter between her pussy lips. I was instantly erect again. She noticed my appreciation, but her hands were already full. She put the cigarette in my mouth and sank down on her knees. She took a long puff from her cigarette and engulfed the head. Swirling her tongue around, she blew the smoke out through her nose, repeatedly continued this show until we both finished smoking.

She motioned me to follow her back inside and had me seated in the couch again. She detached a small key from a latch on her boot, straddled my lap and undid one of the cuffs. Pulling my hands to her firm orbs, I squeezed them gently while she cuffed me again.

She put on the DVD, but went into the kitchen instead of staying with me. I followed her movement with my eyes. She noticed and pointed to the screen. I complied and enjoyed the sight of Monique dressing up as the bossy lady. Well I now had a domina of my own at least for tonight and hopefully for many more to come.

Angel returned with a fresh mojito for her own, mine and another empty glass. She fed me the rest of mine and downed her glass again to the bottom. She pulled me from the couch and put me on all fours on the carpet right in front of the TV. She crouched between my legs and slid my dick down her throat.

She skillfully sucked me grasping my buttocks to shove me deep into her mouth. My cock twitched when she rolled her tongue over my hairy balls. Each time I felt my cum boiling up, she slowed down a bit to delay my orgasm.

I heard squishy noises from behind indicating Angel was fiercely fingering her twat. During the assfucking on screen, she stopped pleasuring herself and brought her wet fingers to my ass. She rubbed her fingers over the hole a couple of times grabbing my nuts afterwards. Just when I was about to explode, she released my cock from her mouth and put it in the empty glass. Jerking with her free hand I shot my load into the glass.

I flipped over onto my back and breathed heavily in the afterglow. She put the glass aside and licked my shaft clean, squeezing out halkalı escort the last droplets in the process. She licked her way over my torso and ended this round frenching.

We both got up and with shaking legs we went into the kitchen. She put the glass in an ice filled bowl and fished the semen filled condom from the fridge. She cut it open with a pair of scissors and let its contents slide in the glass as well. She held the reservoir between her fingertips and slipped the rubber in her mouth. Pressed between her lips, she squeezed the remainder out by pulling out. She smeared the sperm on her lips and sucked her lips inside. She savoured my cum and licked her lips seductively ndicating she liked the taste.

She put the bowl back into the fridge and took 2 cigarettes from the pack.

“May I ask you a couple of questions, mistress Angel?”

She turned on the porch and lifted one of her eyebrows.

“Plain and simple yes or no questions. And if you don’t want to answer just don’t. Is this ok with you mistress?”

She lit up both cigarettes her eyes burning into mine and shrugged her shoulders. She passed me my cigarette and I inhaled deeply before my first question.

“You seem to know a lot about me. Do we know each other in person?”

No reaction at all. Not even a blink of an eye.

“Do you know my girlfriend?”

She nodded yes. I closed my eyes and felt a cold shiver running through my spine.

“Is she aware of what happened between us tonight?”

She shook her head.

“Will you tell her?”

She shook no again. I relaxed a bit again.

“Our little hot secret then huh… I just hope this one does not get public. Until last night, I thought my solo pleasure was a secret as well. When did you find out?”

She gave me a middle finger and made a locked my lips gesture with the other hand.

“OK, Wrong type of question. How many months ago did you find out about my secret?”

She raised 9 fingers.

“And you kept it all to yourself?”

She rolled her eyes and nodded affirmatively.

“So have you been spying on me ever since? You seem to be well up to date with my customs.”

This time she just smiled.

“Do you have many slaves like me?”

Her eyes became slits and her look could kill from a mile away.

“I’m sorry mistress, I do not want to picture you like a whore. I mean, I cannot imagine that you aren’t chased by many men being such a beauty. You have the looks to die for, in a classy way.”

Her killing stare faded away luckily… She just slapped me on my ass as a mild punishment.

Back inside, Angel started prepping another round of mojito’s. She took the bowl out of the fridge and mixed some icing sugar through the semen. She poured the mix into one of the glasses and handed the other to me. This time she deliberately took her time to drink hers. She scooped out some remains out of the glass and licked it of her fingers.

My cock stood at attention again. She fished another of those black condoms from under the bustier and rolled it over my prick. She bent over the kitchen table and raised her ass to me with wide spread legs. I was slamming into her rapidly only a second afterwards.

Given my two previous orgasms, I could last a loy longer now. I fucked her in various positions on the kitchen table, the both of us grunting, moaning and screaming out our renewed state of arousal and pleasure. I lost track of the number of mini orgasms she had, but I remember her last big one surely enough. I was squatting with my feet on the kitchen table and was able to get deep inside with her legs supporting on my shoulders. She reached around and pushed me even harder inside with her hands on my buttocks. Screaming with her mouth open wide constantly, she moved one hand towards my balls. I filled her the instant she squeezed them lightly. We both humped frantically and at least for me the whole orgasm became a blur. I felt so connected to Angel that it seemed our individual peak melted into one.

We lay on the table exhausted for at least 10 minutes, hugging and kissing the whole time. She pushed me back and undid the condom. She pushed the end of the rubber to the knot under the bustiers in between her tits. She wore it as a trophy. She dressed up again, putting the mask on again and the cape around her shoulders.

“Are you going to behave if I take off the handcuffs?” she asked with that awkward voice alteration.

“Why wouldn’t I behave? I did when you loosened one earlier.”

“Yes you did, but the difference is that now I am about to leave.”

“I will, mistress Angel.”

“Alright then, be warned that this is a one time event if you don’t.”

She took the key and detached both cuffs. I dropped to my knees, taking both her hands in mine and kissed them.

“Thank you for playing with me. I hope to see you again soon.”

“You might. I set up an email account for you to keep in touch.”

She handed me a small red envelope with my name caligraphed on it. I opened it and saw an address and password written in the same font. A gmail account so accessible anywhere, that was just great!

“One more before you leave?” I asked, grabbing the pack.

We stepped outside and I lit up both this time.

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