Heart of Gold Ch. 04Heart of Gold Ch. 04


Hello fellow readers! Here it is, the fourth chapter to the Heart of Gold series. But please, I want to thank Fukmi_Allnite for her brilliant work on helping me smooth out the story and other possible submissions!! Thank You!! Without further ado, here’s Brendan and Logan for all!


You know when there are moments in life when you ponder about your own existence? Whether it’s over an important event in your life or the current situation in which you are living. Like the birth of your first child or when you are about to get married. You always stop and try to figure out exactly what were the key moments leading up to that point in time. Then you rejoice over what has happened and think about how lucky you are that nothing went awry.

“Logan, don’t regret what I do next.” His lips touched my lips.


I’m in shock, but I didn’t let him see it. I whimpered, my brain still not fully comprehending who was kissing me.

His eyes were closed as he held my head in place, trying to force open my mouth with his tongue. My heart was telling me to open up and to let him inside, but my brain told me to think about the consequences. I went with my heart and reciprocated his actions. We passionately kissed as our tongues danced together.

I moaned as he broke the kiss. Brendan lifted himself out of his seat and straddled me. He anchored his weight on his knees as he spread them out on either side of the seat for balance.

“Fuck Logan,” he moaned from the beautiful mouth which I now had the privilege of kissing.

We resumed our passionate kissing, both of us making sure that not one inch of our mouths were left untouched by our searching tongues.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly, I had an urgent need to hold him. I stopped kissing, pulled my tongue from his mouth and held onto him tightly, my head resting on his chest.

I heard his rapidly beating heart as I held him. I was more than ecstatic when he placed his arms around me, returning the hug.

“Thank you for all of this,” I said in a weak voice.

I wasn’t sure if he heard me but I’m glad I got the chance. For all I knew this could be a onetime thing for him and it will soon be all over. At this moment in time, I wanted to at least savor his taste, feel his touch, and held be safely and lovingly in his embrace and against his warm body. Brendan sent chills throughout my body as he slid his hands up and down my back. I was in heaven. I sighed deeply. I didn’t want this to end, but like with all good things I knew it would.

For some reason I couldn’t fully enjoy the moment. Several questions raced through my mind. Was there a motive for him doing this? Why out of all people would he kiss me? Was this a trick, to make me feel loved and wanted and only to cast me off like some leper. Why was I feeling so anxious over a make-out session he began?

“I hope you’re not feeling self conscious or beginning to doubt my reasons for doing this Logan.” He said as if reading my silent thoughts. It wasn’t really a question so I didn’t answer.

The silence didn’t last. “Why did you then? I need to know, just in case this turns out to be experiment or I do something that I’ll later regret.”

It was his turn to be silent, and this worried me. “Brendan…can you please answer me?”

He looked at me, his eyes full of affection. This was the same look that had during the ride here. “I don’t know Logan. I honestly don’t know. Please forgive me.”

I gave him a small smile and nodded. I put my head back on his wonderful, firm chest. The thumping of his heart was like a lullaby to my ears. Another satisfying sigh escaped my lips. I didn’t want this to end, I wanted more.

We sat in silence, embracing each other, both of us lost in our own thoughts. Brendan from time to time would check his watch, but he never said or did anything to break the reverie.

A few more moments passed before he spoke. “Umm…Logan…I have to go.”

“Of course,” I knew it had to happen eventually. I hoped he didn’t see my disappointment as he pulled back. I couldn’t shake the feeling of despair that encompassed me. I asked anxiously. “Is this the end?”

All of the other questions that I thought about earlier came bubbling out before I gave him a chance to answer. “Is this a game? Is this a trick? Tell me whether or not this was for personal gain. I can accept it.” I looked into his arctic blue eyes, eyes that I have cherished ever since I could remember, searching for answers.

“No it’s not like that. I have to leave, but it’s not because of you.”

His answer did little to calm me. “Then what is it then?”

He looked at me and smiled. He leaned forward and kissed my left cheek. His action was so intimate and unexpected that I felt heat rush to the area and soon I was blushing like a ripe red tomato. Brendan chuckled, “You should see yourself right about now. You look esenyurt escort so cute blushing from my kiss.”

His words added fuel to the fire and I soon flushed as if I had full blown sunburn. “Stop,” I whispered in embarrassment and closed my eyes.

“I love your lips; they are so luscious and tasty. Your beautiful ethereal green eyes are marvelous. Your silky smooth golden blonde hair is equivalent to the sun.” He said as he kissed each part of my body he named. “I thought I had to go, but, Baby, I don’t know how but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

My eyes flew open and I felt my pupils dilate. Did he just call me baby? What the HELL?

He chuckled from my action.

Does he know just how much his presence alone affects me? “Please stop laughing, it’s embarrassing, it feels like you’re making fun of me.” I told him squarely, keeping all emotion and expression from my face.

He saw how serious I was and stopped.

“Now that I have regained your attention, since when did you even start to think of me? The last I heard, I was nothing more than a mere trailer trash to everyone in school. What could a person like me give you?”

He shifted slightly and I realized that he was still in the same position he was in earlier. His legs were now spread out to the edges of the seat. He noticed where I was looking. He gave me a wicked grin and then sat his gloriously round ass on my legs. “Now there’s no way for you to escape.”

My eyes widened as large as saucers and my cock began to involuntarily tighten in my pants right then and there. My cheeks flamed red as fuck!

I swallowed nervously as I tried to contain myself. “Brendan, this is kind of uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t think you would mind. Besides, I can tell this is getting you off, judging by the blush on your face and the tent you’re pitching down there.”

“I do… mind that is. I can’t feel my legs.” It wasn’t technically a lie. My legs were numb for another specific, glorious reason that I wasn’t going to tell him right about now.

“Then this really wouldn’t be fair. Right now, I want to be very close to you.” he lowered his head and kissed the top of my nose making my breathing ragged. When he traced my lips with his tongue, I stopped breathing.

I don’t know who or how it restarted but we began French kissing again.

He began a full attack on my mouth and his fingers flicked my earlobes. I was in complete ecstasy when Brendan sucked my tongue. From him flicking my earlobes to his powerhouse tongue kissing, I couldn’t help myself anymore.

“Brendan!” I groaned loudly.

He stopped his oral assault and locked eyes with me. I hoped for the life of me that he wouldn’t look down at the mess I had just made. Of course, what I wanted and what I got were two different things. His eyes lowered until they focused on two growing wet spots on my pants. His eyes widened and he smiled like he had just won the freaking lottery.

“Was this all me babe? Did I get you off without even touching you there?” He flashed another one of his beautifully wicked smiles that always blew me into oblivion and turned me into a Neanderthal.

There was an awkward silence in the car as Brendan continued looking at the stains in my pants. I felt so embarrassed. Shame and guilt ran throughout my body of doing such an atrocious thing with Brendan. I had to escape. “Umm…I have to go now Brendan.”

“Wait. When can I see you again?” He asked reusing to let me leave.

“That’s kinda asking too much Brendan,” I opened the car door and awkwardly dislodged myself from underneath him which was no easy task considering that he’s about 20 pounds heavier than me. I swiftly grabbed my backpack from the backseat and before I could flee a familiar hand stopped me. I shuddered from the contact.

“I’m serious… I want to see you again. It doesn’t have to be anything sexual or anything like that. I just want to have a chance to talk to you, to get to know you better.”

“Why all of a sudden do you want to know me better? A few days ago before we so cordially met, you probably didn’t even know I existed. Now all of a sudden you’re offering to bring me home, and you’re seducing me to the point of making me cum in my pants, which by the way is kinda uncomfortable at this moment.”

He didn’t speak; he just stared off into space. His silence was really beginning to piss me off.

The wind, like my anger, began to rise, sending chills coursing throughout my body. The weather was against me interrogating Brendan further because the chill in the air cooled me off and I began to shiver, the icy breeze piercing my cheeks like little knifes.

“Don’t bother answering. It’s getting really cold and I’m going inside.” I turned from him and began to scurry towards to my house. Hopefully this would give him a signal that I wanted him to leave.

“Wait istanbul escort Logan, come on; don’t do this. I really do want to talk to you, to get to know you better. I’m not trying to avoid your questions; I just don’t have the answers you’re looking for right now, but please, for my sake. Don’t leave.”

For his sake! I huffed.

Hmm… I wonder what the outcome would be if I accepted his offer of “getting to know me better”. Maybe, just once, I’ll finally be able to have a legitimate conversation with the person I wanted the attention of, even if it was for a miniscule second. I could get the answer to why he kissed me to the point of no return.

For purely selfish reasons, I hoped this “getting to know me better” thing would lead additional make out sessions with Brendan in his car. I hoped it would escalate from him “getting to know me better” to him really getting to know much me better. The kind of better where his cock, hard as a rock, was thrusting inside me with my legs wrapped around his waist while he shuddered his release–type better.

I exhaled a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and with chagrin accepted his offer. His eyes lit up and that charming smile of his made yet another appearance almost making me weak-kneed. I can’t lie; my heart blew up a little. I can’t for the life of me understand how I brought this man such happiness by just accepting his request.

“So when is this “getting to know me” date you are so desperate to have it occurring?” I asked.

“How about this at Saturday, 8 o’clock sharp,” he answered with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Sure, I’ve got one question. But please, I’m begging you, answer the question instead of trying to change the subject.”

“Sure. I’ll try.” He licked his lips methodically, making me quiver from the memories that just a few minutes ago that tongue in my mouth.

Don’t buy that shit you idiot. It’s obviously a trick and you’re falling for it.

“Is this a date or a mere first time buddy let’s go to a burger joint kinda thing,” I gulped, my throat became dry. I then mentally kicked myself for actually saying the word date. Date? What was I thinking?

“Lemme think…”

My heart was pounding in anticipation. My brain was waging an internal war on itself as it answered for him in my mind saying ‘This was only a buddy’s night out thing and you turned this into some other shit. I’m not a fag’.

“Hmm…how about you decide? Whether it’s a date or a buddy’s night out? I was actually hoping for a date-like kinda night, but, whatever suits you. I’ll be content no matter what you pick.” In true Brendan-like fashion, he turned the question I gave him back to me. He flashed that wickedly beautiful smile again, making me flustered yet again.

The snow storm started to get stronger. The snow flurries were only becoming larger and clumpier in size and sheer volume. I wondered if the setting was the way I got to where I am now. It wouldn’t be a coincidence considering the range of emotions I am having at this moment. I didn’t give him an answer, I just shrugged. Hey, if he isn’t giving me a response, why the hell should I give him?

“If you are really going to take me on this night out then do not pick me up here. I don’t want my mother getting suspicious. I’ll just tell her that I’m gonna meet up Rich at some place or something.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the moment I saw Brendan scowl.

“Where do you want me to meet you?” His tone was suddenly serious.

“How about at the corner of my street? I’ll meet you there about 5 minutes before eight.” I hoped he would approve of this plan. It was the only way we could make it happen if he really wanted to do this. He was quiet for so long I got nervous.

“Well,” I say in a half barked.

“Uhh…sure…sure…I’ll try to get here as soon as possible.”

“Brendan, I’m not doing this if you’re going to be the faint of heart. I don’t want to be stood up. If you think that for a moment I will just accept your apology, for fucking me over for whatever reason, than you can forget about it.”

Brendan just stood there nodding at everything I had to say. “I may have feelings for you, that I for the life of me I cannot control, but I am not even insane enough to believe that you’d be quelled with an ‘I’m sorry’. I’m hoping that you will be there on time and that we will have a great time.”

I waved a curious goodbye. I was awarded with a warm smile and a very heartfelt goodbye from him. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me but I think I saw Brendan do a little skip. Maybe, I was imagining it. I was hungry and usually I see and hear a lot of crazy shit when I get hungry, and I am a bit more hungrier than usual, thanks to him sexually assaulting me in his car.

When I finally entered my house, I heard Brendan’s car drive off, leaving me and my newly beylikdüzü escort revived erection alone in my house. I really was hungry but my hormones called for me to quench a much different need.

I ran to my room and threw myself on my bed. I quickly unzipped pants and pulled down my sticky undergarments. I began furiously stroking my rock hard cock, all the while, envisioning Brendan and me in different scenarios. Like imaging having his long and hard cock entering me, making me his. Or how he would either sometimes go hard, giving me deep piston-like strokes or give it to me soft or be very passionate. I could see him wearing his dirty and muddy rugby uniform with his damp shorts down to his knees, his whole body flexing and covering my whole body.

“Oh fuck me Brendan,” I would whisper to him as he shot his release inside me. His teeth nipping at my bare shoulder as he shuddered in ecstasy. I then recounted the moments we had in his car a few minutes back. His full moist lips nibbling on my lips and skin making me feel as if this was like heaven on earth as waves of rapture over swept me from him using only his hands and mouth.

I shot my load with a great deal of pleasure all over my body. When the afterglow faded, all I could think of was Brendan and his ‘getting to know you better” proposal. I wasn’t quite sure if I could call it a date being that we never decided.

I wondered if this was that what the more popular and rich kids did when they ravished their average counterparts with full on mouth to mouth suckfest only to then say “hey I want to know more about you before we go any further”? Probably! I wondered if that’s how Rich and that asshole closeted boyfriend of his relationship begun.

This whole date concept made me a apprehensive. I wanted more than anything to have him talk to me more than a few minute. Now, it seemed as if I would get my wish to know him both mentally and physically as well.

I wanted to know every detail he was willing to tell me about his personal life as well as show me a bit more about him. I wanted to know why he ventured into lacrosse and rugby and then see how his body got enhanced from playing those sports by using my tongue to trace every cut and muscle in his body. I want to make him get to know me better as well. I wanted to hear his smooth and deep voice, feel enlightened by his attention, also hear him moan and grunt if I ever have the chance to go down on him.

My apprehension turned to enthusiasm; and I wanted time to fast forward to Saturday night.

Curiosity got the best of me and I moved from off of my bed and completely stripped and stared at myself in the full sized mirror in my room, trying to see what my best assets were and what I lacked. I wanted to look as good as possible for him.

Not much stared back. My unruly blonde hair needed a good combing. I try to tame it all the time but to no avail it has a mind of its own and is a recent target for bullies to pick on. Rich often says I look really sexy with the haphazard style and from time to time even pulls my hair when he rides me during sex, but I digress.

My green eyes looked like they need some sleep. They are so dreary and baggy that even I am repulsed. How can Brendan not be disgusted at seeing me like this?

My body type was thin and I was of average height. Though some might say my skin is kind of flabby, I think it’s more fitting to call it soft. I guess the best word that described my overall body image was simple, for a lack of a better term. I have a little body definition, mostly from carrying boxes in and out of the restaurant I worked for, but not enough to make anything stand out. My most striking body part, to me, would have to be my legs. They are long, strong, and sturdy. They should be thanks to the years of walking to and from school.

Rich really loves my legs, and he’s spent an ample amount of time rubbing his face all over my legs.

A sharp rap at my window startles me. Speak of the devil, I sigh realizing that it was Rich. The dreaded talk is finally upon us. But, I am going to do this.

“Hey dude, are you ready to talk about this?”

I didn’t say anything, I just simply nodded before beginning. “Let’s get this over with. I have a few demands. “

“Sure, lay it on my man.”

“Tell him I get to top or I’m calling it quits.” I started.

“Sure, sure buddy you know he’ll do whatever you want.” Rich readily agreed.

“Tell him that I am going to want the money upfront.” I continued.

“Okay…” he wanted to say something but he bit his tongue.

“Go ahead. Say whatever it is you are going to say.” I ended.

“You can still back out you know that.”

I know…but I’m not going to.


I entered my room feeling ecstatic, like I was on top of the fucking world.

I didn’t care about anything other than the outcome of our Saturday night “get to know you better” I know he hadn’t defined it but I would, date. Of course, my rock hard cock was practically dripping its happiness with glee as well.

I took my A I wanted the rest of him including his soul now. I wanted him to say “I love you” the same way he professed about me to his emo friend in the bathroom.

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